1872. Chapter 1733 is not good

Chapter 1733 is not good

He saw the strange changes in Sika City in the extraordinary [tracking] vision.

Didn’t the Temple of War not see it?

Unless the god of war has fallen.

Under the extraordinary [tracking] vision, the Temple of War is still extremely beautiful and brilliant. Obviously, even if the God of War suffered certain damage in the ‘black disaster,’ it is not fatal. It is still alive and kicking.


Why is the other party turning a blind eye?

“Is it a long line to catch big fish?”

“still is……”

“Does the two sides have cooperation?”

Qin Ran thought silently.

Then, he quickly converges on his thoughts and withdraws from the field of [tracking].

Because he perceives a malicious gaze.

Very concealed, very careful, flashing.

Qin Ran did not catch each other.

However, the mouth of Qin Ran could not help but rise up.


The carriage has stopped.

The shouts of the coachman and bodyguard of Ashkano shouted:

“Mr. Boll, Lord Colin, we are here!”

“Yanan Hotel, I hope the boss has prepared honey barbecue and sausage. I hope to have some honey to eat.”

Ashkano can’t wait to say.

“Ash, I think you should match mint, which is good for your teeth.”

“And, we should handle our spoils first.”

“Don’t forget, there is a copy of you inside.”

After Boer pushes the door, he reminds his bodyguard, and then, with one side, with respect, will Qinran greet the car.

“This is the Yanan Hotel.”

“Located in the corner of Sika City.”

“Quiet, clean and tidy, the boss is very enthusiastic.”

Bohr said, pointing to the front of the hotel.

The completely stone two-story building, the first floor is the main entrance, with three large windows, which can clearly see the people coming and going, and the second floor is a small window, obviously accommodation, but Qin Ran and his party live in The small courtyard next door – this is also the scope of the Yanan Hotel. In front of the small courtyard is a small signboard in front of the Biannan Hotel: a large glass of wine, overflowing.

The signboard has been around for a long time, and it has long been mottled and can’t see the color, but the boss is really as passionate as Bohr said.

“Welcome, Bohr.”

“And Ashkano.”

A fat man came out, his body was covered with cotton, his hair was only a few, and his smile was very kind. He gave Boer a bear hug, and both sides slammed each other’s back against Ashkano. The same is true. Even though the two seem to be playing, they use more power and slap each other’s back.

When the fat boss went to Qin Ran, he was already grinning, but his mouth was still hard:

“I just drank too much yesterday, otherwise you would like to let me have a little reaction.”

“Hello, I am Horuf.”

The fat boss did not give Qinran a hug as before, but smiled and reached out.

“Hello, Colin.”

Qin Ran reported a pseudonym.

“Colin, a strong meaning – you can see that you are a guy worthy of this name, because there is no such thing as waste around this guy.”

The fat boss smiled and smiled at Boer, who immediately worried about Qin Ran.

After discovering that Qin Ren was all normal, without any anger, this was relieved.

Then, for the sake of everyone’s safety, without letting the fat boss open, he would say:

“Horew, I need your help.”

“These spoils.”

“There is this prisoner.”

Bohr said.

“Give it to me, I will give you a satisfactory price.”

The fat boss easily picked up the prisoners of war and the bundle of weapons. Instead of returning to the hotel lobby, he walked to the other side of the yard, where the ‘Yanan’ signboard was also hung, which also belonged to the fat boss’s industry.

Undoubtedly, the other party is definitely not just a hotel owner.

Similarly, Bohr chose here, not just because of the boss’s enthusiasm.

“Horoff is a guy who deserves peace of mind.”

“Before he was a bounty hunter, but as he got older, his body was out of shape, and the days of running were no longer suitable for him. He chose to stay in Sika.”

“Of course, at first he chose Aitinburg, but you know, the price of Aitenburg is that he has to retreat to the next level.”

Bohr said, the voice was depressed.

“Colin can find him if you have any needs.”

