The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 863


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Who is the enemy that needs Hero to deal with?

This question, I believe, even an ordinary civilian, even a child who is less than ten years old, can answer it.

——— —『Demon King』.

The enemy that needs Hero to deal with is the Demon King.

Not Demon Race, nor Devil, but Demon King itself.

Because, even if the entire Demon Race and Devil are added together, it can’t match the threat posed by a Demon King.

God Race can’t do anything about it.

Supreme God can’t help her.

in this world from ancient times to the present, it is also a supreme expert in the true sense of the eternal will not change in the future.

In order to deal with her, Supreme God will create the great secret ritual of [Hero Summoning], which is a well-known thing in the world.

Of course, the world is not clear, the birth of Hero was also due to the miracle of Supreme God.

In order to complete the concept of “Hero” and to cultivate the Demon King’s natural enemy, capable of defeating the Demon King’s existence, Supreme God created countless Another Worlds, using Another World as the soil to cultivate a life named Hero.

Therefore, everything in Hero, whether it is birth, existence or summon, is for one purpose.

That is, defeat the Demon King.

Now that Skien actually said such a thing, what would everyone think?

“You want to say, you will be summoned, all to defeat the Demon King?”

Natz solemnly opened the mouth.

“It’s ridiculous!” Guula snort disdainfully and said: “Demon King has been defeated!”


Demon King has been defeated.

But Skien said that he would be summoned in order to defeat the Demon King?

Isn’t this absurd?

Not to mention the people who chose to attack Skien for various purposes, such as Natz and Guula, are the supporters of Skien’s side such as Lucy, Lia, Harvest, Capelin, Elise, Sophie, etc. They are all Skien’s view Feel amazed.

As it should be by rights, God Race’s Goddess also changed their faces.

Instead, Sera’s group of six Devils looked at each other and chose to remain silent.

This performance fell on the in the eyes of some observant and conscientious persons, which brought them to heart.

could it be, Demon King actually hasn’t…?



Many people were shocked by the bold ideas in their hearts and quickly denied themselves.

It’s not that they couldn’t think of it, but that they didn’t dare to think.

Artemis couldn’t help but speak out.

“What do you want to express? Please make it clear!”

Artemis’s tone was already a touch of anxiety.

Just because, Skien’s view, it is so caring.

Skien didn’t sell it.

“The next thing is to tell me the existence of my summon in this World.”

With this sentence as the opening remark, Skien began to explain the [Primordial Devil] [Second Demon King Creation Project] and [7th Devil Creation Project].

Among those present, not many people knew about these things.

After all, no matter which plan it is, it has never been exposed by [Primordial Devil].

Even [Devil Refinement Ceremony], in addition to Demon Race, in Human Race and God Race, very few people know about it.

Back then, the [Devil Refinement Ceremony] that took place in Adol Canyon was only exposed because of the relationship between Skien and Ai.

Before this, Magic Ceremony called [Devil Refinement Ceremony] only happened in Demon World and Tagore Forest.

Therefore, at that time, even the kingdom encountered a [Devil Refinement Ceremony] for the first time and fell into a lack of intelligence, so it was impossible to judge the situation of that event.

It wasn’t until Ai explained to Skien that Skien learned of the existence of [Devil Refinement Ceremony] and even the existence of [Primordial Devil].

Then came the [Second Demon King Creation Project] and [7th Devil Creation Project].

These two plans, except for the Demon Race, which has been fighting against [Primordial Devil], the other two races are unaware.

Elf Race has been involved in many times [Devil Refinement Ceremony] in Tagore Forest. Perhaps I know some information. Natura, as a Goddess of Nature who can peek at a world, also knows some things in this area, but the specific situation How, Demon Race has never revealed.

This time, through this meeting, Skien threw all this information out.

There are two reasons.

One is that [Primordial Devil]’s actions have become more and more conspicuous, and their activities have become more and more frequent. Their Devil Creation Project may have reached the end, and then absolutely will take very large-scale actions, which will harm The entire world, so, in order to avoid human race and God Race being completely unprepared by [Primordial Devil] due to lack of information, after Schiffne’s message, Skien obtained permission from the Devils to agree to reveal this information.

there is still one because it is indeed a good excuse.

There is no way to expose the existence of Nien for the time being.

At least, oneself has repeatedly stated that it does not want its existence to be known to others.

In view of this, Skien must not be able to explain the details of the summon mentioned on this occasion.

Not to mention, Nien Summon’s own reasons are very ambiguous, even if Skien said it, no one would believe it.

