The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1530

Lian Shen was still above the starry sky, and he saw the destruction of the Wanlian Sea below.

In a mess, the entire evil world, my countless Divine Idol collapsed, the belief in the evil common people was lost, and the world was in chaos.

If the Wanlian Sea is destroyed, oneself will lose the power of one world.

The overseas Formation of Wanlian has been broken. That Formation, but can block the Ten 7 Heavenly Layer powerhouse.


Zhong Shan? General?

Lian Shen's face showed a fierce anger.

"Lord, Tian Gang betrayed the lord, colluded with Yan Chuan, and destroyed the Wanlian Sea!" Suddenly the voice of East High Priest came.

Tian Gang?

How is it possible?

Lian Shen didn't believe it at first, after all, Tian Gang brought it out by himself, impossible to betray him.

But, the trace of reason just now was dissipated by endless anger.

Collaborating with Yan Chuan? can you? East High Priest is as loyal to himself, and he will not lie to himself.

"I don't have one!" Tian Gang's voice of grief and indignation came.

On one side is the East High Priest and on the other is Tian Gang. Who should I believe? What happened?

"Lord, Tian Gang betrayed the lord, colluded with Yan Chuan, and destroyed the Wanlianhai!" The group of demons shouted at the same time.

If there is an Eastern High Priest, Lian Shen cannot fully believe it, but now, almost all the demons insist on Tian Gang.

Can this be fake?

A demon killed Tian Gang, which can be counted as a personal grievance, but now, everyone kills Tian Gang. How can Tian Gang be innocent?

"The evil barrier, you dare to betray the deity!" The lotus god angry roar called Tian Gang with a palm of his hand.

"Master, no, I don't!" Tian Gang cried out in horror.

However, the Lotus God went down in an instant, leaning out a palm and slamming at Tian Gang.

"Lord, no!" Tian Gang exclaimed, helplessly greet the sky.


The area of ​​the original Wanlian Sea suddenly exploded countless.


In Promise.

The person Yan Chuan closed his eyes, and the Divine flame rushed out, but was quickly wiped out by all around Wuji, Yan Chuan didn't care.

zombie Yan Chuan guarded Yan Chuan, and after a while, Yan Chuan opened his eyes.


Yan Chuan's eyes flashed two rays of light with 16 colors.

"Kong Huangtian's will is very powerful. Without his will, I don't know when we can break through to the 10th Heavenly Layer!" Yan Chuan exclaimed.

zombie Yan Chuan also sighed.

The two took a look at Heaven and Earth.

"Go back, it's not over yet!" zombie Yan Chuan said.


The two of them headed inside without the slightest hesitation. In a blink of an eye, he rushed through the heavenly demon area and entered the starry sky.

As soon as I entered the starry sky, I suddenly saw a scene where a group of demons besieged Lotus God.

Lian Shen severely injured Tian Gang with a palm.

When the anger faded a little, a group of demons simultaneously shot at the Lotus God.

Pluto understands that although he has just framed Tian Gang once, it is impossible to hide it for too long, and soon the lotus god will come back to his senses, and it will come back to his senses when the lotus god came back to his senses , To give the heaviest blow.

The group of demons attacked the lotus god almost at the same time.

"What? What are you doing?" Lian Shen suddenly complexion changed.

It's a pity that everything is a little late. Dao Gang, Jian Gang, and Fist Gang, various forms of power are swarming.


Standing in the center, even Tian Gang, who had just been injured, also had a chill on his face.

The detached person just doesn’t die, but it’s not that it doesn’t hurt, and it can be reborn if it hurts to the end. However, after rebirth, it will be extremely weak, and it will take a long time to be reborn. It is no different from a seal.

At this moment, the demons are attacking madly, and the lotus god is also a complexion sank.

"The lotus of the atmosphere, the flowers bloom in the world!" The god of lotus is shouting loudly.

