The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1515

Dashan world, Yin Sector!

When the lords of the first world conquered their respective territories, they were also watching the battles of other lords.

Jiangchen suppressed War God Wushuang in an imposing manner.

In my eyes, I looked towards the Netherworld River Old Ancestor on the outer northern continent.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor battles the Northern Lord God, completely suppresses, even when fighting, there are some elements of play in it, but the powerful battle strength is beyond doubt.

Even so, Netherworld River Old Ancestor did not make a full shot.

Jiangchen eyes slightly narrowed: "Third Era, Netherworld River Old Ancestor?"

"World Wen Kong Huangtian is the first under the heavens person in the Third Era. Ten 7 Heavenly Layer? However, now it seems that you are the first under the heavens of the Third Age!" Jiang Chen stared at the Netherworld River Old Ancestor in the distance.

Seeing the power of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, Jiang Chen did not have a trace of envy, but a trace of excitement.

powerhouse! Guo Xian continued the birth of powerhouse, not in vain that he became feathered and suspended himself!

In turn, Jiang Chen saw the emperor.

The emperor’s sword is invincible. No matter any opponent, it can be solved with a single knife.

"Ten 5 Heavenly Layer, kill the same level like a pig butcher?" Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes.

The emperor’s cultivation base is not in the eyes of the general, but the sword of the emperor makes the general’s eyes shine. It is an unstoppable, invincible Blade Technique.

While the blade is facing, it is unmatched, as if there is nothing in the world that can't be cut with a single knife.

"Good Blade Technique!" Jiang Chen praised.

On the other side, I saw Yan Chuan fighting Lei Di.

Jiangchen looked at Yan Chuan in the distance, his expression moved slightly.

The generals watched the Sifang battlefield, and the Sifang powerhouse was also watching.

The emperor glanced at the Netherworld River Old Ancestor and then ignored it. He turned to glance at the generals and didn't look too much, and finally looked towards Yan Chuan.

Looking at Yan Chuan, the emperor's eyes were cold and complicated.

"Master!" The emperor's ten second disciple flew over.

"Pass the deity's order, those who refuse to obey, kill!" The emperor said solemnly.

"Yes!" The ten second disciple should be shouted.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor played around with the northern god, stepping on the head of the northern god.

"Ah!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor spit out a thick sputum.

"Just you, I am embarrassed to call myself the main god?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said with a smile jokingly.

The Northern Lord God is inexplicably frightened and sorrowful. How did he provoke this evil star?

Netherworld River Old Ancestor looked up at the major battlefields in the south and saw the generals.

Jiangchen and Netherworld River looked at each other from the air.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor gave a wicked smile.

In the distance, Jiang Chen condensed his expression, slightly puzzled.

Then, while suppressing their opponents, the eyes of the lords all followed Yan Chuan to the outer western continent, in front of the Imperial Palace.

Yan Chuan confronts the Emperor Yutian?

The first world, Yang Sector. Central Western Southern State.

The soldiers of the Great Thousand World and the Great Evil World are all waiting.

Lian Shen and Zhong Shan battled into Promise, and everyone was waiting for the result of the duel between the two great detachments.

One day later.


Above the starry sky, the stars shook suddenly, and a black silhouette fell from the sky. Instantly fell into the ring southwest continent.


The sea in the four directions immediately set off a monstrous tsunami, violently rushing to the territory of the four directions.

The sea was smashed into a super huge pit, even poured into the depths of the earth, countless lava rushed out.

The collision of lava and sea water caused countless steam to skyrocket.


Another golden light fell on the sea.

It was Zhong Shan, dressed in a golden robe, with a golden dragon under his feet, looking at the sea below with cold eyes.


Shouting loudly under the sea, the lava is instantly sealed. The violent sea is instantly as flat as a mirror.

It is the Lotus God, with loose hair, standing on the surface of the sea in a very embarrassed manner, corner of the mouth flow blood, looking up at the sky, his eyes are unwilling.

