The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1507

Yin Sector, outer southern continent.

The rock clan, the evil world demon, totally different stood on both sides, at this moment, no one took action again.

All are waiting for the result of the battle between the generals and the lotus god.

Until the lotus god mobilizes the power of the great evil world, all the demons are frowned. This is the first time that lotus god mobilizes such a great power.

But, after all, the battle is in the Promise. No one knows what the process will be and can only wait patiently.

Another day has passed.

"hong long long!"

Above the distant starry sky, a large number of stars were impacted by a huge impact, spreading towards both sides.

Daqin City.

zombie Yan Chuan's eyes condensed.

"I'm back!" Hua Qiliang said solemnly aside.

Chujiang Temple entrance.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor's eyes condensed slightly.

Dashan world, Yutian Dazun narrowed his eyes.

Sure enough, among the rippling stars, two lights and shadows rushed straight down.

The speed is so fast that it reaches the ground in a blink of an eye.


Returning the minister and the lotus god, a huge impact centered on the two of them, and swept away in all directions.


The violent wind blows the entire territory to pieces.

A group of demons and the Rock clan stabilized their bodies and looked together.

True God? Lord?

The two subordinates were about to be respected, but they were instantly suppressed by the atmosphere in front of them.

As before, Jiang Chen and Lotus God face to face.

Their bodies recovered without a trace of injuries, and neither clothes nor hair were messy.

The two looked at each other coldly.

There was silence for a while, and the lotus god breathes deeply: "Everyone in the evil world, exit the Yin Sector!"


A crowd of demons Suddenly exclaimed.

Withdraw? what's the situation? Why should I withdraw?

"Go!" Lian Shen turned his head and left with a few powerhouses.

A group of demons suddenly shivered and looked at the generals who couldn't be far away. At this moment, they were terrified and turned around to follow the lotus god and leave.

The minister looked at the lotus god, once again opened the mouth and said: "The lotus god, the Yin Sector outer southern continent of the evil world, is mine. If you are under your subordinates, all will migrate within half a month. Go!"

The big evil world outer southern continent?

After World War I, Lotus not only gave up the Yin Sector outer southern continent of the first world, but also gave up a continent of the evil world?

The result is self-evident.

"True God divine might!" Pan Jia shouted excitedly.

"True God divine might!" The Rock clan cried excitedly.

But the general did not speak, he twisted his body, and a pair of giant golden keel wings on his back slowly retracted. Restored to a normal human form.

A golden long hair, full of domineering.

Jiangchen did not respond to the Panshi clan, but looked up at the sky.

"hong long long!"

The entire starry sky is shaking rapidly.

"This is?" All around countless powerhouses showed surprise.

Da Qin City, zombie Yan Chuan squinted his eyes: "This is the evil world?"

Chujiang Palace.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor also narrowed his eyes.

"Lord, how did Heaven and Earth roar around?" The Ice God said curiously.

"The Yin Sector outer southern continent of the evil world is about to coincide with the Yin Sector outer southern continent of the first world!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor complexion sank.


Sure enough, Yin Sector outer southern continent suddenly shook the world, a huge suction force absorbed countless dead spirits on the ground and soared into the sky, and the sky was full of chaos. , Like the scene where the Three Realms collided with the first world in the past, it is extremely magnificent.

For an instant, outsiders can no longer see through any scene of the outer southern continent with naked eye.

At this moment, if you are in the Promise, you will find that there is a tremor at the junction of the Great Evil World and the First World, and the Great Evil World slowly once again has a continent into the first world. A world.

The Yin Sector outer southern continent of the two circles continue to blend together.

"bang!" "bang!"………………

The world changes, shocking the world.

However, everything seems to be just the beginning.

The starry sky of Yang Sector suddenly vibrated.

Almost at the same time, the Yang Sector, the area around the northwestern continent, suddenly shook the ground.

In an instant, countless powerhouses in Yang Sector turned their heads to look.

Ring Southeast Continent, at the entrance of the Golden Palace.

Person Yan Chuan also suddenly felt the changes in the world, and quickly flew up to the top of a mountain, looking towards Huanxibeizhou.

"The Northwest Continent is surrounded by chaos, what's the matter?" Mo Yuxi asked in surprise.

"Great Thousand World, what a Zhongshan!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.


"In such a short time, the lotus Divine Weapon cut three places, but Zhong Shan took the Northwest continent with lightning speed. Down?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"How could it be possible that the factory guard would send news back to Xianyang every day, why didn't he receive any news?" Mo Yuxi was surprised.

"Zhong Shan, Motionless As Mountains, once moved, he will take the Northwest Continent as fast as a thunder, perhaps, in just one day!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"One day? How is this possible!" Mo Yuxi exclaimed.

You know, that’s a continent, that’s thirty-six territories, can you conquer it all in one day? Are you kidding me?

Doesn't it take a lot of time to open up the land without seeing the Lotus God?

One day?

"No, it's possible, because Zhongshan knows war better than Lotus God, and Lotus God disperses his power, while Zhongshan concentrates his power to capture a continent. Obviously Zhongshan has conducted a comprehensive investigation some time ago. There is no large formidable person in the Northwest Continent and the Northwest Continent. Zhong Shan mobilized the entire Great Thousand World force. After the formation was completed, he swallowed the Central Northwest Continent at the fastest speed in one fell swoop!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Huh?" Mo Yuxi frowned.

