The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1513

In the Thunder Phoenix Palace!


The door of the great hall closed suddenly.

"Lei Di, asked me to come here, why?" King Poison Dragon entered the great hall and sat down unceremoniously.

Lei Di looked towards Dark Gui Guzi.

Poison Dragon King also looked over curiously: "Is it you?"

Dark Gui Guzi slightly smiled: "Well, I also said that the four worlds are one. The great good world must be integrated into the first world again, but the two have to face Great Zhen Yan Chuan?"

"Oh? According to reports, the dark Gui Guzi and Yan Chuan, Gui Guzi have enmity, you Are you here to bring us together and destroy Great Zhen together?" Poison Dragon King expression changed.

"What do you think?" Dark Gui Guzi said with a smile.

"The shot must be shot. The Imperial Emperor is on the outer western continent. Is it possible that he is willing to walk with us?" Lei Di said indifferently.

"It depends on the attitude of the two!" Dark Gui Guzi said with a smile.

"Attitude? What kind of attitude can I have? I wait for each to occupy its own territory. After fusion, I must strive for high and low with Yan Chuan!" The King Poison Dragon said solemnly.

"Where is the Lei Di?" Dark Gui Guzi said.

"In the first world, the Great Emperor of Yin Sector is still very good. Others are nothing. If Yan Chuan comes here, I will be able to destroy him. Unfortunately, he is at his home court! Lei Di shook his head.

while speaking, suddenly, King Poison Dragon and complexion sank of Lei Di looked at the gate.


A huge force came from the gate, and the huge Leifeng Palace gate exploded and opened, and the fragments shot straight at everyone.

"Bold!" Lei Di complexion changed, blocking countless fragments abruptly.

Lei Di and Poison Dragon King quickly rushed out of the great hall.

all around, countless powerhouses are flying, countless weapons are pointed directly at the fourteen silhouettes in the sky.

Lei Di, Poison Dragon King suddenly complexion changed.

"Yan Chuan?" King Poison Dragon exclaimed.

Why is Yan Chuan here?

"Yan Chuan! What are you doing?" Lei Di also narrowed his eyes.

In midair, Yan Chuan, Mo Yuxi, Twelve Supreme, coldly looked at the entrance of the Leifeng Temple.

Mo Yuxi took out a picture scroll in his hand. Unfolding facing the distance, the two recognized them.

"Yes, it is them, Lei Di, King Poison Dragon!" Mo Yuxi said solemnly.

"That's good!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Never talk nonsense with the opposite King Poison Dragon and Lei Di, a Great Emperor altar stepped out suddenly.


A huge force radiated out.

Yan Chuan's hands are bright, and countless runes emerge on the palms and backs of his hands.


Extend the right hand and grab it abruptly in the direction of King Poison Dragon.

A huge palm rushed out.



Lei Di and Poison Dragon Wang Jin both screamed.

Suddenly, the two slapped Yan Chuan.


The palms of the palms perish each other.

Countless blasted in midair. But the whole Leifeng Palace was also blown up in an instant.



The King Poison Dragon instantly turned into a huge Poison Dragon, soaring into the sky, and the Lei Di quickly turned into A purple giant phoenix.


The giant phoenix soars into the sky and absorbs all the merits of the sky.

The billowing thunder and lightning burst out from the purple giant phoenix, instantly setting off the purple giant phoenix like Heaven and Earth thunder, bursting out billions of lightning.


The twelve reincarnations surround, the Lei Di is all around, fierce and fierce.

The previous confrontation let Raiden know about Yan Chuan's fierceness. At this moment, he naturally did not dare to look at him anymore and used his full strength in an instant!


Mo Yuxi is incarnate as Mingfeng, and thirty Six Paths of Samsara surrounds instantly.

"12 Heaven Divinity Fiend Great Array!" Twelve Supreme shot at the same time, and the ferocious aura burst out instantly.

Rolling fierce waves hit, and the Poison Dragon King in midair complexion changed suddenly.

I was full of confidence before, but after a palm against Yan Chuan, I knew Yan Chuan’s fierceness. Now, 12 Heaven Divinity Fiend Great Array, and Mo Yuxi’s 30 Six Paths of Samsara, Suddenly let Poison Dragon king a shivered.

Poison Dragon King Ten 5 Heavenly Layer, this is not my home court, I knew in an instant that I was going to suffer and I was plotted against.


With a flick of the dragon tail, a colorful poisonous light pounced towards Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan sticks out his right palm, and the silver light shoots out.


The poisonous light was hit back instantly. Juli even hit the tail of King Poison Dragon.


The dragon tail twisted sharply, as if it were unbearable.


Poison Dragon King complexion changed, and he is about to turn around and leave.

Yan Chuan showed its fierce side with one blow. King Poison Dragon needs to return to his home court as soon as possible.

“bang! ”

Booming poison mist burst into the sky, and in the poison mist, King Poison Dragon flew quickly towards his own territory.

"Since I'm here, I don't have to go anymore, my dragon's roar, there is still a dragon missing, so stay!" Yan Chuan shouted for a long time.


With both palms stretched out, two huge palms rushed out.

The hand of Dao, the magic weapon of the First Age, formidable power is vast, fierce and invincible, coupled with Yan Chuan's current power urging, it has exploded with unprecedented power.


The right palm grabbed the dragon tail, and the left palm slammed it on his head.


The Poison Dragon king's head suddenly tilted, and suddenly he couldn't fly.

"What? No, impossible!" King Poison Dragon exclaimed, who could not escape.

The palm of the right palm flicked sharply.


The King Poison Dragon was like a whip, thrown into the earth. Suddenly the big mountain and river exploded, and when the poison mist arrived, countless creatures died instantly.

