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Bohr handed the letter in his hand to Kim Pdu, and handed it to the young man in front of him.

The linen shawl, the gray-green hat, and the hyacinth feather on the hat indicate the identity of the men’s messenger.

“I assure you that I will rush to the border Molda as quickly as possible.”

“This time will not be more than two days.”

The messenger made a guarantee.

This guarantee is very effective.

Not only because reputation is about the career of the messenger, but also because every messenger has a corresponding employment relationship with the lord in each territory.

To put it simply, the messenger has lost the contract and does not need the employer to come forward. The local lord will take the initiative to deal with the messenger.

“I wish you a good trip!”

After saying this, Boer said goodbye to the messenger.

He needs to hurry back to the Yanan Inn and then leave Sika City.

Just now, the martial law in Sika City was lifted, and the gates were opened again. Even if it was close to the evening, the businessmen trapped in the city also took action.

If it weren’t for the cold climate of Sika, these merchants would definitely lose a lot.

However, even so, the delay in time will cause these businessmen to lose a lot.

Therefore, the merchants can’t wait any longer.

Even if it is not a good plan to leave the city at night, they decided to do so.

The same is true of Bohr.

Although he is not a businessman, he is in a hurry.

Returning to the hotel’s Bohr, he shouted directly to Ashkano: “Are you ready?”

After that, I didn’t wait for my bodyguard to answer, and I started to check it myself.

“no problem.”

“Water, food, Holuf boss kindly added us some gunpowder and projectiles.”

Ashkano replied.

“Good, we will leave now.”

As soon as Bohr said, he looked at Qin Ran, who was waiting for him.

“lets go.”

Qin Ran went straight to the carriage, and then Bohr, Ashkano sat in the driver’s seat and shook his whip.


In the crisp, the carriage slowly left the Yanan Hotel.

Holuf’s fat figure appeared at the door of the hotel. He didn’t say goodbye. The demon hunter was not used to saying goodbye because no one knew whether it was a farewell.

But this does not hinder the flight of Horuf.

After watching the carriage disappear from the field of vision, Horuf turned and returned to the lobby of his hotel.

“Yanan is handed over to you for the time being.”

“I need to take a trip.”

Horuf said to his buddy.

“Good boss, give it to us.”

The man who knew his boss’s identity slightly nodded. Then he hesitated for a moment and said, “Please pay attention to safety and bon voyage!”

Picking up his wooden suitcase, Horuff grinned.

The hunting demon who set sail again did not say much. After tapping the shoulders of his buddy hard, he turned and left.

Although the old friends have been notified by secret means, there are a few guys who need to visit in person.

Especially the bastard at the border of Molda.

I hope that I am not drunk in the barrel.

With such an idea, Horuf quickly entered the team out of the city and quickly disappeared.

In the same way, a gray-black cotton robes and a tightly wrapped Holleka also entered this steady stream.

He needs to return to Fort Aitinburg to continue his mission.

Snake pie…

eternal life!

Silently replying to his beliefs, Hollera turned his head and looked at the city behind him as he stepped out of the city gate. On the wall, he saw the figure of the property.

That is his mentor.

After a sneak peek, Holleka stepped back a little, and after blending into the shadow on the side of the road, he disappeared silently.

On the wall, the evil spirits watched it all.

By his side, Sergei and Hoff saw it all the same.

The two young people have a hint of envy in their eyes.

They know that this is a special technique called ‘since’ called the snakes. They are the ambassadors around them, and they are taught to each other after improvement.

It masks the most remarkable features of the snakes, but it is still easy to use.

“Organizer, can we learn such skills?”

Sergey asked.

“of course.”

“My Lord was born in the ‘Snake Party’, we are one.”

“You want to learn, I will teach you with all my heart.”

The upper evil spirit said the answer that was already prepared.

“My lord was born in the snakes?”

The faces of the two young people are curious.


“The snakes used to be the ‘land of origin’ of my Lord. Because of the coincidence of the ‘black disaster’, my Lord’s true ‘falling’ is in this world.”