“He has a lot of precious collections.”

“Unfortunately my strength can’t match these collections, he won’t sell it to me, but Colin, you definitely have no problem.”

“is it?”

Qin Ran came to an instant.

The ‘preciousness’ in the mouth of Boer is aggravating the pronunciation.

Such obvious hints, Qin Ran naturally received.

He understood what it meant.

However, Qin Ran did not go immediately, but asked Bohr: “What do I need to pay attention to?”

“Horoff is a guy who has no taboos.”

“He doesn’t believe in gods, even some hate gods.”

“So, you better not mention any god, as for the rest?”

“It’s Kimpton.”

Bohr answered very seriously.

Qin Ran nodded and walked toward the small courtyard, while Bohr took Ashkano to the other side of the small courtyard. Before Horuf delivered the corresponding money, Bohr thought he needed to Take care of your own two horses and check the carriage.

And Ashkano is a helper.

“Ash, if we don’t want to turn lunch into dinner, we have to speed up.”

Bohr said this.


The bodyguard nodded hard.

The speed of action is faster.

Qin Ran has already entered the small courtyard.

The small courtyard in front of you and the main building of Yanan Hotel are a style, which is a kind of tough feeling. The several braziers rising in the yard dispel the cold of winter.

Holuf took off his draped cotton coat and checked the bundle of spoils in a single coat. He saw Qin Ran coming in and raised his hand, and immediately a young, strong man moved to a chair.

Qin Ran keenly noticed that there was a thick old man in the position of the other hand’s palms, and he walked lightly.

Obviously, I have received the corresponding sword training.

“Thank you.”

Qin Ran said very politely.

The buddy smiled and retreated to the side.

“Bohr, the bastard guy recommended my collection to you?”

Asked Holuf.

Qin Ran nodded without denial.

“The bastard is really a good guy to be a businessman.”

“Unfortunately at the beginning I thought he could be my apprentice.”

“So, let the bastard guy see those things, let’s go, I will show you.”

Horuf said that he clap his hands and stood up, walking straight to the side of the room.

The buddy on the side took over the position of Horuf and began to check out the spoils.

Qin Ran looked at each other with interest.

Horuf explained:

“He has learned how to do it.”

“I just just tried it with an itchy hand.”

Qin Ran nodded again, still no opening.

And Horuf opened a door in front of the room and made a gesture of asking, but Qin Ran stood there motionless, and his face looked like a smile.

“Are you alert me?”

“Do not worry.”

“My Holuf is not a good person, but I will not start with my own guests.”

“More, you are introduced by Bohr.”

Horuff smiled.

The fat Holuf, there is no such feeling of guilt, especially when laughing, it is a very good feeling, and because of the size, people feel very reliable.

Even in the eyes of Qin Ran, the other party is very sincere at the moment.

Therefore, Qin Ran nodded and lifted his foot on the other side.


Horuf flew directly like that room.

Immediately, the open door closes instantly.



In the sound of flesh and blood bones being crushed, a scream of screams sounded, even if it was through a strict door, it was also resounding throughout the small courtyard, but the sly man behind him did not seem to hear it. I lowered my head and counted the spoils, checking the old and new, and the loss. Even if Qin Ran came to him, the other party did not change his plan.

Qin Ran looked at each other like this.

Time passes by one minute.

Qin Ran seems to care about the time, so I stand there with a sly look, and my face is light.

The look of the Burmese buddy was from the initial meticulousness, became flustered, and even the body began to shake.

Blood appeared on the other’s face.

A drop of blood spilled from the pores.

In an instant, the perfect face became a blood hyacinth.

Not only does it take blood, but it also erodes the body.

After a while, the buddy, with his own clothes, became a bloody water, and Qin Ran didn’t look at the blood, so he walked out of the hospital.

At the gate of the hospital, Qin Ran met Ashkano.

The tall and strong Ashkano turned anxiously at the door of the hospital and saw Qin. Then his face immediately showed joy.

