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Su Yu doesn’t matter. “You want to be awe-inspiring, then you will be perfect.”

This little sly, too much thought, too deep.

Su Yu hasn’t figured out what he thinks. He secretly used the Soul Secret technique to explore his heart, but this little mystery is very good.

Soul Secret technique sneaked in and was blank.

He would like to see if there is any hidden ability in this critical moment.


The murderer was photographed in three consecutive claws, and the little cockroach was photographed and shaken, and it was about to be scattered.

In the end, it was full of spiked claws and torn.

The skeleton of Xiaoyan has been scattered, enough to be torn.

Faced with a huge crisis, the little fangs are tightly bitten: “Wow! The tiger is not angry, you are a sick cat!”

But see the heart position of Otaru, suddenly a golden liquid is pouring out to cover the whole body.


The murderer was scratched on his body and could not penetrate the golden liquid.

Can not wait for a small smug, the murderer paused, his eyes turned, and he squatted on the ground, took a big paw and took it.


The sharp spikes of the palm still do not run through the body of Xiaoyan, but the incomparable force penetrates the golden liquid, and the solid effect on the skeleton of the small dragonfly.

“Ao ~” Xiao Yan’s soothing sigh: “Well, I am a sick cat, please let me go, I am wrong!”


The murderer screamed, slamming the shackles incessantly, making the latter pitiful yell nonstop.

On the other hand, under the action of yin and yang sand, the seal is continuously dissolved.

Divorce, two interest rates…

Finally, when the tenth interest, the nine-color seal broke down completely!

Su Yu and Pirates did not say anything and immediately jumped in.

At this moment, the illusion was finally flawed under the pressure of the murderous corpse, and was discovered by the murderer.

It noticed the damage of the nine-color seal, and screamed at the sky, smashing the seal and chasing it out.

Xiao Yan climbed up miserably, and the fists clenched the mud: “Master, you give me waiting!”

Said, actually faster than the murderer, the first step into the channel.

The entrance passage is not long and several breaths pass through.

However, Su Yu left a god when he was about to leave the entrance and arrived at the second floor of the Heavenly Prison. Instead of rushing in, he sown a piece of eight fields.

As a result, as soon as the field fell, it quickly disappeared.

At first glance, it was discovered that the entire second layer of Heaven and Prison was inundated by Underworld water.

Su Yu’s feet are less than a foot away from the surface of the Underworld water.

Only a little, he will be buried in Underworld water.

Pirates of St. was also shocked, and quickly stopped his body, patted his chest and said: “The original Underworld water comes from the second layer of Heaven.”


A long pitiful yell came, Xiaoxiao wowed: “Master, catch me…”

Su Yu looked up and immediately… let go of the body!


Xiao Yan suddenly fell into Underworld water, splashing a splash of water, a drop of Underworld puddle splashed on Su Yu’s shoes, and immediately rotted his shoes.

As for Xiao Yan, should it have dissolved?

However, what Su Yu didn’t expect was that Underworld water had a series of blisters, and the little cockroaches floated unscathed.

It lay on the Underworld water and stretched out comfortably: “Oh! So comfortable!”

Whether it is Su Yu or Pirates of St., it is a smash.

Underworld’s danger, they have already seen it, even the mysterious eight-handed woman, dare not touch, can Xiaoyan actually swim in Underworld water?

How strong is his body?

Su Yu blinked and said slowly: “Are you afraid of Underworld water?”

First and foremost, how did he escape from the hands of the murderer, and why not come from the ability of Underworld water?

Xiao Yan squinted at the hole, and looked confused: “Hey, I didn’t tell you?”

Su Yu said: “So, what was your fear of the arrival of Underworld water?”

When the Underworld water roll came, Xiao Yan was a panicky look.

“Oh? Is there? I don’t remember?” The little girl was stupid.

I don’t know why, looking at Xiao Yan, Su Yu’s heart is slightly cold.

He has some doubts. Is it really a prisoner of the great holy level who saved himself?


At this point, above the channel, the fierce corpse actually jumped!

Su Yu and Pirate’s face are all fierce, and below them are Underworld water, and there is no escape.

The murderers can even step on them into Underworld water without any effort, killing them easily.

I knew that the second layer of Heavenly Prison is still inundated, and they would rather not come in!

At the moment of the millennium, Su Yu grabbed the space and grabbed Xiao Xiao in the Space field.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Xiao Yan struggled.

Su Yu said faintly: “Let you retell the old!”

“Ah! Pit me again, don’t ah…” Xiaoyan’s protests broke open in the Space field.

Then there was a screaming scream.

But the screaming is not a small cockroach, but a murderous corpse, the Underworld water on the little cockroach, all splashed on the murderer, naturally causing strong damage.

Xiao Yan fell again and dunked in Underworld water.

Su Yu concocted the law and sent the small cockroaches to the murderer again and again along the passage.

Finally, seven or eight times in a row, the murderer was finally afraid, leaving the entrance, no longer dare to stay inside.

The Underworld water at the foot also quickly ebb.

Not long after, it completely faded, revealing the whole picture of the second layer of Heavenly Prison.

Something incredible is that the legendary second layer of Heavenly Prison, which is extremely narrow, is only a hundred miles away.

In each, there is an ancient stone platform with a statue of a superb.

And each coffin is wrapped in a dense chain.

Some coffins can still hear the huge movements inside.

Su Yu Soul swept away and couldn’t see it completely. There was any special power on the coffin to block it.

Can only be blurred to see, there is a shadow inside.

The Pirates took out the second map, and compared it, he was overjoyed: “Great, it is here.”

The picture displayed on the map is exactly the same as before.

The map picture, the rest of the coffin is sealed, but only a coffin, but it is open.

Su Yu looked up and found that the coffin was not opened like a map, but it was not known when it was closed, but the chain above was broken and no longer bound.

“That’s that one!” Pirates of the Holy Ghosts rushed over and stood in front of the coffin.

However, in the cautious of the tomb, she did not go forward easily, and did not touch the coffin to avoid unpredictable danger.

Around the coffin, the thief suddenly stopped at the end of the coffin and was shocked: “There is a line!”

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