The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1518

In the distance, rolling demons swept in.

Lian Shen came to Luoyang with countless powerhouses.


Wu Zhao crushes jade talisman in his palm.


Wu Zhao's side, a crack suddenly appeared, and the heavenly demon rushed out.

Heavenly demon billowed, instantly flooding the entire Luoyang City.

"hong long long!"

The gap is getting bigger and bigger. In the Taijidian square, gradually, countless heavenly demon worshipped toward the gap.

A huge throne was slowly exposed in front of everyone.

On the throne, sits a huge zhang giant wearing a Chinese robe. The giant holds the handrails with both hands, calm and composed, and a breath of Only I Am Supreme exudes. Surrounded by the golden light of the Diagram of the Eight Trigrams of the Earlier Heaven.

There are some people with heads and snakes standing in front of them, as well as Meng Rongrong.

"hong long long!"

The violent breath radiated, and the heavenly demon of Luoyang City suddenly came to worship.

"Snake essence, and Fuxi?" Wu Zhao looked towards said solemnly.

Before the giant Fuxi, the snake spirit said with a smile weirdly: "The king has already calculated the disaster of Great Zhou, so he will come personally. He waited in Celestial Demon World for some time, but didn't Expect Wu Zhao Great Emperor, I have only used that jade talisman until now!"

"Has been calculated?" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

"Yes, I didn't expect, you watched Heavenspan fall, speaking of which, I still admire Heavenspan, but unfortunately, he is too affectionate, after all Being deceived by you, you want to break through the ten 6 Heavenly Layer, really do everything you want! "Snake Jingjing said solemnly.

Looking at Wu Zhao, the snake spirit has no good impressions.

Wu Zhao looked at the snake essence coldly, and finally looked towards the giant Fuxi.

"Fuxi, can you still honor your promises in the past?" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

The giant look at Wu Zhao, indifferently said: "What I have said will be honored naturally!"

"That's good, the lotus god is coming, and please Fuxi to resolve this for me Second crisis!" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

"As you wish!" Fuxi said lightly.


In the distance, the Lian Shen army came violently, and in a blink of an eye, it was outside Luoyang City.


The billowing storm swept away towards Luoyang City.

Lian Shen stood at the forefront and suddenly narrowed his eyes when he saw the huge zhang giant in Luoyang.

"Who are you?" Lian Shen shouted.

From Fuxi's look, Lian's divine ability felt a great threat.

Powerhouse, just watching the Diagram of the Eight Trigrams of the Earlier Heaven behind Fuxi, the lotus god has a feeling of oppression.

really strong!

"Where to come from, where to go back!" Fuxi lightly saying.

"hmph, what if I don't go back?" Lotus God coldly shouted.

Lian Shen feels that the four realms are one, and it seems that everything is not going well. First the generals, then the golden Great Emperor, then Zhongshan, just now there was Heavenspan, and now, there is another peerless powerhouse. .

Where are so many powerhouses popping up in the first world?

Wu Zhao looked towards Lotus God with a sneer.

With Fuxi here, Wu Zhao believes that this Lian Shen crisis will definitely be resolved.

Luoyang City, in a corner. Standing a black robed sillhouette, Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong squeezed his fist, eyes full of tears.

"Wu Zhao, you slut!" Sun Wukong roared sadly in his heart.

Sun Wukong quickly rushed into the original palace of Heavenspan. After cleaning up his things for a while, Sun Wukong took a group of people and left quickly.

At this time, everyone is paying attention to Lotus God and Fuxi, and no one cares about the departure of Sun Wukong and his party.

Along the way, Sun Wukong gnashing teeth.

"Men, you are so kind. You are making an all-out effort to assist Wu Zhao in this way, but she is plotting against you. Wukong is incompetent. Although there are thousands of hatreds to Lotus God and Na Slut vents, but is powerless to avenge you. Grace, God of Lian will kill you, I will avenge you. Although I am incompetent, there must be a capable person. I, Wukong, will suffer three disasters and will also do it for you. Those who find revenge!" Sun Wukong flew quickly to the ground with tears in his eyes.

"Master, where are we going?" a Sun Wukong dísciple called.

Sun Wukong gritted his teeth and choked sobs: "Leave Great Zhou and go to Xianyang!"

"Great Zhen Heaven Realm?"

"Yan Chuan, Gui Guzi and Eun Gong are close friends, I will beg him, begging him to avenge Eun Gong!" Sun Wukong was in the fast flight of choking.


The entire group left quickly.

Dashan world, Yang Sector.

Zombie Yan Chuan Black Dragon comes out of the avenue and fits the avenue. Instantly turned into a Black Dragon.

"True Dragon Avenue? It seems that people who cultivation the body of a minister are unwilling to be subdued, and so am I!" Yu Tian shouted.


Pick the emerald green Green Dragon Avenue up to the sky.

Yu Tian Da Zun fits the Green Dragon Avenue, and turns into a Green Dragon in a blink of an eye.


Two True Dragons roared at the sky.

Roaring to the sky, the sound shook the world Yang Sector world.

In an instant, countless powerhouses are paying attention to the world in the great good world Yang Sector.

Although it is concerned, no one intervenes at will.


The two dragons collided, and the void smashed into countless thunder and lightning, thunder and lightning tore the void, bursting into the sky.

The body of the minister, the fleshy body is extremely strong, powerful collision, and the sound oscillates Heaven and Earth.