“But my Lord remembers his origins, even now, the same – the members of the snakes, like everyone else, are our brothers and sisters.”

The upper evil spirits perfect the setting of ‘fog’ and snakes.

With a thrifty Boss, it’s clear how to maximize the benefits.

“It turned out to be the case.”

The two young people who are sincere and trust in the evil spirits have no doubts.


“When these businessmen leave, we should also act.”

“After all, the decree that the King has just issued, but invited the various lords of the North, Irene Nord Sika is already a step late.”

“You need to hurry.”

The above evil spirit said this.

“Follow the adult’s will.”

The two young men also bowed to each other.


The traffic in Sika City gradually eased after the nightfall.

After the command of the lord, the gates of Sika City did not close with the coming of the night. A torch and a brazier appeared on the gates of the city. The number of guards guarded the eyes of every person who went out. At the same time, Warn people who want to enter the door.

The benevolent Sika leads the new lord, allowing merchants who have not left for a long time to leave, but will not let people enter the city at night.

This is the rule of Sika.

It can even be said to be a tradition.

This is not the case with Sika, but all the land in the Northland is like this. It has been like this since Aitantine I, and it has never changed.

Sergey and Hoff were wearing leather jackets and covered with cotton cloaks. The two men had thick rabbit fur on their hands and feet, and the rabbit fur collar blocked the cold wind at night.

The eyes of the two men are staring at the darkness outside the city.

As the mainstay of the ‘Mist’ church, they have already learned some secret things from the angels.

For example: the tradition of not allowing people to enter the city at night.

When the sun disappears, although some people still look like people, it just looks like it.


A figure staggered toward the gate.


The soldiers in front of the city gate stopped the other side, and the swords and bows in their hands were lifted.

However, such warnings have no use at all.

The other party is still swaying close.

Subconsciously, the soldiers holding the bows wanted to shoot, but in the next moment, their faces changed.

A sense of paralysis appeared on their bodies, making them unable to act as usual.

Sergei and Hoff were also affected.

However, the reaction of the two young people is extremely fast.

When you feel wrong, pray loudly –

“The Lord of Supreme!”

“I will listen to your teachings, I will follow your will, despise your greatness, hold your name, will shine in the world, and everything we give you…”

In the voice of prayer, a faint radiance appeared on the two young people.

Suddenly, the feeling of paralysis disappeared without a trace. The two young men immediately took out their long swords and rushed toward the people who were swaying.


The swaying figure raised his arm and tried to grab Sergei, but at the moment the arm was just lifted, he was cut off by Hoff.

At the same time, Sergei’s long sword also passed the other’s neck.


At the moment when the skull landed, the other’s body fell to the ground and there was no more sound.

Looking at the black blood and mites that flowed out of the chest, the soldiers who gradually recovered around were scared, and Sergei and Hoff were as usual.

“Pour kerosene and burn it.”

After Sergey checked the body, he told me very simply.


A few soldiers who had returned to God immediately replied.

When the soldiers approached the body, they could not help but sound the prayer of ‘fog’.

Everything that happened before, they all saw it with their own eyes.

‘Mist’ can shelter the two captains.

Nature can also shelter them.

As long as they have a devout faith.

In the face of fear, the faith is natural and religious.

At first, the prayers were low, but very quickly, such prayers began to sound from the mouths of all the soldiers near the gate.


In the distance, more swaying figures began to appear.

“Oh, it is as expected by adults.”

“These guys really can’t wait.”

Hoff smiled at these figures.

Sergey looked behind him.

There, three carriages protected by a team of cavalry were slowly coming.

The front carriage is made up of four solid colors, the carriage is made of solid wood and metal, and the badge of the Sika family on the door is clearly visible, but different from before.

The badge belonging to the God of War has disappeared.

Of course, the emblem of the ‘fog’ did not appear.

Not yet!

The two carriages behind this carriage are much simpler.

