The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1527

The detective lotus waved his hand and searched for Yan Chuan with the power of a world, but Yan Chuan really disappeared.


I searched around, but there was no trace of Yan Chuan at all. Why did he disappear suddenly?

"Yan Chuan, come out!" Lotus God is shouting loudly.

But at this moment.

Lian Shen's right palm suddenly turned into a claw, and went straight to his chest.


Lian Shen tore off a huge piece of flesh and blood from his chest. drenched with blood, sprinkled out wildly.

"What?" Numerous powerhouses suddenly complexion changed.

Lian Shen tore a piece of his own flesh and blood? Lotus god self-harm?

The eyes of countless powerhouses in the world are staring at the Lotus God. This scene is too weird, isn't it?

Lian Shen was also shocked by this self-harm. I tore a piece of my own meat?

What's the matter?

That was not what I did just now, how could I harm myself?

But a piece of flesh and blood on the right hand tells myself that all this is true.

Are you out of control?

"Divine ability, parasitic?" Lian Shen suddenly thought of the words before Yan Chuan disappeared.


"Is it Yan Chuan? Yan Chuan, is it you?" Lian Shen suddenly exclaimed.

Yan Chuan parasites into his body, how is it possible?

"Do you want to control me?" Lian Shen exclaimed.

Sure enough, some of Lian Shen’s black hair has become azure.

Weird divine ability, parasitic into the body?

"Get out of here!" Lian Shen yelled angrily.

But since Yan Chuan is parasitic, how can he get out of the body.


The right hand rushed to his chest again.


Lian Shen quickly blocked it with his left hand.

For a time, Lian Shen surprised and angry again and again.


Yan Chuan, however, ignores him, keeps dividing and controlling Lian Shen's body, right hand, left hand, left foot, and Will right foot.

Lian Shen's body is continuously controlled by Yan Chuan.

With such divine ability, even the lotus god has a chill.

It's not divine ability terrifying. After all, no matter how strong the divine ability is, it can be avoided. The terrifying thing is that this divine ability has been successfully applied to oneself.


Lian Shen quickly flew back to the Wanlian Sea.


Wan Lian Hai all around, Wan Lian released a huge Formation to wrap Wan Lian Hai.

"Lord?" the demons exclaimed.

"Hurry up!" Lian Shen yelled angrily.


The demon was shot and flew out by the lotus god.

"Yan Chuan, do you want me to abandon my fleshy body and enter my body to fight with you?" Lian Shen coldly said.

Yan Chuan entered the body, but Lian Shen was unable to shoot himself at this moment.

And just now.

"Yan, Yan Chuan, look, Yan Chuan!" Suddenly, Tian Gang exclaimed.

But outside the Wanlianhai shield, reappears a white clothed Yan Chuan.

White clothed Yan Chuan, a pair of silver pupils, seem to see through everything in the world. The silver pupil swept across, and a breathtaking force surged.

The demons screamed.

"The third Yan Chuan?" Lian Shen's face was extremely ugly.

A wave!


Lian Shen solved the Formation of Wan Lian Hai.

"Asshole Yan Chuan, you can actually mobilize the power of the deity?" Lotus complexion changed.

With a quick wave of his hand, the Formation that had just been unlocked sealed the Wanlian Sea again.

"Lord, the silver pupil Yan Chuan wants to destroy the Wanlian Sea?" Tian Gang complexion sank.

Lian Shen's face suddenly changed.

I finally understood that Yan Chuan's purpose is to destroy the Wanlian Sea first, and then deal with himself.

With one's own presence, no one wants to break the Formation formed by the power of one world, but it is different now. Yan Chuan parasites himself, can he untie the Formation?

"Asshole, Yan Chuan, come out!" Lian Shen screamed angrily at the out of control left hand.


Lian Shen smashed his hands, each wounded, but he spit out a white light again in his mouth.

"oh la la!"

Formation disappeared again.

Yan Chuan waved his hand.


Three thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly appeared, and terrifying power came towards the sea of ​​Wanlian.


Lian Shen complexion changed, waved his hand again, Formation reappears.


Three thousand Heavenly Dao Strength and Formation crashed into each other, and Formation only rippled.

"No, the deity can't stay here anymore!" Lian Shen's face changed wildly.

"Lord?" the demons shouted.

"The deity has to deal with Yan Chuan parasitic in the body. This Formation mobilizes the power of a world. Even the ordinary Ten 7 Heavenly Layer is also difficult to break. Then Yan Chuan can’t break it, wait for it. Here, wait for the deity to return! "Lian Shen said solemnly.

"Yes!" the demons responded.


Out of Formation, Lian Shen went straight into Promise.

Because the Lotus God stays here, sometimes the power is out of control.


Lian Shen enters Promise. Standing in the void, the lotus god face turned cold.


Under coldly snorted, the lotus god is motionless, and consciousness enters the body.


In the consciousness of the lotus god, it looks like a vast grassland.

On the grassland, a blue-haired human body, Yan Chuan, stood in it. Suddenly, the lotus consciousness condensed into a body, which also appeared on the grassland.

"Parasite? Okay, okay, Yan Chuan, the deity was deceived by you!" Lian Shen looked at Yan Chuan on the opposite side coldly.

"In this world of consciousness, you can't mobilize the power of one world, wait for me to destroy you all!" Yan Chuan coldly snorted, the long sword in his hand immediately stabs towards the lotus god.


