The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 941


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“Master and servant?”

Goddess’s words, what makes Skien immediately think of is the pair of girls who are like twin sisters.

Except for them, Skien could not imagine, also which pair of master and servant would interest Supreme God Omnis.

Goddess, who turned into a Demon God with only one eye, is also holding the spear of the Lord God in one hand while staring at Skien.

“She is very curious, knowing part of the truth in the past, what kind of choice the master and servant will make.”

Goddess said lightly.

“So, as long as your oneself’s safety is not a problem, she will not make a move to intervene in the current situation.”

Having said that, Goddess took the Spear of the Lord God back.

In Skien’s mind, there were many questions and a strange feeling about Goddess’ attitude.

He always feels that this Goddess not only has many unnatural places compared to before, but also always has a feeling of transcendence, as if standing at the highest place unmatched and overlooking this World, let He had a sense of awe that he had to look up to.

This sense of awe was not there in the past.

However, the opponent did not give Skien time to investigate and think.

“That’s how it is said, since you have come here, it would be a bit unreasonable if you let you return without success.” Goddess said indifferently: “Give you a hint.”

Goddess raised his eyes lightly and spoke the words that made Skien discolored.

“The life entity named Danath, his ultimate goal is not to war, but to resurrect the Demon King.”

Goddess knocked on the floor under his feet with the handle of the gun of the Lord God, as if he was referring to the undead sleeping underground, with a blank expression on his face.

“Resurrect the Demon King?”

Skien’s pupils condensed fiercely.

This is the ultimate goal of Danath?

Are you kidding me?

Isn’t Demon King unable to resurrect?

Didn’t it all say that the probability of Demon King’s resurrection has been cut off by Supreme God Omnis?

If this weren’t the case, Demon Race and even Old Demon Race Faction are already trying to resurrect the Demon King, how come it is Danath’s turn to do this?

What is going on?

Skien’s heart thread is somewhat confused.

Only then did Goddess speak.

“Your perception is wrong.”

Goddess at a moderate pace let his own voice into Skien’s ears.

“It’s not that the Demon King cannot be resurrected, only the conditions are not collected.”

Goddess’ gaze is like can see through Skien’s body, seeing things that exist in him within the body, if there is a deep voice.

“Whether it is Goddess or Demon King, they are truly undying and inextinguishable. Even if they are killed, as long as their roots are still there, they will be resurrected sooner or later.”

“Demon King has not been resurrected, it is not impossible to resurrect, only because the concept that symbolizes its roots has been taken away, and its oneself does not want to be resurrected, so there is no resurrection.”

“If she really wants to be resurrected, then, unless the concept that symbolizes its roots has been suppressed by the power of the same person, that is, suppressed by Supreme God’s power, otherwise, she wants to be resurrected, but it is a single thought Things.”

Precisely because of this, the world will spread, the probability of the resurrection of Demon King has been cut off by Supreme God.

Three Great Goddesses and Six Great Devils level race seniors know that the reason for this is all because Demon King’s gems were taken away by Supreme God and suppressed by Supreme God, only then made Demon King has never been able to come back to life.

They also believe that Demon King no longer has the probability of resurrection.

Because no one in this world can resist Supreme God and grab the Demon King treasure from Supreme God’s hands.

In this situation, over time, there was a rumor whose probability of the resurrection of Demon King was cut off by Supreme God.

In fact, what this rumor points to is Goddess’s so-called concept that symbolizes the root, that is, the gem of Demon King was taken away by Supreme God and received a seal to suppress it.

Skien frowned tightly, and somehow understood the meaning of Goddess.

But because he understood the meaning, he felt puzzled.

“Since this is the case, Danath’s goal of resurrecting the Demon King shouldn’t be achieved, right?”

Skien thinks so.

“The concept that symbolizes the root has fallen into Supreme God’s hands and has been suppressed. No matter how hard Danath works, there is still no way to resurrect the Demon King, right?”

This is Skien’s train of thought, and it will also be the first thought that everyone who knows about it will have.

What a pity…

“Symbolizing the root of the Demon King concept, it was let go not long ago.”

In a calm tone, Goddess said something that shocked the world.

“What did you say?”

Skien opened his eyes wide and his face was full of consternation.

Goddess’s expression is still calm.

“I said that the root of the Demon King concept was released not long ago.” Goddess said in the calmest voice: “Therefore, the probability of Demon King’s resurrection will no longer be suppressed. With all the conditions, even if the Demon King true body does not mean that, outsiders can rely on its legacy in this world to finally bring it back to life.”

As soon as these words came out, Skien completely lost his words.

The psychological impact caused by this incident was greater than he thought.

There was shock.

There is stunned.

There is anxiety.

At the same time, there is also a hint of perplexed expectations.

What appeared in Skien’s mind was the little girl who was holding red, always seeking others, seeking shelter, enduring boundless loneliness and emptiness, and finally meeting Hero’s girl in this World.

