The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1524

"Lotus God, you have committed my Great Zhen many times, and killed my best friends, new and old hatreds, today, I will behead your head, calm your Divine Soul, snow the shame of Great Zhen, and comfort the spirit of Heavenspan !"

In the distance, Lian Shen stared coldly at Yan Chuan: "To comfort the Spirit of Heavenspan? Heavenspan is dead, what can you do? This is not you Great Zhen Heaven Realm, you Do you dare to be an enemy of the deity?"

"Here is Great Zhen Heaven Realm, Great Zhen people of the world listen, raise your right hand, and use my strength to suppress the lotus god!" Yan Chuan Shouted loudly.

“bang! ”

No need for luck with Golden Dragon, the loud noise spreads all over the Yang Sector in an instant. Within the Great Zhen Heaven Realm, Yan Chuan can spread the world instantly if he wants to. .


Over Xianyang, within the sea of ​​luck, the giant dragon roared, and a golden dragon rushed towards the person Yan Chuan as if crossing time and space.

“bang! ”“bang! ”“bang! ”………………

Following the Golden Dragon, the rolling force quickly rushed to the place of Yan Chuan on the border of Great Zhen. .

Only a while.


The power of the people in the world, Great Zhen, the power of the world, burst into Yan Chuan's body.

"ka ka!"

Stepping on two Great Emperor altars, a sea of ​​blood suddenly appeared at the feet of Yan Chuan's body, three heavenly veins were established, and hundreds of Heavenly Dao surrounded Yan Chuan, rolling Power radiates, all around Void tremor.

In the face of the lotus god, Yan Chuan dared not be careless.

At the same time, Yin Sector.

"Great Zhen people of the world, raise your right hand, and use my strength to suppress the lotus god!"


Yin Sector The sound spread to the world, no hundreds of people quickly raised their right hand, and the rolling force went straight to zombie Yan Chuan.

In Yang Sector.

The strength of Yan Chuan's body skyrocketed, and his fighting intent soared into the sky.

A stare at Divine Eyes across the lotus.


A Great Emperor altar suddenly appeared at the feet of Lotus God between the steps. Billowing fierce air radiated.

At this moment, in the Yang Sector world, almost all peerless powerhouse eyes are looking over.

outer northern continent, immortality hall.

Zhong Shan and Jian Ao stand together.

"The Great Emperor altar? Isn't the Great Emperor altar repelling the detached?" Zhong Shan said with eyebrows.

The Great Emperor altar at the feet of the outer southern continent, Lotus God, overturned this fact.

However, seeing the lotus god stepping out of the Great Emperor altar, he suddenly burst into power.


Lian Shen went straight to Yan Chuan.

Suddenly, Lian Shen punched out.


With a punch, the fist formed the shape of a huge White Tiger, the White Tiger tore the void, and slaughtered towards Yan Chuan far away Come.

Before the fist arrived, the force of the fist had reached the sea of ​​blood, and the sea of ​​blood instantly rolled up the heaven overflowing giant wave.

The fierce tiger is fierce and roars into the sky.

The person Yan Chuan dared not be careless, and suddenly came out of the way. Under the full urging, the formidable power was extremely domineering.

A fist and a fierce collision.

“bang! ”

A violent explosion, a thousand ten thousand li voids, everything is blown up, a huge black hole, absorbing everything in the four directions, the territory below is suddenly caught All split up and in pieces of the aftermath.

Lian Shen's power is so great that his body Yan Chuan full strength attack was knocked down and flew away ten thousand li.


The human body Yan Chuan stabilized his figure, and the lotus god stood in the void in the distance, with a look of disdain.

"merely this!" Lian Shen coldly said.

Once again, Lian Shen punched out, the whole body was even more starlight, Yin Sector outer western continent, White Tiger superstar and hundreds of stars suddenly brightened up.

Booming star power pours into the lotus Divine Physique.

"Come again!" Lotus God is shouting loudly. Punch out again.

"roar!" "roar!" "roar!"………………

This time, not a Fierce Tiger Fist gang, but a Fierce Tiger Fist gang all Around, followed by hundreds of Fierce Tiger Fist.

