The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1514

Great good world!

Inner southern continent, Yan Chuan, Mo Yuxi, and Twelve Supreme took action. Although the Lei Di was fierce, but all aspects were suppressed in general, he couldn't resist it after a long battle.


Lei Di was suddenly stuck in Phoenix's neck by Yan Chuan's palm.

At this moment, Lei Di no longer had previous domineering, panic on his face.

"It's impossible, how could the weakest world come, how could...!" Lei Di lost one's head out of fear said.

The previous confidence has long been defeated by Yan Chuan, kill Yan Chuan? Now, Yan Chuan beheaded himself almost.

"Acknowledge allegiance, or die?" Yan Chuan's eyes were cold, and the power of the Taoist hand increased again.

It seems as if the Lei Di's neck can be twisted in the next instant.

Two choices?

With Mo Yuxi here, Lei Di believes that if Yan Chuan kills himself, he just wants to reincarnate without a chance.

"ka ka ka!"

Yan Chuan's palm strength increased.

"Chen, acknowledge allegiance!" Lei Di cried with a sad face.


Yan Chuan quickly broke into the blockbuster and banned him from entering Lei Di's body.

The Lei Di dared not resist at this moment, letting himself be restrained!


Yan Chuan loosened Lei Di's neck.

Recovering his freedom, the Lei Di, who was sealed with a large number of cultivation bases, could only respectfully pray to Yan Chuan: "Wear the Lord!"

"Call the Great Emperor! "Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes, meet the Great Emperor!" Lei Di said bitterly.

Yan Chuan stared at Lei Di, and Lei Di could only wave his hand helplessly. Slowly, countless thunder and lightning gathered in his palm, and a purple sphere appeared in his palm. The sphere all around, one after another Samsara Power surrounds.

"The Lord of Thunder Phoenix!" Lei Di handed it out.

Mo Yuxi took it immediately.

“bang! ”

Thirty Six Paths of Samsara came out, immediately wrapped up the Venerable Thunder Phoenix, and refining Samsara Power with Samsara Power, quickly refining the Venerable Thunder Phoenix Into the body.

“bang! ”

After a while, Mo Yuxi was all over, and one after another reincarnation appeared again.

“bang! ”

Four Eighteen revolves around the circle, the void trembles, and waves of air are everywhere.

The Lei Di looked at all around Samsara, feeling depressed, but even more amazed.

Four Eighteen, that is Four Eighteen!

Before the integration of the four realms in the past, the Six Paths of Samsara in the Thunder Emperor’s palm was already overwhelmingly fierce. The four realms touched each other. With the respect of the Thunder Phoenix, he once again mastered Six Paths. Lei Di was full of boundless confidence.

But now, watching these four Eighteen reincarnations, Raiden’s face is full of bitterness, and he was really naive at the beginning!

"Great Zhen established himself with merit, quickly cooperated with Yi Feng, took control of the inner southern continent, and convinced King Poison Dragon to cooperate with Great Zhen to conquer the Great City! This is your chance to make a contribution!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes!" Lei Di said helplessly.

"Yi Feng!" Yan Chuan called.

Not far away, among the crowd, Yi Feng flew slowly.

"Congratulations to the Great Emperor!" Yi Feng said with a smile.

"Well, Lei Di will cooperate with you to conquer the cities of the two continents as soon as possible, and the recipients are willing to treat them favorably, and those who disagree, kill!" Yan Chuan said coldly in his eyes.


"I need to be fast, as soon as possible!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.


Turning around, Yan Chuan looked towards the outer western continent.

"Yu Xi stay, pay attention to safety!" Yan Chuan looked towards Mo Yuxi.

"I'll help you!" Mo Yuxi worried.

"No, you stay here in case there is a change!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

See Yan Chuan insisting, Mo Yuxi can only be helpless, nodded.


Yan Chuan shot quickly at the outer western continent.

When the Lei Di saw Yan Chuan leaving, he felt a little slow, and exhaled a long breath. If you want to resist again, you can look at all around. Lei Di suddenly smiled bitterly and couldn't resist.


There is a loud noise from all over the world.

Lei Di X 5 Heavenly Layer Peak, you can naturally see the distance, but the first thing you see is Inner Beizhou.

I just saw that the lord of Inner Beizhou, the ancestral king was cut in half by the emperor.

"Huh? Zu Tianwang?" Lei Di exclaimed.

Because of the strength of the ancestor heaven king of Inner North Continent, he is on par with Lei Di.

So a strong figure was cut by a single blow? One knife?

Looking at the distance, Lei Di's scalp suddenly numb, thanking his treatment, and at the same time fearing his ignorance.

Not long ago, I thought that the powerhouse of the first world Yin Sector had only the generals, and the others were nothing to worry about.

But now it seems that I was so ridiculous.

Lei Di could see that Yan Chuan didn't exert all his strength. Without exerting all his strength, he was captured alive. What qualifications does he have to compare with Yan Chuan?

Look at the woman in Beizhou in the first world. She should be the emperor of the immortal church, right?

Kill the ancestral king who is comparable to yourself with a single shot?

Lei Di had a numb scalp.


The loud noise of the outer northern continent once again drew Lei Di's gaze.

Lei Di looked.

"The Lord of the North?" The Lei Di looked towards the Lord of the Continent on the outer northern continent.

The lord of one continent of the outer northern continent is a blond man, ten zhang tall, extremely majestic, holding a Trident in his hand, his body shakes, and the Divine flame soars into the sky.