“Great, Lord Colin!”

“My head is gone!”

“Can you find it for me?”

As he said, Ashkano took a look at his own axe and pointed at his neck, so he went down with an axe.


The huge head flew high.

Then, fell to the ground and rolled to the feet of Qin Ran.

The mouth is still shaking.


“My head?”

“Help me soon…”


A clear voice came from the head of Ashkano, but it stopped abruptly in the next moment.

Because, Qin Ran lifted his foot and stepped on the skull.

The body of the hand-held axe was in the same place.

It obviously did not expect this to be the development.

What made it even less thought was that Qin Ran, who had broken his head, followed him to the ground with one foot, grabbed the axe gun and smashed it.

The same as the dumpling stuffing.

“Lord Colin, what are you doing?”

Bohr, who heard the sound, ran out of the yard and was shocked after seeing this scene.

Then, Bohr was split into two halves by an axe.

When he was dying, Bohr was full of puzzles. He didn’t understand why Qin Ran wanted to shoot him.

The entrance to the hotel opened.

The guests inside looked at Qin Ran with fear.

Some people are constantly retreating.

Some people screamed loudly.

The squad of Sika City came and they started fighting with Qin Ran.

One-sided battle.

The entire patrol was slaughtered.

Then, the elite of Sika City also joined, but for Qin Ran, there is no impact.

The battle is still the rhythm of the slaughter.

Gradually, Sika City was infected by blood.

The sun disappeared into the sky.

A bloody moon rises from the Yanan Hotel. There are fewer and fewer people living, and more and more people are dying. When the number of corpses reaches a certain level, the bodies begin to rise again.

They climbed up from the pool of blood one by one.

Some of them maintain their appearance before life.


Completely turned into a monster.

There is no doubt that Qin Ran is the most powerful of the monsters.

Standing among the many monsters, he roared in the sky, pulled off the clothes full of blood, and the body swelled at a speed visible to the naked eye. The mouth bulged forward, the fangs and claws were unstoppable, and the hair became thicker. long.

Just a second later, a huge black werewolf, standing under the bloody moon, roared in the sky.



“My Lord’s ‘眷者’ appeared!”

The fanatical voice came from somewhere in the city of Sika.

A man who lost his legs was excited and groaning, because his voice became trembling.

And the man who had no arms on his opposite side was equally excited.

“The best ‘眷者’!”

“The best truth!”

“Everything in the illusion will become true after the “wanderer” wakes up – praise the great you!”

Saying, the man without arms squatted on the floor in a very weird gesture, shouting wildly.

He needs to listen to his god, the next step.

Just like what he did before: Find a foreigner with strong strength and status, and let the other person become a ‘squatter’.

He found Qin Ran.

Or to be precise, he recognizes Ashkano, knows that Ashkano serves Bohr again, and Bohr is a guy who works hard to promote his identity and keep running.

Then, the person who makes Polby respectful, naturally has a status of considerable status.

As for strength?

He is more real feeling.

He is not really close.

He shuddered all over the body.

It is the tremor of fear.


No doubt powerful!

Fully in line with his Lord’s request for him.

Therefore, he can’t wait to shoot.

At the moment the carriage stopped, he prayed, and he let his Lord watch his own ‘squatter’.

He believes in the gaze of his Lord.

The person who has made him shudder and has great strength will bow down.

It will be the ‘squatter’ they have been waiting for for a long time.


They want the ‘sister’ to sacrifice the entire Sika city to welcome their Lord.

And now?

Just listen!

Listen to their Lord!

Of course, you must pray again before you can.

“The Lord of Supreme!”

“Please listen to my prayers, I will follow your will, despise your greatness, hold your name, will shine in the world, and everything we give you…”

Men without arms and legs have begun to pray.

As always, piety.

But it is different.

Not them.

But their Lord.

Because, this time they clearly heard the voice of their Lord, and the voice shook slightly, shouting –

“Save, save lives!”

(End of this chapter)

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