The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated Chapter 942


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When the feeling of being down-to-earth appeared again, Skien woke up like a conditioned reflex, and involuntarily stretched out a hand in front of him, as if he wanted to keep something.

However, at this moment, Skien has returned to his home and reappeared in his room instead of in the familiar temple.


Skien was unable to speak for a long time, and sighed until after a while, and withdrew his extended hand.

“It seems that Goddess will not reveal more things anymore.”

Skien’s mood has become complicated again.

Thinking back to Goddess’s every move, as well as its already clear remarks, Skien seemed to have guessed her identity.

“Didn’t expect, she actually woke up…”

Skien didn’t know how to describe his feelings at this time.

Should I feel honored?

After all, I saw the Supreme Existence that others would never see, and I also got some hints from the other person.

But the opponent obviously did not intend to intervene in this situation, which made Skien feel that the opponent was as indifferent as in the rumor.

Then feel indignant and accuse the other party of not being saved?

Skien couldn’t do it either.

Maybe that person is as indifferent as in Rumor, so indifferent to even a little unsatisfactory, without blood or tears, but the other person is a god after all, true almighty god spirit, using ordinary people’s thinking to point to her, but that It is a means that even moral kidnapping can’t be called.

So, the best way is to treat it as a bystander who knows nothing about it, as the other party said.

From this perspective, if you set off and think about things, you should be deeply grateful because you can get some hints from the opponent’s body.

Skien shook his head, ditching all the complicated thoughts about the other party from his mind.

Shortly afterwards, Skien focused all his attention on the hints given by the opponent.

“Demon King is resurrected…?”

Skien murmured.

Such a big thing, should you tell it yourself?

But what if you say it?

At most, it shocked Lidas and the others, apart from this, as if nothing could be done.

Now, everyone is almost at a loss for the new [Primordial Devil]. If they are still in panic because of the Demon King, the efficiency of combat will only be lower.

Instead of this, it is better to watch the changes first.

“At least, from the tone of the Goddess, Danath shouldn’t have the conditions for resurrecting the Demon King.”

Even if the resurrection of the Demon King does not need the thing that symbolizes the root of its concept, the opponent must collect all the necessary items to resurrect the Demon King.

And the “necessities” themselves are somewhat nodded.

So, it is not completely helpless now.

In addition…

“Even if the Demon King is resurrected, if she wants to regain the power at the peak period, she has to reclaim her roots.”

Unfortunately, the so-called root thing, Skien also has a clue.

Skien skillfully immersed her consciousness within the body, looking at her own Sea of ​​Consciousness.

There, Holy Sword was quietly bathed in the glory of golden.

Beside, one red and one blue two jewels rotate while bathing in one red and one blue brilliance.

Before, Skien only knew that these two gems must have a deep relationship with Demon King and Supreme God.

Until this moment, Skien didn’t know what they were.

Undoubtedly, these two gems are the roots of Demon King and Supreme God, and they symbolize the concept of their existence.

Whether it is Demon King or Supreme God, there is such a gem in the arms since the moment of birth.

Skien first looked at the red treasure.

“This is the gem of Demon King, right?”

Skien can be sure of this.

Moreover, he could still think of when this precious jade arrived within the body.

“I was sent to Sanctuary by Nien, the time I saw Omnis?”

That time, out of sympathy, Skien boldly hugged the Supreme Goddess to sleep.

It was from that time that Skien dreamed of the past of Demon King and Supreme God for the first time.

Then, that was the same time, Skien saw the scene of red Baoyu flying towards him in his dream and blending into his within the body.

Reminiscent of the Demon King’s Baoyu being taken away by Supreme God after the Demon King’s death thousands of years ago, why doesn’t Skien understand what happened?

“It must be that time, Supreme God Omnis released the gem of Demon King and let the gem come to me within the body, right?”

Skien sighed again.

He really didn’t know, it turned out that his within the body has always had such dangerous and precious things.

“Speaking of which, the Demon Roar Chain will take the initiative to break free from the control of Helimis, and contact me, recognize me as your Lord, could it be because of the relationship between Demon King and Baoyu?”

Skien suddenly remembered this.

At that time, Skien always thought it was a little weird, and it wasn’t until this moment that Skien realized it.

“The origin of the maker is here. It is naturally impossible to take the side of the evil-doer, and it is an enemy of me.”

So, Skien was recognized as master and became his secondary weapon.

Although, Skien didn’t use it much.

“The problem is that the gem of Demon King also has no problem. What’s the matter with the gem that is obviously the origin of Supreme God?”

Skien turned his gaze, looked towards blue Baoyu, and got a headache again.

