The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 812

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talks here, everything is, it is a chapter.

The atmosphere between Skien and ANS is no longer like AT First, so serious (?), turn it easily.

But before Skien wanted to leave, ANS thought of a thing.

“Yes, your title is time to mention it.”

ANS suddenly said this.

“enhance the title?”

Skien is surprised.

“Is it now?”

Lucy and LIA are also somewhat awkward.

Licensing, this is something that should not happen.

To know that Skien has become a nobleman for half a year.

Siye, Skien first opened Viscount, skipping the Baron of Lowest Rank directly, and then because of the relationship with Lucy engagement, it became the TOP TIER noble of Genuine, this promotion speed can be called Fast to the point you finger.

For the common people, the at least has been accumulated and developed by a hundred years, and has made a sufficient contribution to the kingdom will be sealed as a TOP TIER.

Skien has completed this process for half a year. If his own achievements are also NOT BAD, the strength is also very much, then it has caused unscading and dissatisfaction.

Even so, ANS is also intended to wait until Skien and Lucy will take his title Upgraded to Marquis, let him become a big aristocrate of Second Only to Duke.

In other words, Skien should reach a few years in the original plan.

Now, ANS is to plan ahead.

No way.

“You are Hero, all of the Omni Pertensen” Understood, if you don’t mention your title, it is not only the exotic forces will be begin to Stir, the kingdom will also be uneasy? ”

ANS has a strong SIGHED.

This is a question of a Neither Too Big Nor Too Small, which is currently facing kingdom.

LIA is also the saying of Looking Thoughtful.

“is indeed a lot of people in Bezthoth Family, especially those who are exotic, Other Race forces, several times more than those of their visitors.”

So many people, no one will believe that there will be no one to play the idea of ​​Seducing Others Away.

They will definitely feel their strength, potential, and energy behind the strength, and then give birth to the heart of seducing Others Away.

and in the current situation, the other party will use as a top attack object, think about it clearly.

“so what’s how it is is.” Lucy muttered: “Dignified Hero, Only a count, it is really difficult to keep.”

Those exotic, Other Race will definitely throw olive branches to Skien.

They will say that in Skien’s Ability, stay in the Kingdom as a small count, Simply is Quasi-Cai, is buried.

Don’t say that it is exotic, Other Race’s power, is that there will be people who have people in the kingdom of the country, and Skien will not be too low because the title is too low, and finally abandon the kingdom, and voluntarily.

“This kind of sound is still very small, only in the high level of the kingdom, but if it is not resolved, it is really possible to be a hidden danger.”

ANS is so considerate.

“So, I want to upgrade your title now, let you become marquis.”

This is already a HIGHEST specification of people outside Royal Family.

Highest order Duke is only the emperor’s country will be blocked, and the Marquis of Level 1 is the nodes of the HIGHEST outside the emperor.

In these nobles, there is no shortage of power, and the strength is not inferior to the existence of Duke.

, for example, Erbein Family.

such as Razahad Family.

These two Marquis Family are typical, and Duke Family does not dare to recruit the country of the country.

Retain Hero with this title, it is already a confidence.

Of course, this will never be the end point of Skien.

“Now, think about you and Lucy, the big probability will be merged by the marriage, when the time comes you are Duke Family, wait until that, then enhance your tup to marquis. Said: “In this case, now your name is positive value hiGhest peak, let you become a marquis, it is a good choice.”

After Skien and Lucy marriage, two families merge, Skien is very large, and it will become Duke Family’s Family Head.

unless Lucy wants to compete with him.

but lucy is like this Family HEAD?

She still can’t wait to be light, every day is Loafing!

ANS is unclear that Lucy’s Natural Disposition, but knowing his baby daughter is not a person who likes power. After getting married, this Family HEAD is located, nine-nine is to fall in Skien’s Body.

By, Skien is Not Just Inn Only, but Also In Reality’s Duke, Skien, married Her Highness The Princess’s royal family, plus the LIA of Elder Sister will continue, becomes queen, there is such a big The child is covered, Skien is also Hid The Sky with One Hand in the Kingdom.

This power may be barely assigned to Skien’s Hero identity.

When it is, there will be no one thinks that Skien will disappear from his position in the kingdom, and then leave the kingdom.

ANS is to give Skien a future of the future, let him know that the future of the kingdom is his world.

