The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1529

In the Promise!

Lian Shen's body stands quietly in nothingness.

Wuji is constantly dying of the body of the lotus god, but the lotus god is already detached, and the dying part is quickly recovering.

Lotus god is motionless, but his consciousness entered his body, fighting against the parasitic human body Yan Chuan.

On a grassland, Yan Chuan has long azure hair, holds the Jade Emperor sword in his hand, and points directly at the Lotus God.

On the opposite side, there are ten lotus gods surrounding Yan Chuan.

"Yan Chuan, this is the meaning of the deity, Sea of ​​Consciousness. The deity can do whatever the deity wants. Indeed, some methods of the deity cannot be used here, but, in the same way, the deity can use some other methods. Now ten deities, each consciousness body, the strength is the same, and will not weaken with the increase, this is consciousness!" The lotus god coldly snorted said.


The body of Yan Chuan long sword was cut off, and a sword gang immediately rushed towards a lotus god.


A group of lotus gods rushed towards Yan Chuan together.

Although Lian Shen is powerful, his own cultivation base is only ten 5 Heavenly Layer, and there are various methods. At this moment, it is only equivalent to Yan Chuan.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"………………

With long hair fluttering, Yan Chuan once again enters the Kong Huangtian will mode, fighting, fighting, war!

Yan Chuan's figure shook, and the long sword exploded with unprecedented speed, colliding with the lotus god again and again.

The faster the battle, the greater the amount of battle strength.

Yan Chuan gradually entered a state of selflessness, while the lotus god, at this moment, is gradually frowned.


Five more lotus gods rushed towards Yan Chuan.


Although Yan Chuan was slightly suppressed, he was adapting quickly. As he adapted, Yan Chuan's fighting intent became more and more prosperous. Also getting stronger.

"hong long long!"

On the other side, zombie Yan Chuan becomes the Black Dragon and fights against the lotus god Avatar.

The Avatar of the Lotus God is transformed by the White Tiger Great Emperor. It has the Great Emperor altar and extracts star power. It is the power of the 6 Heavenly Layer itself, plus the power of the Lotus God to detach. 7 Heavenly Layer Juli.

Black Dragon roared and collided with the Lotus God Avatar again and again.



The dragon tail crashed into it.

Lian Shen Avatar retreats slightly.

"Yan Chuan? You don't come, the deity doesn't know yet, you are so strong?" Lian Divine Eyes said fiercely.


The dragon head hit a lotus platform at the feet of Lian Shen. Under the tremendous force, the lotus platform suddenly turned up, and a crack appeared on the lotus platform.

"Jianglong!" Lotus god shouting loudly, taking advantage of this opportunity, probed out.


A huge lotus seat crashed on the dragon's head, making Black Dragon unable to move.

"hahaha!" Lian Shen laughed.

"Zhen Shi!" Black Dragon roared.


The bronze coffin of Zhenshi appeared on the head of Lotus God in an instant.

"en?" The lotus god complexion changed, and the other hand quickly went to the sky.

"Boom, ka!"

The strength of the Zhenshi copper coffin was too strong, surrounded by countless antimatter, and suddenly smashed the palm of the lotus god.

"What coffin?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.


Black Dragon broke away from the lotus platform, rushed to the lotus god, opened a big mouth, and swallowed towards the lotus god.

"en?" Lotus complexion changed and wanted to retreat.


The Jiukouzhen World Bronze Coffin appeared in the void instantly, and it slammed into the lotus god.


Lian Shen was knocked into the mouth of Black Dragon.

"Asshole!" Lian Shen yelled angrily.


Longkou closed. Lotus God was swallowed by Black Dragon.

In the belly of the dragon, Lian Shen was swallowed suddenly, and his face changed wildly: "hmph, look at me breaking your belly!"

"bang!" Black Dragon's body made a sound Loud noise.

"What a hard fleshy body?" Lian Shen asked in surprise on the abdomen of Black Dragon.

"hong long long!"

Black Dragon hovered suddenly, closing his eyes as if he was refining the body of the Lotus Avatar like crazy.

"bang! bang! bang! …………!"

Black Dragon's belly kept making loud noises.