“weng! ”

Under the feet of Lotus God, a white lotus suddenly appeared. As soon as the lotus came out, it instantly wrapped the Lotus God and Tian Gang up, slowly, the lotus flower Open, one after another white divine light rushed out, rushed toward the attack of the demons.


Absolutely in the area, the void is shattered.

Lian Shen uses a white lotus to block the impact of almost all demons.

A group of demons were suddenly knocked out.

Lian Shen was trembling with anger at this moment, the demons, all betrayed him, all?

For a time, Lian Shen didn't even make another move.

The void was quickly repaired. Above the sky, two Yan Chuan quickly rushed down.

Soon, Yan Chuan arrived below.


Bringing two gusts of wind, all around the void was restored.

Three Yan Chuan stood side by side in the air.

Hades, Mo Yuxi, Miao Miao, and the group of demons have already stood behind the three Yan Chuan.

Lian Shen protects himself with a white lotus.

At this moment, countless powerhouses in the world are full of incomprehension. After all, the previous battle was too chaotic. Many powerhouses don’t understand at all. What happened before?

The demons are rebellious?

Lian Shen's gaze swept across the group of demons one after another.

"You betrayed me?" Lotus God said solemnly.

"Lord, they are all crazy, and the Pluto is not dead at all, he is okay, everything is fake, it is a play performed by Yan Chuan!" Tian Gang looked sad and angry. Tao.

I was hit by the Lotus God just now, and Tian Gang seemed to fall apart at this moment, and his whole body was in pain.

"The lotus of the atmosphere? It seems that this is the treasure to help you transcend, the first era, the magic weapon of the grandeur?" Yan Chuan stood in the front, said solemnly.

The lotus of the atmosphere? The magic weapon of the first era.

Kelian God is still brooding.

"Why, East High Priest, West High Priest, why are you betraying the deity?" Lotus God said solemnly.

"Can't you see it yet?" Pluto coldly smiled.

"Are you okay? Fate can be repaired, is it you, Mo Yuxi?" Lian Shen suddenly felt cold in his eyes.

Mo Yuxi smiled coldly and ignored the lotus god. There are Husband and son here, and Mo Yuxi doesn't want the limelight either.

Lian Shen also only glanced at Mo Yuxi and looked towards the East High Priest entire group again.

"Your eyes are wrong, you are not yourself anymore? Exchange beasts?" Lotus God suddenly complexion changed.

The person Yan Chuan looks at the sky at this time.

A long bloody hair fluttered instantly, and the sea of ​​blood reappeared.

The cypress trees skyrocketed, and the sky full of stars suddenly brightened up.

The stars of the shallow stars brightened up, and soon, the giant stars of the deep stars lit up one after another.

Yin Sector West, the superstar of the White Tiger Great Emperor was instantly controlled by Yan Chuan. Yan Chuan's palm gradually surrounds countless stars.

"The universe in the palm. You want to deal with me, you are not enough!" Lian Shen coldly said.

"Lotus God, you have lost the power of a realm. Are you not enough now? Just rely on this large lotus? You look too high at yourself!" Yan Chuan said coldly.

while speaking, Yan Chuan waved his right palm, and the star power went straight to the lotus god.

"hmph, open Wanlian again!"

The lotus god a light shout, the atmospheric lotus at his feet suddenly bloomed with countless white light, white light passed by, white lotus clusters.

"Heavenly Dao cycle!" Yan Chuan shouted loudly.


Three thousand Heavenly Dao came out, and the billowing white lotus was immediately melted by the power of countless turbulence, and was quickly taken away.

Lian Shen stood among the white lotus, defending invincibly for a time.


zombie Yan Chuan went straight to the lotus god. In a blink of an eye it was near. The giant wings of the keel on the back reappeared, and he hit the Lotus God with a punch.

"hmph, the younger generation, dare to be impudent!" Lian Shen yelled.