In the high altitude, Zhong Shan stood with his hands behind him: "Now you know what I said is not bad!"

"Why? Why?" Lian Shen roared fiercely.

Zhong Shan looked at him coldly.

"You and I are both Ten 5 Heavenly Layers, both of whom are detached from Ten 5 Heavenly Layers. They can mobilize the power of one world and reach the strength of Ten 7 Heavenly Layers. Why are you better than me?” Lian God roared extremely unwillingly.

The Quartet, Great Thousand World and the world powerhouse immediately understood the ending, Zhong Shan won!

"I said, I am different from you!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"Where is it different? I don't understand!" Lian Shen said anxiously.

"Transcendence is another variant of feathering. Your transcendence is detached by borrowing the treasures of the powerhouse of the First Age, which is different from me!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"Impossible, if you want to be detached, you must have the magic weapon of the first age to succeed!" Lian Shen shouted.

Zhong Shan said solemnly: "It’s not necessary, but yes. You borrowed the treasures of the “Liu Qi Zun” to detach yourself. Then your growth will never be able to surpass the Zun Qi Zun. The powerhouse of the first era is already Being so strong, why not detachment? Instead, choose to feather? The road to detachment is not a shortcut, but a hard way!"

"The hard way?" Lotus God said solemnly.

"You and Tian Gang, each borrowed the treasures of the'Taoqizun' and the'Dashizun' to detach. Therefore, after you detach, no matter how hard it is to grow, no matter how hard it is, it will be stronger!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"What about you? Are you useless?" Lian Shen did not believe.

"I? I naturally have no magic weapon. Although I was assisted by Yan Chuan when I was detached, I was able to detach myself with strength. My way is the correct way to detachment. My way is the same as you. It's different, you want to break through, and it's a long way off, but I'm only one thread away, and there's only one opportunity!" Zhong Shan believes.

"Can you still break through? Are you about to break through?" Lian Shen's face was hideous, and his eyes were full of unwillingness.

Zhong Shan stopped talking, staring at the lotus god coldly.

Lian Shen's face is fierce and unwilling to accumulate in the heart.

I thought it was invincible in the whole world, even if Zhong Shan is not necessarily his opponent, but the four realms are one, at first hit the wall at the position of the minister, now facing Zhong Shan, it is even more defeated.

Infinite unwillingness, accumulates monstrous resentment.

"You are detached, immortality, no one can kill you, but it is not impossible to suppress you, let your people get out of Southwestern Continent, otherwise, I will control you for generations! "Zhong Shan stared in his eyes, and another fierce anger burst out.

Lian Shen's face is extremely ugly.

"Rim Southwest Continent, everyone in the evil world, withdraw troops, roar!" Lian Shen roared in grief and indignation.

I was defeated, and I was defeated so thoroughly.

The demons around the Southwest Continent, the South High Priest and the North High Priest, have a bitter expression on their faces for a while. The sixteen territories just won, are they just like this?

Although he was unwilling, he was helpless.

The anger accumulated in Lotus Divine Heart is more.

Zhong Shan glanced at Lian Shen, then ignored him, and flew back to the outer northern continent immortality hall.

Lian Shen took a group of demons and retreated in unwillingness.

The devil goes back.

Lian Shen still resents.

"hong long long!"

The outer western continent roared everywhere.

It is Heavenspan Cult Lord, an Executing Immortal Sword, fighting against a group of demons.

East High Priest, West High Priest, Tian Gang, Three Great Powerhouses in front of Heavenspan Cult Lord, but still suppressed one-sidedly.

Countless demons rushed up, and as soon as Zhu Xian came out, whoever fought against each other immediately suffered countless deaths and injuries.

With a sword in hand, invincible in the whole world.

Heavenspan alone blocked the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses in the evil world. Invincible.

Lian Shen saw the infinite grace of Heavenspan in the distance, his face was gloomy, and the previously accumulated depression became more and more angry.

Yin Sector outer southern continent, you will meet a wall!

