The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 865


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Get Skien over.

This matter, in fact, Anima and Natura have been doing it all the time.

Whether it was when Anima discovered Skien’s identity in Kosmos, or when Natura chose to appear in Elven Town, the two Goddess unanimously chose an attitude.

That is, to release enough kindness to Skien.

This is something you must do as a God Race Goddess.

They were created by Supreme God Omnis to nurture Hero and let Hero grow up.

It can be said that being Hero’s companions is their meaning of existence.

After discovering Skien’s identity, Anima and Natura released enough kindness to Skien without the slightest hesitation, and relentlessly expressed that they would support him and support him, so that Skien could feel God Race for him. , It’s definitely a matter of companions and friends.

If it is changed to normal conditions, once Hero is summoned, the place where it appears will only be in the habitat of God Race.

After Hero came to this World, the first person he saw would only be the Three Great Goddesses who was responsible for the ceremony of [Hero Summoning].

After that, the Three Great Goddesses will explain the situation of this World to the summoned Hero, and summon his purpose, and then ask for his help. After Hero accepts all this, they will start to cultivate each other with Hero. Only after the relationship of trust makes the relationship between Hero and God Race unbreakable, will Hero go to the battlefield to improve himself and grow.

As a result, the trust of Heroes in God Race has never been broken. There has never been an example of a weak relationship between Hero and God Race.

But this time is different.

This time, Hero’s summon and God Race never knew about it.

When God Race discovered everything in this, Hero had already established an unusual relationship with Dragon Devil Ai.

In addition, Skien already has a place to belong in this world, knows a lot of people, and does not need to go to the battlefield to fight any enemy, and his oneself already has a certain degree of strength, God Race vs. Skien In terms of it, it’s not as important as the Hero in the past.

In view of this, even if God Race has released a certain degree of goodwill to Skien, the relationship is still much less than its hopelessly muddled Devil.

Anima and Natura once felt helpless about this, but they would never try to get involved with Hero at all costs.

In the final analysis, they only have the mission of guiding Hero that’s all, not the mission of wooing Hero. Even if Hero has a poor relationship with them, God Race should not interfere with it.

Therefore, both Anima and Natura are very open, only silently watching Skien and watching Skien’s growth.

If it keeps going on like this, Anima and Natura absolutely will keep watching Skien, right?

However, the situation is different now.

Skien not only revealed that he holds the blessing of Supreme God Omnis, but also has a close relationship with Demon Race.

This in the eyes of God Race is undoubtedly very disturbing.

Why should you let the Hero of your own home to others?

Demon Race wins Hero, is there any plan?

could it be Sit and watch Mother Goddess’s blessing is taken away by a former enemy?

Thoughts like this, absolutely will appear in the hearts of part of God Race, causing them to feel uneasy.

Especially Skien has already revealed his secret of being a Blessing of the Supreme God, God Race can no longer sit and watch him continue to stay so far away from him.

You must know that the more advanced the blessed person is, the deeper the relationship between it and the Goddess who blesses himself is. The more advanced Goddess is, the more he will value and cherish his blessed person, and even regard the blessed person as As one’s own, as one’s own children.

Like Lidas, Anima, Natura and the others, they treat their blessed person as a daughter.

conversely Artemis, which is only the top tier god, the difficulty of obtaining a blessed person is much lower than that of Three Great Goddesses. Even if oneself has a special status and strong strength, it will still be the same as the other Goddess, and will be given when it is time to give blessings. Blessed blessings, definitely not like Three Great Goddesses, either choose Hero blessings, or have to go through hundreds or thousands of selections to find the most suitable blessed person.

Therefore, Artemis will not value his own blessed person like Three Great Goddesses, but only give a certain degree of attention to his own blessed person, and his blessed person will often appear in the world. It is definitely impossible for hundreds of thousands of years. One will only appear at the time.

The evidence is that since the three races meeting, Artemis only took a glance at Capelin and focused all of his attention on the meeting.

On the other hand, Three Great Goddesses…

Lidas saw Lucy walk up to the seat of Demon Race and almost rampage.

After Anima met Elise, she also kept smiling on her face.

Natura was even more considerate to let Marika leave this serious occasion that would make her extremely nervous, and first go back to the Bezthoth Family, without forcing her to come out and swagger.