Black Dragon opened his mouth and swallowed the bronze coffin of Zhenshi.


There was another loud noise in the abdomen of Black Dragon.

"Antimatter, how could you have so much antimatter in your body? Where did it come from?" The lotus god Avatar exclaimed.

Black Dragon ignored it, closed his eyes, and quickly refining among the lotus gods.

"Ah!" The Lotus Avatar let out a painful cry.

"hong long long!"

After a loud noise, no sound came from the abdomen of Black Dragon.

Lian Shen Avatar has been refining.


Below the Black Dragon, beside the original Great Emperor altar, suddenly a Great Emperor altar appeared again.

The Great Emperor altar of the White Tiger Great Emperor has been refining by the Black Dragon.


Black Dragon opened his eyes, and two shots shot out.


The first world, Yang Sector outer southern continent, Wanlian Sea.

"Take it!" Pluto coldly shouted.


The group demon immediately culled towards Tian Gang.

"Crazy, are you all crazy?" Tian Gang exclaimed.

"The light of destruction!" Dong High Priest shouting loudly. The scepter in his hand suddenly burst into dazzling brilliance, and a black light directed towards Tian Gang.

"bang!" Tian Gang was knocked upside down and flew out.

all around A group of demons is even more culled.

In a blink of an eye, Tian Gang was surrounded by a group of powerhouses.

“bang! ”

The entire Wanlian Sea suddenly rose from the war.

The outside world, all the territories, the peerless powerhouse are all showing a dazed color.

The scene before me is too subversive.

All the demons suddenly fought against Tian Gang? How could this be?

North High Priest stands beside Hades.

Pluto waved his hand.

The North High Priest holds the scepter and sends a rays of light towards the Wanlian Sea.

“bang! ”

Under the tremendous force, the sea of ​​lotus all around trembled in the void, and the huge explosive force caused a sea of ​​lotus to be destroyed in an instant, but soon, that lot of lotus The sea recovered, but the lotus flower was no longer beautiful.

"What are you doing? North High Priest, are you going to destroy the Wanlian Sea?" Tian Gang exclaimed.

At this moment, not only North High Priest, but other demons have also joined the project to destroy the Wanlian Sea.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"………………

A crowd of demons, destroying heaven and extinguishing earth's great power, crazily destroy countless lotus flowers , All around Formation, when these lotus flowers are destroyed, ripples are everywhere.

"You crazy people, you are crazy, you are all crazy!" Tian Gang roared.

No matter what, Tian Gang couldn't stop it at all. Trapped by several demons, he was fighting hard, and his body suddenly suffered more injuries.

"hong long long!"

The destruction and rebirth of the Wanlian Sea became more and more broken, until some places could not be recovered.

The whole evil world roared everywhere, Heaven and Earth roared everywhere.

Countless demons are trembling in fear for a time. Looking at the sky in horror, I don't know what's going on.

In the great evil world, in all major territories, a huge Divine Idol sculpture of the lotus god is erected. It is placed everywhere in the world. The Divine Idol is majestic and emits a magnificent light.

The endless demons often worship and provide voluntary power. And these aspirations connect with the Wanlian Sea, and the Lotus God also communicates with the Ten Thousand Demons in the world through these own Divine Idols.

The great evil world Cang Life Power is all gathered in the Divine Idol one by one, and then connected to the Wanlian Sea and used by the Lotus God.

With the continuous destruction of the Wanlian Sea, the countless lotus gods of the evil world, Divine Idol, have also been destroyed.

"ka ka ka ka!"

On top of the Divine Idol, cracks are everywhere, and countless demons in the evil world are panicked.

"What's the matter? The lotus god Divine Idol is cracked!"

"The lotus god Divine Idol is destroyed?"

"I, I can't contact you I’m on Divine Idol!"




The whole evil world It's all the sound of panic.

At the Wanlianhai, one by one demons constantly destroys the Wanlianhai. The Formation outside also burst open suddenly, and Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, turned his eyes to the crowd in a blink of an eye.


Yan Chuan opened three thousand Heavenly Dao.

Heavenly Dao circulates, the power of turbulence crazily destroys the Wanlian Sea, no, it melts the Wanlian Sea.

