The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1526

"What about unfilial son? hahahaha, the power of magic, break for me!" The Hades was shouting loudly, and black flames shot up into the sky.

The power of the one world is so powerful that the Hades swung a sword, and the Hundred Dao Sword Gang rushed towards the Three Emperor Sword.


Every sword gang of Pluto, like a peerless demon, hits the Three Emperors sword fiercely.

"hong long long!"

The void is broken into countless numbers. Suddenly, the Three Emperor Sword was hit and flew out.

"en?" Yan Chuan's eyes were cold.

How strong is the power of one world?

Probing his hand with a wave.

“bang! ”

The cypress suddenly rotates, Yin-Yang two sectors, countless stars suddenly shine.

Heavenly Cycle Star Chen Daliang, rolling star power poured into Yan Chuan's palm.

Yan Chuan waved his hand.


The universe swayed out in the palm, and countless star points circled the four directions, wrapping up the entire Black Sea.

"Arcane of the Great Void Sky!"

Rolling stars, linking the sky full of stars, the terrifying star power is quickly gathered, all the stars in the shallow star layer, and three thousand giant stars in the deep star layer Most of them have been controlled by Yan Chuan.

"hong long long!"

Under the star power, the Pluto Black Sea suddenly couldn't move.

"The power goes straight to Pluto, as if it is quickly squeezing the inner King-like.

"ka ka ka! "The whole body of the Pluto suddenly made a crisp sound, and the black sea below was also rapidly dissolving.

The complexion sank of the Pluto.

Countless powerhouses in the Quartet looked at Yan Chuan's movement in surprise. Mantian Power of Stars.

"Arcane? "Dongfang Bubai's face darkened, he looked up at the sky, looking at the shining stars in the sky.

"The sky cypress, Totem of the Bai family, turned out to be in the first world! "Zhong Shan condensed his eyebrows.

Wan Lianhai.

" Trapped? "Tian Gang said solemnly.

"This is the power of one world! "Another demon exclaimed.

Lian Shen's eyes are cold, waiting for something.

The Pluto, who is controlled by a terrifying force, has a hideous look on his face.

"The power of one world, rise! "

Pluto is shouting loudly. From Pluto's body, countless vines suddenly emerge. As soon as the vines emerge, they are dyed black by the power of the world, and they grow and thicken quickly.


In an instant burst, the endless cane quickly skyrocketed in all directions, and the strong force shattered pieces of void.

The space surrounded by star power is rooted by countless rattans. The rattans are powerful, and they stop the crushing force of the stars.

"ka ka ka ka ka ka! "

Countless harsh sounds sounded from the sea of ​​star power. Countless star points were stuck and a little unable to move.

Suddenly, Pluto’s pressure dropped suddenly, but Pluto’s All power can only spur countless rattans. Unable to free his hands.

In midair, Yan Chuan manipulates Arcane to mobilize the Power of Stars, but at this moment, he is stuck by countless rattans. , Can't continue to operate.

Yan Chuan's eyes are cold: "This is the vine demon I gave you back then? "

"hahaha, have you become a cocoon? You didn't develop the true power of the Vine Demon at all, so you gave it to me! Today, it is the Vine Demon, come to defeat you again! "Pluto said with a big smile.

"unfilial son! "Yan Chuan's eyes were cold.

Why the Vine Demon was bestowed on his son back then because he loved him so much, so he did not want to deal with his unfilial son today.

"Yan Chuan, you are exhausted! Just because you want to deal with the Lord? "Pluto is coldly shouted.

"hmph!"Yan Chuan coldly snorted.


Stroke out the Taoist hand, a huge white palm Gang went straight to Hades.

"Broken! "

Pluto is shouting loudly, rolling rattan sticks coming towards the Taoist hand.


The rattan sticks exploded into countless pieces in an instant. The white palm sticks He came in front of Pluto.

Pluto urged countless vines to resist star power, and now the body cannot move flexibly.


The palm of Tao Gang, suddenly grabbed Pluto and pressed it on him.

"What? "Pluto complexion changed.


With a grasp of the Taoist hand, a crystal-like light and shadow emerged from Pluto's body.

"Fate? "

"Yan Chuan grasped the fate of Pluto?" "The demons of the Wan Lian Sea immediately complexion changed.

The battle is set and Yan Chuan has won. As long as Yan Chuan exerts force, he can crush Pluto's fate, and Pluto is dead?

Pluto's face is extremely ugly, he is still defeated?

The fate is squeezed, is he going to die?

Lian Shen stared at the midair, Yan Chuan kills sons?

Will Yan Chuan kill sons?

Countless powerhouses have their eyes wide open. It is the Great Zhen group of officials who are also entangled at this moment. There is no solution at this moment, kill? But that is the son of the Great Emperor after all!

Yan Chuan stared at Pluto, his face was extremely complex, as if he couldn't get his hands off for a while.

Pluto's face was ugly.

"I will ask you again, do you really not respect your father? "Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"hahaha, impossible, I am only on Venerable Lord! "The Hades stubbornly said.

"Divine ability, deprivation, the power of one world! "Yan Chuan is facing Pluto shouting loudly.


Pluto's body trembles suddenly, his life is pinched, and he can't resist at all. Seeing the endless darkness will require Gushing out of Pluto's body.


Pluto's cry of pain.

The power of one world? Deprivation?

The group of demons suddenly lose one's head out of fear. It’s going to be deprived, wouldn’t it be bad?


Lotus god suddenly disappeared.

Yan Chuan urges the star power, the hand of the Tao, and the deprivation of the divine ability. It is also dragged down by the power and unable to move fast.

The lotus god arrives in front of the Hades at an extremely fast speed.

