The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 814

Lucy is as if it doesn’t realize that he said how to tell the Imagination Wander, I told Skien like this.

“I have already said first in Knights of the Holy Sword. In the future, we will marry, and those who serve will become you from me, or they are directly serving us two people, so you You can consider it, do you want to cultivate them well. “

Lucy handed this decision to Skien.

“This is a small Power.”

skien loops thoughtful.

He also has observed, Female Knight in Knights of The Holy Sword is all very beautiful young girls.

Don’t misunderstand, Skien is not a view of people who use LSP to see people, but a very serious observation.

TentativeLY is beautiful, no matter how beautiful, they are young, they have been worthy of Skien spending great efforts.

After all, in such a figure, you can put your own Level Upgraded to thirty, and even the existence of four levels of Level 70, this is undoubtedly a sequel that INNATE TALENT has a high potential.

This kind of good seedlings are very much venting, and the height of Guardian Knight Regiment will be achieved. It is not possible.

even, in Skien, the four Level 70 or more FEMALE KNIGHT has the potential to rush on the Legendary level.

Skien does not know, such a group of Innately gifted girls, Lucy is from where, but there is no doubt that so potential, so talent, isn’t it a RECKSTE OF NATURAL RESOURCES?

Thought Until Here, Skien has decided.

“Looking back, I will discuss with LELY and Vivian, see how they want to cultivate these gimmicks.”

Skien made this decision.

“You’re your idea.”

Lucy naturally does not have any objection.

Although the determination is handed over to Skien, Lucy naturally hopes that the FEMALE KNIGHT of himself can be reused, with a great future.

How to say that she is selected from a variety of talents, no matter how talent, looks, courtesy, the average is the good seedlings, if it is not good to create, do not waste ?

In order not to let those FEMALE KNIGHT can be ruined, Salted Fish is not ranging from Knights of The Holy Sword to Knights of The Holy Sword.

Now, Skien is back, then this Quest, Lucy is of course directly to his hand.

“I will be idle, it is good.”

Return to House’s Lucy is completely prototype, a rush to the bed, and there is a very exciting.

Listening to the sound of the sultry, Skien glanced over the bed of Her Highness the Princess, Extend The Hand, caught her as jade-like.

But then the tenderness turned away.

“what are you doing?”

Lucy sits up, holding a pillow, a slap in the look of Skien, the beautiful face is full of vigilance.

Obviously, this Girl is afraid, afraid that Skien will toss her like yesterday.

“I warn you, I don’t want to be so tired like yesterday, if you are chaotic, I will call this time.”

Lucy is so warning.

Of course, Skien is disdainful.

“It seems that you are not called when I am chaos.”

Skien tells the mouth to say this.


Lucy only feels that his face is rushedr.

This is definitely driving?

Although the speed is not high, it is quite big because there is a distinctive memory relationship. It is quite big.

“I tm …”

At the moment, Lucy is ready to explode Skien.

unfortunately …


Skien glanced at this Loafing Princess.

This guy, good do not learn, bad school, actually dare to explode this kind of 荤?

is this Kingdom’s Most Precious Object? ALL MANKIND IN THE EES? Perfect HerHighness the Princess?

I am afraid that there is a misunderstanding than the sea.

“I … I am admitted?” Lucy instantly, but he still hurried: “But I really can’t do it today!”

It seems that this Girl is really afraid.

Skien is not reluctant, ONLY 哼 道 道, “OK, then I will not touch you in the future.”

Lucy suddenly stunned.

does not touch it after …?

… that is not!

I didn’t think I didn’t think, Lucy took directly to Skien’s trouser legs, and the pity was very popular.

“Don’t be MA, just one day, today let me have a leisurely, ok?” Lucy desperately discussed: “This, tomorrow, tomorrow will make you satisfied!”

humble princess, online love.

The appearance of the poor and pleasing, if it is in other people’s IN the Eyes, 80% is to be shameful.

This is still the proud HerHighness the prinity?

This is still the distinguished Kingdom’s MOST PRECIOS OBJECT?

Can you do something that is more in line with your own identity?

Dignified Humanity’s MOUT Beautiful Woman, all in People’s Eyes Lotus of the High Mountains, countless men in Mind’s dreams, actually this is such a humble sample, don’t say it is a heartbroken, let people vomit blood no problem .

Some skien can’t see it.

“This Princess should appear, are you not right?” Skien pinched Lucy’s Face, pulling it, while said: “Can you give people stays?”

hearing this, Lucy Gnashing Teeth.

This Bastard, when you play the perfect HerHighness the Princess and the high-cooled Human Goddess, he feels that he will give him a look at him, and he put himself packed up, now you are so humble. He is a hundred shi, just want to meet the self-esteem of his big man, but also say that there is no princess that should have some?

The dog man is so difficult to wait?

Lucy takes a slap in the palm of Skien’s Hand.

“No, it’s not good today! No, it’s not!”

Lucy is simply drilling into the quilt, covering the whole body with the quilt, shrinking a group, entering the defensive situation.

“OK, I didn’t want to put you, don’t be lost there.”

skien corner of the eyew twitched, speaks speechless.

tells the truth, he is also a personal, not a horse, toss Lucy That Many yesterday, returning to the family and toss Thiel all night, today can have a spirit, NOT BAD, can you continue to toss?

This sage is not a two or three days.

Thinking of the hard days, Skien is not good.

as the Saying Goes smashed, big hurt, strong Scattered Ashes and Disperse Smoke, Skien has been repeatedly jumped in the edge of Scattered Ashes and Disperse Smoke, really thinking thinking Terrifying.

So, Skien feels that he is still better for a while.

Well, Chinese Culture Wide-Ranging and Profound, Slim, Percutive … Nice!

“hurry up, telling you.”

Skien took a place that is probably the hip bit, let the Her Highness the Princess in the quilt to drill a head.

The brand not only does not destroy her beauty, but there is a kind of beautiful feeling, it is really emotional, this looks are good, and the good-looking people are pleasing, proper old man to eat a series .

“What is wrong?”

Lucy is unwilling to ask.

“I asked you.” Skien didn’t turn around, directly: “How do you have a person who has invaded Bezthoth Family, especially Old Demon Race Faction, how do you dispose?”

Yes, Skien is rolling this.

Lucy also understands that Skien is really intended to say that the right thing is, so he will respond.

“Some grabs, there is a little battle, and some of the ALSO suicide. Nowadays only have few people, but they still barely hang, but what can not ask.”

Lucy Obediently and honestly answers.

Skien frowned.

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