Several people are saying that the situation in the ring has changed immediately.

The high rise seems to be too expensive, and the speed of the double-fist back is slower, causing the chest to open wide.

Wang Zhiliang’s heart was a joy, seized the opportunity, and punched it out with a fist. In his opinion, this battle can be ended.

Gao Qi has already won five consecutive games. If he ends his winning streak by himself, this is definitely a very face-lifting thing.

But after he punched it out, he found that the already exhausted high moment broke out, and the speed was more than doubled. The blink of an eye disappeared from the place, and when he appeared again, he came behind him.

Before he even responded to Wang Zhiliang, he raised his foot on his ass and kicked him off the raft.

The audience was quiet and the situation changed too fast, so that the students who watched could not return to God for a while.

Just as Wang Zhiliang took the absolute advantage, there was a 360-degree change between the blink of an eye. Some people didn’t even see what happened on the stage. Wang Zhiliang lost.

After a pause, I suddenly became noisy again. It was natural to be a student of the South Campus, and I continued to make a burst of cheers.

Wang Zhiliang got up from the ground and looked awkward. If he could hold it steady and he was not in a hurry, he would definitely win the game.

The result was deceived by the high illusion and eventually lost the game.

Since the start of the game, the North Court has lost six games in succession, and the situation is becoming more and more passive.

“What can you do, can you waste a little more? The face of our North Campus has been lost by you…”

“I have lost six games in succession. It is better to admit defeat directly, lest you be embarrassed there…”

Some of the students in the North Academy have completely lost their confidence, screaming while watching, while the South Court is full of momentum.

You Wanjian looked at Qin Haodong, gnashing teeth said: “I didn’t expect people in the North Campus to be so wasteful. This kid won’t wait for me to lose.”

Tu Jiaojiao said: “You think more, and until now we still can’t see the hope of winning a little.”

You Wanui said: “How is it possible? We have not lost one game yet, and they have only four students left.”

“This kind of battle form, the final decision is only one or two people.” Tu Jiaojiao said, “We sent a high rise in the opening, the purpose is to win the first.

The North Court responded more than we thought, and they wanted to win the final victory in a spurt of energy. ”

Yu Wanjian said coldly: “It is impossible, this time the king must belong to me!”

Tu Jiaojiao smiled and said: “Then I can only say that I wish you good luck!”

On the side of the North Court, Murong Jinghong was somewhat unsettled and said: “Haodong, please come me.”

“It’s not yet when you are on the scene.” Qin Haodong stopped Murong Jinghong, the other side Qionger said, “Come on!”

“Okay, I must make these people in the South Court look good.”

After taking Longlidan, Fang Qiong’s cultivation base jumped to the Great Perfection, and it has already been enough to wait for the stage.

After getting the order from Qin Haodong, she tiptoed a little and jumped directly into the ring.

“Game start!”

Hai Zhengming was loudly shouted, and the seventh game of the North-South Court Dabi began.

“High Senior doesn’t know if he can make a miracle again, winning seven games in a row…”

“It should be almost the same. I know this woman. It was only the cultivation base in the middle of the illusion. It is definitely not the opponent of the high Senior…”

“The strength of the North Court is too bad. It seems that this year’s victory belongs to our South Courtyard…”

Gao won a game for six consecutive games. He was in a good mood and was proud of it. When he saw Fang Qionger sent by the other side, his confidence increased.

Everyone is an old student of the Black Tortoise Academy and they know each other very well.

In his view, Fang Qionger is only in the middle of the refining of the virtual world, not his own opponent, it seems that he is destined to create a seven-game winning streak.

Thinking of this, he moved his foot and punched Fang Fang’s face.

But at this moment, suddenly a slender long leg appeared in front of him, this speed is too fast.

High up turn pale with fright, I didn’t expect Fang Qiong’s speed to be so fast, and this leg with a strong momentum, apparently has reached the level of the Great Perfection.

God, what the hell is going on!

In shock, he no longer wants to dodge, and Fang Qiong’s foot is printed on his chest.

It is like a shell that is slammed up, and it is kicked down by a kick without any help.

One stroke spike!

The students from the South Campus who were watching the audience discussed their views. But before they finished, they saw that the high rise had already fallen in front of them.

“This… is this too fast?”

The result was beyond everyone’s expectations. The students in the North Academy finally ushered in their first victory. They cheered and shouted cheers and resounded throughout the audience.

Ouyang Yu said: “This little cultivation base has grown very fast!”

Luo Dongqing said: “This is all arranged by our granddaughter, and the game has just begun.”

Tu Jiaojiao practiced with everyone in the 7th grade raft tower, very clear about everyone’s cultivation base, so this result is not unexpected.

Don’t say that the height has become an arrow at the end of its flight. At the most prosperous time, I am afraid I can’t pick up the leg of Qionger.

She waved her hand and let another student walk to the ring.

The result was still a trick, and the student was kicked down in less than a minute.

Immediately after the 3rd and 4th place, Fang Qionger stood alone on the ring, and even won 8 games in succession. There are only Yuwan Blade and Tu Jiaojiao left in the South Campus. The other 8 people are all Lost.