The palm of the left palm once again grasped the neck of King Poison Dragon.

Jumped both hands to the sides.


The King Poison Dragon let out a long cry in pain, and the whole body was pulled apart, and there were even some tears in some places.


The King Poison Dragon softened in a blink of an eye and was defeated by Yan Chuan.

But Yan Chuan did not take it lightly, and quickly set a large number of bans to ban King Poison Dragon.

In a blink of an eye, the Lord of One Continent was so easily subdued.

All around, the powerhouses that cannot be approached are already stared wide-eyed, revealing an extremely incredible color.

At the same time, the inner southern continent and Dongwaizhou of the Dashan world, almost at the same time the Great City battles, Bai Qi, Jin Dayu, Wang Jian, Meng Tian, ​​Hua Qiliang and other Great Zhen War God , Fighting against countless powerhouses.

The most shocking thing is this.

When the King Poison Dragon was ruled, it happened to be the time when the Thunder Emperor’s breakthrough, Heavenly God, was in a big battle.


Lei Di broke through the 12 Heaven Divinity Fiend Great Array and came out, just in time to see the picture of King Poison Dragon being concocted by Yan Chuan in a blink of an eye.

"Yan Chuan? Yan Chuan!" Lei Di exclaimed with a tingling scalp.

Lei Di is stronger than Poison Dragon Wang, but his strength is limited. Lei Di is 10 5 Heavenly Layer Peak, but in his home court, his power can climb to 10 6 Heavenly Layer, but even so, Lei Di does not have Can you subdue Poison Dragon King so easily with confidence?

How can Yan Chuan be so powerful?

Yan Chuan throws the Poison Dragon king, and the Great Zhen powerhouse comes to catch him.


Yan Chuan instantly arrived in front of Lei Di.

"Lei Di, I give you a choice to hand over the Lord of Thunder Phoenix, acknowledge allegiance to me, otherwise, die!" Yan Chuan stared in his eyes, full of ferocity.

A powerful force went straight to the Lei Di.

The twelve reincarnation rotations of Lei Di is much worse than Mo Yuxi's thirty Six Paths of Samsara.

all around There are Heavenly God who can trap oneself, and Yan Chuan, the fierce God.

Lei Di suddenly felt shivered in his heart.

"Yu Tian? He lied to me?" Lei Di suddenly hated.

"Acknowledge allegiance, or die?" Yan Chuan shouted again.


A palm is slapped at Lei Di again.

"I don't accept, I don't accept, why!" Lei Di rose up and struggled, spitting out the giant ball of thunder and lightning, and rushed towards the palm.

The giant palm smashes the lightning ball and continues to shoot towards Lei Di.


Under the fierce impact of Yan Chuan, Lei Di was immediately suppressed.

However, the Lei Di was too unwilling. Just now, the Lei Di was still thinking about going to Daqin City to crush Yan Chuan.

Nowadays, Yan Chuan is completely suppressed at his home court. This gap is too big. It was so big that Lei Di didn't want to accept it at all.


"Stubbornly restless!"


Yan Chuan did not have the slightest pity, Lei Di The struggle is just wasting your time, owing to clean up, it's time to fight!

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"………………

The great world's inner southern continent, roared everywhere, and shook the Yin Sector world.

However, this is not the only battlefield.


The emperor also arrived outside a city.

"Hah!" The emperor gave a sharp drink, staring in his eyes, and slashed towards a city.


The vast city was instantly cut in half from the center, and a huge black ditch was bottomless.

"Impudent, did you know that this is the ancestor's place?" A bird-headed man shouted loudly.


The emperor's face was cold, and the long knife in his hand slammed across the sky, a white light flashed by, and the bird-headed man instantly cut in half.

There are a large number of birdmen flying in the four directions, one by one is horrified.

"The three Sect Lords have been killed, and the three Sect Lords have been killed!" A birdman said in horror.

Suddenly, in a mountain not far away, two white clothed men flew out.

The two of them exudes a huge white light. As the white light passes, the void rolls up layers of white waves.

"Sect Lord, two Sect Lord!"

"Meet Sect Lord, and see two Sect Lord!"




all around countless bird people respectfully said.

"acknowledge allegiance me, otherwise, die!" The emperor looked towards one of the white clothed man.

"Impudent!" One of the men shouted angrily.


The emperor's eyes flashed hostility, and a sabre light cut across.

In an instant, a sky separating Heaven and Earth appeared in the void.



The man who clamored just now cut in half instantly.

"The Second Sect Lord was killed?" All around Birdman said in horror.

The emperor looked towards the last person again. The eyes of the last person were full of hatred and fear.

"acknowledge allegiance me, otherwise, die!" Huang said coldly again.

"Me? Who are you!" white clothed man said solemnly.

"hmph!" The emperor is coldly snorted. Don't talk nonsense, cut once again.


The sword shines on Heaven and Earth, a huge sword gang, unstoppably slashing towards the white clothed man.

The white clothed man was frightened. He just asked a word. Don’t you have time to say a word?

When the blade was facing, the white clothed man immediately raised his sword to greet him.


The long sword shattered instantly.

"no!" The last white clothed man exclaimed.


The white clothed man was chopped in half, and this horrible scene of unbelief to death.

"Sect Lord is dead?"

"The ancestor is dead?"


…… ……


all around There are countless dumbfounded voices.

The emperor beheaded the owlet, and looked around coldly: "Everyone in Neibeizhou listens. From now on, Neibeizhou is the territory of my immortal church. If you don’t obey the discipline, kill without mercy !"


With the emperor as the center, a violent Blade Qi shoots towards all directions of Inner Beizhou.

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