To sum up, with regard to the reason why he was summoned, Skien chose to use what Nien once used.

is to deal with the Old Demon Race Faction, in order to deal with the [Primordial Devil] this attempt to create a new Demon King underground forces.

The result is obvious.

understood the existence of [Primordial Devil], also understood the [Second Demon King Creation Project] and [7th Devil Creation Project], the expressions of everyone present became bewildered and uncertain.

Even Natz and Guula were silent, unable to speak anymore, and were shocked by the information revealed by Skien.

Including God Race’s Goddess, they were all shocked by the information that Skien suddenly revealed.

“The creation of 2nd Demon King…”

Lidas’ eyes gradually became serious.

“Is this true? Moon Devil Sera!”

Artemis is already stove up.

All other people one after another turned their eyes to the bodies of the Devils.

Upon seeing this, the expressions of the Devils were too calm.

“Indeed, some people who overestimate one’s capabilities have put forward unrealistic ideas.” Sera lightly said: “But don’t worry, they can’t achieve it.”

“Do you really think that a second Demon King can be born in this world?” Schiffne also sarcastically said: “Don’t even believe them themselves?”

“Regarding the rebirth of the Demon King, you can rest assured that it was absolutely impossible.” Lid also spoke, saying taking the matter seriously: “It’s just that the Old Demon Race Faction named [Primordial Devil] If you want to create 7th Devil, it is still possible.”

“We never put that [Second Demon King Creation Project] in our eyes.” Carmina even disdainfully said: “That [7th Devil Creation Project] is like a child’s play.”

Milu immediately followed repeatedly nod.

Although I don’t know what everyone is talking about, it’s right to follow Elder Sisters.

In the end, even Ai uttered aloud.

“A Devil is nothing but a Devil, even if it is really born, it will not be a deadly threat.”

It is true that Devil is very strong and very strong. Even singlehanded is enough to overturn the entire human race. Even transcends such as Goddess of Life and Goddess of Nature can be crushed, which is synonymous with violence.

But in this world, there are also six of the same Devil.

God Race also has Lidas, Artemis, and also the three Goddess of time and space.

A Devil, strong and strong, but not invincible.

Only Demon King is truly invincible.

Even the Demon King can be conquered by Hero’s Holy Sword.


“In this way, Hero Skien was summoned in order to prevent it from happening.” Sera intentionally or unintentionally said: “Even in my opinion, the new Demon King was born impossible, but summoned. Hero Skien’s existence may have other ideas, and finally the miracle of [Hero Summoning] is reproduced.”

With that said, Sera looked towards Skien.

“You mean right? Hero-sama?”

Sera faint smile asked so.

Skien suddenly felt uncomfortable.

For some reason, he always feels that Sera has seen everything through.

Incidentally, the rest of the Devils showed more or less profound expressions, which made Skien always feel that they seemed to understood something.

Instead, God Race’s Goddess, look at each other in blank dismay, completely impossible to make any sense of the matter.

Finally, even Lidas couldn’t help it.

“Who is it summon yours?”

Lidas finally asked the question he cared about the most.

This issue is also something that everyone cares about.

Who the hell is it?

Who can pass through the barrier of Supreme God, come into contact with the great secret ritual of [Hero Summoning], and successfully activate this miraculous ceremony under the circumstance of crossing the sea?

This question is extremely important to God Race and human race.

Only a group of Devils still chose to remain silent.

In this case…

“Based on oneself’s request, I will not tell you who summon mine is.”

Skien spoke with a calm face.

And hearing this, the heads of the human race forces headed by Natz and Geula were immediately ready to attack.

However, Skien did not give them a chance.

“I can only tell you that at the same time I was summoned, I was blessed.”

As if trying to suppress all the opposition from the audience, Skien glanced at the audience and said something unsurprisingly.

“Achieved————【Blessing of the Supreme God】.”

When this sentence rang through the audience and reached everyone’s ears, the audience fell silent.

Moreover, it is death-like silence.

At this moment, all the power leaders and experts of the human race showed the same expression.

That was shock.


At the same time, Goddesses headed by Artemis was also shocked.

“Supreme God …Mother Goddess’s blessing …?”

Artemis whispering, seemingly unable to believe his ears.

Only Lidas, Anima, and Natura each showed a wry smile.

In God Race, only the three of them knew about this matter.

Skien just dropped a shock bomb.

The purpose is simple.

“That’s all I can say.”

Skien smiled and announced the audience.

“If you still intend to pursue it, it is best to consider it carefully.”

Say nothing, Skien stopped talking and just sat down.

But in the entire Hall of Glory, no one uttered any more.

For a long time… For a long time…

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