There are no cars that are both beautiful and quite protective. There are only two horses in the cart, or Hummer.

But Sergei’s gaze is more concerned with the two carriages.

Because this is ‘fire’!

The kind of fire that belongs to ‘fog’!

One of them will travel to the border Mora.

The other one will follow the baroness’s carriage to Aitenburg.

The glory of my Lord will surely shine through the whole of the Northland!

The young man thought, turned and looked at the enemies.


A big bang, the young man rushed up, and the long sword in his hand plundered the life of the ‘enemy’.

This is his mission.

Just like the brothers and sisters who traveled to various places.

The corpse of the cockroach fell down.

Kerosene falls on it and burns.

Shining the gates of the city is like a white.

This light attracts more guys in the dark.

They began to peep into it.

But there is no further.

The breath of those people made them discouraged.

‘Mist’ has long ceased to be the ‘fog’.

The other party is no longer the same as them.

Of course, it is impossible to give up.

A few guys who think they are smart, they started to plan.

The voice of prayer and rushing sound was introduced into the ear of the Baroness through the door.

The baroness holding the book was slightly white, and she couldn’t help but whispered, and she felt a little peace when she saw the evil spirit sitting opposite.

In fact, if she could, she did not want to rush to Fort Adenburg overnight.

Even she didn’t want to go to Fort Aitenburg.

However, as the lord of the Sika collar, she must go.

This is the responsibility of the lord.

To enjoy glory, we must bear the weight.

not to mention……

Looking up quietly, the baroness sneaked at the upper evil spirit sitting in front of him like a girl.

The calm face, the mature atmosphere, and the familiar feelings make the Baroness somewhat unbearable.

It takes two days and one night to travel from Sika to Fort Aitenburg.

Being able to stay with the evil spirits for so long.

It is also excellent.


The baroness shouted the name of the evil spirit.

“Irene, what happened?”

The upper evil spirit turned his head and asked with a smile.

“You… will you leave when you arrive in Fort Attenin?”

The words came to the lips, and the Baroness suddenly changed the original words, but when the sentence was asked, the baroness was involuntarily worried.

“will not.”

“I need to keep you safe.”

“The conflict with the Temple of War will make you a target.”

The evil spirit shook his head.

“The sire is weaker than I thought.”

“Otherwise it is impossible to just be a projection.”

The baroness breathed a sigh of relief, then immediately said.

The baroness who is a nobleman and likes to read is far more known than ordinary people know.

“But we still can’t be underestimated.”

“God, never be underestimated.”

“And, I am more worried about the lady.”

Did not say the name of ‘disaster,’ but the Baroness is well aware.

For the lady, the baroness is fearful.

She couldn’t imagine the other person who brought the ‘black disaster’, what would it look like if she shot it.

I am afraid……

Is it a disaster?

Looking at the baroness’s pale face, the upper evil spirit said softly: “Do not worry, you have to have faith in my Lord – the power of my Lord is far beyond your imagination.”

“All we need is to deal with those who are mortal.”

“It is good to give the Lord the things of the gods.”

The words of consolation by the evil spirits made the Baroness a little better.

However, right away, the baroness was worried again.

“When you left here, will there be no problem with Sika?”

Asked the baroness.

“Do not worry.”

“Karl is more savvy and powerful than you think.”

“And, Sergey and Hoff are also great guys.”

“If someone really comes to Sika in this time, I will only pray for them, I hope they will not regret it.”

The upper evil spirit laughed.

The baroness finally completely let go of her heart.

Then she looked at the books in her hands.

Although she prefers to talk to the evil spirits, the baroness chose the books in her hands when she saw the appearance of the evil spirits.

The team quickly left the gate of the city and went to Fort Aitin.

In a short while, it was not in the dark night.

When the team left, the gates of Sika City were slowly closed.

Sika, which was slightly noisy before, immediately became quiet.


On the road to Aitinburg, the first to leave Sika City, Qin Ran’s business team has become very noisy at this time.

(End of this chapter)

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