The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 810

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king palace.

When Skien, Lucy, LIA, and Sanon Group of Four have arrived here. When you see ANS, the state of the other party, everyone is in real.

“Have you insomnia? HIS Majesty the king?”

Skien is straightforward to say your thoughts.

No way.

at this moment, sitting in the room, Skien and the Others, the arrival of Skien and The Others is not only a very good look, but also the thick Dark Circles, it is not on the face “I am very sleepy.” I want to sleep “these six words, quite a kind of virtual feeling of explosion after one night.

Alidiya follows the wait next to the indifference, as always, holding the sword, standing there, but I don’t know why, he actually faintly with some Dark Circles.

This makes Skien a more evil idea.

These two big men, not sleeping in the middle of the night, here are you doing?

Practice fencing?

is really good, Yaxing …

Skien thinking is still not coming with Like a Heavenly Steed, Soaring Across The Skies has been staring by ANS dead.

The eyes are actually full of Murderous Aura.

“It turns out that SIR Bezthoth also knows to see me?”

The tone of ANS is special.

This tone allows Skien to make Lucy and Lia two sisters are Look at each other in black dismay.

How do I feel that the grievance of Royal Father is very serious?

is because of his own (Lucy) is complaining with Skien?

It seems that it is not only the degree of complaint, but can be called a resentment?

Lucy and LIA are not unpredictable.

Three people don’t know how the ANS’s Heart is very bad.

After all, he has been waiting for Skien, and one is one night, but it has not waited for Skien’s Appearance for a long time, causing the sitting here to be free night.

In order to wait for Skien, ANS tea don’t know how much cups have been drank. The toilet does not know how many times, sometimes it is deliberated, and the bladder is almost fell, Skien is still late.

In this case, the ANS’s Heart is naturally collapsed, and now there is a good face, and that is strange.

Skien doesn’t know this, but how much can guess the mentality of ANS at this time.

so …

“See you so tired, I am embarrassed, it is better to come here today, then find the opportunity to visit.”

Skien is very considerable to say this remark, and take it.


ANS can’t help but call him.

find a chance to visit?

in Other Words, has you resu it?

Don’t think! (╯ `□ ‘) ╯ (┻┻┻

“What is wrong, I have supported it.”

ANS can only hate, while strong Raise the Spirits, let yourself look more majesty.

Unfortunately, the strong Dark Circles destroys everything, not only do not let ANS’s active look is full of majestic, and even have a kind of fun.


LIA is very unhappy.


Lucy is still maintaining its own cool image, only a little jitter with shoulders tells Skien, she has worked more.

As for Skien, it is natural to have a thoughtful side.

“Do you determine if you can stand? Don’t hear what too exciting topic is excited to faint.”

Skien seems to be good to remind.

ANS doesn’t want to talk to this guy, and even want to throw it with him.

Although this is a Hero, it is a non-talent. ANS has not had little to pull it with him, but now, ANS actually has a feeling of regret.

Which rib is not right at the beginning, will you stay in the kingdom of the kingdom?

isn’t it for yourself?

Ans wants to look to Sky and Heave a Deep Sigh.

This time, I have been watching Skien’s Alidiya Suddenly Spoke next to Skien.

“You, Getting Stronger.”

With the Music Knight with Humanity’s First, it is so extremely sudden to talk toward Skien.

was said to Alidiya, which caused a sluggish ANS that never sucked the neurore, and the serious end was summed up.

At first glance, this count bezthography seems to have no change, it seems that there is no colorful place, like an extremely ordinary aristocratic youth, even if it can’t be said to be Can Be Seen Everywhere, then I can’t talk about what is extraordinary. The place.

As long as the fine sensing, it will find that the pressure of a silk Faintly Discernable and the presence of Hard to Describe are slowly distributed from the other Body, and it is more exciting.

Plus Skien to wear in the waist, although there is no Power fluctuations, the appearance is anomaly gorgeous and good, the sword is extremely familiar with ANS and the Others …

As long as it is a sensational person, it will know, this is a powerful and Extraordinary existence.

SKIEN, compared with the two months of leaving Royal Capital, there is a good quality.

plus the things that Skien front in the empire, and the feat of Demon World, then, it is an individual to guess, Skien has experienced a growth.

“What level is you now?”

ANS is couldn’t stay in the ASKED Such A Line.

Skien does not answer this question positively.

“What level, is not very important to Human Race?”

Skien Faint Smile.

ANS understands Skien’s Meaning.

In two months ago, Skien had already defeated Alidiya as Humanity’s First, became the strongest Human Race in the true sense of a few talents.

and now Skien become stronger, it is also Humanity’s first, and the difference is not large for Human Race.

