The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1519

Dashan world, Yang Sector!

zombie Yan Chuan swallowed the Yutian Great Master, and hit the Ten 6 Heavenly Layer cultivation base, the powerful fleshy body, flowing a beam of rays of light with nineteen colors.


Yang Sector, the nine powerhouses suddenly arrived, surrounding Yan Chuan in the center.

Nine people are aggressive, each showing off talent, full of ferocity.

"Great good world? Millions of years have passed. I don't think that so many ten 6 Heavenly Layers have been born?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Are you the first world Yan Chuan?"

"No, he should be Great Thousand World's former winner!"

Nine Great Jue World powerhouse Staring at Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan is naturally fearless, especially now that his strength has skyrocketed.

"Yan Chuan, what are you doing in my Dashan world?"

"You actually ate Yutian?"

The nine powerhouses are extremely puzzled Tao.

"The four worlds are united, the continents are merged, the great world, and the Yin Sector are now classified as the first world!" Yan Chuan did not hide it.

"What?" Everyone complexion changed.

With a flick of sleeve, Yan Chuan is about to fly away.

"Stop!" a Buddha in a robe called.

Yan Chuan ignored it.


The Buddha instantly arrived in front of Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan's eyes were cold: "I just killed Yutian, if you want to die, you will continue to stop!"

"This is my great world, why you want to come to come, wants to walk to walk?" The Buddha's eyes were cold.


Yan Chuan didn't talk nonsense, and the probing hand suddenly slapped him.


Shot, the entire Quartet Void was dyed black.

That Buddha complexion changed.

"Buddha light illuminating everything, ten thousand zhang golden body!" Buddha shouting loudly.


Endless golden light, bursting out, Buddha golden light, subdue monsters and defeat demons, is the nemesis of all obscure forces.

Faced with Yan Chuan's dark air, it also purified countless in an instant, but there was too much dark air, and it flooded countless golden lights in an instant.

A ten thousand zhang golden figure stood in front of the Buddha.

However, Yan Chuan’s giant palm was photographed like the end of the world.

“bang! ”

With a loud bang, the huge Buddha golden body was smashed by a palm, and even instantly swept away by the billowing darkness and disappeared. Exhausted.


The Buddha suddenly flew upside down, vomiting blood, and looked towards zombie Yan Chuan with horror.

Other Eight Great Powerhouses are also complexion sank.

Yan Chuan looked at everyone coldly: "Remember my words, don't court death!"

Don't court death?

Everyone was complexion stiffened, and Yan Chuan looked unsightly one by one. Yan Chuan used his mighty strength to force everyone into a threat.

Everyone looked at Yan Chuan tyrannical, but no one came forward to theory.

Yan Chuan flew quickly, left the crowd, and soon came to Yellow Springs Road on the outer western continent of Dashan.

“bang! ”

Zombie Yan Chuan enters Yellow Springs Road and enters Dashan world Yin Sector.

Yin Sector.

The major powerhouses have left. Send people to conquer their respective territories.

While leaving at zombie Yan Chuan, the world many powerhouses of Dashan are embarrassed and angry.

"What happened to Yin Sector?"

"What happened? Yutian was also swallowed by Yan Chuan?"

"My great world , Never let others get involved!"

Many powerhouses are fierce, and they quickly form alliances with each other.

Previously, they didn't form an alliance and each fought each other. Therefore, when Yan Chuan bullied a Buddha, everyone did not make a strong move.

It's different now, forming an alliance. If just now, everyone can besiege Yan Chuan with all their strength.

When many powerhouses inquired about Yin Sector.

Yin Sector, also in the shortest time, acknowledge allegiance of the first world Great Influence.

Lei Di, King Poison Dragon, after the acknowledge allegiance Great Zhen, quickly informed the world, quickly let all the subordinates acknowledge allegiance Yan Chuan.

Rolling merits, luck, fortune, and fortune will gather towards the Great Qin City.

"The power of luck, Power of Achievements and Virtue, the power of luck, the power of luck, listen to my orders, link the two continents, and unite!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.

The power of luck, Power of Achievements and Virtue, the power of luck, and the power of luck pull the two realms into a rapid fusion.

"hong long long!" Dashan world roared.

"Outer southern continent, the first world, the great world, together!" Generals shouting loudly.

"Outer northern continent, the first world, the great world, hey!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouted.

"Inner Beizhou, the first world, the great world, hey!" The emperor said.

“bang! ”

The four powerhouses almost coincidentally rise up in high spirits. Near the same time, they mobilize the power of the two worlds and merge together quickly.

In the Promise, you can see that the sphere of the great good world, suddenly, has almost half of it, blending into the sphere of the first world.


The world collides, the world merges.

In the first world, the entire Yin Sector has undergone a change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Countless dead spirits suddenly lost their center of gravity and fell towards the sky.

Under the strong suction power, the entire Yin Sector is in a mess.

"hong long long!"

Yin Sector is in chaos, and nothing can be seen.

Under the great chaos, Great Zhen’s Dongwaizhou and inner southern continent. Officials from all over the world recruited the people into the city early to prevent any changes. At this moment, the chaos strikes, and the city formations are opened, waiting for the impact. .

"hong long long!"

World merger, Heavenly Dao appeared one after another, the first world Heavenly Dao, the great good world Heavenly Dao.

The two worlds Heavenly Dao are in a frantic blend.

The first world Yin Sector, Daqin City.

Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, stood at the entrance of the central hall, leading the officials to look up to the sky.

