The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1510

central heaven continent, the central territory, the colorful gods of heaven and earth glorious!

The sky is full of auspiciousness. Attract the world's attention.

Ring the Northeast Continent. Eastern territory. In a kiosk.

Dongfang Bubai wore white clothed, his face was cold, his long hair was tied up with a white rope, his face was proud, and he sat on the side of the stone table in the pavilion.

On the other side, sitting on the other side was a blond, very noble officer.

A wine bottle and a teapot on the table.

Dongfang Bubai is in front of a cup of tea with golden mist. Within the tea, a faintly discernible condenses a Golden Lotus.

"Wanshi Golden Lotus tea, unfortunately, I still prefer wine!" Jiang Chen lifted the glass in front of him and said.

"Jiangchen, once you have recovered, how can you come to me?" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

Jiangchen slightly smiled: "I haven't seen you for many years. Why don't you come to see an old friend?"

"Old friend? You and I are not old friends!" Dongfang Bubai started. Take a sip of tea.

At this time, Celestial Phenomenon of the central heaven continent immediately assaults the senses, and the two of them look at the central heaven continent almost at the same time.

"This is God World?" Jiang Chen tasted the wine and said with eyes slightly narrowed.

"The rumor is a force born at the end of the First Age, as you know!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"Oh, this is the best! Zhu Ji revives, this kind of world is interesting!" Jiang Chen nodded.

"The four realms are united, the world is chaotic, and the fate will appear soon!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

The minister condensed his expression slightly and drank a glass of wine: "How about showing up? He may not be able to destroy the world!"

shook the head, Dongfang Bubai said solemnly "No, maybe the fate has already appeared!"

"Oh? Already?"

Dongfang Bubai stopped talking and was slightly silent.

The generals also stopped talking in due course.

"Is that person yours?" Jiang Chen said.

Dongfang Bubai slightly smiled: "You are finally willing to say what you want!"

"Heh!" Jiang Chen showed a slight smile.

Yang Sector, outer northern continent, Lingxiao Heavenly Court, immortality hall entrance.

Zhong Shan took the officials and looked around the Northwest Continent.

Not long ago, Zhong Shan sent troops, and in a short time, he won a continent in one fell swoop. His record was shocking and the world shook the world.

Almost the same day, he won all the cities, motivating Heaven and Earth, and his power is invincible.

"Yi Yan, how about northwestern continent?" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

A courtier stepped forward.

"Lord of the world, the ring of Northwest Continent was taken immediately by violence. My Great Thousand World accumulates endless talents, and it can be regarded as the best use. In less than a year, I will be able to completely stabilize the ring of Northwest Continent!" Minister Yi Yan opened the mouth and said.

"Such the best!" Zhong Shan nodded.

"Lord of the world, although the Northwest Continent has to stabilize people's hearts, it already belongs to our territory. The Great Thousand World and the First World already overlap on two continents, so we must continue to send troops!" Yi Yan Asked again.

"Yes!" Zhong Shan nodded.

"There are six continents bordering my Great Thousand World. Master, which continent do we need to plan next?" Yi Yan asked.

"What do you think?" Zhong Shan asked.

"Dongwaizhou is Great Zhen Heaven Realm, which is not suitable for the time being. After all, there are still some people in Great Thousand World, who are the subjects of the former Da Qin. The people are not good! The ministers do not recommend sending troops!"

"Dongfang Bubai is located in the Northeast Continent. This person is too weird. The news came that the generals also went to the Eastern teaching ground. It can be seen that Dongfang Bubai is unusual. Dongfang Bubai has insufficient offensive. If I have more, I don’t recommend sending troops!"

"Yin Sector outer northern continent, there is the Netherworld River Old Ancestor. Although this person appeared once in the Great Thousand World in the past, he is unfathomable and unable to know the bottom line. Judging by countless news, this Netherworld River Old Ancestor is also a peerless powerhouse! The minister does not recommend sending troops!"

"The ring southwestern continent, Lian Shen is fighting against it. The minister does not recommend sending troops!"

"outer western continent, Great Zhou Heaven Realm, strong in appearance but weak in reality, can send troops."

"central heaven continent, can send troops!"

Yi Yan Respectfully analyzed.

Zhong Shan looked at the south, and finally shook his head.

"Central heaven continent, don't send troops for now, God World? According to what we know, it is the powerhouse of the First Age, let's wait and see the changes for the time being!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.


"Outer western continent, no troops will be sent for the time being!" Zhong Shan said again.

"oh?" Yi Yan was slightly taken aback.

"Great Zhou is not to be afraid of, but Wu Zhao and Heavenspan have an invincible teacher, put it aside for the time being!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"Hong Jun?" Yi Yan said solemnly.

Zhongshan is nodded.


"Notify Xiao Wang, Lin Xiao, Zhao Zuoxiang, rectify the Legion, and attack the Southwestern Continent!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"Southwestern Continent? Now the evil world is also sending troops there. Is this fighting for land with the Lotus God?" Yi Yan was taken aback.

"Order it!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.


outer southern continent, great evil world, Wanlianhai.

After a period of self-cultivation, Lian Shen's injury has also healed a lot.

At this moment, once again looked towards the world.

Yin Sector, under the control of generals, Lotus God has no plan to attack Yin Sector again.

That is only Yang Sector.

Ring Southeast Continent, I just suffered a loss at the Golden Great Emperor. I haven't figured out the situation yet, and the Lotus God is not ready to send troops. Of course, none of the demons at this time dared to touch Lotus God's brows.

