The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1512

Yang Sector, outer western continent!

The evil world group demonic weapon cuts the outer western continent.

The soldiers of the outer western continent, who have been defeated for a while, and despite resistance, faced the Tian Gang, the East High Priest, and the West High Priest, they had no choice but to escape.

On one territory.

“bang! ”

When Tian Gang arrived, a city crashed into the city. Behind Tian Gang, the sky was full of black-winged demons, clamoring towards the city. in.

Great Zhou soldiers resisted, but no matter what, they are not the opponents of the demons at all.







The city is full of shouts, but the devil is too fierce.

Tian Gang looked at everything coldly and didn't care about the life and death of the people in this city.


Suddenly, Northwest shoots at a purple sword light.


The sword light approached, getting bigger and bigger, gradually turning into a vast river of swords and heading straight for the devil.


Suddenly, a large number of demons were cut in half by countless sword lights.

"Bold!" Tian Gang complexion changed, the detective waved a sword and collided away.


Under the fierce impact, Tian Gang's long sword burst open.

The huge impact of "Ah!" instantly knocked Tian Gang upside down and flew out.


Ten li away, Tian Gang stabilized his figure.

All demons are complexion changed, look at them together.


It is the sky above the city, Heavenspan Cult Lord, a black robe blowing in the wind, holding the Executing Immortal Sword in his hand, looking towards Tian Gang with plain eyes demon.

"It is Heavenspan Cult Lord!"

"Very good, it is Heavenspan Cult Lord who has come to save us!"

"See you Heavenspan Cult Lord!"




The city cheered. Heavenspan remained unmoved and looked towards Tian Gang on the opposite side.

"Heavenspan?" Tian Gang complexion sank.

In the sword just now, Tian Gang has understood the power of Heavenspan, ten 6 Heavenly Layer, and also a sword cultivator ten 6 Heavenly Layer.

"Heavenspan Cult Lord, turmoil in the world is inevitable. The lord of the great evil world, Lotus God, admires you very much. I don’t know if Heavenspan Cult Lord is willing to enter my great evil world. Land, sealed to you, how about?" Tian Gang said immediately.

"oh?" Heavenspan gave a sneer.

Tian Gang actually persuaded himself to surrender.

"The world is in turmoil, Great Zhou Heaven Realm can't support it for long. With your ability, why bother to be trapped in the shallows?" Tian Gang said again.

"Go away!" Heavenspan said indifferently.

"en?" Tian Gang complexion changed.

"The day I am here, you will never want to invade the outer western continent!" Heavenspan said coldly.

"hmph, Heavenspan, you are just a defeated of Jianao, the Lord will look down on you so I can recruit you in time, don't fail to appreciate somebody's kindness!" Tian Gang scolded.

"Lost to Jianao, not to you, what are you excited about? With your ability, I will kill as many as you can!" Heavenspan said solemnly.

"hmph!" Tian Gang is coldly snorted.

"Stubbornly stubborn, then no one can blame me!" Heavenspan said coldly.

The Executing Immortal Sword in his hand turned around and stabled out suddenly.

A purple sword light of shatter void moved towards Tian Gang again.


In the distance, the East High Priest and West High Priest also heard the loud noise and turned their heads together.

"Heavenspan took the shot?" The two High Priests almost rushed towards the complexion sank.

On the outer western continent, at the entrance of the Tai Chi Hall in Luoyang City.

Wu Zhao watched the Heavenspan battle in the southeast, browsing slightly knitted.

"Husband, when Hongjun changed his fate, let me take you Li Tangjiangshan and become Great Zhou. Not only did you not blame me, you also gave me the ancestor Yin-Yang Symbol, Husband, I promised you , I will do it, I will defend Great Zhou, no one wants to destroy it, no matter how much the price is paid, no matter how big!" Wu Zhao squeezed his fist, his eyes slightly red.

outer southern continent, Wanlian Sea.

Lian Shen did not pay much attention to the battle of the outer western continent, but at the moment, his eyes were focused on the Central Southwest Continent.

The Great Thousand World and Great Thousand World, each occupying nearly half of the Southwestern Continent, the two armies fought.

This is a battle between the two Great Worlds, so Lotus God is not careful.

Lian Shen looked at the distant battlefield, and then looked towards the entrance of the immortality hall on the outer northern continent.

The entrance to the palace of immortality.

Zhong Shan also looked at the battlefield, and then Zhong Shan also turned his head and looked towards the direction of Lotus God.

Two great detachments, two great realm masters, looking at each other in the air, their eyes are full of coldness.

"Zhongshan, you have already got to ring the Northwest Continent, and now you are still competing with me for the Southwest Continent, you are too unsatisfied!" Lian Shen coldly said.

Although the voice is not loud, the power of the detachment can be instantly transmitted to the palace of immortality.

Zhong Shan stared at the lotus god faintly smiled and said: "In this world, there has never been a rule for who owns and who can get it. It depends on the ability!"

"Everything depends on the ability Huh, there are six continents next to you, why do you choose a continent that my great evil world values? Do you want to provoke a battle between the two worlds?" Lotus God coldly said.

"It doesn't matter!" Zhong Shan said lightly with a smile.

It doesn’t matter? Lian Shen narrowed his eyes.

"Why?" Lotus said solemnly.

In the current situation of Yang Sector, he and Zhong Shangui are the two realm masters, and they should be the strongest. At this time, the army is conquering the world. Shouldn't it be the first to swallow the small forces, and the Peak will face off in the end? Otherwise, at first, there will be a strong duel, isn't it just being picked up by those small forces?

