The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1523

Outer southern continent war!

Endless demons were mobilized from the various tribes of the evil world and poured into the battlefield.

A crowd of peerless powerhouses have also entered the battlefield.

East High Priest, South High Priest, West High Priest, North High Priest.

As soon as the Four High Priest came out, the atmosphere of the battlefield suddenly changed, and the killing of Meng Tian and the others was immediately hindered. However, many powerhouses such as Dongfang Zhengpai of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, accompanied by the army, immediately blocked a part of it.

But, the evil world powerhouse is too much.

The fierce Great Zhen army was finally blocked.

Until Yan Chuan comes.

Mengtian battlefield, South High Priest holding a scepter, brought a large number of demons to slaughter.

Meng Tian retreats steadily.

"roar!" The demons roared wanton, and the more they fought.


A storm blew by, and Yan Chuan suddenly appeared in the center of the battlefield.

"It's the Great Emperor!"

"Great Emperor!"

"Long live the Great Emperor absolutely!"

"Great The Emperor is here, sons and sons, kill with me!"





Only Yan Chuan showed up, and the defeated soldiers of Great Zhen rushed forward with a roar.

"What? Yan Chuan? Don't you wait for the Lord to come out?" South High Priest complexion changed.

According to the custom of the Yun Dynasty to open up the territory, the Emperor King-like did not take action. Only the final match between the king and the king came out. Yan Chuan challenged the Lian Shen, and he should find the Lian Shen. You and Meng Tian The same is the General of the two forces. How can Yan Chuan lower his worth and join the war?

"Waiting for the lotus god? Oh, this time I just want to find him to seek revenge, South High Priest? Since you are here, let me warm up with me first!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

While speaking, the Jade Emperor sword came out in his hand, a sword shot came, and the sky was suddenly covered with sword light, rushing straight towards the South High Priest.


South High Priest resisted, but, however, Yan Chuan's sword power was too strong, and after a collision, he suddenly flew upside down.

Yan Chuan didn't kill him, but fiercely suppressed the South High Priest, making it battered and exhausted, full of ugliness.

For a time, the demon army lost its heart and retreated in a panic.

In the distance, East High Priest saw Yan Chuan coming, and suddenly shivered.

How can Yan Chuan participate in the battlefield?


Yan Chuan shouted coldly.


A sword light shot out, and the right arm of South High Priest was cut in two immediately.


The South High Priest lost his scepter and looked towards Yan Chuan in horror.


Turn around, South High Priest shoots away.


Yan Chuan chased and killed him.

South High Priest introduces Yan Chuan into the battlefield of demon leaders.

Yan Chuan didn't care. the more fights the more brave is, Kong Huangtian’s will, fight!


With Yan Chuan's move, the morale of Great Zhen's army has risen unprecedentedly, and the army is advancing more and more rapidly.

The soldiers in the front opened up territory, and the Civilian Court Official in the rear continuously took charge of each city.

The army moves forward.

Yan Chuan is also tireless, constantly fighting the demons.

There are more and more demon leaders.

East High Priest, South High Priest, West High Priest, North High Priest, and various peerless powerhouses.

Yan Chuan's Jade Emperor Sword has been dyed red, fighting against the heroes with one sword, unstoppable.

"bang!" "bang!"………………

A demon leader was beheaded, and then another demon came on the bench.

Yan Chuan's battle, however, is more fierce than the Vietnam War.

Wanlian overseas.

Pluto and Tian Gang looked far away.

"No, Yan Chuan is practicing sword!" Tian Gang complexion changed.

"It seems that it really is!" Pluto is also nodded.

A powerhouse on the side was puzzled: "Practicing swords?"

"It's like the last time around Southeast Continent, the Vietnam War, the stronger Yan Chuan! The last time was the battle, Yan Chuan Breaking through to the Ten 5 Heavenly Layer, now Yan Chuan, still want to follow the last time?" Tian Gang complexion sank said.