Under a fierce blow, like a hundred tigers galloping, the tigers roar towards Yan Chuan.

As the Hundred Tigers passed, the void was torn by countless numbers. Under a fierce blow, almost all powerhouses on the outer southern continent were chilled.

Just looking at it, you can feel the ravages of that endless power.

Yan Chuan all around The void has been sealed, and there is no escape.

Yan Chuan's eyes became cold, and a hideous color flashed.

"Broken!" "Broken!"

Between Heaven and Earth, Yan Chuan heard two loud shouts from Heavenspan.


Yan Chuan fisted in.

This time is not one, but two.

At this moment, zombie Yan Chuan has come close.

For the first time, the two Yan Chuans compete with each other.

The human body Yan Chuan has great fist power, zombie Yan Chuan transforms the body of a general, the keel and the giant wings spread out, absorb the power of the Great Zhen world, and the formidable power is even more.

“bang! ”

Two punches went straight to Hundred Tigers.

The collision was several times larger than before, all around absolutely, the void burst into pieces, devouring everything in all directions.

There were countless pieces of the territory below. all around the sea is even more soaring and tsunami.

"hong long long!"

While making up for the void, the scene of that blow was gradually exposed.

Block it!

Under the combined force of the two Yan Chuan, Lian Shen's powerful tiger attack was blocked.

In the Quartet, countless powerhouses have a terrified look.

How long has Yan Chuan been able to compete with the Lotus God?

Juli is fierce and fierce, all the demon leaders in Wanlianhai show astonished expressions.

Lian Shen looked at the opposite two coldly.

Human Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan looked at each other.


The human body Yan Chuan flew away from the battlefield immediately.

"en?" Lian stared in Divine Eyes.


Zombie Yan Chuan blocked the lotus god in an instant.

"Let me deal with you!" zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"You are alone? You are not enough!" Lian Shen coldly said.

"Try not to know?" zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.


The Black Dragon Avenue suddenly appeared.

zombie Yan Chuan without the slightest hesitation, quickly fit the road.


Zombie Yan Chuan turned into a huge Black Dragon, and the Black Dragon carried the bronze coffin of the world. While swimming, glared at Lotus God.

It was originally ten 6 Heavenly Layer zombie Yan Chuan, plus the Great Emperor altar, plus the body of the generals, plus the Black Dragon Avenue. Add the power of the world. The power of Black Dragon is no weaker than the Zi Wei Great Emperor of the past.

The surging power came, Lotus God had to wait and be careful.

The person Yan Chuan, holding a long sword in his hand, went straight to the Wanlian Sea in an instant.


In a blink of an eye, I reached the sea above Wanlian.

The arrival of Yan Chuan suddenly made a crowd of demons show the color of lose one's head out of fear.

"No, how is it possible?"

"Why is Yan Chuan so powerful?"

"He is here!"




A group of demons lose one's head out of fear, before Yan Chuan The slaughter all sides are still vivid, and now Yan Chuan has mobilized all the power of the world, and Yan Chuan is stronger. What should I do now?

When everyone panicked.

In the Wanlian Temple on the side, there was another sound of footsteps.

Pluto turned his head and looked around.

"Lord?" Hades asked in surprise.

All the demons looked at them, and they were full of surprises.

Lian Shen? Another lotus god?

In the Wanlian Temple, a lotus god came out again.

Does Lotus also have the power of Avatar.

"I understand, the previous master was the Avatar of the refining White Tiger Great Emperor!" Pluto's expression changed, and it was immediately analyzed.

In midair, Yan Chuan looked at Lian Shen coldly.

Lian Shen also looked at Yan Chuan coldly: "Unexpectedly, Yan Chuan, your development is so fast!"

"Congratulations to the Lord!" The demons shouted with joy. Tao.

Lian Shen looked at his subordinates, and finally, Lian Shen saw Pluto.

"Pluto, the deity takes advantage of the power of the world, and it is up to you to fight against Yan Chuan!" The lotus god coldly said.

"Huh? Me?" Pluto complexion changed.

all around the devil suddenly expression changed, father and son fight?

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