The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1531

"What I deprived is not the lotus of the atmosphere, but you!" Yan Chuan smiled coldly.

In Yan Chuan's palm, Lian Shen stood in a vast universe with a look of consternation on his face.

"Star Movement!" Yan Chuan a light shout.

"hong long long!"

The sky was full of stars, and the rolling force went straight to Yan Chuan's palm.

It's as if hundreds of millions of stars crashed into the center lotus god.


Lian Shen made a brazen collision.

"Yan Chuan, Yan Chuan!" Lian Shen roared grimly.

The trend is over?

"The lotus of the atmosphere!" The lotus god loudly roared.

Outside, the atmospheric lotus suddenly bloomed with a dazzling white light, as if to travel through time and space, to the place of the lotus god.

"Heavenly Dao cycle!" Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, urged again.


The force of the turbulent current rushed straight into the lotus of the atmosphere, and the lotus of the atmosphere that was supposed to travel through time and space was instantly dragged.

Not far away, Tian Gang stared at this scene blankly.

Tian Gang's heart is even more gloomy.

I have been loyal to the Lotus God from beginning to end, even if things have reached a dead end, they are all loyal and unrepentant. Unexpectedly, I can’t think of being abandoned by the Lotus God in the end?

When the lotus god launched the atmospheric lotus, Tian Gang's entire belief collapsed.


Zombie Yan Chuan kicked him out.

Suddenly, Pluto led a group of demon leaders to capture Tian Gang.

"Why, why?" Tian Gang still brooded.

"Tian Gang, you have also seen that the lotus god you are loyal to, at this critical moment, without the slightest hesitation, abandons you, without the slightest hesitation!" Pluto said with a smile .

"Don't say it, don't say it!" Tian Gang looked sad.

"Lian Shen is not your only choice, come to my Great Zhen Heaven Realm!" Pluto once again persuaded him to surrender.


At the same time.

The great evil world Yin Sector, between Heaven and Earth, seems to be filled with a dark air suddenly. When the dark air comes, the demons and dead spirits of the great evil world almost suddenly fall asleep. .

"pu pass!" "pu pass!" "pu pass!"………………

The one by one demon suddenly fell to the ground, and countless demons started in horror.

"What's the matter, how come the people on the city over there suddenly fell asleep?"

"Ah, what is Yin Qi? Why did Yin Qi pass, why are they all asleep? Is it?"

"Look at the bird in the sky, it fell down!"

"Father, I'm sleepy!"

"I'm sleepy too !"




Dark When the breath passed, the drowsiness of one territory after another, the drowsiness of continent after continent.

There is no resistance, the demons at the bottom are the first to fall asleep. Some demons and necromen with a high cultivation base can only support for a while, and then fall asleep again.

Drowsy, lethargic, lethargic!

The entire evil world Yin Sector has fallen into a drowsy rhythm.

The common people, the dead, and even the trees suddenly drooped down at this moment and fell asleep, even the wind, snow, and rain stopped.

It didn't take long for the entire world Yin Sector to be very quiet.

Everyone fell asleep.

And this lethargy is not only satisfied with Yin Sector, but spread to Yang Sector again.

The evil world Yang Sector gradually fell into the rhythm of lethargy.

From a distance, spreading towards the outer southern continent.

outer southern continent.

Lian Shen was trapped in the palm of Yan Chuan.

"The lotus of the atmosphere!" Lian Shen cried out sadly.

But how would Yan Chuan make him wish?


Three thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly destroyed the lotus petals of an atmospheric lotus, the lotus petals suddenly turned into a billowing air, and rushed straight into the four directions.

"hong long long!"

Three thousand Heavenly Dao quickly digested it, and quickly concentrated its power into the huge eye in a cloud above.

Close the huge eyes, accumulating endless power.

"Yan Chuan, what do you want to do? Do you want to decompose the atmospheric lotus refining?" The lotus god exclaimed.

"Not bad!" Yan Chuan said indifferently.

"That, that's a treasure of the First Age, the First Age. You are so reckless waste of natural resources, you actually want to decompose it?" Lian Shen exclaimed.

"The First Epoch? The First Epoch powerhouse may be about to return from eclosion, the lotus of the atmosphere will still be taken away by the god of the atmosphere, why can't I receive and use for oneself? Do you think it is reckless waste of Natural resources, but I never think so!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

“bang! ”

Bang the Power of Stars, and once again ran into the Lotus God.

Lian Shen was hit hard, with torn skin and gaping flesh.

"You can't kill me, I am Undying Body!" Lian Shen roared.

"Kill you? I naturally know that you are Undying Body, but, you have entered my palms, do you think you can escape? I will use the star power of the sky to consume your power. Then I will Your suppression will keep you from waking up forever. When everything in this world is over, you can wake up again!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

When this world is over?

Lian Shen suddenly shivered, Lian Shen naturally understood what Yan Chuan was talking about, the fate. Isn’t the ultimate goal of the world’s heroes coming together for the fate of the battle?

If you lose, the world will not exist.

I wake up then and everything is gone, so what's the point?

"No, you can't do this, you can't!" Lian Shen roared in shock.

"I can't help you!" Yan Chuan said coldly.

“bang! ”“bang! ”………………

As the star power is mobilized, the Yin-Yang two sectors all made a huge clashing sound, which shocked people's hearts one by one.

outer western continent, in front of Tai Chi Hall.

