The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1528

"These people are all prepared by your father!" Mo Yuxi pointed to a group of strange faces behind him.

"They?" Yan Dongen looked surprised.

Because the cultivation base of this group of people is too low, just ordinary Earth Immortal cultivation base!


The outside world.


Yan Chuan once again hit Formation, but the force of Formation was too great to break.

Yin Tong Yan Chuan looked inside Formation coldly.

"hahahaha, break, Yan Chuan, break!" A demon leader said with a big smile.

"Ten thousand lotus seas are okay, Yan Chuan will definitely die! No matter how many Yan Chuan you are!" Tian Gang also said with a big smile.

Some demons clamored with Yin Tong Yan Chuan, but some were extremely calm, standing and changing.


The door of Wanlian Palace opens.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and didn't care. Just a dying person.

"East High Priest!" Hades called out weakly in the hall.

East High Priest frowned and looked towards Hades.

"Oh, Royal General is dead, there is still something I want to tell you!" Pluto said weakly.

"oh?" East High Priest frowned.

"In the past, before the four worlds were united, the great evil world East Outer Continent, there was a treasure of aura. The Lord ordered a strict investigation, but it has been inconclusive. That day, I happened to be on the Binglei Peak, or... …!" Pluto said weakly.

Speaking of which, East High Priest complexion changed.

"Oh, I remember, it turns out that that person is you, hahaha!" Dong High Priest said with a big smile, but he showed cold sweat.

Everyone looked curiously.

"Everyone, you continue to guard the Formation to prevent Yan Chuan from rushing in, and the Royal General is dead. I will make a sacrifice for him to make him walk less painful!" Dong High Priest said immediately.

Everyone outside the hall was slightly puzzled, and finally didn't take it seriously.


East High Priest quickly walked into the Wanlian Hall and closed the door. A hideous look.

"Pluto, what do you mean? You want to report on me?" East High Priest's complexion was gloomy and coldly said.

"The Lord has never been stingy with the treasures of heaven and earth, but the Lord hates people to lie to him, East High Priest, but you are hiding the treasure from the Lord, and greedy the treasures born in that world!" Pluto Weak road.

East High Priest's face is grim: "hmph, who else knows besides you?"

Pluto pointed to the door.

East High Priest subconsciously turned his head and looked.

But at the gate of the temple, a gray robed man is standing at the moment.

Why do you suddenly appear a person? Fortunately, the cultivation base is not high, Earth Immortal?

I saw that Earth Immortal suddenly opened his arms.

"What are you doing?" East High Priest asked puzzled.

"Exchange!" The Earth Immortal suddenly shouting loudly.

“bang! ”

An azure light connects the East High Priest and the Earth Immortal, and the two of them immediately freeze.

"Ah!" East High Priest complexion changed.


In an instant, the East High Priest was able to move again, but at a glance, he stood on the opposite side.

Looking at the whole body again, why did he become the previous Earth Immortal?

"What's the matter?" East High Priest exclaimed suddenly.


The Pluto detected his hand and stopped the East High Priest.

"What? You, you are okay, isn't your life broken?" East High Priest exclaimed.

But I saw that a group of people suddenly appeared at a small hat not far away.

"My fate is over!" Pluto smiled coldly.

"How come?" East High Priest exclaimed.

"First enter the Wujin nest!" Pluto said solemnly.

"Exchange beast? Is the exchange beast?" East High Priest suddenly shivered, everything understood.

The Earth Immortal who exchanged his body was not a cultivator at all, but the sixth god in the world for a beast. Have you been swapped?

No matter how the East High Priest shouts, now it is just an Earth Immortal cultivation base, how can it be resisted?

Soon, the East High Priest, which was exchanged, was escorted into the Wujin Nest.

"Meow, exchange beasts, how did Yan Chuan make so many?" Meow said strangely.

"Father made it?" Pluto also looked towards Mo Yuxi.

Mo Yuxi nodded: "Your dad went to a place and brought back a lot of antimatter, using antimatter to create an exchange beast!"

"hahaha, so very good!" Pluto said with a smile.

Outside the world, the group of demons looked at Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, staring at those eyes, the pair of silver pupils seemed to penetrate the soul, even if everyone had a high cultivation base, they were chilling.

"Kuang!" The door of Wanlian Hall opened again.

"West High Priest, North High Priest, come here!" East High Priest said solemnly.

The demon leaders showed a strange color: "What's wrong?"

"The Royal General is dead, there is something to give us!" East High Priest said solemnly.


The demons had an accident. The West High Priest and the North High Priest came over immediately. The relationship with the East High Priest was good, but now it’s good. Naturally The nodded without the slightest hesitation.


The door of the great hall is closed again.

At this moment, the demons outside the temple exploded.

"What, what? Isn't it the treasure of Hades?"

The demons were envied for a while. At the same time, there was a burst of jealousy. Pluto gave the three High Priests, why not give it to us?


The door of the great hall opened again.

East High Priest, West High Priest, North High Priest looked towards the demons.

"Eight-armed Naga, four-sided Demon King, three-eyed dragon, giant Bat King, come in, you need to take this treasure together!" Dong High Priest said.

"Come!" The Four Great Demon King's expressions were overjoyed.

In spite of the curiosity of the demons, quickly enter the great hall.

"Kuang!" The door of the great hall closed again.

"What the hell is the treasure?"