Silver pupil Gui Guzi stood beside him.

The two silver pupils stared at the innumerable great world Heavenly Dao, and the two were quickly deducing, analyzing, permuting and combining Heavenly Dao.

Personal Yan Chuan, zombie Yan Chuan, Mo Yuxi and the others quickly shuttled through the Yin Sector and came towards Daqin City.

"hong long long!"

Heaven and Earth are in chaos.

The integration of the entire Yin Sector is more chaotic than the integration of continents and continents in the past, and it has persisted for countless times.

This is the grand event of the Yin Sector Great Zhen Heaven Realm, and it is also the grand event of the entire Yin Sector in the first world. Countless people are waiting for the final result.

Time goes by, Yin Sector is merging.

The first world, Yang Sector.

Two months later. Xianyang City.

Yellow Springs Road is temporarily closed, no one can enter the Yin Sector.

However, this is nothing to the people. What people are most curious about at the moment is a flat land outside Xianyang City.

In a Xianyang restaurant.

"Did you see it? South of Xianyang City, there are a hundred people kneeling!"

"Nonsense, I just went to see this morning, headed by a Big Monkey, this group of people It’s really strange, one by one wearing linen and filial piety!"

"A hundred people wearing linen and filial piety are kneeling there, don’t you know who?"

"I know someone about this !"


"Kneeling at the front, the monkey king with red eyes is the subordinate of the former Heavenspan Cult Lord, Sun Wukong!"

"Sun Wukong? The Great Qi Saint King of our territory in the past?"

"Heavenspan Cult Lord? Xianyang was distressed in the past, Heavenspan Cult Lord came to help!"




For a while, Xianyang City discuss spiritedly.

There are hundreds of people kneeling in the south of the city, all wearing hemp and filial piety. Not only the people were curious, but they also alarmed the officials.

It was originally nothing, but Sun Wukong was the leader, so he had to be cautious and report it layer by layer.

Soon, Gui Guzi took some officials to the south of the city.

Gui Guzi's face is gloomy at the moment, his fists clenched. Walked in front of Sun Wukong.

"Great Qi Holy King, I already know about Heavenspan!" Gui Guzi said with a gloomy face.

Sun Wukong knelt there, his eyes flushed: "Sir, you and Ben Gong are close friends, please call your husband to avenge En Gong, kill and seal Lotus God!"

Seal the lotus god?

all around The expressions of the officials were complicated.

Lian Shen's strength is more than just a name. Seal him? too difficult.

"Great Qi Saint King, you better get up, go into Xianyang with me first, and wait for the Great Emperor to return, then make a decision?" Gui Guzi stepped forward and supported Sun Wukong.

But Sun Wukong shook his head, his eyes flushed and said: "I know that Mr. is embarrassed. Great Zhen Heaven Realm, after all, it is Emperor Yan who is in charge. I just kneel here, begging Emperor Yan, even if I pay for it. Everything, I also ask Yan Di to avenge En Gong!"

"But the Great Emperor is in Yin Sector, dealing with an extremely important matter, wait for the Great Emperor to come back and talk about it!" Gui Guzi persuaded .

For Sun Wukong, Gui Guzi is still very admired, at least in Heavenspan, affectionate and true.

"No, Mr. Many thanks kindly, I will kneel here and wait for Emperor Yan to return!" Sun Wukong bit his lip, tears welled up in his eyes.

Sun Wukong was unable to stand up, and a group of dísciples dressed in linen and filial piety behind them also bowed down.

"oh!" Gui Guzi sighed as he looked at a group of people wearing linen and filial piety in front of him.

Yin Sector, Daqin City.

Three Yan Chuan gathered in front of the central hall.

Looking at Heaven and Earth in front of me, the original chaos gradually became clear.

The first world, the great world, and the Yin Sector are finally unified.

In the void, World's Essence Qi has grown countless, and the space has become more solid.

"Okay!" zombie Yan Chuan said with satisfaction.

outer southern continent, general minister Heaven Realm.

outer northern continent, the ten temple area.

Neibeizhou, immortal teaching field!

Dongwaizhou, outer southern continent, Great Zhen Heaven Realm.

Although there is not much overlap with Heaven Realm, the territory of Great Zhen Heaven Realm does not lose anyone.

At the moment when the three Yan Chuan are satisfied with the world in front of them.

"Great Emperor, news from Yang Sector!" Liu Gang walked to the three Yan Chuan ugly complexion.

"What's wrong?" zombie Yan Chuan said curiously.

"Heavenspan Cult Lord, dead!" Liu Gang said solemnly.

"What?" zombie Yan Chuan suddenly raised his brows, and a strong murderous aura flashed in his eyes.

The personal Yan Chuan didn't hesitate even more, stepping straight to Yellow Springs Road. Go straight to Yang Sector.

"Tell me clearly, Heavenspan Cult Lord, what's wrong with him?" Yan Chuan's eyes flashed nervously.

"Heavenspan Cult Lord, the hand of the lotus god!"

"Impossible, why should he be an enemy of the lotus god?" Yan Chuan said with an ugly face.

"It is true, this is all that happened at that time, and Sun Wukong is kneeling outside Xianyang City at this moment, begging the Great Emperor to avenge the Heavenspan Cult Lord!" Liu Gang immediately handed out one. jade slip.

Yan Chuan took it immediately and quickly read the internal content. As he read it, his face became more and more ugly.

"Wu Zhao, you slut!"


Yan Chuan smashed the jade slip to the ground with anger.

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