The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 813

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for a while, Skien, Lucy, LIA, and Sanon Group of Fo have left King’s Resting Palace.

ANS and Alidiya are delivered to their departure, but the look is different.

ANS is a faintness.

Alidiya is still an expression, only familiar with his talents can find the silk fluctuation of his in the eat.

“Is this ok?” ANS in the end still did not hold back and asked: “You should know that Child is definitely not your opponent?”

I remember that Skien has just mentioned the name of the people who fight against Alidiya, ANS only feels absurd.

He didn’t think of it at all, and finally, people who fight against Alidiya would actually become that person.

The problem is that Alidiya has agreed.

This makes ANS really can’t help but doubt your own ears.

Alidiya is obviously serious.

“Although the relationship is not good, I still have to understand my daughter’s Disposition.” Alidiya Lightly Said: “She is not the Overstimate One’s Capabilities and people who are easily impulsive, since Sir Beztho challenge me, then at least Is it a means to grasp my means? “

This sentence, let ANS can’t help but stay.

He doubts his ear.

“You said, is the child to grasp you?”

ANS is not very convinced of this statement, the face is full of incredibility.

“I think so.” Alidiya is still so light, so indifferent, Tao: “The front of the trick, That Girl ran to the empire, as if there is a lot of things, maybe there is no harvest Is it? “

What is unable to make a Level less than 80 16-year-old girl, have a Peak Legendary Expert that defevel 99?

ANS thinks about it, and finally I can only think of a probability.

“She should not …”

ANS is a bit amazed.

is not only ANS, Alidiya seems to have some degree of guess, let his eyes will be Glitter again.

即, alidiya whispered.

“Let me see, what exactly you have grown.”

thinking about such a thing, Alidiya clenched the sword in his arms, and Body Aura rises up.


On the other side, Skien and the Others just walked out of King’s Resting Palace, Lucy couldn’t stand it, and asked out.

“That Child is trying to challenge Sensei?”

Lucy in the Eyes’ 璀 Golden has disappeared, in order to replace the original wine red, the inner miles can be easily peeked easily.

“too boy.”

Even LIA said that this sound is obviously not hoped to the challenger.

“Captain” Expert, That Honored One, although Innate Talent can only be under Lucy His Royal Highness, but she is still so young, and don’t say it is Legendary level, it is that Level 80 has not arrived, how can be defeated? Get captain? “

Sanon, which has been standing, is wrong, saying that this is.

I would like to know that everyone in the field feels that this challenge is quite embarrassing.

, especially Lucy.

“Even if I am now, if I don’t use Authority, I have to solve Holy SWORD to win in the next Sensei, and the win is not 100%, only after using Authority, there is a regulator Sensei. Power, thus we win, the child doesn’t have Holy Sword, and you also have GodDess’s Authority, how can I get a way to overcome Sensei? “

Lucy is already a concern of your heart exhibit One’s Feelings in One’s Speech.

This HerHighness The Princess is quite carefully care about the childhood friend, and the past more than once, let Skien help himself take the other party, now the other party actually makes such a amazing challenge, how can I not let Lucy worry?

Of course, if only only ONLY challenges, it doesn’t matter.

With Alidiya’s strength, you want to defeat the child in the situation of Show Mercy, or it is very easy.

believes that even alidiya, it will not be paired by his daughter.

terrifying is afraid, Alidiya has to go down.

Because, if Child is really planning Stake All On One Throw, it must use the taboos of Power.

What will be changed, Lucy dares to think.

“No, I have to persuade Sensei to give up this challenge.”

Lucy has Overanxious Because of Concern.

“OK, don’t add chaos.”

Skien pulled Lucy and did not let her turn back.

“Is your could it be not worried?”

Lucy blaming Skien.

, Skien Only said.

“I am more worried that she can’t reach the purpose, will not make things that make the heart bad.”

skien’s view, let Lucy are also in a moon.

With her understanding of the Child, if everyone stops her challenge Alidiya, then she is really likely to be alone, what is going on.

The Child That’s IT, calm, independent, self-improvement, very much, and very insisted on his decision.

So, I really hindered her, but it is possible to lead to a tricky situation.

“That Girl …”

LIA seems to have some understanding of this, putting a picture of a headache.