“is you, capen alidiya, you seem to be getting stronger.”

skien looked toards alidiya’s eyes slightly Gittering.

Because, Skien has discovered when it comes in.

found Alidiya’s Level, gaining improvement.

is it.

This should have been the Peak Legendary Expert, which is Level 98, is now a hundred feet, and the Upgraded to Level 99.

This kind of this is not inferior to Gray, and it is only one step away from the limit level in Rumor.

This Guardian Knight Regiment’s Knight Captain actually improved, this is really Skien not thinking.

Alidiya Oneseelf is still so indifferent.

“ONLY will be lost after the last time, the pain has been thinking.”

In other words, the battle of Skien, Alidiya and is Not That Absolutely Does Not Have Harvest.

He organizes his own factor, combined with the experience gained in the battle, after a tempering, successfully enhanced its own Level.

“Original, I still want to be shameful.”

Alidiya says this, while the Holy Towards Skien waist Holy Sword, the tone has become heavy.

“It seems now, in that battle, you have not taken all your best.”

is a person who knows that Holy Sword is what Divine Weapon can bring much auxiliary and improvement.

If you want to wake up a Powerful Unique Skill, it is enough to take this Power to subvert the enemy’s Bottle Stregth, Holy Sword as the true reliance of Hero, the help it brought is never a very incomparable Powerful’s Unique Skill.

precisely because has both powerful unique skill, and Holy Sword has a Divine Weapon such as two big king’s means to make a lot of advantages than the average person, and count countless Expert gives Fiercely. Behind.

can SKIEN?

he is HERO, also has Holy Sword, but not in the battle with Alidiya, using its own holy sword.

, even if this is the case, Skien still wins.

So, in that battle, Skien hides, and it was also deep than the sea.

If you are not a legend, Skien’s Unique Skill is able to adjust Level and Skill under certain conditions, let it be with High Level when Low Level, did not find Skien to use Unique Skill in that battle, The Alidiya 80% has been closed.

Of course, Skien’s UNIQUE SKILL is actually auxiliary growth, not Battle-Type Skill, which is unable to provide any assistance in the battle. This is not aware of people.

However, in that battle, Skien did not use [Samsara Fate], which is comparable to the subversiveness of the subversive of Unique Skill, it can be said that it is still deep than the sea.

As for now, Skien has reached the limit level, and pure Level is better than Alidiya, let alone is pure strength, even the normal gestin is half-step Transcendent Level.

In view of this, Skien did not choose to stimulate this Knight Captain.

“That battle, I only want to verify that I have grown at the time and Ability did not have the rest of the idea.”

Skien is said so.

“… is it?”

Alidiya Silent For A While, then Nodded, no longer speaking.

On the other side, ANS’s Heart is not a lot of love.

No matter what, this kid is a unpleasant talent, this is a fact.

With such a Hero sitting, Mithras Kingdom could not say that Wang said in the entire Human World throughout the human world.

In this regard, his own daughter and their own eyes are still NOT BAD, and early look at him early, stay him in the kingdom.

Thought Until Here, the grievances in ANS instantly have a lot, see Skien has become pleasant.

“Are you coming to talk about a marriage?”

ANS actively entered the topic.

Everyone will turn their attention to the body of ANS.

“Yes.” Skien asked: “I want to know, what is the idea of ​​the kingdom?”

There is no outsiders here, and Skien does not want to turn around, so it is in a query.

ANS is also a refreshing person, in front of Skien, telling him the idea of ​​the kingdom.

“We don’t think you and the marriage contract in Dragon Devil is a bad thing. On the contrary, this is a big thing, whether it is from our relationship, or from the perspective of Human Race.”

ans’s Implied Meaning is very simple, that is, I feel that as human, I can give Demon Race’s Apex back, it is simply a good thing for Guangzong Yaozu.

and, Human Race can create such a deep relationship with Demon Race, which is equally unimaginable.

Even, even this benefit, Human Race wants to get Skien’s Complex, but at least skien is Human, it is a place where you can discuss.

So, Skien and Ai’s marriage, on the perspective of Human Race, I have to be not bad.

but …

“For the kingdom of the kingdom, Kingdom’s Most Precious Object, which does not want to be proud, becoming the accompanying part of her,”

ANS straightforward to Skien, saying this.

“If it is a general Princess Also Has No Problem, and DEVIL is really no, when Concubine is Concubine, you can take more, you won’t understand it?”

? ”

Indeed, Lucy is in Kingdom and even in Human Race, it is impossible to and her Princess Mention on Equal Terms.

She is GodDess of Fate’s Blessing, god race’s darling, can master the miracle of Destiny Authority, and even with Transcend’s Probability, add Holy Sword’s Approval, which will never be under a devil.

She will give people a wife?

Reckless Waste of Natural Resources!

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