“bang! ”“bang! ”“bang! ”………………

Two True Dragons, one black and one green, no one will let them, and they will collide fiercely with each other .


During the roaring, they all refused to give way.

zombie Yan Chuan, ten 5 Heavenly Layer, but swallowed the body of two generals, and the Great Emperor altar, the strength has reached ten 6 Heavenly Layer, and the Green Dragon is evenly divided.

Never let anyone.

And in Yin Sector.

The human body Yan Chuan, the golden Great Emperor, at this moment Two Great Powerhouses are staring at the generals, there is no need to fight for life and death, the main purpose of the human body Yan Chuan, but or for dragging the generals.

I don't want to involve the Great Emperor in the battle of Yang Sector.

However, Jiang Chen seemed to have no intention of intervening in Yan Chuan and Yutian's battle.

The generals' demeanor is unpredictable.

At this moment, I don't care about Yan Chuan, but look up at the sky.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor also looked up at the sky. Although the two were in Yin Sector, they seemed to be able to see the scene of Yang Sector.

Human Yan Chuan eyes slightly narrowed, but he didn't clamor for a shot anymore.

"The body of a general? Is it extraordinary?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor exclaimed.

The general was staring at the sky, with a chuckle of satisfaction.

The emperor's gaze can't penetrate the Yin-Yang two sectors, just look at Yan Chuan with a complicated expression.

Dashan world Yang Sector.


The two dragons roared, and during the battle, they shattered a huge territory, and the sound shook the world.


Black Dragon suddenly roared.


A huge bronze coffin fell from the sky, and under the great power, it crashed on Green Dragon's body.


The Green Dragon was crazily twisted, and the suppression of the bronze coffin was too strong. Fiercely pressed against the dragon, the Green Dragon struggled, but could not retreat.


Black Dragon roared and bit Green Dragon on the neck.

Green Dragon struggled, but couldn't.

"ka ka ka ka!"

Black Dragon kept pressing hard, and finally the fangs were inserted into the green skin.

Yin Sector.

"This coffin?" Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes.

"Antimatter?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor expression moved.

"Not only antimatter, but also a special thing!" Jiang Chen said solemnly.

Yang Sector.

"ka ka ka!"


The Green Dragon was torn off a piece of flesh and blood by the Black Dragon, and the invincible Green Dragon finally has a weak spot .


Green Dragon roared in pain.

The violent vibration caused the Zhenshi bronze coffin to shake suddenly, as if it was about to break free.

"Zhen Shi Tian Xia!" Black Dragon roared again, and a tail shot on the Zhen Shi bronze coffin.


Green Dragon was suppressed again.


Black Dragon roared, quickly tearing the dragon body of Green Dragon.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"………………

It didn't take long for Green Dragon to be covered with scars.

"Why is this?" Green Dragon said angrily.

"There is no reason, I won!" Black Dragon said solemnly.


Black Dragon opened his mouth, and under a huge suction force, Green Dragon burst into Black Dragon's mouth.


After swallowing Green Dragon, Black Dragon suddenly exudes black air.

"bang!" surrounded by black air, enveloping the Black Dragon and the bronze coffin of Zhenshi.


Yin Sector’s Yan Chuan’s eyes were joyful, but he didn’t dare to be careless. At this moment, the body of the generals and ministers is what the generals want most, right?

Be careful of the generals. Climb to Peak all over your body and fight at any time.

"hahahahahaha!" The general suddenly laughed.

I didn't think about going to Yang Sector, but turned around and left thinking about the outer southern continent.

"en?" Yan Chuan was slightly taken aback.

The minister is gone? why?

The emperor looked at the generals, then at Yan Chuan, and walked towards his inner Beizhou.

On the other side, Netherworld River Old Ancestor slightly smiled and walks away.

"Yan Chuan, it seems that Jiangchen's idea is not that simple!" Golden Great Emperor said solemnly.

"Well, no matter what, this time, many thanks to the Golden Great Emperor, you and I are clear!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"hahahaha, well, I like your refreshment!" Golden Great Emperor said with a smile.

Dashan world Yang Sector.


There was a loud noise, and the black mist suddenly dispersed.

Exposed the internal zombie Yan Chuan.

zombie Yan Chuan, with his feet on the Great Emperor altar, on his back, four pairs of giant keel wings.

black, red, purple, green.



Four pairs of keel giant wings suddenly merged into one. In an instant, the giant keel wings became three times the original size, and radiated billions of golden light. It looks like a pair of golden keel wings.


Yan Chuan's body roared.

"Ten 6 Heavenly Layer?" zombie Yan Chuan's face was happy.

At the same time, rolling forces poured into the keel giant wings.


The giant keel wings became pitch black again.

The wings are more savage than before, and the wings are more domineering than before, exuding fierce aura.

Ten 6 Heavenly Layer.

zombie Yan Chuan look at his fleshy body. On the fleshy body, there is one after another nineteen-color rays of light flowing, and it looks perfect.

"ka ka ka ka!"

Squeezed a fist, and the whole body exudes one after another overflowing golden power.

"This is the perfect body of a general? It is many times stronger than before!" zombie Yan Chuan said with emotion.

On the other side, the darkness Gui Guzi has disappeared.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"………………

Suddenly, one after another silhouette flew from Yang Sector all directions and rolled up storm.

Zombie Yan Chuan's side was immediately surrounded by nine great world peerless powerhouses.

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