The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 811

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can be said, the problem is actually appearing on Lucy’s Status.

If Lucy is only a general princess, it is a comparison of Impossible and Demon Race’s Devil’s comparison of probability.

but Lucy is not.

She is not only Hero Mithras’s Holy Sword, but also inherits the destiny GodDess’s Authority, and some of the existence of Concept is converted to Goddess, causing god race’s Goddess to be used as their own, but even It is seen when doing Goddess Of Fate.

The back of such Lucy is not just the kingdom, but Also God Race.

Results, the strength, Lucy has the possibility of chasing Ai, and even more powerful than her, the force behind, AI has Demon Race, Lucy also has god race, Both SideS Simply is Almost On Par, no one is inferior.

Such such Lucy, if it is really married, I believe that the entire Omni Pertensen is willing to give up everything, the kingdom will only treat her as a treasure in the treasure, and how can she be wronged, go to beside one Wife?

Even if you are yourself, take into account your position, you dare not compromise this.

Of course, marry is definitely married, not marrying is Absolutely Impossible.

咱 全 家 家 家 哈 在 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 家 男 不 男 男 不 不,

, Lucy does not think in this world, except Skien, Also who is eligible to marry himself.

does not say the identity status and power potential, saying that your own nature, if you marry others, don’t want Loafing in this life.

So, Lucy’s Attitude is clear.

“How to solve this thing, you discuss yourself a satisfactory plan to come out to Then IT Will Be Alright, but in any case, our marriage cannot be invalid.”

This is Lucy throwing the original words of the kingdom.

if this geren’t the case, Skien has not come back, and those who have any useful aristocrats have long been in the dark to make some hands and feet.

, waiting until Skien is coming back, or the caulk is cool.

Now, Lucy once again put his bottom line, attitude can be said to be quite clear.

“Lucy …”

ANS face is collapsed.

My good daughter, you directly throw it out, don’t let That Boy have no happening?

If he raises this rude request, what do you do?

Sure enough, the daughter who married the goal, the elbow will only be abducted.

Ans’S Heart is cool and cool.

This ANS does not know that Skien has actually be unverified.

Even if there is no such a clear station team, he will not be frightened by the ANS.

In this case, Skien is soaked.

“I will talk about my attitude, His Majesty the king.” Skien lifted the eye, and Looked Towards Ans, said: “For my personal concern, I don’t want to give me a woman who is big. Who is I will definitely Hold A Bowl of Water Level, and I will see the benevolence. “

This doesn’t have to say more, otherwise, don’t take the Masha Character, just as scumbag.

ans nodded, there is no objection to Skien’s words.

He is a king, the woman is not only one, of course, knowing Skien at this time.

only …

“That is your own thing, you can decide yourself.” ANS is like this: “But before Human Face, there is always a legitimate name, which is not only a rule, but also the customs and racial customs, Others can do not agree, but Lucy is a member of Royal Family, and true HerHighness The Princess, can’t help but do it. “

This is related to the majesty of Royal Family’s Face, Kingdom.

If it is not enough attention, there will be more and more people in the future, and the country will become more and more chaotic. This is what ANS is not allowed.

Once in Gray, it is so dazzling and like the sun at high noon, a person full of Legendary, what is not good, is willing to do Demon Race’s lapdog, that is also a kingdom s face.

If there is therefore giving the kingdom, the kingdom can only go to the impression of Demon Race, then they have more disappointment to the kingdom, and they will feel more than in front of Demon Race. Think of it is clear.

So, the former King WITHOUT THETEST HESitation will abolish the one-level parapher PRINCE, and do not admit the Royal Family identity of Gray, and it is strictly forbidden to mention his life again. Shame is treated.

face this string, in some people seem to have, but on the Upgrade TO country, the force level, it is already possible to form a substantial impact.

previous life, don’t know how many companies have problems in the image. As a result, the shares will fall, the funds are rotated, and finally, Skien is clear.

Therefore, he has no overbearing to impose your own concept in the kingdom of Body, regardless of their scruples.

but Skien is also said.

“Dragon Devil His Royal Highness said it doesn’t matter to this matter. It is said that this is the custom of Human Race. She has nothing to do with her Demon Race. She will not care, and I will compete with Lucy, even told me. It is no problem to marry LUCY. “

Skien said this.