When did this thing arrive within the body?

That Goddess will wake up, could it be because of this?

“I’m a bit square…”

Skien’s face is full of bitterness.

Hero’s Holy Sword.

The gem of Demon King.

The gem of Goddess.

The things that symbolize the three most high-scale concepts at this time are all within the body. How can this be done?

Without knowing their existence, or knowing what they are, Skien can ignore them and feel calm. Now that he knows what they are, Skien only feels that his within the body seems to be a little more. Like a terrifying bomb, it really made him feel a little trembling.

Holy Sword is that’s all, after all, it’s his own thing. Skien can clearly feel the connection between himself and it, and he is very familiar with it, and has a feeling of bloodline connection.

But for the two gems, Skien felt that the hidden power within the body seemed to have some connection with them, but he didn’t have the feeling of being able to control them at all.

Just like Hero’s Holy Sword can only be used by Hero himself, other people who are Hero cannot use other people’s Holy Sword, Demon King gem and Goddess gem will not be controlled by Skien.

They have one and only one Master, Demon King and Supreme God.

Even if they are now within the body, Demon King and Supreme God can summon them back immediately if they are intentional.

This thing didn’t belong to him at all, but he moved into his body domineeringly, so Skien had a ghost if he didn’t tremble.

“These two jewels have been here all the time, will they get out of control and mess around in my body?”

“They stay here so permanently, my body won’t mutate, right?”

“Will the Demon King and Supreme God manipulate these two things to affect my body?”

Skien is a bit suffering from persecution delusions.

At this moment…

“I think, Baoyu shouldn’t be what to you.”

The sudden sound made Skien startled by fiercely.

Skien found out that in his room, besides himself, he did not know when a second person appeared.


Skien looked at the maid who suddenly appeared in his room as if frightened.

Amazingly, it is Rasha.

“I found strange movement in your room, so I came to see the situation.”

Looking at the bewildered and uncertain expression on Skien, Rasha briefly explained the reason for his appearance.

“Then… Then can’t you not appear and disappear unpredictably so?”

Skien patted her own chest and couldn’t help complaining.

Rasha didn’t show any expressions of guilt.

“It’s you who are thinking about things, thinking too much.”

Rasha’s plain expression.

Skien could not refute either.

He knew that he was really suspicious just now.

No way, I only wanted to go to Nien to see if I could meet Supreme God and get some assistance. Who would have thought that such a big thing would have been involved at once and discovered some secrets of their own body.

Skien, who has not had time to change his mentality, will suddenly become bewildered and uncertain, suspicious, inevitable.

Of course…

“Even if not this time, don’t you always appear and disappear unpredictably?”

Skien gave Rasha a blank look.


Rasha apologized, but there was no other expression on his face.

This gave Skien a sense of sight.

(speaking of which, the temperament of this Onee-sama is quite similar to that of Goddess.)

All are so calm, even expressionless, so calm and indifferent when encountering everything, without any signs of make a fuss about nothing.

(Should not, this is the standard configuration of the boss?)

Skien smiled bitterly.

Immediately, Skien turned to Rasha.

“You just mentioned Baoyu, didn’t you?” Skien looked at Rasha and said, “could it be, did you always know that Demon King’s Baoyu is with me?”

Skien’s question made Rasha raise his head.

“Yes.” Rasha lightly said: “The day the Master got the Demon King treasure, I felt it.”

This is inevitable.

“I don’t know if this body reacted to Demon King’s Baoyu, or my own origin caused some feelings for Baoyu.” Rasha calmly said with a full face: “From that day on, I knew it was Baoyu Things in the Master body.”

For this reason, Rasha at that time suddenly hugged Skien and reminded him to be careful.

The purpose is to tell Skien vaguely that what he is within the body might put him in a crisis.

It is not what Baoyu himself would do to Skien, but if this matter is known to others, it is impossible to guarantee that it will not cause any unimaginable consequences.

If outsiders know that the treasure of Demon King, which could not be resurrected, has already come out of Supreme God, it will surely cause chaos in the whole world, right?

“What about Reisha?” Skien wondered: “Why doesn’t Reisha seem to have any special feelings for the precious jade within the body?”

Rasha hesitated for a while before answering this question.

“Young Lady once lost important power.”

Rasha said this.

“Lost important power?”

Skien startled.

“Yes.” Rasha nodded, said: “For this reason, she would not be aware of the existence of the precious jade within the body.”

Rasha who said this sentence silently added another sentence in his heart.

(Now, Young Lady may be able to detect the existence of Baoyu, right?)

Anyway, Young Lady seems to have regained her power.

only, where is she now?

Rasha was in the heart silently thinking.

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