The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1508

"Yan Chuan, the deity doesn't want to embarrass you anymore, but you have repeatedly embarrassed the deity. You are courting death, no wonder the deity!" Lian Shen coldly said.

The lotus god’s words fell, and the terrifying aura increased by one point. Under the huge oppression, all around the void swelled out layers of huge waves, and many of the golden Great Emperor’s subordinates were shocked to lie down. Up.

The imposing manner impact, oppressing the shield outside the Golden Temple, and the shield ripples.

Of course, the first imposing manner is Yan Chuan, who is stepping on two Great Emperor altars.


Yan Chuan's long hair suddenly turned into a blood-red color, the blood sea of ​​divine ability appeared, and all around suddenly became a huge ocean.

Standing on the sea of ​​blood, behind the cypress trees of Heavenspan. Linked to the sky full of stars, rolling power surged toward Yan Chuan.

In the face of Lotus God, even if it is just a projection, Yan Chuan is no longer underestimated. Power directly climbs to the strongest.

Mo Yuxi looked nervous behind her face, but Yan Chuan looked proud.

"I am embarrassed? Today, I am embarrassed for you, what are you doing?" Yan Chuan said coldly.

"hmph! No matter how much cause and effect you have, the deity stands in my way, courting death!" The lotus god coldly shouted.

while speaking, the lotus god projection called Yan Chuan with a palm of his hand.

With one palm, a huge lotus seal came from top to bottom, oppressing Yan Chuan, under the huge force, tore the void, with an unstoppable momentum.

"The power of Zi Wei Great Emperor? Huh! After all, it was just a projection!" Yan Chuan smiled coldly.

Put out the right hand, and the palm of the hand is Great Zhen’s Dading Cullinan.

"received the Mandate of Heaven, Ji Shou Yongchang!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.

“bang! ”

Suddenly there are three huge celestial veins around Yan Chuan, the former celestial maiden, the celestial maiden of walking, and the celestial maiden of fighting, each of which leads Hundreds of Heavenly Dao.


Hundreds of Heavenly Dao Strength rushed towards Yan Chuan Dading Cullinan.

Reinforced by Heavenly Dao Strength, the power of the sea of ​​blood is poured in, the power of the sky is poured in, and the power of the Great Emperor altar is poured in.

The Dading Cullinan instantly soared ten thousand times, and the surrounding area exudes a golden atmosphere like a thick mist.

With an unstoppable force, he collided with the giant lotus seal of the Lotus God.

"en?" Lian Shen was slightly taken aback.


Dading Cullinan and Lotus Great Seal collided.

The gale swept across the area from the collision. Even in the broken void, there was a storm for no reason, tearing away the madness of the square.


The robe swayed violently, Yan Chuan's face was fierce, long hair was floating, and blue veins appeared on his face, Yan Chuan's full strength, strikes a huge mark.

all around the subordinates of the Golden Great Emperor, but they were blown away by this storm.

"hong long long!"

Straight Clashing Nine Heavens, the sea of ​​blood is rushing, and the stars are shining.

Lotus god complexion sank, Yan Chuan has a fierce face, and rushes away with a fierce air.


Yan Chuan roared. The sea of ​​blood exploded, and the starlight shone.


Under the great power, the Great Seal exploded.

Yan Chuan's figure receded slightly, and the figure of Lotus God in midair also receded slightly.

The giant lotus seal was exploded, leaving only the Great Seal of Ding steadily stopped in the air, and finally shrank and fell back to Yan Chuan's palm.

A hit, is it evenly divided?

No one has benefited?

all around countless golden Great Emperor subordinates open their mouths.

That is the Lotus God. Even the projection is also the Lotus God. Can Yan Chuan actually compete with him?

outer northern continent.

Zhong Shan left and was responsible for fusing the Northwest Continent, but Jianao kept staring at the south.

The huge sound shocked Jian Ao, and Jian Ao kept staring.

"This is what I'm waiting for, no, Yan Chuan in this world!" Jian Ao flashed a fighting intent in his eyes.

outer western continent.

Wu Zhao and Heavenspan also looked towards the place of loud noise.

Wu Zhao and Heavenspan all condensed in their eyes, revealing a hint of surprise.

"Yan Chuan broke through so fast!" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

Heavenspan laughed happily.

Outer southern continent, almost all demons are surprised.

"How is it possible, how can Yan Chuan be able to block the Lord?" Tian Gang trembled.

East High Priest and Ice Phoenix King derivatives also showed a terrified look.

And Pluto stared at the north with squinted eyes.

Golden territory.

Yan Chuan blocked the Lian Shen's blow with all his strength, and the Lian Shen stared at Yan Chuan firmly.

"Yan Chuan, this deity really underestimated your growth rate!" Lian Divine Eyes Lu Sen said coldly.

It can be said that the lotus god grew up watching Yan Chuan step by step. Starting from the sealed world, Yan Chuan was just a mortal at that time. How long was this? Actually grow up to the point where you can compete with yourself? Even if it's just a projection, it shouldn't be something Yan Chuan can contend with?

Yan Chuan grasped the Dading Cullinan, squeezed his fists, a wave of firmness flashed in his eyes.

Just now, it was my full strength outside. The lotus divine fruit is fierce.

Stepping, blocking Mo Yuxi, Yan Chuan looked towards Lotus God again.

"Grow up? You will see it again!" Yan Chuan said coldly.

"hmph!" The lotus god is coldly snorted.

Probing his hand with a wave.


In the void, a hundred giant lotus seals that were exactly the same as before appeared suddenly. As soon as the hundreds of giant seals came out, a huge pressure that was dozens of times stronger than before came again.


Not far away, a subordinate of the Golden Great Emperor couldn't stand the pressure and was instantly crushed into meat sauce.