The smile on the face of Hero’s girl when they met.

The tears shed from the corner of her eyes when she heard that Hero’s girl wanted to help Goddess defeat her.

These pictures are constantly playing in Skien’s mind.

Skien’s heart suddenly became a little messy.

He didn’t understand how he felt after learning that the Demon King could be resurrected.

Finally, he can only say the last sentence.

“Why are the roots that symbolize the Demon King concept let go?”

Skien’s voice is slightly hoarse.

In response, Goddess was silent.

After a long time, Goddess faintly spoke.

“Maybe, she has already seen something.”

“Maybe, she already understood something.”

“Or, a thousand-year-old dream, let her see many things that she knew in the past, but subconsciously ignored.”

“It is certain that after the death of Demon King, her hatred has disappeared, and her anger has also disappeared. What is left is endless emptiness and endless nostalgia.”

“Then, after the opportunity appeared, she let it go.”

As he spoke, Goddess’s expressionless face appeared for the first time with a touch of self-deprecating.

“I don’t know, she is expecting something too.”

With these words left, Goddess turned his back.

“In any case, the probability of Demon King’s resurrection has returned. This is a fact.”

“Although the life entity named Danath was impossible by Demon King Baoyu’s recognition and took Baoyu away, even if there is no Baoyu, as long as the conditions are met, Demon King can still be resurrected.”

“Of course, after losing Baoyu, Demon King’s power probably won’t leave much, but if she wants to, she can return Baoyu summon at any time and restore herself to its heyday anytime, anywhere.”

The Holy Sword, which symbolizes the concept of “Hero”, can return to its Master’s hand anytime and anywhere. The gem, which symbolizes the concept of “Demon King”, is naturally impossible without such ability.

The so-called concepts are that only when they have the existence of the concept they symbolize, can they be manipulated and used as one pleases.

They are one with the existence that symbolizes their own concept. They are different in appearance, and everything else is the same thing.

It is also for this reason that when Hero successfully enters the transcend, Holy Sword will resonate and pulsate, enter Hero’s within the body, and undergo transformation together with it.

It is because Holy Sword symbolizes the root of the concept “Hero” and is one of Hero. Its changes are closely related to Hero.

And Demon King and Supreme God, which symbolize the root of their concept, to some extent, are more thorough than the meaning of Holy Sword to Hero.

One is the gem that contains the power to destroy everything and destroy everything.

One is a gem that contains the power of almighty omniscience.

The equivalent to Demon King and Supreme God’s power source are also the two essential gems. They are different from Hero’s Holy Sword, but they are unique in nature and absolutely indestructible.

As long as Baoyu is still there, whether it is Demon King or Supreme God, even if it is dead, it will be resurrected sooner or later.

Even if Baoyu itself obeys the will of the owner before he dies, and no longer resurrects the owner, if it exists in the world for one day, its owner is not really dead.

In view of this, even outsiders can resurrect the Demon King if they gather the conditions for resurrecting the Demon King.

Goddess said so.

“Now, the conditions for her resurrection have been basically gathered.”

“Can the individual named Danath bring these conditions to his side and resurrect the Demon King? I cannot see such a future either.”

“It’s about the Demon King, even almighty who knows everything, who can see all the past and the future, still can only be a bystander who knows nothing about it.”

“And if she is really resurrected, then I am looking forward to it.”

“I look forward to what choice she will make after learning about your existence.”

This is the end of Goddess’s hints and predictions.


Skien was a little aware of the other party’s true identity, and showed a more shocked expression than before.

But Goddess has done it all.

“BOOM! “

Accompanied by the clear pounding sound, Goddess knocked on the gun of the Lord God in his hand, making the entire world distorted.

The familiar feeling of the sky spins and the earth goes round attacked Skien’s mind.

Skien disappeared in the temple and returned to where he was.

The only-eyed Goddess fixedly looked at the place where Skien disappeared. After a while, he waved the spear of the Lord God in his hand and made a form appear here.

Then, it was Nien impressively.

“You…you dare to do such a thing!”

Nien looked like a gasping for breath, but couldn’t hide the anger on his face, Goddess moved towards One Eye rushed over.

Goddess only glanced at her quietly, and she was frozen as if she was directly imprisoned by the surrounding space.

“Don’t try to sneak away.”

Goddess dropped such a sentence and immediately disappeared in the temple.

The space around Nien immediately returned to its original state, allowing Nien, who was in a fluttering posture, to continue to leap forward and emptied.

Suddenly, Nien stood there, looking at the empty temple, his whole body trembled.

That is angry.

“Who stole away?”

“Who stole away!”

“obviously you are sneaking these coquettish bitch, I’m the first to that Aaaaaah …!”

Nien is crazy.

The temple is once again imprisoned, so that Nien can no longer summon Skien.

Nien wanted to cry without tears, and was sad for a long time in the temple.

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