"But, if this goes on, Yan Chuan will be overwhelmed by himself! He has already fought with eighteen and ten 5 Heavenly Layer powerhouses, and he can't hold on anymore soon."

"no!" Tian Gang became more and more worried.

In the distance, more and more peerless powerhouses enter the Yan Chuan battlefield.

Yan Chuan long sword wields faster and faster, but it consumes a lot of money.


Suddenly, the Great Emperor altar appeared at Yan Chuan's feet. As soon as the Great Emperor's altar came out, rolling power poured into Yan Chuan's body.

The Great Emperor altar has the power to repair everything, and the loss of Yan Chuan is rapidly recovering.


Yan Chuan fights with twenty peerless powerhouses.

"What should I do? Yan Chuan's sword is getting sharper and sharper!"

"Yan Chuan seems to be born for fighting, we can't stop!"

"Can't keep it!"

"If you can't keep it, you must keep it. The Lord will leave soon!"

………………… …



A group of demon powerhouses roared anxiously.

Yan Chuan, however, the more fights the more brave is, the Heavenly Pulse of Fighting emerges behind him, and the inheritance is from Kong Huangtian. The ones used by Yan Chuan are getting more and more sophisticated. Occasionally in danger, the line of heavenly veins suddenly appeared, and the heavenly veins of the Zi Wei Great Emperor that had been deprived of it at the time became more and more handy at this moment.


With one sword, twenty peerless powerhouses were knocked away by the sword, and Yan Chuan frantically killed the South High Priest.


With one sword, the South High Priest was instantly split in half.

However, at this time, peerless powerhouses are pouring in again.


The number of demon powerhouses has not decreased but increased.

With the battle of Yan Chuan, countless powerhouses continue to move towards the territory of Wanlian.

The army behind, with the full cooperation of countless Civilian Court Officials, quickly expanded the Great Zhen boundary.

"hong long long!"

The war continues, and it has been fighting for two months.

If it were an ordinary person, it would have been exhausted long ago, but the Great Emperor altar continued to replenish all the loss of Yan Chuan, including energy.

The demons have been killed countless, and they are exhausted at the moment, but Yan Chuan's energy is getting more and more vigorous.

Even Yan Chuan feels that he is about to break through again.

The evil world, for a while, lifeless, countless demons have extremely ugly faces.

In the old days, the evil world was the strongest world anyway, but now it is killed by Yan Chuan, but it looks like no one is in a realm, and countless demons' faces become more and more ugly.

"Kill, kill, kill!"

Yan Chuan continued to advance the battlefield.

Countless demons gathered in the Wanlian Sea, with anxious faces on their faces. Until another three days later.

"Kuang!" Wanlian Hall opened suddenly.

"The master is out!"

"The master is out!"




Wanlian overseas cheered suddenly.

The demon powerhouses fighting in the distance, at this moment saw the Wanlian Temple open, and they were suddenly ecstatic. All the grievances were extremely aggrieved, and the Lord finally left.


The demons who were hit by Yan Chuan's sword again have no intention of revenge, but immediately fled to the Wanlian Sea.

The demon who resisted Yan Chuan suddenly scattered and disappeared.

Yan Chuan flicked his sword, and suddenly stopped, looked towards the entrance of the Wanlian Temple in the distance.

In the Wanlian Hall, Lian Shen walked out of the Wanlian Hall slowly, wearing a white robe.

"Respectfully welcome the Lord to enter and exit!" countless demons worshipped.

Lian Shen looked indifferent, and slowly walked to the square outside the temple. With cold eyes, he looked directly at Yan Chuan who was fighting intent in the distance.

"Yan Chuan, you are so brave!" Lian Shen suddenly shouted coldly.

In the distance, in the air, Yan Chuan held the Jade Emperor Sword in his hand, not giving way.

"Lian Shen, you have committed my Great Zhen many times, and killed my best friends, new hatreds and old hatreds. Today, I will behead your head and calm your Divine Soul, with the shame of Snow Great Zhen. Comfort the Spirit of Heavenspan!" Yan Chuan shouted coldly.

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