Hundreds of huge seals are pressed, and the Formation outside the golden palace is stirred frantically, as if it is broken at any time.

Yan Chuan stared, and once again urged the Dading Cullinan with all his strength, showing a fierce face, preparing to collide.

At this moment, Formation outside the Golden Palace finally couldn't resist this pressure.


The Formation outside the Golden Palace burst open.

The huge pressure rushed straight to the Golden Palace.

Under the pressure, the Golden Palace did not break, but suddenly, from the Golden Palace, flourishing golden light burst out.

Endless golden light, carrying countless merits, such as a hundred rivers rushing to the sky, heading straight to the huge seal of a hundred lotus flowers.


The loud noise shook the world, and almost all powerhouses in the Yang Sector world suddenly jumped wildly in their hearts.


The giant seal of a hundred lotus flowers burst open.

Lotus god complexion changed.

But I saw that the huge lotus seal exploded, and the countless merits like a hundred rivers gathered together.


In mid-air, endless merits gather and transform into a huge Golden Seal.

"The Seal of Great Virtue?" Mo Yuxi expression changed, instantly recognizing it.

The strongest magic weapon of Zi Wei Great Emperor back then, the seal of great virtue?


The gate of the Golden Palace opened suddenly.

I saw the Golden Great Emperor walk out in a golden robe.

"impudent!" The golden Great Emperor shouting loudly.

The seal of the great virtue descends from the sky, covering the heavens, shielding the sun, pressing toward the projection of the lotus god.

Under the tremendous force, on the seal of the great virtue, the eighteen-color rays of light bloom, and Heaven and Earth are dazzling.

"en?" Lotus complexion changed.

In a hurry, Lian Shen slapped the sky with a palm. It is as if a rainbow of seventeen colors is launched, directly towards the seal of great virtue.

“bang! ”

crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, the seal of the Great Virtue is invincible, and in a blink of an eye, the rainbow blow of the lotus god, instantly collapses, and the seal of the Great Virtue is blocked Void came close in an instant.

Lotus god projection VS the seal of great virtue.

Compared with the previous Yan Chuan's Dading Cullinan, the formidable power was several times larger, and it crashed down.


Under the loud noise, countless powerhouses all around were suddenly lifted out.

The Seal of the Great Virtue is too ferocious, even though the Lotus God is fierce, there is nothing he can do in front of the Seal of the Great Virtue.


The lotus god projection exploded suddenly, like a glass man, instantly breaking and shooting everywhere.

Lotus god projection, defeated!

In an instant, countless formidable persons in the world suddenly complexion changed.

Previously, Yan Chuan blocked the lotus god enough to shock countless people, but at this moment, the golden Great Emperor’s seal of great virtue instantly shattered the lotus god projection.

outer northern continent.

"Divine Seal is broken? Lian Shen has lost a lot this time!" A voice suddenly appeared beside Jian Ao.

But Zhong Shan does not know when he will return.

outer southern continent.

Countless demons looked unbelieving. How is this possible?

The projection on the master was destroyed? What seal is that? So fierce?

The seal of the lotus god is broken, but the lotus god body in the Wanlianhai is suddenly sober.

Looking up, across a large number of territories, looking from a distance, looking at the entrance of the Golden Palace.

In the distance, the lotus god projection was shattered, and the golden Great Emperor stretched out the hand to grab the reduced seal of the great virtue.

Across a large area, staring at the Lotus God from a distance.

"The first world is no longer the weakest world in the past. Zhuji powerhouse wakes up! Humph, God of Lotus, do you really think you are invincible in the whole world?" The Golden Great Emperor looked into the distance coldly With a deep sigh.

In the distance, Lian Shen's face was gloomy.

I just fought with the generals. At this moment, he was seriously injured and his body was unable to go. At this moment, a Divine Seal was destroyed by the Golden Great Emperor.


Lian Divine Heart is extremely angry, but at this moment there is no alternative.

Looking at each other from a distance, I can only give up for the time being, until the day comes.

And at this moment, the Pluto beside Lian Shen started his hand.

Pluto with a flick of sleeve, a rattan shoots instantaneously at the Ice Phoenix King derivative body aside.


The Ice Phoenix King was instantly wrapped and entangled by the rattan.

"Pluto, what are you doing?" The Ice Phoenix King derivative exclaimed.

"Bold, in front of Lotus God, do you dare to impudent?" Tian Gang also scolded.

The Hades stared at Tian Gang and turned to look towards the Ice Phoenix King who was entangled by the cane.

"hmph, success is not enough to fail. The Lord has just fought with the generals, but before reaching the Peak, you have been bewitching the Lord and go to the Golden Great Emperor to seek revenge. Your stupidity has led to Today’s calamity, let the Lord lose a Divine Seal, as a punishment!" Pluto coldly said.

As soon as Pluto spoke, suddenly, all around the demon who had glared at him, no longer lost his anger.

Yes, they are all Ice Phoenix Kings. If it weren't for him, would Lotus God make this low-level mistake?

"No, no, I don't know, Lord, I am loyal to the Lord, Lord!" The derivative of Ice Phoenix King suddenly exclaimed.

"Sophistry is useless. Ice Phoenix King, you should die on that day!" The Pluto King coldly shouted.


The rattan instantly submerged the Ice Phoenix King derivative. In addition, a large number of cane thorns emerged, piercing into the body of the ice phoenix king derivative body.




The stinger entered the Ice Phoenix King, Crazyly extracting the essence and blood essence of the Ice Phoenix King, in a blink of an eye, the Ice Phoenix King degenerates into a corpse. Dead on the spot!

Tian Gang and East High Priest dare not say another word.

Lian Shen fly into a rage out of humiliation at this moment, acquiescing to Pluto, and also giving a majestic warning to the demons!

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