The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1517

"Yu Tian, ​​I am here, waiting for you for a long time!" zombie Yan Chuan said indifferently.

zombie Yan Chuan slapped three pairs of giant keel wings, soaring up into the sky, panic divine might emerge, and the four deserts suddenly rolled up into a billowing sandstorm.

The fierce power rushes straight into the sky.

"en?" Yutian complexion changed.

Turn around and looked towards Gui Guzi in the darkness not far away.

"Dark Gui Guzi, are you lying to me?" Yu Tian exclaimed abruptly.

"Cheat? The Emperor, what are you talking about? Don’t you always want to fight Yan Chuan? I’m here to provide you with the best battlefield, no one is disturbed, fair and just, Why did you lie to one of them?" Dark Gui Guzi said with a smile.

"hmph, don't quibble, I've misunderstood you, a poisonous strategy, to drive wolves to force me, and then partner with Yan Chuan to ambush here!" Yu Tian coldly said .

"Ambush? Oh, I respect your cultivation body and give you a dignified righteousness. Come on, stop talking nonsense!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Yu Tian's face is gloomy.


With a shot of the giant keel wings, they flew high into the sky, looking coldly towards zombie Yan Chuan.

Zombie Yan Chuan also flashed a fighting intent in his eyes, preparing to fight Yutian.

Suddenly, zombie's eyes were taken aback, as if feeling something, he looked up at the sky.

"en?" Yu Tian looked up at the sky, puzzled.

But, there is nothing but yellow sand in the sky.

Dark Gui Guzi stood aside, also showing a dazed look.

"Great Emperor, what's wrong with you?" Dark Gui Guzi asked in confusion.

Yan Chuan frowned, shook the head: "I don't know, but there is an ominous feeling inexplicably!"

"Ominous feeling?" Dark Gui Guzi Doubted.

"hahahaha, an ominous feeling? Do you feel dead?" Yutian said with a big smile.


Yu Tian rushed towards zombie Yan Chuan. As long as he swallows Yan Chuan, he can challenge the generals and must win.

Yan Chuan quickly condensed his mind, a cold look towards Yutian Great Lord in his eyes.

Dashan world, Yin Sector.

The entrance of the original imperial palace.

Personal Yan Chuan, Jiang Chen, Netherworld River Old Ancestor, Emperor, the four major Yin Sector powerhouses gather in one place.

Look at each other coldly.

However, it is more that everyone's eyes turned to Yan Chuan.

Under the divine ability of the blood sea, Yan Chuan's strength skyrocketed, but he was still much worse than the generals.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor, are you going to intervene in my grievance with Yan Chuan?" The minister said solemnly.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor slightly smiled, look at a blood-haired Yan Chuan, blood sea divine ability, this is inheritance own blood sea divine ability.

The third form?

"Blood sea divine ability? Not bad, some improvement!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor exclaimed.

Next, Netherworld River Old Ancestor looked towards Jiang Chen: "Intervene? No, I just want to see how far Yan Chuan has mastered the divine ability of the blood sea, please fight, I won't intervene!"

Don't interfere?

Jiangchen looked at the Netherworld River Old Ancestor a little weirdly.

Although I believe what Netherworld River Old Ancestor said, I am still quite worried.

Jiangchen is strong and majestic Heaven and Earth in the past, but that also depends on the opponent. Facing the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, the generals still can't see the details, and he didn't give a big word.

"Emperor?" General looked towards the emperor.

"I have an enemy with Yan Chuan, you fight! I just watch!" Huang said lightly.

Have hatred with Yan Chuan?

The generals also knew about the emperor, and he was extremely confused about the complicated relationship between the emperor and Yan Chuan, hatred?

I don't know if it is hatred or love!

The emperor's tone is firm, but the look in his eyes looking towards Yan Chuan is very complicated.

Two Great Powerhouses stand by and watch the battle?

Jiangchen looked towards Yan Chuan.

The general will naturally not be stage fright, but looked towards Yan Chuan with a little surprise.

"Yan Chuan Great Emperor? You have also seen, Netherworld River, the emperor, won't help you!" Jiang Chen said with a smile.

"General Great Emperor, in the Second Age, except for one and a half people who are missing, first under the heavens, heh, unfortunately, it is not the Second Age anymore!" Yan Chuan said with a slight smile.

while speaking, Yan Chuan waved his hand.

In the distance, another golden light lased suddenly.

Everyone looked at it, but it was a golden Great Emperor in a golden robe.

“bang! ”

The golden Great Emperor stood firm, and all around rolled up a storm.

"Golden Great Emperor?" The general was slightly puzzled.

"Don't blame the General Great Emperor, I owe Yan Chuan a favor. I have no choice but to face the General Great Emperor this time!" Golden Great Emperor said politely.

Although he was polite, he was clearly on Yan Chuan's side. If it was really a battle, the Golden Great Emperor would definitely help Yan Chuan with all his strength.

"oh?" Jiang Chen eyes slightly narrowed.

At this moment, Yan Chuan suddenly complexion changed, looking up at the sky.

Everyone looked towards Yan Chuan together, I don't know how Yan Chuan suddenly got this expression.

"Emperor Yan, what's the matter with you?" Golden Great Emperor asked in doubt.

"I don't know, I suddenly had an ominous hunch, I don't know where something happened!" Yan Chuan did not hide it.

"Ominous premonition?"

Ominous premonition!

Yan Chuan's best friend from the first world, Heavenspan is in huge trouble.

outer western continent.


Lian Shen suddenly thrust a palm into Heavenspan's chest.

Heavenspan's face was ruthless, and a sword pierced Lotus God's chest.

All around the territory, a mess, murky heavens dark earth, flying sand running stone, countless creatures are all annihilated.

Lian Shen VS Heavenspan.