Sanon is simply a untrusted expression, it seems that someone is preparing for Courting Death.

“COULD IT BE has no way?”

lucy is very unwilling.

She is absolutely do not want to see what their childhood friend.

“Reassure.” Skien took the little hand of Lucy, said: “At Worst, when Time Comes I bring Yurin and Lilith, plus you, four people look next to it, even what happened The situation can be intervened immediately to avoid the worst conditions. “

“Yurin and Goddess Lilith?” Lucy Slightly StartLe, and then relaxed.

“This is the best.” LIA is also bright before, and said: “There are four you look at it, there will be no big problem.”

For the strength of skien and the others, although LIA has been understood, there are also some numbers.

Skien now has many strengths she don’t know, but before skien can overcome Alidiya, now become more stronger, Also Holy Sword is in hand, I want to stop Alidiya, take care, will not be difficult Correct.

Lucy is more likely to say that GodDess of Fate has existed, not using Authority strength is not inferior to Alidiya, you don’t have to say more after using Authority, absolutely able to press Alidiya.

yurin is currently what level, LIA NOT QUITE CLEAR, but she is already a famous Legendary Monster king, now it is Turn Humanoid, it will only be stronger, it may not be under Alidiya.

plus rumor can be in a higher Strongest Evil God, Lilith …

LIA suddenly surprised, such a combination, there is no some Terrifying.

clear Alidiya is already an Expert of Humanity’s First. Some of these four people are not under him. Some are only on him, all gathered together, simply to explode.

is biased, the relationship between these four existence is not general.

Skien and lucy has no doubt, proper germanial heroes, in the future, the husband and wife will enter a door, and the second half is afraid that Will Not is separated.

yurin is Skien Tamed Mount, so far, it is afraid that it will always be accompanied by Skien’s Side.

Lilith as Goddess, take the character and the average distance away, but this innocent Evil god adult is directly sticking directly to Skien Body, and LIA doesn’t see the scene that she will leave at half.

All this family gathers together, will be more Dragon Devil ai …

in the future.

LIA only feels that a squid is numb.

This wave is, this wave is to prepare the WHOLE Family loyalty rhythm.

It seems that he has been Queen in the future, this family is the biggest backing.

Thought Until Here, LIA is a fortunate fortune.

Next, Sanon also noticed the look of his own Herness The Princess, as if she experienced her feelings, watching Skien and Lucy Two people’s eyes are very similar to Divine Immortal.

Originally, for SANON, Alidiya is undoubtedly the strongest Knight of Unparalleled, which is the Kingdom’s top pillar, which is all Knight and year-round.

It seems that this family is a true big, kingdom, and even the Human Race future Ruler.

… Is it not to keep these two thighs?

Sanon is entangled in the heart.

This is the way to handle this thing, Entire Group is also fixed.

“That Child is time to inform me when IMMEDIATELY is informing me.”

Lucy is so like Skien.


Skien will naturally not refuse.

he is going on this.

Although he also has enough to grasp the battle Board, but in Order to Guard Against the unExpected, the measures can naturally have to give it a time.

What happens to the safety of your own little wife, how cautious is not too cautious.

If devil is not here, Skien wants to give that six guys.

is right, Also three goddess ……

does not, they do forget it.

I feel that I have seen what is the future of the Skien decisive will give three pit pit.




Demon World, SuPreme One, one of the rooms, three of the inexplicable POWERs gave the dead pressed Goddess and sneeze.

“How … What is going on?”

“Sudden sneezing …”

“I always feel that someone is in the slander!”

Three pitted goods Goddess are in Look at Each Other in Blank Dismay, and After A While is unable to knead.

“Na, Vilter, Shorei, when can we leave here?”

“That DAMN MOON DEVIL doesn’t say? Waiting for the Three Races talking about it … Return?”

“People are not goods!”

Three Goddess have complained every day.

Unfortunately, they are definitely can’t run away.


On a street in Royal Capital, the unimaginable scene is happening.

“— -”

All men and women on the street seem to have seen any incredible things, and One or Two is standing there, UNABLE TO MOVE Even A Little Bit.

There is still a shouting street in front of the whole, and at this moment, it is quietly scary.

on the street, only one footsteps are echoing.


The charming laughter sounds, in exchange for countless people’s indulgence, long time to lose god.

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