The Devil’s Cage Chapter 1843

1998. Chapter 1843 Transformation

Chapter 1843 Transformation

Boer leaned against the sofa, and the soft cushion wrapped his body almost. The comfort made the Qin Ran’s nominal entourage and the unbearable thinking diverged.

what happened?

who am I?

What am I doing?

Why was it a follower a few days ago, and now it has become a close minister of a kingdom heir?

Is this all too fast?

Boer said that he could not accept it.

Especially when he received Qin Ran not only became the heir to the kingdom and the snake, but also united the Temple of War and the Secret Night, the entire world view was subverted.

He placed himself in the position of Qin Ran.

Although very stunned, I have to admit that he can’t do it like Qin Ran.

Even half can’t reach it.

“Is this the world of amnesty?”

Bormomer thought about it.

He recalled that he was not convinced when he first saw Qin Ran. This time he felt very ridiculous.

Because, he is already very clear, even if he has not encountered everything, it is still not comparable to Qin Ran.

Not just strength.

There is also wisdom and ability.

And the kind of charm that can convince everyone.

None of these, he did.

Moreover, the strength can be increased, and the rest has reached a fixed level.

It’s hard to change anymore.

Think about it like this…

The more Borne is.

Compared with Bohr, bodyguard Ash does not have much thought.

The bodyguard started a crazy workout with enough food every day and nothing to do.


Long swords, battle axes, and long guns are supplemented.

Occasionally, I will practice the fire.

It’s not that you don’t want to practice the fire for a long time, but the fire is too much trouble. It takes him nearly two minutes from the shot to the aiming, and this is already a limit he can reach.

Want to break this limit?

Unless you can find a fire that is based on the size of his palm and the length of his arm.

And this is really too expensive.

He can’t afford it.

Therefore, he will try his best to put it on other exercises.

Call and scream!

Standing upside down, arms are supported, and soon the arms became a single arm, then the palms open to the ground, and then the five fingers gradually decrease. When only one index finger remains, Ash’s body begins. Ups and downs.

The muscles of the whole body are knotted and taut at this moment.

The overflow of sweat.

The muscles that follow the engraving are squatting down.

Breathing is getting heavy.

However, the rhythm has not changed.

The left hand is done and becomes the right hand.

After repeating it back and forth ten times, Ash jumped up and walked to the table.

Pick up the whole roast chicken and stuff it into your mouth.

When the hunger in the abdomen was a little slow, Ash looked at Bob, who looked like a stun.

“Father and I said, don’t compare what you are not good at and what others are good at.”

“This will only make you worry about yourself.”

Ash comforted Bohr.

“Can I and Colinby, what am I good at?”

Bohr looked up and licked the temperature.


“For example, if you don’t like reading, have more time to lie here and enjoy life?”

Indulged for a moment, Ash answered like this.

Obviously, this kind of answer made Boer more irritated, and the whole person was shrunk in the sofa. His voice was almost from the gap in the sofa.

“Yeah, I know that is the case.”

“Colin is talented and more than me.”

“Because of this, I will be desperate.”

In the lament, the body that Bohr had just straightened once again slammed back into the sofa.

Because, he knows that Qin Ran at this time is not in a state of full prosperity and is subject to restrictions.

If it is in a state of prosperity, what will it look like?


Yes, it will be swept.

It is no longer the way to be ‘gentle’.

As for the equipment props is not part of their strength?

It was just a mourning of a group of guys who didn’t have better equipment.

If they have it, they must be more diligent than you use.

So don’t pay attention.

Ash scratched his head and didn’t know how to comfort his friend.

Because, he thinks his friends are right.

People who are as talented as Colin, this is what people look up to. If you add hard work, you will become unable to look directly.

Just like the sun!

For a time, both of them fell silent.

As a result, Monte’s footsteps became exceptionally clear.

“Bol, Ash.”

The nearest minister was very friendly and greeted.

As the minister of the order of the Ai Tandin’s royal heir, he has been observing his entourage and guards.

not bad!

Both ability and strength are the best choice.

His Royal Highness must be consciously collecting these talents.

The predecessor of the nearest minister immediately thought of it.

Then his words became softer and softer.

“His Royal Highness is looking for you.”

After all, it is the person who will work together in the future.

It is right to make a good relationship first.

