The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 864


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As a meeting covering all the big and small forces in Omni Pertensen, the three races meeting is naturally impossible to end in a short time.

According to the schedule, the three races talks will not only have an intermission time, but may even be held for several days.

Even if there are few powers with a voice, only the leaders of those powers standing at the apex of Three Great Races are qualified to speak, but all the power leaders and experts who are in the audience also have the right to vote.

Thousands of years ago, the first three races meeting organized by Hero Mithras was for the peace treaty. It was held for more than ten days in a row, discussed, voted, and spoken, and finally the peace treaty was successfully introduced.

It can be said that the emergence of every type of treaty was born after negotiation, negotiation and negotiation, and voting and other operations.

After all, it is that many forces. It is very difficult to satisfy most people, let alone satisfy everyone.

The same is true for this three races meeting.

Matters related to [Hero Summoning] and various events arising from it will appear on the negotiation table of this three races meeting, and will be resolved one after another under the attention of all the big and small forces in Omni Pertensen.

Now, Skien has explained the reason for the emergence of [Hero Summoning] in his own capacity, and has dropped enough shock bombs to shock everyone.

Seeing that all the forces in the entire Hall of Glory fell into silence, Ans immediately decided.

“Enter the intermission time.”

This is also to give a buffer to many forces, and also to give everyone ample time to discuss and organize the issues currently in progress, and finally give their own conclusions.

Thanks to Skien, everyone present really needs time to sort out their thoughts.

So, after Ans announced the intermission, the original solemn atmosphere began to dissipate.

Regardless of whether it was the inner or outer meeting seats, the leaders and experts of all the forces began to take a deep breath, adjusting their emotions while starting noisy discussions.

They all want to know what people around them think about this matter, and they also want to know what the current issue is and what the ultimate direction is.

Some considerations and worries cannot be discussed in front of outsiders.

In this way, the forces of one by one began to enter a state of whispering intentionally or unintentionally, and some even launched barriers on the spot to prevent the leakage of the conversation.

In the inner circle meeting seat, Three Great Races was also divided into several camps, and they started discussions with each other.

The same goes for the Demon Race seat where Skien is.

“You exposed yourself to the Blessing of the Supreme God?”

Schiffne opened his mouth like clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

She did not expect that Skien actually chose to drop such a shock bomb at this moment.

Next to him, Lucy also cast a bitter look at Skien.

“…You really surprise me at all times.”

Lucy faintly spoke.

“Ma.” Skien looked away unconsciously, but shrugged, and said: “I only find myself an excuse to perfuse everyone.”

That’s right, it’s an excuse.

“That’s right.” Sera nodded and said: “Originally, you wanted to conceal your Summoner’s affairs. Under such circumstances, you would definitely not be allowed.”

The three races talks have already been held for this, and Skien still doesn’t want to reveal Summoner’s affairs. How could it be so easy?

Why do all the Great Influences come from?

Isn’t it just to know, who is the person who restarted the great secret ritual of [Hero Summoning] and planned Hero’s reincarnation behind the scenes?

Before this, God Race and Devil Race had torn each other a lot. For this reason, the three races talks were held.

As a result, Skien still wanted to conceal it. It was simply impossible to say in front of everyone in the world.

Such a thing can’t even be done by Sera.

After all, it is about the peace of the three races. The joint pressure of God Race and human race will definitely make Sera have to compromise.

Unless Sera wants to go to war, otherwise, in this situation, confession is normal.

Although Skien doesn’t mind arguing with the whole world, but they all come to the talks and lift the negotiating table. Then what are you doing?

But Skien did not compromise because of this.

Therefore, Skien chose to expose his possession of [Blessing of the Supreme God].

“As soon as you exposed it like this, a lot of people probably started to think randomly, right?”

Lid sighed.

“They absolutely will bewildered and uncertain, and they are beginning to wonder if there is Supreme God’s handwriting.”

Carmina sneered.

“Now, there should be a lot of people who wonder if Supreme God has woken up?”

Ai calmly agrees.

As for Milu, he was already mixed up with Lilith, laughing quietly, not knowing what he was playing with.

Among all the people in the audience, I am afraid that only these two little girls dare to play around on this occasion.

No, that’s not right, the idiot trio on the God Race side seems to be secretly loafing, taking advantage of the moment when the adults are talking about serious things, they are boringly pulling each other’s hair.

Except for these little girls, all other people are discussing things seriously.

Skien touched the side Lilith’s head while laughing at the Devil.

“With the title of Supreme God squeezing here, those guys don’t dare to be tough anymore.”

Just kidding.

At the time when the Demon King passed away, the Supreme God, who had lost its natural enemies, is already a truly invincible existence.