Wu Zhao looked at Yan Chuan in the distance, with a complex jealousy on his face.

"The First Emperor?" Wu Zhao said jealously.

Once upon a time, in the sealed world, how overbearing I was. I was shocked to know that Yan Chuan was the reincarnation of Earth Qin Shihuang. Later, when I saw Yan Chuan’s cultivation base, I suddenly lost the sense of awe. .

Even Wu Zhao looked down on Yan Chuan for a long time.

Until Great Zhen continued to rise. Yan Chuan is getting stronger and stronger.

Every time I see it, Yan Chuan's strength has skyrocketed, every time.

Until now, that lotus has entered the Great Zhou, like entering the realm of no one, the strongest Heavenspan Cult Lord, also lost in his hands, Great Zhou, this is his home game.

Such a powerful lotus god is now a prisoner of Yan Chuan?

This is where Yan Chuan enters the home court of Lian Shen, the Heaven and Earth turning upside down that stirred the entire evil world.

After such a stir, Lian Shen was defeated. Defeated so thoroughly?

"Yan Chuan? Qin, to Qin, Great Zhen Heaven Realm?" Wu Zhao's eyes were full of jealousy.

outer northern continent.

immortality in front of the hall. Zhong Shan and Jianao looked towards Yan Chuan.

"hahahaha, good!" Zhong Shan exclaimed.

"It's almost there!" Jianao was also nodded.

"Why? Do you want to challenge Yan Chuan?" Zhong Shan said with a smile.

"I'm almost, when I sharpen my long sword again, I will go to Xianyang to challenge Yan Chuan!" Jianao said seriously.

Zhong Shan looked at Jianao, and finally nodded: "Also, I am waiting for you to fight the world!"

Jianao is nodded.

Ring the Northeast Continent.

Dongfang Bubai stood in the pavilion, his gaze spanned across the borders, and he stared directly at the universe in the palm of Yan Chuan.

Dongfang Bubai stood with his hand in his hand and frowned slightly as he watched Yan Chuan's palm constantly being worn away by the lotus god.

The brow frowned, as if making a dilemma.

"oh!" Dongfang Bubai faintly sighed.


outer southern continent.

Yan Chuan is digesting the lotus of the atmosphere. Above three thousand Heavenly Dao, although a huge eye has not opened, in the vicinity, he can already feel its terrifying power.

The atmospheric lotus peels off one by one and is rapidly ablated.

In the palm of Yan Chuan's body, Lotus God became weaker and weaker under repeated collisions.

"roar!" Lian Shen roared unwillingly.

Throughout every battle of the four realms in one, Lian Shen found sadly that he seemed to be the punching bag of the powerhouse in this world. Lost again and again.

From the general to the golden Great Emperor, from Zhongshan to Fuxi, I have been losing, even now, even if I face Yan Chuan, who I looked down on in the past, I have been defeated so thoroughly.

Bitter, unwilling, resentful, but everything is helpless.

The power gradually disappeared.

At this moment, zombie Yan Chuan is complexion sank: "en?"


Zombie Yan Chuan stepped out of the range of three thousand Heavenly Dao, Looking towards the south.

"pu pass!" "pu pass!"……………………

The great evil world Yang Sector every continent, after a burst of black air, repaired one by one The person fell asleep.

More and more lethargy.

In a blink of an eye, hiding the sky and covering the earth, spreading everywhere.

"Ah, over there, what happened over there?"

"My Great Zhen officer, what's wrong?"

"Not good!"





There are countless shouts everywhere, but without exception, everything Fell asleep.

"This is Corpse Qi? Jiang Chen?" zombie Yan Chuan complexion changed.

At this moment, the dark air has spread to the vicinity. Countless practitioners fainted quickly.

"Father!" Hades shouted.

In a blink of an eye, Pluto will also fall asleep.



Mo Yuxi, Meow, and a group of demons, all fell asleep.

The drowsiness of the entire outer southern continent made the powerhouse, which the world thought the battle was over, plunged into consternation again.

What's the matter?

The dark air came straight at zombie Yan Chuan.


The Great Emperor altar suddenly released a burst of white light, blocking the black energy.

In an instant, except for this battlefield, the entire evil world Yang Sector fell into a drowsiness.

"Jiangchen!" zombie Yan Chuan shouting loudly.


The voice of zombie Yan Chuan suddenly spread throughout the evil world Yang Sector.

"hong long long!"

In the distance, black air billowed, and amidst the black air, a golden-robed general, the Great Emperor, slowly walked out.

"Sure enough, it's the person I like, you are okay!" Standing in the dark mist, the Great Emperor General, faintly smiled and said.

At this moment, all the people of Great Zhen in the evil world have fallen into a drowsiness.

Yan Chuan looked at the Great Emperor coldly.

"Great Emperor, do you want to pick fruit?" Yan Chuan said coldly.

At this moment, the lotus god is defeated, and the evil world is empty. Great Zhen exerts his strength and can completely eat Yang Sector, but at this time, the generals are here.

"I am here, the evil world, it is mine!" Jiang Chen confidently said with a smile.

"Yours? I think you still can't eat it, right?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Although the generals are strong, only the Panshi clan can see to their subordinates, but the number of Panshi clan is too small.

Occupy a territory, not only depends on the personal strength of the formidable person, but also requires a large number of subordinate groups to closely control the hearts of the people.

To leave the minister alone is like swallowing the evil world? In Yan Chuan's view, this is not realistic enough!

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