Round Southeast Continent, and hit the wall with the golden Great Emperor!

Rim Southwest Island, hit the wall of Zhongshan!

Now, the little Heavenspan Cult Lord has also let his army run into a wall.


Lian Shen was in anger, with a flick of sleeve, heading towards the outer western continent.

"bang!" Lian Shen rushed straight into the battlefield of Heavenspan Cult Lord.

In the battlefield, Heavenspan fought hard and unparalleled. Tian Gang has been beheaded several times, but because of detachment, he can quickly recover every time.

But, even so, it was chilling to be killed.

Heavenspan Cult Lord, too powerful!

"Get out of the outer western continent!" Heavenspan swung his sword and drank coldly.


The powerful aura rushes straight at the demons.

Behind him, Great Zhou's subjects cheered endlessly. Cheering and fighting divine ability days, blocking all demons.

In the distance, a hint of joy flashed in Wu Zhao's eyes.

But at this moment.


A violent breath came straight to the Heavenspan battlefield.


A large number of demons were instantly hit by this powerful aura and flew in all directions.

Tian Gang, East High Priest, and West High Priest battle Heavenspan Cult Lord, which also stopped abruptly.

Heavenspan complexion changed look.

I saw half of the sky, already covered with black lotus flowers, and the god of lotus descended on him with a monstrous anger, fierce and mighty, and went straight to Heavenspan.


Heavenspan Cult Lord was forced to retreat.

"Lotus God?" In Luoyang City far away, Wu Zhao complexion changed.

In the battlefield of Heavenspan, I was even more shocked. Lotus God is here?

Lian Shen stared at the Heavenspan Cult Lord: "Heavenspan! acknowledge allegiance deity, otherwise, die!"


A fierce gas rushed straight From Heavenspan, this is not a projection, but the body of the Lotus God. He just fought Zhong Shan, and his heart was on fire. He glared at Heavenspan, fierce and mighty.

"acknowledge allegiance? Ha, except for the teacher, my Heavenspan will not acknowledge allegiance to anyone!" Heavenspan said solemnly.

"en?" Lian Shen coldly said.

"If you want to fight, you will fight!" Heavenspan shouted coldly.

Heavenspan is proud, in addition to teaching mentors, he is never restrained by others. Even if he assists Wu Zhao, he is entrusted by Hongjun to repay his mentor.

Now, Lian Shen wants to acknowledge allegiance by himself? Obviously impossible.

"hmph, courting death!" The lotus god was coldly snorted and slapped toward the Heavenspan Cult Lord.


The void collapsed, and the lotus god hit hard.

Dashan world, Yin Sector outer western continent.

Yan Chuan alone, arrived at the entrance of the Imperial Palace.

The Royal Emperor was first surprised by the arrival of Yan Chuan, and then attracted by the turbulence of the world.

"Poison Dragon King, Lei Di, Northern Lord God, Zu Tian Wang, War God Wushuang?" Yu Tian Da Zun complexion changed.

Yu Tian Da Zun 10 6 Heavenly Layer, although I didn't care about these five people, but the whole Da Shan world Yin Sector was taken in one pot, which still shocked the Yu Tian Da Zun again and again.

The most important thing is that the Emperor Yutian saw the generals of the outer southern continent.

The generals are also here?

Yu Tian Da Zun suddenly shivered.

I originally planned to swallow Yan Chuan, but before he had time to display it, the general was about to hit the door.

No, you have to make yourself stronger first and have more capital for the War General minister.

Turning his head and looking towards Yan Chuan in midair, the eyes of Yu Tian Da Zun were cold.

"It's just right, Yan Chuan, if you don't come here, I'm going to find you! Heavenly Peach Sword!" Yutian Great Lord shouting loudly.


Quickly take out the sword of the sky peach, prepare to defeat Yan Chuan, devour Yan Chuan, make yourself perfect first, and then confront the War General minister.

Yan Chuan sneered when he saw Yu Tian Da Zun's reaction.

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