Although Lidas is known as the supreme expert of the modern era, she may be invincible when she is alone. Faced with the cooperation of Sera and Schiffne, she has to be parry of spare no effort.

If Six Great Devils join forces, even if it is as strong as Goddess of Fate and closest to almighty existence, it will be as cool.

Therefore, Lidas in this world still has a way to be restrained, and it cannot go unpunished.

However, Supreme God is different.

As a real almighty existence, if she wants to, she can completely destroy the world at one thought and create a new world again.

That is the field outside the specification, the origin above the world, except for the Demon King of Tianke, no one can do anything.

If it is against such an existence, it is no less than an ordinary person who has to be against a true god.

No one dare to boast about going to Haikou, thinking that they can do such a thing.

Skien moved out the name of Supreme God, and it really scared many people.

in other words…

“They don’t think they will continue to pursue them.” Sera said with certainty: “If they continue to pursue investigations, if they are really pursued in areas that should not be investigated, it will definitely be a catastrophe for them. “

“Especially God Race, who treats Supreme God Omnis as everything, knowing that you are their Mother Goddess’s blessing, is this probably already exploded, right?” Schiffne taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune said in general: ” This time, they won’t be able to sit still.”

The fact, as Schiffne had guessed.

At this time, God Race really exploded.

“Lidas-sama! Is Hero Skien really Mother Goddess’s blessing!?”

“Summon Hero’s could it be Mother Goddess!?”

“Mother Goddess has woken up!?”



A crowd of Goddesses quarreled with each other, with excitement and tension on their faces, and also almost shed tears on the spot.

“Did the three of you know that Hero Skien’s blessing was given by Mother Goddess?”

Artemis also questioned the Three Great Goddesses.

In the entire God Race, except for the existence of the respectless of the law and of natural morality such as Evil God and Demon God, only Artemis dares to question the Three Great Goddesses, who is above the top tier god. Up.

This is not only because of strength, but also because of the existence of control justice and order. Artemis’s status is extremely special. It can even be said that it is the closest top tier god to the Three Great Goddesses in God Race.

Her questioning also made Three Great Goddesses smile bitterly.

“Don’t get excited, everyone.”

Anima soothed everyone.

“We have indeed understood Hero Skien’s situation beforehand.” Natura admitted helplessly: “You can also rest assured that Hero Skien’s speech is not a lie. He is indeed the mother Goddess’s blessing, which is absolutely true.”

“Yes…” Lidas whispered dissatisfied: “Although, I was kept in the dark before…”

Obviously, Lidas is still brooding about this matter.

But Artemis and the others can no longer take care of this.

“Then Mother Goddess, is she really already…?”

At this moment, even Artemis couldn’t help but get excited.

Just as the Devils have an extraordinary dependence on the Demon King as a mother, God Race’s Goddess have absolute faith and love for their creators, their own Mother Goddess.

If people regard God Race’s Goddess as their lifelong belief and the highest spiritual pillar, then God Race’s Goddess regard Supreme God Omnis as their belief and the highest spiritual pillar.

The sleep of Mother Goddess made many Goddess secretly hurt for some time. They often looked in the direction of Sanctuary in a daze, hoping to see Mother Goddess wake up one day.

Now, thousands of years are passing by in a flash.

In a blink of an eye, Supreme God Omnis fell asleep for a thousand years.

And God Race’s Goddess also waited for her for a thousand years.

In this way, how could they not feel excited when they heard such news?


“Is Mother Goddess awake, how can we know?”

Anima spoke with a forced smile.

“At least, we didn’t see Mother Goddess coming out of the Sanctuary.”

Natura is also rare and somewhat sad.

“…I, like you, are waiting for Mother Goddess to come out of Sanctuary, but unfortunately, at present, Mother Goddess has no sign of leaving Sanctuary.”

Lidas silent for a while, sighed immediately.


The excitement on the faces of the Goddess slowly disappeared, and turned to be sad.

But soon, Artemis took the lead out of this state.

“In that case, three adults, we must win Hero Skien first anyway.”

Artemis said so in a determined tone.

Lidas, Anima, and Natura were startled first, and then they understood the meaning of Artemis.

The rest of Goddess also reacted.

“Yes! The top priority should be to get Hero Skien over!”

“Since I am a Mother Goddess’s blessing, then, whether he is Hero or not, he is the object that God Race should support and protect!”

“If Mother Goddess really woke up, then she would definitely have been paying attention to her blessed person!”

“Moreover, if that Hero is from Mother Goddess summon, then his body must have an extremely important mission!”

“Masters, please do your best to get Hero Skien over!”

“Those who can’t let the Demon Race abduct the Mother Goddess’s blessing!”

Goddesses one after another said loudly.


Lidas, Anima, and Natura looked at each other suddenly.

In the eyes, there is an unspeakable heartbeat.

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