“This is true?”

ANS has a spirit.

If this is the case, the location of Lucy Empress is appropriate.

Skien is married with Lucy and AI, Skien is married, and people will naturally think that Lucy is a chamber, and is still recognized by AI.

Even Devil is willing to retreat, this is much more helpful for Lucy’s reputation, and it is impossible to know.

The reputation of the Kingdom will also be AS The Tide Rises, The Boat Floats.

When ANS is excited, Skien gives him a pot of cool water.

“Really, I don’t want Ai, I don’t want to fight, and I am thinking that it is not as good as Lucy, let the kingdom step on the AI’s name.” If Skien has the way: ” You should understand what I mean? His Majesty THE KING? “

“This …” ANS has nothing to say.

He knows that this is Skien to warn himself.

If the kingdom really makes an article on this matter, let the world think that Lucy will step on the AI, and the AI ​​can only give Lucy as a lining. The kingdom is greatly known as a great place look, Skien and even the Demon Race behind Skien won’t be good.

In summary …

“I will not be clearly orthodontically, not clearly recognize who is concubine.”

Skien finally said his own ideas.

“I will marry Lucy and Ai at the same time, this is my decision.”

is this.

Although AI said in advance, she didn’t care, but she didn’t care, she didn’t mean that she was distressed.

Dragon Devil Ai, Demon Race’s Apex, then a person in Aloof and Remote should enjoy the world’s greatest place, not by himself.

in a nutshell, he doesn’t want any woman from him to be wronged.

is now Lucy and Ai, and then Thiel and Marika, Skien will always come from One by One.

said, Skien has to take into account the position of Demon Race.

AI does not care, it does not mean that Demon Race is willing to see that DEVIL that he is proud of him is accompanied by Human Race as a spare, which is taken off the list of Lucy.

It is not good, and there is a sonatic event.

“While welcoming?” ANS frowned, said: “This does not meet the rules.”

“Then please his majesty the king wants to make it changing the rules.” Skien is obviously not compromising in this matter, directly: “I think, Wang Guo is not willing to defense this matter DEMON RACE? “

ANS is saying right.

is true.

“Whether it is to let Lucy Main Wife, it is possible to bring the dissatisfaction of the forces behind one side.” Skien said this: “I know in this matter, Wang Guo’s god race Support, not afraid of Demon Race’s martyrdom, but Once friction is generated, Once the friction is created, what impact on the upcoming Three Races talks, I want, Your Majesty will not think. “

This is not a situation of people, Skien does not want to meet.

Therefore, only in this matter, Skien’s Attitude is very firm.

, all the people who have been listening are one of the After Another said their opinion.

“I think Sir Bezthoth is still very reasonable, Royal Father.” LIA supports Skien: “Because this is sin, Demon Race, let Three Races create friction, indeed it.”

This Princess Elder Sister is also a big idea, even if there is some complaints to Skien, still want to stand on this side.

“Lucy, what about your opinion?”

ANS brow more wrinkles, turn to Looked Towards Lucy.

Lucy has no expression, but it is a to shout.

“My opinion? My opinion is that the position of Empress is not WA!”

Lucy baby is very blue thin, mushrooms, but mushrooms can not come out.

But she is actually guessing Skien will do this.

What is the Empress side, for the people who come from this Another World, there is no Concept.

Plus Lucy also does not want to be inexpensive to accounted for AI, Demon Race, and the result, she naturally chose the default.

No, no one is empress, I haven’t lost much.

at Worst, wait until you have developed it, then you will be tall with that Dragon Devil.

Loafing belongs to Loafing, can not be persecuted by others.

think so, Lucy directly Nodded.

“I said, in addition to the marriage is invalid, you discuss the results of everyone who everyone is satisfied.”

Means now, now, you can marry Then IT Will Be Alright, which is not high.


ANS wants to say, this result is afraid that everyone can be satisfied.

What can he say?

Deam of Demon Race can avoid or avoid it.

Otherwise, there is a god race to support the waist, and you will feel very virtual as if you have the strength of the kingdom …

thoughn until here, ANS SIGHED, finally nodded.

“I will want to come out.”

Hearing this, Skien laughs.

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