The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1520

"hong long long!"

At the time when Yin Sector Dashan world merged with No.1 world. The Southwest Continent of the First World and Great Thousand World is rapidly integrated.

The heroes rise together, tearing the world apart.

After the fusion, the world returned to calm again.

Dongwaizhou, Xianyang.

Sun Wukong has been kneeling outside Xianyang City with a hundred followers of dísciple and Heavenspan.

Toward the entrance of the Temple of Heaven, Yan Chuan stands with his hands behind, and Gui Guzi stands aside, looking towards Sun Wukong, who is kneeling outside Xianyang City.

"Great Emperor, I have checked the matter. That's it. Heavenspan should be said to have died under Shien. This Shien was used by Wu Zhao and was eventually killed by God of Lotus!" Gui Guzi said solemnly.

Yan Chuan squeezed his fist.

"Wu Zhao?" Yan Chuan a light shout.


A sound wave went straight to the west. The sound shook the world. The world is almost entirely Yan Chuan's voice.

For a time, in the Yang Sector world, countless powerhouses looked towards the east blankly.

outer western continent, Luoyang City.


The Tai Chi Hall was suddenly impacted by a sound wave, and the great hall roared instantly.

Wu Zhao sits on Dragon Throne, Manchu Wenwu reveals a surprised look.

Wu Zhao's face was gloomy, and he slowly stepped on the Dragon Throne, leading the officials out of the Tai Chi Hall, standing in the Tai Chi Hall square, looking towards the east.

Yan Chuan and Wu Zhao looked at each other.

"Yan Chuan?" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

"slut!" Yan Chuan exclaimed in the distance.

"en?" Wu Zhao stared in his eyes, and also revealed a fierce look.

The officials in the Tai Chi Palace Square were shocked.

The world is in an uproar!

Because many people have already heard it, it is Yan Chuan's voice, Great Zhen Yan Di, is insulting the Great Zhou Martial Emperor? Am I right?

"impudent!" Wu Zhao scolded.

Yan Chuan didn't care. The absolute division of the two dynasties should have everyone minds their own business. However, at this moment, Yan Chuan seems to have deliberately provoked a contradiction between the two dynasties.

"From now on, you Wu Zhao, for me Great Zhen Heaven Realm, the enemy of life and death! hmph!" Yan Chuan is coldly snorted.

The sound of anger spreads all over the world.

Dongfang Bubai, Golden Great Emperor, Zhongshan, Lotus God, all cast an unexpected expression.

After all, the emperor’s mindset rarely expresses a certain position decisively. Sometimes, any hatred can be resolved by interest, but now, Yan Chuan is in front of the people of the world, and Wu Zhao irreconcilable?

Great Zhou Heaven Realm was in an uproar.

A group of Great Zhou officials suddenly appeared surprised and angry. I didn't know how to speak for a while, but looked towards Wu Zhao together.

Wu Zhao's eyes are cold, but he doesn't say a word.

Because Yan Chuan at the entrance of Chaotian Temple, he no longer paid attention to Wu Zhao, his eyes have turned to the Wanlian Sea of ​​the lotus god on the outer southern continent.

Yan Chuan has cold eyes, murderous aura shooting in all directions.

Guzi Guzi explained: "The Great Emperor, that day Wu Zhao crushed the jade talisman, and invited Fuxi from Celestial Demon World. The lotus Divine Weapon came to Luoyang City, and Fuxi hit the lotus god!"

"Heavy damage to the Lotus God?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes, during the battle, I entered the Promise again. When he returned, God Lian was extremely embarrassed, and even had a gossip picture burned on his face, and he could not recover for a long time. In the end, he brought his subordinates. Return to the outer southern continent." Gui Guzi said solemnly.

"Fuxi? If Wu Zhao's slut invited him out sooner, Heavenspan would not die!" Yan Chuan squeezed his fist and said with baleful aura in his eyes.

"Yes, it's a pity that Wu Zhao is too gloomy. The Great Emperor, Sun Wukong and his party, are still kneeling outside Xianyang at this moment!" Gui Guzi said.

