The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1516

The sword of the sky peach is out.

"ang!" "ang!"…………

Five Pentium Thunder Dragons, carrying endless lightning lightning and roaring towards Yan Chuan.


Under the endless thunder and lightning, it is like a sea of ​​thunder, rushing forward.

After the aftermath, a large number of zombies in the Quartet suddenly screamed again and again.





During the call, countless zombies were struck by lightning and burned to death.

The sword of the sky peach, the zombie nemesis, the vast formidable power.

Yan Chuan complexion sank, sticking out the right hand, surrounded by silver light, the hand of the Tao came out, and a huge silver giant screen suddenly appeared in the void, blocking the endless Thunder Dragon.


Thunder and palms collided, and the imperial palace was empty in all directions, bursting open.

Yu Tian is finally ten 6 Heavenly Layer, the formidable power is extremely fierce.

Yan Chuan had ten 5 Heavenly Layer, stepped on the Great Emperor altar, and reached ten 6 Heavenly Layer formidable power, but after all, it was a little bit empty.


Yan Chuan burst out with blood, a sea of ​​blood suddenly appeared, cypress trees skyrocketed, and the sky full of stars was connected in an instant. The stars of the great good world suddenly all lit up When he got up, Yan Chuan quickly extracted the Kugun star power.

Hundreds of Heavenly Dao surrounded behind him, and the power of terror gathered in Yan Chuan's body.

The hand of Tao was moved by greater power.


The right palm was launched, and thousands of lightning were crushed into pieces, all exploded, and Juli went straight to the sky.


At the foot of Yutian, everything exploded on the Four Directions Mountain.

Under the tremendous power, even the imperial emperor's body shape retreats.

With the increase of Yan Chuan's strength, the blood sea divine ability of the past perverted leapfrog suppression gradually weakened, not weakened, but gradually unable to keep up with Yan Chuan's strength.

Although this is true, with all the power gathered, Yan Chuan's power at the moment has also been overthrown by the 6 Heavenly Layer Peak.

Yu Tian stepped back, his figure stabilized, and looked towards Yan Chuan in surprise.

"The Heavenly Peach Sword is useless? You are not zombie Yan Chuan?" Yu Tian exclaimed.

Personal Yan Chuan?

Yu Tian complexion sank, as if I knew I was fooled.

After all, the first world Yin Sector is such a laborious powerhouse, and even the generals came, but Yan Chuan came to the body. Isn't this provoking the end of the battle between himself and the generals?

Zombie Yan Chuan didn’t come, Yan Chuan wanted to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits?

"hmph, I don't care which body you are, since you are here, don't even think about leaving!" Yutian Dazun coldly said.

The Heavenly Peach Sword in his hand was once again cut off.


Thousands of thunderstorms, dozens of huge purple Thunder Dragon roaring torn apart the void, once again rushed towards Yan Chuan.

"The universe in the palm!"


The endless lightning was instantly sucked into the palm of Yan Chuan. Surround in the palm of your hand.

"Dou Zhuan Xingyi!"

Yan Chuan shouting loudly, Wan Lei rushed out again with dozens of Thunder Dragons, but at this moment he rushed towards the Imperial Supreme.

"What?" Yutian complexion changed, and the Heavenly Peach Sword in his hand was swung again.

The two parties each had endless thunder and lightning, crashing into each other.


The void is torn to pieces. The two forces cancel each other out. But the imperial Supreme Lord had an extremely ugly face, because the Heavenly Peach Sword had no effect on Yan Chuan?


Suddenly, a storm came.

Yu Tian's back hair suddenly burst up, turning his head to look.

But in the south of Yutian, a golden robe silhouette suddenly appeared.

General minister!

Suddenly the minister?

Yu Tianqing couldn't help taking three steps back.

Human Yan Chuan also eyes slightly narrowed, staring at the generals in front of him.

Jiangchen looked jokingly, looked at Yutian and Yan Chuan.

Three Great Powerhouses, look at each other and have different hearts.

"Yu Tian, ​​I haven't seen you for many years, how do you look at me when you see me?" Jiang Chen said indifferently.