The power of the world was instantly stripped of the body of the Hades. It was about to be deprived by Yan Chuan, but the lotus god was too fast, and instantly merged with the power of this realm, and rushed towards Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan uses the power of deprivation, which is to pull that power towards him, in a flash, the lotus god and this power crash into.

Too fast, fast Even most people didn’t see the situation clearly.


Lian Shen had already arrived in front of Yan Chuan, and slammed into Yan Chuan's body with a palm.

" unfilial son! "Yan Chuan yelled. He pressed hard in his hands."

"ka ka!"

Pluto’s fate suddenly shattered.

"Ah! "All around countless cultivators exclaimed.

The life of Pluto is broken? Yan Chuan crushed it by himself. Pluto is over?

But all this is not the point, the point is , Lian Shen actually arrived in front of Yan Chuan and inserted a palm into Yan Chuan’s chest. It seemed that he was going to take out Yan Chuan’s life.

"Blast! "Yan Chuan shouting loudly.


Yan Chuan suddenly self-destruct and open.

The huge explosion of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, countless stars The explosion of power, the explosion of Heavenly Dao, the explosion of the sea of ​​blood went straight to the really proud lotus god.


Strong as the lotus god, but also instantly He flew out, with a look of shock on his face.

Yan Chuan self-destructed?

In the distance, Pluto was deprived of the power of a realm, and he suddenly withered and died. The grid was crushed by Yan Chuan. At this moment, the seven orifices bleed and fell down.

The impact of Yan Chuan's self-destruct drove the dead body of Royal General into the Sea of ​​Wanlian.

“bang! ”

Fall into the sea of ​​lotus.

At this moment, the demons looked towards Pluto with complex complexion. Even Tian Gang also looked complex. He had always suspected Pluto before. It is Yan Chuan’s undercover agent, but now that Pluto has been crushed by Yan Chuan, everything has been announced. Pluto is really loyal to the lotus god.

The group of demon detectives pulls Pluto into the front of Wanlian Hall. .

"Many thanks everyone! "Pluto said in a sad voice.

In the distance, Yan Chuan self-destruct, but it made countless powerhouses under the world appear astonished.

But soon, Yan Chuan’s broken body Suddenly he recovered and returned to his previous state. However, at this moment, Yan Chuan is no longer bloody long hair, but azure long hair.

"Yan Chuan is not dead? Jian Ao said in surprise.

"Explosion, restore? Yan Chuan refining the explosive beast, this is the divine ability of the explosive beast! "Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"self-destruct, restore again? Isn't it invincible with such divine ability? "

"No, the explosive beast has a flaw, that is, after the explosion, it takes time to recover. Just like before, if the lotus god reacted, he would wipe out all his broken meat before Yan Chuan was restored. , Yan Chuan can no longer recover, so this divine ability is not invincible! "Zhongshan said solemnly.

In the distance.

Yan Chuan recovered, looking towards Lian Shen with cold light.

"Lian Shen, you finally shot Up! "Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"hahahaha, Yan Chuan, did you really succeed? That's your son! "Lian Shen said with a sneer.

"Unfilial son only! "Yan Chuan said coldly.

Lian Shen turned his head and looked towards the Hades of Wanlian Sea.

"Lord! "The seven orifices of Pluto are bleeding and weak.

Lotus said solemnly: "Although the deity is extremely confident in his divine control ability, but after controlling you, the deity has always had a strange feeling in his heart, so, In recent years, the deity believes in Tian Gang even more. "

"Lord, the subordinates are loyal to the lord, and will not regret until death! "Pluto said in grief.

"Now, the deity believes in you! "Lian Shen said solemnly.

"Thank you, Lord! "Pluto said bitterly in the Wanlianhai.

"After you die, I will let the group of demons bury you! "Lian Shen said solemnly.

"Yes! "The group of demons should say.

At this moment, the group of demons are no longer jealous. The power of Pluto is obvious to all. Even Tian Gang is often jealous, but such a person is not believed by Lotus God. , At this time, all the grievances are gone.

In the distance, the battle between Yan Chuan and Lotus God continues.

"divine ability, deprivation! "Yan Chuan once again probed his hand to the Lotus God and grabbed it.

A beam of colored light directed at the Lotus God and instantly connected the two of them. Yan Chuan urged to deprive the god of divine ability and wanted to deprive the world of the Lotus God. Power.

"divine ability, God control! Detective lotus waved his hand.

“bang! ”

Lotus god’s body immediately emits countless black light. The black light not only resists the deprivation of divine light, but also seems to pollute deprivation. divine light, invading Yan Chuan.

Control God.

Lian Shen wants to control Yan Chuan’s mind.

The pair of two divine abilities The enemy, the collision of the third divine ability in the world, and the fifth divine ability in the world.

Deprived of the divine ability, gradually losing its advantage. Seeing that it will be defeated by the third divine ability.

The black light has spread to the front of Yan Chuan. As soon as Yan Chuan enters Yan Chuan's body, Yan Chuan will be controlled by the divine ability.

Lian Shen shows a trace of excitement.

Yan Chuan complexion sank: "divine ability, parasitic! "



The black light rushes straight to Yan Chuan's body, but Yan Chuan's body seems to become smaller in an instant, following the black light, straight to the lotus god, and Yan Chuan blinks Disappeared.

"What? "Lotus God complexion changed.

The black light disappeared, but Yan Chuan between Heaven and Earth is gone.

"Where is Yan Chuan? "Countless powerhouses are shocked.

Yan Chuan is gone?

It is Zhong Shan, Dongfang Bubai, Jian Ao and the others are also complexion sank.

Suddenly , Yan Chuan is gone? Where did he go?

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