Put out a fist and hit zombie Yan Chuan.


Two fists collide, regardless of the outcome, the lotus god possesses the large lotus, and is invincible at all.

As long as Lian Shen does not make a move, zombie Yan Chuan cannot break the defense.

"Yu Xi, Dongen, Miao Miao, you guys go out first!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"en!" Mo Yuxi and the others nodded.

Everyone quickly left the area set up by 3,000 Heavenly Dao. After all, everyone was here and couldn't intervene at all.

Only three Yan Chuan are left, facing the lotus god and Tian Gang in the atmospheric lotus.

"Lian Shen, lost the power of a world, at this moment, you are no longer my opponent!" zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"I have a large lotus, even if you are already 10 Heavenly Layer, it is impossible to break open!" The lotus god coldly shouted.

"It doesn't matter, I have a Heavenly Dao cycle, which can slowly wear away your atmospheric lotus. I see if you can keep going!" Yin Chuan Yan Chuan said coldly.

"hong long long!"

The power of the billowing turbulence constantly dissolves the power of the lotus of the atmosphere.

Lotus complexion sank.

"Heaven and Earth is righteous, Liankaizhenshi!" Lian Shen a light shout.

With a wave of the probing hand, the large lotus under his feet suddenly flew up, and suddenly rushed towards the Yan Chuan trio.

"Zhenshi? I am the real Zhenshi, town!" zombie Yan Chuan took out the bronze coffin of Zhenshi.


The atmospheric lotus and the bronze coffin of Zhenshi collided. The force of the billowing collision was instantly disintegrated by the Heavenly Dao cycle. The two collided, both equally excellent.

"What kind of coffin are you, why can you block the lotus in the atmosphere?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"The Zhenshi bronze coffin I refined carries the'fire of hope'!" zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"The fire of hope?"

"This coffin is born for the hope of the common people. Hope will not die, and the copper coffin will not be destroyed! Broken!" zombie Yan Chuan once again suppressed it. go with.


The coffin and lotus collided, but the lotus still couldn't break the protection.

"In the First Age, the lotus of the atmosphere is indeed a treasure!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Yan Chuan and the three of them have no way to take the Lotus God temporarily, but the Lotus God is also extremely anxious.

"Lord, let's leave first!" Tian Gang called.

"Good too!" Lotus God is nodded.

Manipulate the lotus of the atmosphere and shoot it in one direction.



Zhenshi bronze coffin stands in front of the large lotus. Do not let the lotus of the atmosphere leave.

“bang! ”, “bang! ”, “bang! ”………………

Collision again and again, the lotus of the atmosphere cannot leave at all, but Heavenly The Dao cycle continues to dissolve power.

The billowing power is absorbed, and the lotus of the atmosphere can be all sucked as long as it releases its breath.

For three days, Lotus God was unable to leave.

"Master?" Tian Gang was anxious.

Lian Shen looked at Tian Gang and his eyes sank: "Because of you, I can't be one with the large lotus, the lotus, go out!"

"What? Lord Come on, don't abandon me!" Tian Gang exclaimed.

Ke Lian God didn't care at all, he slapped his palm and shot Tian Gang out.


Tian Gang exclaimed. Was beaten out.

As soon as Tian Gang flew out, a defensive gap suddenly appeared, and the universe in the palm of Yan Chuan's body suddenly stretched towards the lotus god.

"divine ability, deprivation!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.

Deprived? Wanting to deprive the atmospheric lotus, Lian Shen's face changed wildly, and his figure shook suddenly, avoiding the divine ability of the atmospheric lotus.


The atmospheric lotus avoided the deprivation of the divine ability, but the lotus god disappeared above the atmospheric lotus and entered the universe in the palm.

"What?" Lian Shen exclaimed.

But I found that I was already in the palm of Yan Chuan.

"It is not the lotus of the atmosphere that I deprived, but you!" Yan Chuan smiled coldly.

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