In summary, the higher the Goddess, the more important they are to their blessed person, and the more special their feelings will be.

And even the Three Great Goddesses regards his own blessed person as his own, then what will happen to Omnis who is the Almighty Supreme God?

How much does she value her blessed person?

Goddesses only need to think about the treatment of that honored one.

The first person in history to obtain the Blessing of the Supreme God, and the only one besides Skien, obtained the Blessing of the Supreme God, and became the only first-generation Hero in the heart of Supreme God ——— —Nien.

What kind of blow her death caused to Supreme God, and what kind of despair she experienced, these may not be clear to others, but the Three Great Goddesses of clansman, originally created by Omnis, can’t be more clear.

If Mother Goddess really woke up, is she looking at her blessed person?

Is she looking at here?

Once thought until here, even Lidas, Anima and Natura could not conceal the turmoil in their hearts.

So the three of them glanced at each other, all heavily nodded.


Just when the Goddess of God Race confirmed their next goal, on the other hand, the human race’s attitude towards Skien as the Blessing of the Supreme God was completely different.

“Didn’t expect, he also has such an identity.”

Harves smiled wryly.

“…What an incredible man.”

Capelin was silent for a long time, and finally sighed.

“He…he concealed such an important thing from me…!”

Elise is angry and wronged.

“I don’t know if the princes of Demon Race understood this matter a long time ago…”

Sophie remembered Skien’s excessive affinity for Elves and Fairy, as if finally understood the reason for everything, and his expression was complicated.

“What should do this time?”

Lia doesn’t know whether to be surprised or depressed.

As it should be by rights, Ans, Roquete, Oz, Maffey, Leia, Nia and the others are all thinking about this unexpected and amazing fact.

But at the same time, they did feel happy.

After all, the identity of the Blessing of the Supreme God is much more special than the average Hero.

With such a blessing, such an identity, Skien’s future status does not need to be doubted at all.

As a power that has a good relationship with Skien, the more special Skien is, the happier they are naturally.

Even the leaders and experts of many forces have regenerated the idea that they must establish a relationship with Skien, and then must find a way to visit the Bezthoth Family.

Only, there are people who have good intentions towards Skien and have a close relationship with Skien, and there are people who have maliciousness towards Skien, and they are not good at all.

That’s Natz and Geura.

“Damn it!” Guula snorted and said growlingly at Natz: “Hey! King Dwarf! I haven’t heard of that Hero or Blessing of the Supreme God!”

Guula felt anomaly’s anger.

Originally, he was extremely unpleasant to the eye for Hero, who was so popular with God Race and regarded as a treasure by Goddesses.

As a hybrid Beastman who was rejected by Anima and could only get the evil God’s Blessing, Geura does not believe in God, but also hates God on the contrary.

Otherwise, his tribe will not be forbidden to pray and believe in Goddess, and the Divine Idol of Goddess of Life Anima will not be destroyed.

That’s what Geula did.

Therefore, through childhood, Geula is a disdainful existence, and even a blasphemer.

His hatred of gods can even be compared with the Old Demon Race Faction, which buried countless Clergy and temples such as Bedo.

For such a Gewula, Skien, a newcomer’s Another World fragile human, was actually sought after and even supported by God Race from the very beginning, and there is still one of the strongest Evil God all the time. After following, he saddled his horse, and he is simply the person who is unpleasant to the eye no matter how you look at it.

I was rejected, but a fragile human was sought after?


Is he Hero?

Because he is Hero, his potential is endless and the future can be expected, so the gods of aloof and remote no longer hold their own identities, instead they please him one by one?

What a bunch of bitches!

Ge Ula’s hatred of God Race has increased day by day, and he has also become more and more unpleasant to the eye towards Skien.

For this reason, Geula joined the faction formed by the human race forces who are preparing to attack Hero at the invitation of Natz.


Güula would challenge Skien not only because of his own will, but also because of Natz’s invitation.

Under such circumstances, Skien also openly refuted his face during the meeting, making him almost unable to come to Taiwan, how could Geula not hate him?

But Skien is actually the Blessing of the Supreme God, which makes Geula both shocked and angry.

Even if he is violent, he knows that some existences cannot afford to offend.