The Wanlian Sea is connected to the power of one world, and the power of one world is seized by the silver pupil Yan Chuan at this moment. In the ablation, it turns into an endless power to gather and gather into the three thousand Heavenly Dao. In the huge eyes.


The three thousand Heavenly Dao of Yan Chuan's silver pupil Yan Chuan is full of billowing power.

On the other side, Tian Gang is cracked.

"Yan Chuan, Yan Chuan! Asshole, how can you acknowledge allegiance Yan Chuan?"

Tian Gang has red eyes, how could this be?

"You, you, Lotus God will not let you go!" Tian Gang roared.


Finally, a lotus god Divine Idol collapsed.

“bang! ”“bang!” “bang! ”

With the first collapse, the whole evil world’s lotus god Divine Idol collapsed one after another, more and more, more and more.

The collapse of Divine Idol means that Lotus God's control of the evil world is getting weaker and smaller, and smaller and smaller, until the end, there is no trace of control.

Tian Gang trembled in shock.

Some peerless powerhouses in the world are dumbfounded at the moment, unable to understand this sudden and intense change.

How did the offensive and defensive be out of position in an instant?

Lian Shen lost the power of a realm?

In Promise.

The consciousness of the lotus god is fighting against Yan Chuan.

"bang!" "bang!"………………

Yan Chuan became more fierce in the Vietnam War, and more fierce in the Vietnam War.

"Are you looking for a breakthrough?" Lotus God complexion changed.

Twenty lotus consciousness bodies collided with Yan Chuan.

"Broken!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.


The sky is full of peacock feathers flying towards the direction of long sword, and the consciousness of twenty lotus gods is knocked out.

And Yan Chuan's body also made a loud noise at this moment.


Yan Chuan's body swelled with rolling power, and he stayed there for a moment.

"Ten 6 Heavenly Layer?" The lotus god consciousness complexion changed.

Suddenly, Lian Shen looked up suddenly.

"What? Zombie Yan Chuan swallowed the Avatar of the deity?" Lian Shen exclaimed.

But everything is not over yet, suddenly, Lian Shen complexion greatly changed again.

"Wan Lianhai had an accident? How could it be possible, did Jiang Chen and Zhong Shan intervene? How could an accident be Wan Lianhai?" Lian Shen's expression changed wildly.

The big evil world is one's foundation. If the big evil world is lost, one's own power will definitely fall by a lot.

Not far away, Yan Chuan has just broken through to the Ten 6 Heavenly Layer and is being consolidated.

Lian Shen's face is extremely ugly, no, it can't be like this anymore.


The lotus god is shouting loudly.


Lian Shen resolutely self-destruct opened.


Lotus god burst open, Yan Chuan also exposed.

Although the lotus god does not have the refining explosive beast, the lotus god himself is already immortality. After self-destruct, he soon recovered again not far away, gradually showing his original body shape, only slightly A little weaker.

"Yan Chuan!" Lian Shen has a hideous look on his face.


Suddenly, another silhouette shot, but zombie Yan Chuan suddenly appeared beside Yan Chuan.

"You!" Lian Shen looked resentful.

However, it is Wan Lianhai who is more concerned now.


Lian Shen, without the slightest hesitation, enters Heaven and Earth and heads straight for the Wanlian Sea.

The speed is so fast, the whole world is filled with a piercing sound.

The starry sky is shaking.

Tian Gang, who was suppressed by fiercely, looked overjoyed when he saw the sway of the stars and the return of the god lotus.

Before Tian Gang spoke, the East High Priest suddenly roared into the sky not far away: "Lord, Tian Gang betrayed the Lord, colluded with Yan Chuan, and destroyed the Wanlian Sea!"

The sound rushed to Nine Heavens. The Lotus God was still in the starry sky, and he heard the call of the East High Priest.


Tian Gang was immediately suffocated by shameless of East High Priest.

"I don't have one!" Tian Gang cried out sadly.

"Lord, Tian Gang betrayed the lord, colluded with Yan Chuan, and destroyed the Wanlian Sea!" the group demon shouted.

Tian Gang's entire face is black. Crying without tears.

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