In front of him, a thin handsome man, the man looked weak and unable to withstand a single blow. Compared with the main god of the north, is it a level of body shape comparison?

The northern god also seems to be mocking the thin handsome man.

The thin man doesn't talk nonsense, sticks out his right palm, and throws a palm at the northern lord god in the air.


Huge applause, smashed into the void, the face of the Northern Lord God was deformed, and the whole person flew out sideways.

"Uh!" Lei Di complexion stiffened.

That's the main god of the North, his strength is not weak, he was flew away by the thin man with a palm of his face?

The Northern Lord God flew ten thousand li to stabilize his figure and looked towards the thin man in horror.


loudly shouted, Trident suddenly stabbed at the thin man in his hand.


The thin man grabbed Trident into his hands.

"Huh?" The northern god complexion changed.

“bang! ”

Trident fell heavily on his face. The thin man seemed to be having fun. He flew the main god of the north and threw the eight front teeth off in midair. , The face is extremely deformed.

While flying, I looked at the deformed face. The Lei Di suddenly shivered. It hurts to look at it.

At this moment, Lei Di suddenly felt a little grateful to Yan Chuan. After all, Yan Chuan was still very gentle when he hit himself.

In the distance, the thin man broke the Trident with a sudden force.

"Well, that's...!" Lei Di didn't know what to say for a while.

The power of Trident, Lei Di has personally experienced it, but in front of the thin man, it is so impossible to withstand a single blow.

The thin man stepped on his face in front of the northern god.


The main god of the north was stepped on by him, and he was instantly terrified.

Leidi complexion stiffened.

Yin Sector of the first world, what kind of monster are they?

Who told me that the first world is the weakest world? The weakest sister!

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor?" Mo Yuxi looked at the thin man said solemnly.

"He is the Netherworld River Old Ancestor? Isn't it said that he only occupies ten territories? There are no continents, why is he so powerful?" Lei Di said with a trace of puzzlement.

Mo Yuxi rolled his eyes.

"You know what a fart!" Ren Mouse suddenly looked contemptuous on the side.

All the Supreme beasts cast their eyes.

Is strength judged by territory?

The Lei Di looked at the expressions of everyone, and suddenly understood what a stupid question he had asked, and turned his head to look towards the outer southern continent.

Outer southern continent, the generals also arrived before a city.

Standing in the air, the generals didn't speak, and the huge breath crushed the entire city.

"hong long long!"

Under the strong breath, the people of the whole city were overwhelmed, and they knelt down immediately.

Countless creatures and dead souls all bow down.

Even, countless trees have been bent down.

Extreme pressure is unmatched.

A great hall mouth. At this moment, there is a man in armor holding Dualbladed Halberd.

Everyone knelt down, only the man clutching Dualbladed Halberd, staring at the pressure.

"Outer southern continent, War God Wushuang?" Lei Di looked at him.

War God Wushuang faces the generals.

The imposing manner of the minister can be too fierce, with layers of huge waves scouring away, and War God Wushuang's face is extremely ugly.


Dualbladed Halberd inserted into the ground, supporting himself without kneeling down.

"ka ka ka ka ka!"

All around the earth, instant cracks, more and more cracks. one after another The underground ditch rushes out of ten thousand li.

Jiangchen's eyes are cold, fierce and mighty.

War God Wushuang is struggling. Shaking in the knees, not letting myself bow down.


Under the foot of the minister, the Great Emperor altar came out, suppressed more fiercely, and came toward War God Wushuang.


Heavenly Might is overbearing.


War God Wushuang's knees bend down suddenly, and knelt in front of the Great Emperor.

Leidi's scalp numb again.

That was War God Wushuang. In the past, I fought against him and failed to defeat him. I thought that the Great Emperor was very strong, but didn't expect to be so strong.

The first world?

Is this the first world or the murderous world?

Lei Di suddenly shivered.

"Well, Lei Di, as soon as possible, there are still many things to do!" Yi Feng said solemnly on the side.

"Yes!" Lei Di said behaved immediately.

Lei Di is no longer impudent. Before the four worlds were united in the past, Lei Di was full of self-confidence. Ten 5 Heavenly Layer Peak! In just one million years, the Heaven and Earth turning upside down changes that have taken place in Dashan World, many people's cultivation base has increased again and again, and they have reached an unimaginable height in the past.

Originally, the confidence was inflated and full of self-confidence, but now I suddenly realized how ridiculous this confidence is. Dashan world powerhouse has been climbing the peaks over the years, and the other three realms have stagnated?

First world, Dashan world, all Yin Sector duel, it can be said that Dashan world is completely defeated.

This is a fierce world!

Faced with Yi Feng's urging, Lei Di quickly cooperated.

Great good world, outer western continent.

This is also the place where it merges with the first world.

Yan Chuan alone, quickly arrived at the outer western continent and headed straight for a huge palace.

The Imperial Palace!

Outside the Imperial Palace, countless zombies are walking around.


Yan Chuan arrived in an instant, and the billowing air rushed all over the place.

Slapped out with a palm, and went straight to the Imperial Palace.


Outside the imperial palace, the shield automatically protects, and it collides with Yan Chuan with a palm, swaying and rolling ripples.


The gate of the Imperial Palace opened suddenly.

In a green robe, the Emperor Yutian walked out of the great hall slowly.

This period of retreat is at a critical juncture, but I don't want to be disturbed by the sudden shock. Who on earth will courting death?

"Yan Chuan?" In the eyes of the Grand Master Yu Tian, ​​he saw Yan Chuan in midair.

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