Three Great Goddesses and Six Great Devils are so.

Supreme God Omnis, there is no need to consider it at all.

Openly challenged the Three Great Goddesses and Six Great Devils, Geula dared to do it, because he knew very well that every move of existence at that level was linked to the trends and attitudes of the forces, as long as they were not touched. Bottom line, they definitely won’t make a move to him at the probability of breaking the peace.

But Supreme God is different.

That only exists in the legend. Even the almighty who created everything in the world is beyond the specifications above the Transcendent Level. Once you want to make a move to him, who can stop it? Who can condemn it?

No trace of politeness said that a hybrid Beastman known as a miracle like Geura, the other party estimated that a pile of mud can be created by kneading the soil.

The king of trifling Beastman, in the eyes of that honored one, is just like grass.

Even if Geula is crazy, he will not think that he can challenge such a character.

Natz’s face is also ugly.

“Who would have thought that he was hiding so deep?” Natz said solemnly: “Blessing of the Supreme God, I have never heard of anyone who has become such an existence.”

The heroes of the past have only obtained the Three Great Goddesses’ blessings. Who would have thought that a human kid who was only in his twenties, who appeared after a thousand years, was actually the Blessing of the Supreme God. What?

“Now it’s all right.”

Guula ridiculed.

“That Hero is the Blessing of the Supreme God, the bitches of the God Race must have regarded him as a treasure, and can’t wait to give him up.”

“Not to mention Demon Race, even if a Dragon Devil dared to marry, Charm Devil is not clear with him, how could he not praise him?”

“In the human race, there are also many who support him, Kingdom’s Most Precious Object and even his fiancee, even Ragna’s Valkyrie, the hateful Saintess and Elf Race bitches in Beastman Priests are glaring at him, just Chai didn’t tell everyone directly that they have an affair.”

“Such a person, do we really want to touch it?”

Guula was irritable.

Natz’s complexion became more and more ugly, and finally became cold.

“What?” Natz looked towards Geura, said with a sneer: “Are you scared?”

“I’m afraid?” Guula said sarcastically: “I’m afraid you are afraid.”

“How could I be afraid?” Natz’s eyes were cold, and he whispered: “I made up my mind a long time ago, must let Goddess of Nature Natura take a good look, my Dwarf Race is by no means an affiliate of Elf Race!” [ 19459002]

The Four Great Clans group of human race — human, Beastman, Dwarf and Elf.

In this Four Great Clans group, Dwarf’s position is the most embarrassing.

Human is an ethnic group guided and sheltered by Goddess of Fate Lidas.

Beastman is an ethnic group guided and sheltered by Goddess of Life Anima.

The Dwarf and Elf are the groups guided and sheltered by Goddess of Nature Natura.

Natura, who is Goddess of Nature, obviously has an unusual preference for Elf Race, which is also born from nature.

To her, every Elf is like her child. Since she was born from nature, she is obliged to be Elves’ mother as Goddess of Nature.

But what about Dwarf?

Dwarf is also the group guided and protected by Goddess of Nature!

Goddess of Nature’s preference for Elf Race, how could it not cause dissatisfaction with Dwarf Race?

What’s more, when most people think of the groups that Goddess of Nature guides and shelters, they only think of Elf Race.

What about Dwarf Race?

Has long been forgotten to the corner of memory.

Thanks to this, in Dwarf Race, faith has actually become very weak. By the generation of Natz, there is a faint tendency to abandon faith.

In other words, Natz, like Geura, both had dissatisfaction with God Race, even hatred.

For this reason, Natz won Geula, and kept running during this period of time, drawing up one after another forces that are dissatisfied with Hero, God Race, and even human race, and the status quo. A faction.

The purpose of this faction is simple.

Fight against all injustices!

Use all available resources!

Break the current world situation that is deadlocked!

In order to achieve their goals, achieve their own attempts, and obtain sufficient benefits, they will be on this stage to voice opposition to everyone!

Natz, the leading character of this faction precisely!

“Don’t worry.” Natz said solemnly: “We have the support of “theirs”, it’s not that there is no chance of winning. “

hearing this, Geula complexion has eased a lot.

“Then we…?”

Gewula in the eyes flashed fiercely again.

Natz spoke coldly.

“Continue to do what we should do.”

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