"My lord, we can now continue to increase troops to Dongwaizhou and the outer western continent!" Tian Gang said.

"Dongwaizhou? outer western continent?" Lotus God is slightly frowned.

"Lord, the minister felt that Dongwaizhou would not be considered!" Pluto suddenly opened the mouth and said.

"What? Pluto, do you still miss your Laozi?" Tian Gang said coldly.

all around a group of demons also looked towards Pluto. After all, Pluto's original name is Yan Dongen. Everyone knows that they are blocking the sending of troops to Dongwaizhou at this moment?

The Hades stared at Tian Gang coldly: "Stupid!"

"en?" Everyone looked at him.

"Is Dongwaizhou so easy to send troops? Do you think it is easy, you go to attack with troops?" Pluto coldly said.

Bring your own soldiers? Tian Gang complexion stiffened, after all, he was just scared of being beaten by Yan Chuan, and he has no intention of being abused again, and he is still Yan Chuan's home court.

"The Golden Great Emperor just owed Yan Chuan a favor. Yan Chuan Ruosummon, the Golden Great Emperor would naturally be willing to help. Secondly, Yan Chuan and the Great Thousand Realm Master Zhongshan intersect with each other, and then Zhongshan will be attracted. , Also with no difficulty, and secondly, Yan Chuan is a descendant of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, I don't know the specifics, but can you guarantee that the Netherworld River Old Ancestor will not come to help?" Pluto explained.

"Huh?" Tian Gang complexion stiffened.

Speaking of which, this Great Zhen is really a hard bone.

The Great Zhen Heaven Realm may win, but it will definitely be a terrible victory!

"Tian Gang, East High Priest, West High Priest, three of you, leading the group of demons, fighting against Great Zhou Heaven Realm!" Lotus God said solemnly.

"Yes!" the three of them responded.

"The North High Priest, you will lead the group of demons, strengthen the South High Priest, and fight against the Southwestern continent!" Lotus God said solemnly.

"Yes!" North High Priest responded.

After ten days.

"Report!" A demon rushed.

"en?" Lian Shen Shen prestige to go.

"Reporting to Lord, Great Thousand World, the army has attacked Southwestern Continent!" The demon respectfully said.

"Zhong Shan? He also came to fight for land with the deity? hmph!" The lotus god is coldly snorted.

Yin Sector, Daqin City. Go to the study.

"Great Emperor, news has come from factories and guards everywhere!" Liu Gang said respectfully.


"The pattern of each Great World is the same as the first world. The four realms collide, and many territories overlap. Wherever the overlapped territories, World's Essence Qi is more than several times richer. , And Heavenly Dao integration, wherever the two worlds merge, Heavenly Dao Strength is several times greater, and there is also a Primordial Energy, which is occasionally distributed!" Liu Gang said.

"A place of coincidence?" zombie Yan Chuan eyes slightly narrowed.

"Yes, the practitioners in the overlapping places have faster cultivation, as if they realized that Heaven and Earth are faster than the outside world!" Liu Gang said.

"I understand!" zombie Yan Chuan nodded.

After speaking, Yan Chuan was silent for a while.

After a while, Yan Chuan looked towards Gui Guzi: "Sir, what's the news over there?"

"Yu Tian Da Zun, is fully refining the Heavenly Peach Sword, Ready to deal with the Great Emperor you!" Gui Guzi said solemnly.

"Refining? Yeah, let him refining. Yi Feng!" Yan Chuan looked towards Yi Feng.

"The minister is here!"

"I will fight against the Great Good World, seize the Great Good Territory, and overlap Great Zhen!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes, Chen will formulate a battle plan as soon as possible!" Yi Feng answered.

"I want the leader personally bringing troops into battle!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"What?" Zhongchen complexion changed.

"The Great Emperor, now that the minister is born, it must be harmful to you. Please also ask the Great Emperor to take the world as the priority and take control of the Great Qin City!" The officials shouted.

"No, conquer the great world, and more importantly, I must deal with the imperial emperor! As long as the imperial emperor is swallowed, I will truly have the strength to resist the generals!" Yan Chuan refused. .

"But, Great Emperor, in this way, it will be very dangerous...!"

"My will has been decided, no need to persuade!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.


"Sir, let him send a map of all the territories of the great good world, I will take the thunder and win the territories of the great good world as soon as possible!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.


Yin Sector, outer southern continent, corpse ancestor hall.

Return the minister, standing in front of Pan Jia and the others.

"True God, news from everywhere, Yutian is sitting on the Great World Yin Sector outer southern continent, and is retreating at the Yutian Temple at the moment, refining the Heavenly Peach Sword!" Pan Ding respectfully said.

"Sword of Heavenly Peach? Huh!" Jiang Chen showed a joking smile.

"My lord, please punish me. I was not able to guard well, and I was deceived by Yutian to remove the sword of the heavenly peach!" Pan Ding immediately pleaded guilty.

The minister waved his hand: "It doesn't matter, that thing doesn't matter, the sword of the heavenly peach? Ha, Yutian is still so cute!"

"Huh?" The powerhouses of the rock clan looked at a loss. The color.

"How about Great Zhen?" Jiang Chen asked again.

"I don't know how Yan Chuan is, but now, Great Zhen has opened the world test again, recruiting talents from all over the world, and gathering troops, I don't know where to send troops!" Pan Geng respectfully said.

"Oh? Yan Chuan wants to send troops too? The world is really messed up!" Jiang Chen expression changed.

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