Lian Shen was puzzled and stared at Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan chuckled slightly, shook his head and said: "Did you not see it?"


"Similar to Great Thousand World Neighbor Six Great Influences, you are the best bully!" Zhong Shan said indifferently.

Six Great Influences next to oneself, should you bully yourself? Suddenly, Lian Shen was angered.

"Bold!" Lian Shen exclaimed angrily.

Zhong Shan is slightly smiled, shook his head confidently.

"You and I are all ten 5 Heavenly Layer transcendents, I am so bullied? You and I are the same!" Lotus God said angrily.

"It's not the same! Anyway, I can tell you, Central Southwest, I am going to make a decision! You withdraw, I am also for your good." Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"hmph!" Lian Shen fought angrily.

"You don't believe it? I can prove it to you!" Zhong Shan said with a smile.

"Come on then!" Lotus God fighting intent rushed to Heavenly Dao.

"Go!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

Zhong Shan stepped up into the sky. Lotus God without the slightest hesitation, stepped to follow.


The two great detachers instantly break through the starry sky, straight into the Promise, and the battle of the two great detachers begins.

Yin Sector, great world!

Yan Chuan took Mo Yuxi, the Supreme beast of the Twelve Nations, standing on the top of a mountain.

Behind him, there are a large number of Great Zhen soldiers lurking in the mountains and forests not far away.

In front of everyone, it is a bustling city. The city all around, the lightning is shining, and there are a lot of Phoenix flying by.

"Husband, this is the inner southern continent of Dashan World?" Mo Yuxi solemnly said.

"Yes, the lord of the inner southern continent is the Lei Di, who has the honor of Lei Feng. Now, Great Zhen is almost moving, depriving the powerhouse of star power in the past, almost all come. Keep the Great City powerhouses separately, and have the dark Gui Guzi information, you can quickly wipe out this territory!" Yan Chuan affirmed.

"We deal with Lei Di, if we succeed, we will take the inner southern continent, but what about the great world Dongwaizhou?" Mo Yuxi asked.

"Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Hua Qiliang, Dongfang Zhengpai, they all went to Dongwaizhou!" Yan Chuan said.

"But, the Lord of One Continent of East Waizhou, isn't that easy to deal with, right?" Mo Yuxi worried.

"The lord of the East Outer Continent is the Poison Dragon King. Don't worry, he will be here soon!" Yan Chuan said affirmatively.

"Thanks to the dark Gui Guzi for collecting such detailed information about the world!" Mo Yuxi said.

At this moment, Ren Shu came forward.

"The Great Emperor, there is news from all quarters that the generals and the Panshi clan have arrived on the outer southern continent of Dashan! The Netherworld River Old Ancestor and the ten subordinates have arrived on the outer northern continent of Dashan. The emperor has arrived in the inner world. Beizhou!" Ren Shu said.

"Are all here?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

The mouse is nodded.

Yan Chuan stood on the mountain and looked around the world.

"Is this to eat all the world Yin Sector of Dashan?" Mo Yuxi looked towards Yan Chuan.

"Yes, it's easy to ask God to give it away. We must take the Lei Di as soon as possible, and soon, we may face the generals and ministers!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Mo Yuxi nodded, a dignified light flashes in his eyes.

This time it involves a lot of things, and the whole Yin Sector of the great world will be heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Not far away, the city is shining with lightning, and the largest palace in the center is the Leifeng Palace.

In the Leifeng Palace.

Dark Gui Guzi sat on one side, sipping a cup of tea.

On the side, sits a purple haired man with phoenix eyes. He is burly and majestic, and his hair is surrounded by lightning.

"Are you on behalf of the Imperial Emperor? Come and talk to me about the sword of the heavenly peach?" purple haired man said solemnly.

"Lei Di, don't be impatient, wait until King Poison Dragon comes!" Dark Gui Guzi said with a smile.

"Oh, in the old days, Yu Tian took the Heavenly Peach Sword from the first world, and I went to meet him. That day, the Peach Sword, Yu Tian Xia Thousand Thunders, is just my attribute, I He would like to exchange it with heavy treasures and several territories, but he would not!" Lei Di said solemnly.

"The attribute is right for you, but you are fighting against zombie, and you are fighting against Yutian, you said, if it is you, would you like to change?" Dark Gui Guzi said with a smile.

Lei Di's face was gloomy.

"Since you don't change, then what do you mean?" Lei Di said solemnly.

"What do you mean, wait for King Poison Dragon to come, how about? Besides, this is your home court, what are you worried about?" Dark Gui Guzi said with a smile.

The Lei Di naturally didn't worry, but he didn't understand what Yu Tian Da Zun wanted Gui Guzi to do in darkness.


Suddenly, a long whistle sound came from outside the hall.

The two looked at them, but they saw a colorful giant dragon flying from a distance, imposing manner magnificent and loud.

Leifeng Hall all around The guards rushed out immediately.

"Don't stop him, let him come!" Lei Di called.

"Yes!" All the guards backed away.

In the great hall, Gui Guzi's eyes lit up in the darkness. Take a deep breath.

“bang! ”

The colorful giant dragon falls on the mouth of the great hall and transforms into a humanoid man with colored hair.

"Lei Di, you asked me to come, what's the matter?" The Poison Dragon king strode into the great hall, and seemed to have a very good relationship with Lei Di.

On the other side, on the top of a mountain.

Yan Chuan saw King Poison Dragon approaching in the distance.

"Dark Gui Guzi has deceived the Lei Di, has brought Poison Dragon King, ready to do it!" Yan Chuan's eyes sank.

"Yes!" Twelve Supreme responded.

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