“His Lord is looking for me?”

After Boer’s trip, he immediately stood up from the sofa.

He already thought about why Qin Ran was looking for him.

According to the contract.

When Qin Ran completed the first step in the contract, he should fulfill his help – although Boer does not know what the first step of Qin Ran is, but this does not prevent him from expecting his main task. carry out.

This is about his life!


Nature is the harder to chase each other’s pace!

The other party is not a god. If he catches up, he will be able to catch up!

“When are we going?”

Bohr, who rebuilt with confidence, asked very simply.


The nearest minister replied.



Thunder bursts.

The shallow sings from the southern sky have not been concealed.

On the contrary, the female voice became clearer.

The people of Aitantin looked up and looked at the lightning under the night sky, listening to the shallow sings in their ears, fear and uneasiness filled the heart.

Although I don’t know what happened, they always have the feeling of a big disaster.

Qin Ran is sitting in his tent safely, watching the food of ‘gluttony’ quietly.

Two hundred and eighty real magic items.

Forty rare items.

A reduction in one piece.

Qin Ran did not have any distress.

Because, he can clearly feel that these equipment props become more easily absorbed after the ‘transformation’ of binge eating.

The remaining six-and-a-half-chaos darkness in my mind began to decrease again.

Six miles!




Finally, when the equipment props were consumed, the chaotic darkness in the depths of my mind disappeared completely.


The flashing flames rose to the sky.

Qin Ran felt that his brain had never been clear.

The speed of his thinking.

His memory.

At this time, almost qualitative changes occurred.

The more direct change is that the mental power spreads from the depths of the brain to the whole body in a degree that Qin Ran can feel.

The secret text of the body is imprinted on the bones and muscle texture by a basic skill. When the mental power flows, the light that shines in this moment becomes awkward.

Various changes have begun.

The body of Qin Ran, under the ‘gaze’ of Qin Ran, changed from the depths of the soul to the depths of the bone marrow.


More agile.

More sensitive.

and also……

The memory of the scene of the battle appeared in his mind.

Not someone else’s.

It is his own.

Qin Ran looked at such a memory from the perspective of a bystander. In the past, he thought that the perfect combat skills, under such a spectator, a flaw everywhere began to appear.

Then, it is the end.

‘Onlookers’ Qin Ran completed these combat skills with the most calm and rational attitude.

At the same time, a fascinating attraction appeared in the flames.

That is……

‘The Lord of the Mist’!

The palm-sized crystal has been reduced to the size of the fingernail at this time, and the words that Qin Ran never saw, but he can understand.



‘Frozen gas’!

‘Rain and snow’!

‘Animal drive’!

‘Plant communication’!




The text of a group of groups appeared in the heart of Qin Ran in the most intuitive way.

Without any understanding, the original explanation has already appeared.

“Touch, accept, own?”

Qin Ran said to himself.

Then he raised his hand and touched the ‘fog’.

There is no need for temptation at this time, and no hesitation.

From the perspective of ‘bystanders’, Qin Ran can confirm what is harmless and what is dangerous.

In front of the scene, there is no danger.

The fingertip touched the ‘fog’.

A glimmer of light appeared in the space occupied by the original chaotic darkness.

This radiance is very embarrassing, can not tell what color, about occupies about 2% of the original space.



Qin Ran’s heart once again showed an explanation.

Then, his fingers touched ‘toxin’ (1%) ‘frozen gas’ (2%) ‘rain and snow’ (2%) ‘animal drive’ (1%) ‘plant communication’ (1%) ‘hidden ‘(3%) ‘gaze’ (3%) ‘tidal’ (2%).

Most are occupied by one or two percent.

Only ‘hidden’ and ‘gaze’ are different.

Both are 3%.

A total of nine brilliant glory appeared in the original space, occupying 17%.

However, this is not the end.

Just a beginning.

“Can it be promoted, but will it take up more space?”

Qin Ran’s eyes looked at the burning flame.

The crystal of ‘The Lord of the Mist’ is still there.

Not only is there a new text on it.

‘诡计’ (5%)!

‘Conspiracy’ (5%)!

‘Destruction’ (10%)!

Three words appeared on the crystal.

Moreover, without the need to touch the Qin, the occupation has already appeared.

Far beyond the previous occupation, Qin Ran raised his eyebrows.