"Yes, it takes the Seven Great Jue Powerhouse to get it?"

"What the hell?"

The demons scratched their heads and cheeks for a while, and their jealous eyes were red.

Although I didn’t see it, that many powerhouses can only take it, which shows the weight of treasures. But why do they have a share, but you don't?

Tian Gang and many powerhouses look anxious, expectant, and even feel like breaking in.


The door of the great hall opened again.

The demons in the hall showed bitter faces.

"How is it? What treasure?" The demon outside the temple shouted.

West High Priest faintly sighed: "The treasure is too heavy, and I still can’t unblock it. I need eight more people, eight of you, let’s help!"

" Ah, good!" The eight demon pointed to were suddenly surprised.

"Wait, what the hell?" the other demons suddenly called out in a swarm.

But the group of demons in the hall didn't care at all, and the eight demons who came in naturally ignored the clamor of others behind.


The door of the great hall is closed again.

The devil outside the temple has no more thoughts about Yan Chuan, the silver pupil of the outside world.

"A treasure that requires fifteen peerless powerhouses to turn on? Is it...!"

"The treasure of the peerless powerhouse of the first era!"

" It must be!"

"Good luck, Hades, the treasure of the First Age, how does he have it?"

"Why don't you let me in!"

Everyone In the clamor, the door of the great hall opened again, and the demons outside the hall went crazy.

"Is it still not open? I'll come, I'll help!" everyone shouted.

Sure enough, it still couldn't be opened. East High Priest chose more than a dozen people.

People are called into the hall again and again, but the peerless powerhouse outside the hall is getting less and less.

But after the last time someone was called in, only Tian Gang was left outside the hall.

"I'll help you!" Tian Gang called and wanted to enter the great hall.

"No, Pluto said he can't let you in, you have harmed him too much!" East High Priest said.

Tian Gang complexion stiffened.

A group of demons naturally stared at Tian Gang and refused to let him in. After all, there were treasures, and everyone had a different attitude.

Tian Gang felt helpless and could only wait.

Tian Gang is strong, but it is not yet capable of fighting all demons.


The great hall door is closed, leaving Tian Gang alone, depressed outside the hall.

In the hall.

The exchange beasts exchanged quickly. Although there was also demon alertness, all around were all exchanged beasts, and they were immediately restrained.

In a blink of an eye, all demons were controlled.

"Meow, why don't you let Tian Gang come in?" Meow was puzzled.

"He is a detached person, should not be able to exchange!" Pluto shook his head.

"Oh!" Meow nodded.

Outside the temple.

Tian Gang looked at the great hall, and looked at the outside silver pupil Yan Chuan.

"Tian Gang, join me, Great Zhen, can you wish?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"hahahaha, Great Zhen will be destroyed soon, do you still want to recruit me?" Tian Gang said with disdain.

Yin Tong Yan Chuan stared at Tian Gang coldly, and did not persuade him any more. The purely sensible Yan Chuan was not good at persuading him to surrender.


At this time, the Wanlian Hall opened again.

Tian Gang immediately turned his head and looked at it, and there was a glimmer of expectation in his eyes. How noble the treasures of the First Age are, Tian Gang knows best, because he and the Lotus God are detached by the treasures of the First Age .

The sword of potential is lost. If there is one more treasure of the First Age, it will be fine.

Open the great hall, will all the demons fail?

Tian Gang expects these demons to ask themselves to help.

But this time is different.

Tian Gang saw Hades.

"You, aren't you going to die?" Tian Gang exclaimed.

"You are dying!" Pluto was in a good mood and slowly stepped out of the great hall.

Does this look like a dying person?

"What's the matter?" Tian Gang puzzled.

After that, the East High Priest, West High Priest, North High Priest, a group of demons, came out one after another.

At this moment, a group of demons are standing behind Pluto, as if listening to his orders.

"East High Priest, West High Priest, what are your eyes? Are you hostile to me?" Tian Gang looked at these demons in surprise.

When you look at yourself one by one, you are not friendly?

Not only Tian Gang is puzzled, but the world can see the powerhouse here, and everyone is incomprehensible.

"Pluto, isn't it dying?"

"The group of demons, how do they follow Pluto?"

Countless perplexed glances.

Pluto smiled coldly at Tian Gang.

"Tian Gang, a wise man submits to circumstances, didn't you hear what Yan Emperor said just now?" Pluto said lightly with a smile.

What about Yan Chuan?

Tian Gang suddenly turned his head and looked towards Yan Chuan outside the Formation.

"What do you mean? You, you betrayed the Lord?" Tian Gang complexion changed.

Pluto doesn't care, coldly smiled.

At this moment, Tian Gang found it unusual.

"You are crazy, and if you don't arrest Pluto, he betrayed the Lord!" Tian Gang exclaimed.

"I said, a wise man submits to circumstances, have you forgotten? They now all acknowledge allegiance Great Zhen Great Emperor!" Pluto said indifferently.


Tian Gang only felt a roar in his mind.

"Impossible, impossible, have you all betrayed the Lord? No, I must be dreaming!" Tian Gang exclaimed, the whole person is about to collapse. Isn't it true? How can this be true?

Everyone betrayed the Lotus God and took refuge in Yan Chuan? This is impossible.

The scene before him has completely subverted Tian Gang's view of the world.

"Take it!" Pluto coldly shouted.


The group demon immediately culled towards Tian Gang.

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