"Lu Buwei, bring them here!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.


Lu Buwei immediately flew out with some courtiers.

Outside the city.

Sun Wukong took a group of people, wearing hemp and filial piety. After waiting for many days, he didn't see Yan Chuan. He was already desperate, but suddenly he heard Yan Chuan yelling at Wu Zhao and he listened to the heavens.

Everyone was suddenly excited.

Sun Wukong burst into tears.

Soon, Lu Buwei came to Sun Wukong.

"Everyone, the Great Emperor is back, please enter the Chaotiandian square to meet the Great Emperor!" Lu Buwei said kindly.

"Master Xie Lu!" Sun Wukong wiped his tears.

Soon, the entire group arrived at the entrance of Chaotian Temple.

As soon as he entered the entrance of Chaotian Temple, Sun Wukong bowed down without the slightest hesitation.

In the old days of Great Thousand World, Sun Wukong only worshiped Master and Heaven and Earth, but in the end found that he was plotted against by everyone. Only Heavenspan Cult Lord was extremely proud of himself. Appreciate, when the Great Thousand World heroes sacrificed themselves, it was Heavenspan Cult Lord pulling strongly against a crazy tide and saved themselves.

It is Heavenspan Cult Lord who brought himself to this Heaven and Earth.

Here, because I am grateful to Heavenspan Cult Lord, Sun Wukong only worships Heavenspan Cult Lord, and Sun Wukong does not worship anyone else. Even in Great Zhou Heaven Realm in the past, I was never polite to Wu Zhao.

But today, Sun Wukong once again put down his dignity. Only for this hatred.

"Emperor Yan, Wukong begged Emperor Yan to avenge his benefactor Heavenspan Cult Lord!" Sun Wukong suddenly bowed down.

Looking at Sun Wukong, Yan Chuan faintly sighed: "You never lose Heavenspan!"

"Benevolent grandfather’s grace of rebuilding, Wukong will never forget! As long as he can get revenge, he can Sealing the lotus god, Wukong is willing to kowtow to everyone, kowtow to everyone who is willing to avenge En Gong." Sun Wukong gnashing teeth said.

"In the past, En Gong and Yan Di were close friends. Wukong was incompetent and could not avenge En Gong. I only hope that Yan Di can do his best for the sake of friendship with En Gong. I know, this It's a bit embarrassing for Emperor Yan. After all, the Lotus God is so powerful that it is difficult to have an opponent, but Wukong still wants to surpass it once!" Sun Wukong pleaded.

"I implore Emperor Yan to take action!" Hundred people behind him kowtowed at the same time.

The officials were silent, Yan Chuan held his hand and looked up at the sky.

The sky is gloomy, surrounded by dark clouds, and a handful of light spills down, making people slightly depressed.

"Bai Yi, my teacher is Hongjun. Now I am talking with Baihuang. I will bring three senior and junior brothers to Bai's house to pay respect. You are the grandson of Baihuang, and I am Hongjun. dísciple, why don’t we compare it with each other?"

"hahahahaha, happy, Bai Yi, last time, you blocked a sword for me, this time, I blocked a sword for you, which is a tie. This group of evil thieves has been doing harm to the world for many years, and it depends on who kills more!"

"Gui Guzi is pedantic, and you are not bad, but we can’t break the world together in the future. Teachers will have great The plan is to be done. The three of my senior and junior brothers are going to cooperate with the teacher!"

"Bai Yi, in order to cooperate with the teacher, my body may be separated from Divine Soul. If one day, I My body is against you, kill!"

"Bai Yi, you may not see me in the future, but remember, you and I are brother!"

"Yan Chuan , Your enemy is my enemy, what about Azure Dragon Great Emperor? At worst, I lost my Emerald Jade Floating Palace. I will fight with you!"

Heavenspan's past scenes are in Yan Chuan's mind Flashed through.