Yutian's face jumped wildly, and the pressure on his ministers in the past caused too much fear for Yu Tian. Even though he has become so powerful now, he is still trembling in fear.

Yutian quickly stabilizes his mind.

"Jiangchen!" Yutian tried hard to make himself fierce.

"The body of a general? I told you back then, not to cultivation this cultivation technique, but unfortunately, you won't listen to it, and God's will cannot be violated!" Jiang Chen shook his head.

"hmph, God’s will? What shit of God’s will? Jiang Chen, don’t you believe in God’s will yourself, Jiang Chen’s body, I have practiced, I want my body, don’t think about it, I have already got the Heavenly Peach Sword, dedicated Conquer you!" Yu Tian hate said.

"Really?" Jiang Chen slightly smiled.

"The sword of the sky peach, ten thousand thunder extinguishes the zombie!" Yutian shouting loudly.


The sword of the sky peach shoots out a huge purple sword in an instant, the sword is violent, turning into a dragon, thundering rushing towards the generals go with.

A sneer appeared at the corner of Chen Chen's mouth, and he suddenly stuck out his right palm.


The dragon head crashed into the palm of the generals.

The leader is violent, but he can't hold the hand of the general.

"hong long long!"

During the endless thunder and lightning bursts, I was gradually restrained by the generals, and gradually squeezed into a small sphere, and finally turned into billions of lights, illuminating The entire Yin Sector. Dissipated.

"Impossible, why, isn't the Heavenly Peach Sword specifically targeting you? Why are you okay?" Yu Tian exclaimed.

"Who told you to conquer me?" Jiang Chen said with a smile.

"No, there is no one!" Yu Tian suddenly stunned.

Yes, it seems that I have always been wishful thinking?

Not far away, Yan Chuan's body was also speechless for a while. Yu Tian has been engaged for a long time, and he hasn't figured out the situation?

"No, no, if the Heavenly Peach Sword could restrain you, why did you work so hard to get it back then and let the Panshi clan seal it on Panshifeng?" Yu Tian suddenly called.

"Because I like this sword better, I just keep the treasure!" Jiang Chen said indifferently.

While speaking, with a wave of the probing hand, he waved towards the sword of heaven.


The sword of the sky peach seems to be out of Yutian's control, and Yutian's face is extremely ugly.

"No, it shouldn't be like this. The sword of heavenly peach restrains the zombie in the world. You are also a zombie, and you must be restrained!" Yu Tian was already worried.

"Restrain? You are not the body of the cultivation general? The body of the general has no weak spot! The sword of the heavenly peach is also impossible!" The general said indifferently.


The Heavenly Peach Sword in Yutian's hands finally got out of his hand, and instantly reached the generals' hands.

Yu Tian's original fear of generals has once again increased in general.

The hateful looked towards Yan Chuan.

"Why, why is it a human body!" Yu Tian said unwillingly.

If zombie Yan Chuan is so good, as long as he swallows zombie Yan Chuan, his general body will be perfect, and he will be able to fight the War General.

Why is the human body Yan Chuan?

Yan Chuan looked at Yutian, shook his head and said: "My zombie body, even if you eat it, you can't win the general!"

"Impossible!" Yu God cried.

"oh?" Not far away, the generals also looked over.

Personal Yan Chuan said solemnly: "In the face of generals, you don’t even have the courage to fight a battle. How strong can you be like this? Without the heart to fight, you are just a paper tiger!"

"hmph!" Yutian is coldly snorted.

But the general showed a smile: "Why, you have the courage to fight?"

Yan Chuan lightly said with a smile: "It is so that the general, the Great Emperor, knows. This time the Great Emperor is invited to come here to conspire with the great good world Yin Sector, and he is naturally ready to face everything!"

"Oh? Just rely on you now?" Jiang Chen showed a hint of curiosity.

"wait and see!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

Not far away, Yu Tian looked at Yan Chuan indifferently, and then thought of his current panic, suddenly understood what Yan Chuan meant, and tried to suppress the agitation in his heart.

"Jiangchen, if you want to rob my body, I will make you pay!" Yu Tian roared.