Incomparably tragic, Heavenspan dishevelled hair, with a hideous face.

both sides suffer moves.


Under the tremendous power, Heavenspan flew upside down, a mouthful of blood gushing in his chest. corner of the mouth flow blood, extremely tragic.

Lian Shen's chest also left a sword mouth. But Lian Shen still stood steadily in the air.

"Heavenspan? So courageous!" Lian Shen said bitterly.

I was defeated by Zhong Shan not long ago, and now I am dealing with a Heavenspan, and I actually hurt myself.

"hahahaha, the god of lotus, except the teacher, I, Heavenspan, don't worship anyone. If you want my life, I will bite a piece of meat on you too!" Heavenspan said bitterly, clutching his chest.

"hmph, I am Undying Body, how can you compare to it? Death!" Lotus God rushed forward again.

“bang! ”

The battle of Two Great Powerhouses is like a great collision between Heaven and Earth, with huge black hole waves rushing towards all directions.

Tai Chi Temple entrance.

Wu Zhao's face is extremely ugly, holding a piece of jade talisman in his hand, looking into the distance, his eyes are uncertain.

"Great Emperor!" Shangguan Wan'er said anxiously on the side.

Wu Zhao remained unmoved and stared into the distance.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"………………

The battle between Heavenspan and Lotus God was extremely tragic.

Lian Shen suppressed Heavenspan one-sidedly, but Heavenspan would rather be jade fragments than tiles, and would rather die than surrender. Every time, both sides suffer stabbing Lotus God.

Blood is scattered everywhere.


The lotus god is shouting loudly, and a lotus flower exploded on the neck of Heavenspan.

The full force urged Heavenspan's neck.


Heavenspan seems to know that he is imminent death, with a hideous face and a purple sword light at the mouth.


sword light pierced Lotus God's right eye straight.


Heavenspan's head exploded and opened, and Lian Shen's right eye also exploded in an instant.

"Ah!" Lian Shen roared in pain.

She covered her eyes and stepped back for a while.

On the other side, Heavenspan's head is gone.

There is only one body left.

Extremely tragic.

Even so, the headless body was cut with a single sword.


A sword pierced Lotus God’s chest.

"Deadly!" Lotus God is shouting loudly.


The power of terror poured into the Executing Immortal Sword, and the Executing Immortal Sword instantly appeared numerous cracks.

The headless body also flew upside down. The whole body burst open, the skin and flesh were rotten, exposing the headless whole body.

"Doesn't you die like this?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

Almost, Heavenspan has been destroyed, but such a headless skeleton stained with flesh and blood has stood up again.


Executing Immortal Sword that seems to flood into countless cracks.


With a sharp flick, the Executing Immortal Sword shot Northwest away.

Lian Shen was shocked by the fierceness of Heavenspan.

Because Lian Shen can be sure that he has destroyed Heavenspan’s fate and Divine Soul, but he can still support the skeleton with his tyrannical will for so long?


Heavenspan headless skeleton, rushed towards the lotus god.

"Here again?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

Poke out a palm and grabbed the skeleton suddenly.

But when the lotus god thought that Heavenspan was completely controlled.



Heavenspan skeleton, self-destruct opened suddenly, a huge explosion, making the entire Yang Sector everywhere Deafening.

At the place where the skeleton exploded, the lotus god was extremely embarrassed by the explosion, and his body was deformed in many places, and his hairvelled hair. Flesh and blood.

"Roar, goddamn Heavenspan, I can't live in peace!" Lian Shen said bitterly.

Lian Shen is an Undying Body, his right eye is pierced and he is embarrassed, but he is recovering quickly.

It didn't take long for Lotus God to gradually recover.

Tian Gang and the others fly over.

"Lord!" Tian Gang anxiously said.

"Kill, destroy the Great Zhou Heaven Realm for me, kill!" Lotus God roar angrily.

Heavenspan fell.

Countless cracked Executing Immortal Sword shot at the Tai Chi Hall.


Executing Immortal Sword falls in the palm of Wu Zhao.

"Wu Zhao, what I can do has been done, I have died, the teacher has asked me to give my full assistance, I have done my best, this is my last ten 6 Heavenly Layer will, I will leave it to You, I, Heavenspan, I only respect Heaven and Earth for my whole life, and only respect the teacher, the teacher, I have paid it back, the teacher has fallen, I have doubts, if one day, if you see the teacher again, tell him'dísciple goodbye to the teacher '!"

Heavenspan's voice came.

Wu Zhao stared at the Executing Immortal Sword with a broken palm.

"Ai, I miss the days when Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother were there, hehe, for the teacher’s dream, Eldest Senior Brother has gone, and Second Senior Brother has gone, hehe, now I I want to go too. That's okay, at least, I don't have to be so tired!"

Heavenspan's voice finally came.

In Executing Immortal Sword, a ball of light poured into Wu Zhao's body, Heavenspan's will.

"ka ka ka ka!"

The Executing Immortal Sword is getting more and more broken, broken into pieces, and dissipated in the air. It's as if to follow his own master.


Suddenly, it rained heavily. It seems to be seeing off Heavenspan.

"Send Heavenspan Cult Lord!" Shangguan Wan'er said sadly from the side.

"Send Heavenspan Cult Lord!"

Manchu dynasty civil and military, a large number of officials respectfully worship the Executing Immortal Sword.

Wu Zhao bit his lip, his eyes are slightly moist, but in a blink of an eye, his will is firm again, and a fierce light flashes in his eyes, depressing the love of children.


In the distance, rolling demons swept in.

Lian Shen came to Luoyang with countless powerhouses.


Wu Zhao crushes jade talisman in his palm.


Wu Zhao's side, a crack suddenly appeared, and the heavenly demon rushed out.

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