Obviously, as a king of a country, I have to worry about it, Skien is likely to be drunk.


Skien can see the concerns of ANS, and there is no refusal.

He is not very grateful to his own aristocrat, only this identity as a go to one in this world, a tolerance that can be found.

If he really wants to pursue the position, Bezthoth Family is afraid that it is flying early, and I need to wait until someone else will send the title to my face?

but all of this point, as the Saying Goes don’t whit, it is good to send, whether it is a small, first accept it.

This way, if you have suddenly been tidy in the future, if you want to play another world strategy game, then you can use this as a starting point and start to collect WORLD.

As for its own identity and the energy behind it, a kingdom is not worthy of this consideration, Skien is not done.

What can you still?

It creates a country in the country?

is not can’t do, think about Skien feels trouble.

is still a DRunken Stupor’s noble, troublesome throw it to others to do it, you will do something that loves to do at home, tune the wife, develop and develop new postures, COULD IT BE is not fragrant?

is always in the same sentence, you are a Ordinary Person, not an Acting Lord angle, conquer the world of King Road, or give it to other Transmigrator to do it.

therefore … in this manner!

“You have to advance with Lucy’s marriage, it is best to complete as soon as possible.”

ANS is tangled for a long time, and finally, it is still unwilling to say this.

This is the spirit of Lucy.

If you say this, I am not sleepy!

“Is it necessary to advance in the marriage?”

LIA is just a surprising.

“Other?” ANS SAID ILL-Humoredly: “I don’t want to regenerate what branches, let me know.”

Skien is now in the past, it can be said that it is odd to live, and it is a smell of all in mind’s Eyes.

If you don’t get married as soon as possible, then who knows, will there be a bad marriage for people?

if Turns Into Such, things have become more troublesome.

In this, Lucy is an approval of 150,000 points.

“is getting more soon.”

This Loafing Princess is where a high-cooled crazy hint, only the difference is announced, it has become a shape of Skien.

is Skien …

“How fast?”

Like Completely Unprepared, Skien put a pair of pair of piwed male expressions.

It seems that Didn’t Expect is so fast to step into the grave-like appearance, let Lucy, ANS and even LIA want to fight him.

“How fast is it!”

ANS is even in the words of such hard Bangbang.

“Do you have any opinions?”

LIA sets the Skien.


Lucy did not say anything, Only released the Death Stare against Skien.

Skien is from the heart.

“, you order the days, I will notify Demon Race.”

Skien can only be impeded.

Look at his feelings, the Royal Family, the Royal Family, I can’t help but Rolled the Eyes.

If he is not playing him, this will, Skien is definitely swollen.

“Wedding Date, I will negotiate with Supreme One Sera after Three Races.” ANS thought, this way: “Three Races talks is almost almost, when the time comes, you are all People who have to attend, do it to prepare, when the time comes don’t lose your face. “

Hearing this, Skien Tentative, whether Lucy and Lia are Heavily’s Nodded.

One of them is Goddess of Fate and Hero Mithras, one is the next throne of the kingdom, ALL IN ALL, has to attend this Three Races talk.

does not talk to Various Races, countries, and all the people, it is good to look good there.

After all, gathered all of the Omni Pertensen all forces and ethnic Influential Figure, with the appearance of the face, giving people a deep impression, and alien it is a harvest.

Entire Group’s conversation is over here.

Swishes, Alidiya is like a time to grasp the timing, and the previous step.

“I know, I am very likely that I am still not your opponent.” Alidiya looked at Skien, in The EES with Xiong Burning Fighting Intent, said: “But I still want to challenge you once.”

Alidiya’s statement, let the people in the scene are slightly changed.


When the Sanon of the transparent people can’t help but sound.


ANS also called a word.

“Sensei …”

Lucy frowned.

“Erbein Qing?”

LIA is completely NOT KNOWING What To Do.

No one will think that Alidiya actually suddenly challenged.

Even Skien did not think that it was also StartLED.

can instine a while, skien shakes his head.

“You should not be me.”

Skien actually said such a word.

“isn’t you?” Alidiya said with a brow: “Who can it be?”

Skien turned the line of sight, gazing to Alidiya.

Next second, Skien spit out a name.

The appearance of the name, let the audience suddenly changed.

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