In the lotus god consciousness world, Yan Chuan and lotus god are fighting.

Wanlian overseas.

Yan Chuan hit Formation several times, but couldn't open it.

A group of demons looked at the sky suspiciously. Seeing that Yan Chuan couldn't break the Formation, they sighed for a long time. Just relax.

On the other side, Pluto's body's energy leaked, dying, his life was broken, and his body was dying.

"Tian Gang, put me in the Wanlian Hall, I will pray for the Lord in the Wanlian Hall before I die!" Pluto said weakly.

The demons turned their heads and looked.

All of them look complicated.

Tian Gang's face is even more ugly, and a little embarrassed for a while. In the past, he didn't believe in the loyalty of Pluto. Now it seems that he is really worried.


Detecting hands, Tian Gang brings Hades into the Wanlian Hall.

The Hades knelt and bowed to the lotus throne.

The faces of the demons are complicated.

"Everyone, guard Yan Chuan, don't worry about me!" Pluto said with a bitter smile.

A crowd of demons looked around, and finally nodded stepped out of the great hall.

Although I sympathize with Pluto, after all, there is no friendship, so I don’t care.


The gate of the great hall closed suddenly, leaving only Pluto alone.

At this moment, Pluto took out a very small hat from his palm.

"Wujin's Nest? Huh!" Although Pluto was extremely weak, he showed a slight smile.


Suddenly, a silhouette appeared in the little hat.

The first one is Meow, and Mo Yuxi and the others.

"Meow, it's finally out!" Meow shouted.

"Dongen!" Mo Yuxi quickly grabbed the weak Pluto.

"Mother, I finally became, the child finally convinced Lotus God, cough cough cough!" Pluto said weakly.

"Stop talking, mother will save you, your father is proud of you too!" Mo Yuxi said immediately.

"en!" Hades proudly said.

"The Reincarnation of Destiny!"


Samsara Power was manipulated by Mo Yuxi and quickly poured into Pluto's body, quickly repairing Pluto's life grid.

The fate is shattered, and after all, it has not been dissipated. It rarely can be repaired, but it does not mean that it is impossible.

In the old days, Great Zhen Snake Supreme, the Snake Emperor was also broken, and finally recovered.

In the old days, the Queen of Great Zhen Zizi was killed by the darkness Gui Guzi, and finally was killed by Yan Chuan and Mo Yuxi, who won the reincarnation of the fate and saved Zizi.

The same is true today. Although Pluto’s fate is broken, mother Mo Yuxi is present, so it can be repaired naturally.

"hong long long!"

Quickly, the life of Pluto is being repaired.

"ka ka ka ka!"

There was a crisp sound around Pluto, and his life gradually recovered.

"My son, are you okay?" Mo Yuxi said a little worried.

Pluto squeezed his fist and said with excitement: "Okay, okay!"

"Meow, what the hell are you father and son doing? I'm confused! "Miao Miao looked towards Hades in surprise.

Isn't Pluto controlled by his mind? How can it be okay?

Pluto waved his probing hand, and his palm appeared a cane.

"It's the vine demon!" Pluto believed himself.

"Vine demon?" Meow stared at the vine with wide eyes.

"It’s the Vine Demon. The Vine Demon is a peerless Divine Weapon. He already has spirituality and is one with me. Sometimes he can even be my stand-in. The demon replaced me, the vine demon was controlled, and I was not controlled. Although I and the vine demon are one, they are not the same!" Pluto said with a smile.


"Every time the god lotus uses the god of control to send a letter, the vine demon receives it, and I receive it, so I can hide it!" Pluto said solemnly.

"Meow? You big liar, from at first, you deliberately pretended to be controlled by the Lotus God?" Meow asked in surprise.

Pluto smiled slightly: "When I was young, my father had been teaching me carefully. I knew how to do many things. Back then, I knew that the lotus god had a great feud with his father, so the vine demon After being controlled, I made a decisive decision and chose to hide the lotus god!"

"Child, I have suffered you!" Mo Yuxi said softly.

"After all, it's a success, haha!" Pluto said with a smile.

"Meow, then, how did Yan Chuan know? I borrowed my Wujin Nest beforehand, and secretly gave it to you during the fight?" Meow was puzzled.

"When the Four Realms collided, I rushed into Xianyang with a group of demons. At that time, it was my mother who was fighting with me. At that time, I quietly forwarded a letter to my mother, so that was the reason for that time! "Pluto said.

"Meow, you guys really can act!" Meow said.

"There is no way. Although Lian Shen used to control the gods, he has always been worried about me. I have not been able to gain the absolute trust of Lian Shen, so I used this bitter trick. After all, Lian Shen believed Now!" Hades said solemnly.

"But how dangerous you were just now!" Meow said.

"Danger and benefit coexist. Father taught me a long time ago. This is the core of Lotus God. Next, it's up to us to take action. Mother, has father ever explained anything?" Pluto looked at towards Mo Yuxi.

Mo Yuxi smiled bitterly, because Mo Yuxi found out that this son was more intimate with his father, making her a bit jealous as a mother.

However, Mo Yuxi is not too entangled. After all, when Yan Dongen was young, he was not by his side. Yan Chuan little by little taught him.

"These people are all prepared by your father!" Mo Yuxi pointed to a group of strange faces behind him.

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