The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1522

Xianyang City!

The Great Zhen warfare against the evil world begins.

The human bodies Yan Chuan, zombie Yan Chuan, and silver pupil Yan Chuan are gathered together in the pavilion.

The three of them looked at a small box almost at the same time.

Yan Chuan said solemnly: "This is the box that Zhongshan handed over to us on his deathbed that day. The bans on the box, which used 1,300 bans from the Bai family, I finally cracked !"

"grandfather!" A trace of sadness flashed in the eyes of Yan Chuan.

"Open it!" zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Yan Chuan nodded.

"ka ka ka!"

Gently, the small box opened.

In the box, there is a green seed and a jade slip.

"jade slip?" Yan Chuan's eyes lit up.

Detecting his hand, Yan Chuan picked up the jade slip and read the information that may be contained inside.

Yin Tong Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan looked at the seed strangely.

"It's such a dense seed. With my silver pupil, I can't see through it?" Yin pupil Yan Chuan asked in surprise.

On the other side, Yan Chuan has read the jade slip.


Little Bai Yi, see the seed I left for you ? Remember, always take it by your side, it is with me!

Don’t be sad, grandfather I don’t regret my death!

I deduced the secret and touched the fate. No one can save me!

I have deduced into the future, the future is countless fierce, and I also counted on you, grandfather is very pleased, in the future, there will be countless confusions, don't be confused by outsiders, remember, believe in yourself, must believe in yourself.

Also, I’ve heard you say that there are a lot of antimatter in Hongjun’s Purple Heaven Palace, and antimatter is a variable. Fate snooping.

There are countless creatures in the world. Although fate controls the world, it is impossible. Only the peerless powerhouse will be focused on by fate.

The fate seems to be awake but not awake, the sudden rise of powerhouse can arouse his prying.

However, antimatter can weaken the spy on fate and be incorporated into the body, the more the better.

Also, be careful of Hongjun!


There is not much content in the jade slip, but the sentence The words are sincere, and they are showing the way forward for Yan Chuan, and they are thinking about Yan Chuan's future when he is dying.

"I will, grandfather!" Yan Chuan said with his eyes slightly red.


zombie Yan Chuan took out the bronze coffin for the funeral.

"hong long long!"

In the coffin, countless antimatter forms a vortex.

The human bodies Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan stepped into them instantly, and suddenly, the rolling antimatter vortex poured into the two bodies.


The Great Emperor altar emerged again, and the antimatter that had just poured into the body was squeezed out again.

"The Great Emperor altar actually rejected antimatter? Same as last time?" zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Yan Chuan looked at the duo and said, "Last time I returned from Earth, it was for this reason that I stopped the absorption of antimatter at that time. Do you want to continue now?"

" Go on, I believe in grandfather!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

“bang! ”

The human body Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan forcibly take in antimatter into the body, even if they are extremely repelled, they still forcefully take in.


Yin Sector, outer northern continent, Chujiang Diankou.


Zhong Shan landed suddenly.

The entrance to the Chujiang Palace opened, and the Ice God waited with a group of subordinates.

"Zhong Realm Lord, the Lord is already waiting in the temple, please!" Ice God opened the mouth and said.

Zhongshan is nodded, stepping into the Chujiang Palace.

Chujiang Palace is not a great hall in the ordinary sense.

When you enter it, it is like walking into a new Heaven and Earth, vast and boundless. There is a space door behind him, and the space door is praised as two worlds.

The sky is shining brightly and the earth is everywhere.

Zhong Shan watched this scene in a little surprise and flew high into the sky at the same time.

The vast and endless world, but Zhong Shan's eyesight is extremely powerful, and soon he saw the same space gate.

There are ten in total.

"Yama Palace, Chujiang Palace, Metropolis Palace..., the ten halls on the outer northern continent, actually all lead to this space?" Zhong Shan asked in surprise.

Ice god nodded: "Zhong Realm Lord, please!"

Zhong Shan followed the ice god’s expectations, but in a distant mountain pavilion, Netherworld River Old Ancestor was sitting Drinking tea in the pavilion, smiled.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor, long time no see!" Zhong Shan said seriously.

In the past, I met Ying with Ying at Great Thousand World.

"Excuse me with force? Not bad!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor flashed a hint of admiration.


Yang Sector, outer southern continent, million Lotus sea.

In a great hall.

The Lotus God sits cross-legged on a white lotus, in front of the White Tiger Great Emperor who is imprisoned by the Lotus God.

"Lotus God, what do you want to do? If you want the Great Emperor altar, I will give it to you!" White Tiger Great Emperor said with grief and anger.

"Because of detachment, the deity cannot refining the Great Emperor altar!" Lotus God said indifferently.

"Huh? In that case, let me go, I acknowledge allegiance to you!" said the White Tiger Great Emperor.

shook the head.

"Although the deity cannot refining the Great Emperor altar, it can refining you!" Lotus said solemnly.

"Huh? No!" White Tiger Great Emperor exclaimed.

"You have no choice!" Lian Divine Eyes felt cold.


The rolling force went straight to the White Tiger Great Emperor.


The White Tiger Great Emperor screamed abruptly, and the body was undergoing a strong distortion.

The face of the wild White Tiger Great Emperor gradually turned into the face of the lotus god!


outer southern continent.

Bai Qi led an army straight to a demon camp.

The demon in the military camp has a human-like upper body, but a horse-like body on the lower body.

"The centaur? Huh, kill me! My Bai Qi army is all killed. Use the enemy's blood to refine my blood!" Bai Qi shouting loudly.

“bang! ”

Slaying the Dao Jin body, immediately like a meat grinder, rushing to the demons.


The army rushed away.

In other directions, Jin Dayu, Meng Tian, ​​and Wang Jian, all incarnate as the killing gods, and they are rushing with a large army.

A group of Great Zhen War God, like sharp knives, stab the enemy inside.

Yi Feng sits in the back, always paying attention to the battle.

Wanlian overseas.

The faces of the demon leaders are extremely ugly.

"The war against the evil world? What a sinister Yan Chuan!" Tian Gang said solemnly.

"Yes, Great Zhen's territory expands, and Yan Chuan can mobilize Great Zhen's power there." East High Priest said solemnly.

"Yan Chuan seems to be really not going to find allies anymore?" Nan High Priest said strangely with a hint of surprise.

"Everyone, let me kill General Great Zhen!" East High Priest said solemnly.


A group of demon leaders should quickly rush away with drinking.

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