"Have you gained a bit of ambition?" Jiang Chen praised: "However, you are not enough. Since you are here, naturally you can't go back empty-handed. Come back with me!"

"hmph , Yutian merit!" Yutian roared.

Above high above the sky, countless merits are suddenly incorporated into Yutian body.

"hong long long!"

A pair of huge emerald green keel giant wings appeared in Yutian, vomiting fangs, show one's ferocious appearance.

"Jiangchen, this is the inferior'Ten Fang Giant Fist' that you said unbearable to look at back then. I have created it completely now, taste it!" Yu Tian let out a cold voice.


The wings stretched out, and the figure shook, and suddenly turned into ten imperial heavens, from ten directions, slammed into the generals.

Ten huge fists, destroying heaven and extinguishing earth, the formidable power exploded, and it was even more embarrassing.

In a blink of an eye, he came to the generals.

Jiangchen coldly smiled: "I said inferior, it is inferior, the ten-square giant fist? It is ridiculous. If you divide a power into ten parts and attack from ten directions, can you win? Fist, domineering You don’t need too much to strike, but you must be strong, and you can win or lose with one punch!"

Speaking, Jiang Chen suddenly punched out.

A golden boxing box instantly arrived at one of the imperial places.


Nine of the ten imperial remnants disappeared in an instant, leaving only one hit by the general. Under the tremendous power, Yu Tian flew out suddenly.


Crushing a lot of rocks, Yu Tiancai stabilized his figure.

"pu! ”

a mouthful of blood spurted, looked towards the generals with horror.

Jiangchen said indifferently: "How many times have you taught you, are you still keen on this kind of fancy cultivation technique? Fighting, just find the target and give the strongest blow, it is enough, any fancy action , Are all superfluous!"

Yu Tian showed horror and resentment on his face, general? In front of him, still can't make a move?

This is defeated?

Yu Tian's heart is full of sadness.

Not far away, Yan Chuan's eyes condensed. The formidable power of Jiang Chen's punch was too big, even he couldn't reach it.


Suddenly another silhouette shot.

But it was a black robe Netherworld River Old Ancestor, and he came close in a blink of an eye.


The emperor also stepped forward, instantly approaching.

The minister turned his gaze from the Imperial Sky, looked towards Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

"hahaha, good fist!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said with a smile.

The emperor looked towards Yan Chuan, with a hint of coldness and a hint of indescribable meaning.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor? The emperor?" Jiang Chen opened the mouth and said.

The other side. The place of the imperial heaven.

"ka ka ka ka!"

The land around the imperial goddess suddenly liquefies. When it liquefies, a black robed sillhouette appears, but it is dark Gui Guzi.

"Yu Tian Da Zun, hurry, follow me into the Yang Sector, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time!" the darkness Gui Guzi called.

When the Emperor Yutian saw the darkness of Gui Guzi, his eyes suddenly lit up.


Yu Tian Da Zun instantly grabbed the dark Gui Guzi's hand.


All around suddenly appeared countless Qi of Black and Yellow.

With the power of a Feng Shui master, the dark Gui Guzi instantly disappeared in the same place and entered the Yang Sector.

"en?" looked at the minister, but did not stop him.

“bang! ”

Yang Tian Da Zun and dark Gui Guzi shook their bodies, and they reached the Yang Sector of Dashan world, on a vast desert.

"Dark Gui Guzi, this time, many thanks to you!" Yu Tian Dazun gratefully said.

Yes, just after finishing talking, Yutian Dazun suddenly complexion changed, because not far away, there is a zombie standing in the air, three pairs of giant keel wings, fangs spit out, and a fierce face.

"zombie Yan Chuan?" Yutian Dazun complexion changed.

"Yu Tian, ​​I am here, waiting for you for a long time!" zombie Yan Chuan indifferently said.

Yu Tian wants to swallow zombie Yan Chuan, why doesn't zombie Yan Chuan want to swallow Yu Tian?

Nowadays, the world Yin Sector of Dashan is in chaos, zombie Yan Chuan stays in the world Yang Sector of Dashan, and this moment is waiting!

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