Even now, Mo Yuxi cannot accept the speed of Great Thousand World, one day, just one day?

"Don’t worry too much, there is a big difference between Zhongshan’s battle and Lian Shen. Lian Shen thinks he is sitting and watching the world, Only I Am Supreme, so he steadily opens up frontiers, but Zhong Shan is different. Zhongshan won surprisingly, this move can only be used once, Lotus only used part of the powerhouse to conquer the world, but Zhongshan is the entire Great Thousand World powerhouse to collect the Northwestern continent, surprisingly winning, have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly! Although only hands-on One day, but the layout must be more than one day!" Yan Chuan said.

"But, after all, it's too fast!" Mo Yuxi exclaimed.

While sighing, the northwestern continent of Yang Sector is still rapidly blending with the land of Great Thousand World.


In the Promise, the Great Thousand World and the Great Thousand World are more quickly integrated with the First World.

Ten thousand lotus sea, the return of the lotus god.

Fighting the generals, although the lotus robes did not make a point in the end, but gave up the territories of the evil world, the result is self-evident.

As for the generals and Lian Shen's injuries, no one knows.

Back in the Wanlian Sea, all the demons looked very ugly.

Lian Shen was naturally more uncomfortable.

But at this moment, someone came to add to the lotus god.

A derivative of Tian Gang, East High Priest, and Ice Phoenix King. The three of them criticized Yan Chuan when they arrived in front of Lian Shen.

"What? You lost the southeastern continent?" Lotus said solemnly.

"Also, please call the shots! Yan Chuan, Yan Chuan takes advantage of the absence of the master, sneak attack on me and kill my body." The derivative of Ice Phoenix King said bitterly.

"en?" Lotus god complexion sank, obviously the derivative of Ice Phoenix King did not tell the truth.

Tian Gang did not dare to conceal it, and immediately recounted everything in detail.

"Asshole!" Lian Shen yelled.

The three of them suddenly looked ashamed.

But Lian Shen did not scold him any more. After all, he lost a continent just now, which is worse than the mistakes made by the Ice Phoenix King and the others.

Because, the generals get the land of the great evil world, and on the other hand, they can cross the great evil world Yin Sector.

Lian Divine Heart is very bad.

I looked up, but I saw that the land of Great Thousand World was blending with the northwestern continent.

I lost, but Zhong Shan, the lord of the Great Thousand Realm, won?

"Lord, then Yan Chuan is still around Southeast Continent, right at the entrance of the Golden Palace!" The derivative of Ice Phoenix King said again.

"en?" Lian Shen turned his eyes to the entrance of the Golden Palace.

"My lord, please avenge me!" The derivative of Ice Phoenix King said again.

"Golden Palace?" Lotus complexion sank.

At this moment, is Yan Chuan alone?

"Lord, if you take Yan Chuan, you can get a land of one continent, destroy the Golden Great Emperor, and you can get a land of one continent, Lord!" The derivative of the Ice Phoenix King bewitched. .

Lian Shen who is in a bad mood, look at Yan Chuan in the distance. The expression moved slightly.

Standing to get up, but just stepping, sat down again.

Among the big sleeves, the lotus god's right hand, which everyone can't see, trembled slightly, and there were a lot of corpse claw marks on it. It was obviously injured by the generals.

However, Lian Shen naturally did not want to give up the opportunity now.


The Azure Lotus print on the center of the eyebrow suddenly flew out. The lotus consciousness is attached.


Lian Shen projection, once again went out, at a speed that naked eye could not see, instantly appeared in the southeast continent, and in a blink of an eye, arrived The entrance of the golden palace.


The billowing storm and the huge waves hit, and the numerous powerhouses at the entrance of the Golden Palace were suddenly toppled by the impact.

The lotus god projection is condescending, staring coldly at the countless powerhouses below. The huge imposing manner was suppressed, and countless cultivators suddenly couldn't lift their heads.

Yan Chuan and Mo Yuxi arrived at the entrance of the Golden Palace.

The Golden Palace is now covered in a golden shield. Obviously, this is the Formation set by the Golden Great Emperor.

Yan Chuan stopped before Formation, coldly looking at the lotus god in the sky.

Divine flame panic, arrogance is soaring, lotus god descends, divine might soar, and in a blink of an eye, countless lotus flowers cover the golden territory.

"Lotus, lotus god?" All around the faces of the subordinates of the Golden Great Emperor changed wildly.

Lian Shen, he is the master of the evil world. This is how to do ah?

Yan Chuan's eyes were cold, and he stepped slightly on his feet, and a Great Emperor altar suddenly appeared. Stepping on the Great Emperor altar, Yan Chuan stared coldly at the sky.

However, the imposing manner of the Lotus God is too powerful, even if you have a Great Emperor altar, it is suppressed by the Lotus God all around, like a giant tremor.


At the foot of Yan Chuan, suddenly appeared a Great Emperor altar again.

"Two Great Emperor altars?" The projection complexion sank of the lotus god.

"Lian Shen, have you met again?" Yan Chuan said coldly.

Holding the Dading Cullinan in his hand, although his tone was casual, Yan Chuan was still extremely careful.

"Yan Chuan, the deity doesn't want to embarrass you anymore, but you have repeatedly embarrassed the deity. You are courting death, no wonder the deity!" Lian Shen coldly said.

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