Gradually, Yan Chuan's fists became tighter and tighter, and his eyes became slightly moist.

"Emperor Yan, Wukong begs!" Sun Wukong bowed again.

"Get up, Heavenspan's enemy is my enemy!" Yan Chuan gnashing teeth said.

"Huh?" Sun Wukong suddenly looked up.

"Lu Buwei, the world is commanded, Great Zhen has entered a state of combat readiness, fighting against the world!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.


"Great Emperor!" everyone shouted suddenly.

Fight against the evil world? right now?

"The Great Emperor, the lotus god has a great power. Although Zhongshan and Fuxi were hit hard, the strength it showed was actually ten 7 Heavenly Layer. Now, I, Great Zhen, will fight against the evil world. Is it?" Lu Buwei said in surprise.

"Yes!" Yan Chuan breathes deeply nodded.

The officials were in an uproar. The scene of the Lotus God coming to Xianyang not long ago was still lingering in his mind. Such a domineering powerhouse, is it going to fight now?

"War!" Yan Chuan a light shout, immediately interrupting the uproar among the officials.

"The minister abides by the decree!" Lu Buwei said solemnly.

"Meng Wenruo, it is up to you to write the text of the crusade, and prepare to fight the evil world!" Yan Chuan ordered.

"The minister abides by the order!"

"Adjust Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Meng Tian, ​​Jin Dayu, Shang Yang to the Yang Sector, and Yi Feng to conquer the evil world coach, immediately lays down troops The evil world plan!" Yan Chuan ordered.

"According to the order!" Everyone behind him should be shouted.

Lian Shen is tyrannical, he tyrannizes to the World Lord, and his voice shook the world. However, in Great Zhen, the officials were not scared by the name of the Lian Shen. If Yan Chuan did not give an order, it would be fine. , Suddenly the monarch and ministers were united. Unanimously external.

The Great Zhen state machine is running fast.

The war against the evil world.

These days, the evil world has always invaded the first world. This is the first time Great Zhen is preparing to invade the evil world.

The officials are respectful.

Sun Wukong in front of him could not stop tears.

Sun Wukong is not a good crying person, even here in Heaven and Earth for millions of years, this is the first time Sun Wukong has cried, but the crying at this time can't stop, all around no Anyone who would laugh at him.

This is a tear of gratitude.

"Many thanks Yan Di, many thanks Yan Di!" Sun Wukong said immediately.

"dong!" "dong!" "dong!"

Sun Wukong desperately knocked his head to express his endless gratitude at this moment.

That is the lotus god, except for peerless powerhouses like Fuxi, Jiangchen, and Zhongshan, who would dare to touch his brow? Yan Chuan decided to fight hard for the friendship of the past?

"No need to knock, if you have a deep hatred, go find Yi Feng, plan on the battlefield, and kill the enemy together!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes! Thank you, Emperor Yan!" Sun Wukong answered immediately.

Going to take revenge, although he can't deal with Lotus God, even if he kills Lotus God's subordinates, it is a vent to himself.

An order from Yan Chuan. Soon, the news spread all over the world.

With Meng Wenruo's crusade, the text was published. Almost all the world knows that Great Zhen Heaven Realm has declared war on the evil world.

The world is in an uproar.

Although you know that Great Zhen Heaven Realm is powerful, it is not strong enough to shake the lotus god, right?

outer southern continent, Wan Lianhai, Lian Shen retreat.

Tian Gang and the others A group of demons gathered together and read a piece of text together.

"Great Zhen Heaven Realm? Yan Chuan? What a courage!" Tian Gang said in surprise.

"Yan Chuan what is this doing? Revenge for Heavenspan Cult Lord?" East High Priest asked in surprise.

"Does he want to court death? With trifling Great Zhen Heaven Realm, he also wants to deal with my evil world?" Nan High Priest was puzzled.

Almost everyone thinks that Yan Chuan is crazy. Even if Lian Shen was severely injured, it was not comparable to Yan Chuan. Besides, the detached person recovered from his injury very quickly.

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