However, he did not hesitate.

Raise your hand and touch the three.

Because, he can perceive the power of it, not to mention the ‘destruction’ of the highest occupation, just one of the ‘trick’ and ‘conspiracy’, far beyond everything before.

The facts are as expected by Qin Ran.

The brilliance reappeared.

But unlike the previous nine glory, there are only three left.

The thickest is ‘destruction’!

It contained ‘destruction’ (17%) of ‘toxin’ (1%) ‘freeze’ (2%) ‘rain and snow’ (2%) ‘tidal’ (2%).

Followed by ‘诡计’ (10%) ‘animal drive’ (1%) ‘plant communication’ (1%) ‘hidden’ (3%)

‘Conspiracy’ makes Qin Ran unexpected, ‘fog’ (2%) ‘gaze’ (3%).

As with ‘诡计’, it has reached (10%).

“Is it a conspiracy?”

“After observation, the countermeasures were generated and summarized into the conspiracy?”

Qin Ran believes that there should be a more appropriate induction.

But it seems that it can’t happen at this stage.

Just like what he is best at…


“The ability of the self.”

“Not included. No, no.”

“There is no modernization.”

“But it can increase!”

Sorting up the knowledge in my mind, Qin Ran raised his hand, and in essence, a touch of devil’s inflammation leaped on it.

It seems to be the same as the original.

But there are some differences.

Just like Qin Ran at this time, it still looks the same as before.

But if you look closely, there are differences.

It is difficult for ordinary people to judge from it.

Only Qin Ran knows the difference.

“But can’t you say it?”

Qin Ran tried to say his own differences to himself.

But I saw his mouth open, but no sound appeared.

Of course, some things have not changed.

Strength: III (strong)

Agility: III (strong)

Constitution: V (strong)

Spirit: VI (often)

Perception: III (strong)


The cross-stage growth of attributes, especially the spiritual attributes, reached the VI stage after expelling those chaotic darkness.

Clear data informs Qin Ran of his own changes.

But the more important changes are below –

[Destruction: If you have this divinity, you will get blessings on similar behaviors. At this moment, destroy the divinity as ‘weakness’, and you will get a similar behavior equivalent to +1. 】

[Tricks: You who have this divinity will get blessings on similar behaviors. At this moment, the divinity is ‘weak’ and you will get a similar behavior equivalent of +0.5. 】

[Conspiracy: You who have this divinity will get blessings on similar behaviors. At this moment, conspiracy of divinity is ‘weak’, and you will get a similar behavioral equivalent of +0.5. 】



In Qin Ran’s own words, he looked at the crystal of the ‘Mist of the Mist’ in the flame.

At this time, the crystal of the ‘Mist of the Mist’ has completely melted.

What followed was his perception of the whole ‘Itandin’.

Then, ‘Response (1%)’ blessing (1%) ”fraud contract (1%)’ appears and is integrated into the divine nature.

Then, [诡计] has changed.

The judgment changed from ‘weak’ to ‘weak’.

The equivalence has also increased from 0.5 to 1.

Silently feeling the changes in his body, the glory of Qin Ran’s eyes dissipated.

Suddenly –

“My Lord, bless me!”

“My Lord, protect my children from malicious abuse!”

“My Lord, I hope you will lower your grace!”


The sound of the road was like a flood into the mind of Qin Ran.

This discomfort made Qin Ran frown.

What is even more uncomfortable is that the external brilliance began to flow into his mind and into the flame. Most of the brilliance in the flame was evaporated, leaving only the purest part of it to be ruined.诡 】] [conspiracy].

“The transformation of the power of faith!”

Qin Ran quickly understood what this process is.

He also understands the importance of the ‘flame’ in his mind.

“Shenhuo” ignited “the deity.”

“The divinity gives the ‘God’.”

“Once the fire is extinguished…”

“Everything will cease to exist.”

Qin Ran took a deep breath and whispered in a low voice.

“Sure enough, everything depends on myself?”


“It is no exception.”

“If there are exceptions…”

“That will be incomplete!”

As he said, he looked up and looked at the thunder of the night, listening to the shallow sings of the South, and the corners of his mouth could not be slightly tilted.

He seems to understand a little bit about what the ‘hacker’ wants to do.

(End of this chapter)

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