The students on the scene were all awkward and the plot changed too fast. It was just that the South Court had the upper hand. Now the peaks and turns, there is already a tendency to be stepped on the foot.

Luo Dongqing said proudly: “How about the old woman? It has already let you five years, and certainly can’t let it again this year.”

Ouyang Wei snorted said: “What do you mean? The two most powerful people on our side have not yet shot, and finally who can win is still uncertain.”

Tu Jiaojiao said to You Wanjian: “There are two of us left, are you coming or me?”

“I come!”

Yu Wandao said that he strode to the ring.

He has his own considerations, and he is very clear about the strength of Tu Jiaojiao. If he is the last one, it will be troublesome if Tu Jiaojiao defeats all four people in front of him.

Not only did he not get the title of the king, but he also lost the opportunity to avenge his brother.

Therefore, he chose to board the ring before Tu Jiaojiao.

You Wan has always been a self-resident of Number One Expert in the South Campus. After he took the stage, he said with pride: “Don’t waste time, let’s go.”

Fang Qiong’er just got started, but Qin Haodong’s sound transmission came from the ear.

Then she said neatly: “I admit defeat.”

She has already defeated eight opponents in succession, and the strength is huge, and Qin Haodong has already seen the cultivation base of Yu Wanui. In this case, it is self-deprecating.

After Fang Qionger stepped down, the cloud said shallowly: “I will come here.”

Qin Haodong nodded, she strode to the ring.

You Wanui proudly said: “You are not my opponent, change the boy named Qin.”

“Hurricane, first defeat me and say.”

The shallowness of the clouds is no longer polite, and one palm is smashing toward the chest of Youwan’s blade. At the same time, the breath of Great Perfection suddenly erupts.

After feeling her momentum, the people in the audience were shocked. I didn’t expect Beiyuan to be here. In addition to Murong Jinghong, there were two students who had great perfection.

Wang Zhicong was dumbfounded. He thought that he had broken into the smelting environment. Later, he was already the well-know figure of Academy. After Murong Jinghong, he did not expect that the two girls next to him were much higher than themselves.

Song Junyu is even more surprised by the big mouth. She is an old student of the Academy. She knows very well that the cloud and the cultivation base of Fang Qionger are not too much.

How did the short one month actually reach the perfection realm? Is it true that there is a relationship with Qin Haodong?

Ouyang Yu said: “I did not expect that the strength of your North Campus this year is still very fast, and there have been so many great perfectiones.”

Luo Dongqing said: “I don’t know how this kid is doing it. With this group of girls, I have practiced a circle, and the cultivation base of his people has turned upside down.”

On the top of the ring, the palm of the cloud is shallow, and the unilateral blade is coldly snorted, and the palm of the hand is greeted.

A loud bang, the palms touched each other, the two masters of the Great Perfection realm fight, and the wind suddenly swept a gust of wind, blowing the clothes of Hai Zhengming’s clothes.

After the hard fight, the clouds slid back three to four steps, and Yu Wanblah just shook his body and then rushed up again.

It can be seen that Yuwan Blade has an absolute advantage in the cultivation base.

Two people successively handed over more than one hundred strokes. In the end, You Wanyi shot his palm on the shallow shoulder of the cloud and laid her down.

Although he won, the expression on the face of Youwan’s face was a little more condensed than before. It is necessary to know that there are more powerful Murong Jinghong and Qin Haodong who can’t see the depth.

Qin Haodong used to support the cloud. “Are you okay?”

The cloud shook his head and said, “Nothing, just a little skin injury.”

Qin Haodong said: “I will give you some gold sore medicine, just fine.”

After he finished, he let the cloud sit down and began to treat her injuries on the shoulders.

At this time, some people’s eyes were gathered in the face of Murong Jinghong, especially the students in the North Campus. The Jingsheng Fairy is the Goddess in their hearts, and is also recognized as Number One Expert.

Murong Jinghong glanced at Qin Haodong and nodded and walked towards the ring.

She walked very slowly, as if she was walking in a leisurely manner, but the momentum of each step was stronger.

When I came to the front of You Wan, the momentum of the body broke out completely, and it has already reached the beginning of the fit.

“God, the Scarlet Fairy has reached the beginning of the fit, it is the Number One Expert of our North Campus…”

“There are amazed fairy, we won today’s game…”

“My Goddess are so powerful. It seems that this year’s king is not a stunned fairy.”

You Wanui looked at Murong Jinghong and said: “I didn’t expect that you will have entered the threshold of the fit period after a year.”

Murong Jinghong said: “What? Do you want to admit defeat?”

“Prefer to lose?” You Wanui proudly smiled. “You are too small to look at me. I have not admitted the word here.”

You think that I am retreating for this time, not only for your Murong Jinghong to reach the fit period, I am the same.

Originally, I wanted to give the boy named Qin a surprise. It seems that there is no need to hide it anymore. ”

After saying that his momentum suddenly rose, and instantly broke through the Great Perfection, which directly reached the beginning of the fit.

Seeing that the students on both sides have reached the beginning of the match, the stage is in turmoil.

In the history of the Black Tortoise Academy, the Great Perfection can be used to sit on the number of Number One Expert. It has never been like two people.

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