The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1532

zombie Yan Chuan stepped on the Great Emperor altar, looking coldly at the generals on the opposite side!

Jiangchen has the chance to win, but Yan Chuan has nothing to do with it.


A pair of black keel giant wings propped up on the back of zombie Yan Chuan, spitting out fangs, and a trace of nineteen-color rays of light overflowed on the skin. Billowing fierce and mighty, went straight to the generals.

Jiangchen also understands how powerful Yan Chuan is.


A pair of golden wings are propped up from the back, the same mouth fangs, the same fierce light is exposed, and the skin is overflowing with nineteen colors rays of light.

The bodies of the two are almost exactly the same except for the color of the wings and the shape of their faces.

"hong long long!"

From under the feet of the two people, billowing hostility rushed in all directions.


Zombie Yan Chuan hit Jiang Chen with a punch.

There is no power of Grand Dao, just the purest physical power.

The general also seemed to test Yan Chuan's body, and he also punched him.

“dong! ”

“bang! ”

The void suddenly shredded five thousand ten thousand li, a powerful force, the purest fleshly body strength, Furiously rushed.

The loud noise even spread all over the Yang Sector, countless powerhouses are all in their hearts.

"Really strong fleshy body!" Zhongshan said solemnly from the outer northern continent.

Round the Southeastern Continent, the golden Great Emperor's eyes narrowed: "The body of a general?"

Rolling impact, swept all over the place.

After all, everything returned to calm.

After a punch, zombie Yan Chuan and Jiang Chen returned to their places.

Zombie Yan Chuan narrowed his eyes: "Your fleshy body is actually the same as me?"

The same power, the same overbearing. zombie Yan Chuan's complexion at the moment. I originally thought that Jiang Chen created the cultivation technique "The Body of Jiang Chen" because he was not confident enough in his fleshy body. But now it seems that Jiang Chen's current body is not weaker than himself.

With such a powerful fleshy body, why did you create "The Body of the Minister" for others to cultivation?

"Yes, it is the same dense fleshy body as me!" Jiang Chen said with a smile satisfied.

"The same? What do you mean?" Yan Chuan said solemnly. It seems to have found something unusual.

Two Great Powerhouses looked at each other coldly.

On the side, among the three thousand Heavenly Dao.

"hong long long!"

The lotus of the atmosphere is constantly being decomposed, and is constantly being dissolved by Heavenly Dao Samsara, turning into Yan Chuan's controllable power, and gathering in the huge eyes above.

Jiangchen, who had been facing Yan Chuan, suddenly looked at the closed huge eye.


The atmospheric lotus that had no petals exploded, completely decomposed, and turned into a rolling force into the giant eyes.

The giant eyes exude a breath of fatal threat, making the generals’ eyes slightly narrowed.

At this moment, in the universe in the palm of Yan Chuan, the power of the Lotus God is getting weaker and weaker. Gradually dying.

"Lian Shen, you are completely defeated. All your divine forces have been wiped out by me. Then, prepare to fall into a deep sleep!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Oh, winner is the king, loser is the villain!" Lotus God revealed a bit of bitterness.

At this moment, in the Northeast Continent.

Dongfang Bubai stares at the lotus god in the palm of the outer southern continent Yan Chuan.


Dongfang Bubai faintly sighed.

Suddenly, Dongfang Bubai stretched out his right palm and looked up at the sky.


In the palm of Dongfang Bubai's palm, numerous light spots suddenly appeared, and when the light spots appeared, they seemed to be connected to the sky with stars in an instant.


The stars in the world are brighter. The shallow stars and even the deep stars are all bright.

Yan Chuan of the outer southern continent is suddenly complexion changed and looks up to the sky.

Because Yan Chuan suddenly discovered that Power of Stars, except for himself, seemed to have another traction.

Not only that, the sky is full of stars, almost all bright.

Three thousand superstars in the deep star layer are all illuminated?

Be aware that even Yan Chuan himself can only manipulate more than two thousand stars, but the current three thousand superstars have all been manipulated.

"What's the matter? Who is it?" Yan Chuan asked in surprise.

In addition to yourself, anyone can mobilize Mantian Power of Stars?

If Yan Chuan sees Dongfang Bubai, he will be even more shocked, because Dongfang Bubai's right palm is almost the same as the universe in Yan Chuan's palm.

Rolling star point surrounds Dongfang Bubai's palm.

Dongfang Bubai looked at his palm, his eyes condensed suddenly, as if a small torn space appeared in his palm.


In the tearing small space, a silhouette suddenly appeared, but it was the dying lotus god. Suddenly, the lotus god teleported to the palm of Dongfang Bubai?

Far away in the outer southern continent. Yan Chuan's face changed wildly.

Lian Shen is gone?

A force suddenly appeared in his palm and moved the lotus god away?

"Who?" Yan Chuan exclaimed.

Turn his head to investigate in the Quartet, but there is no silhouette of the Lotus God at all in the Quartet.

Yan Chuan has a gift in his heart. How powerful is the person who can steal the Lotus God from his palm so easily?

But, who will save the lotus god?

Yan Chuan's face is extremely ugly.


The human body Yan Chuan withdrew from the universe in his palm, his face gloomy.

Ring the Northeast Continent.

Lian Shen was teleported to the hand of Dongfang Bubai.

Dongfang Bubai's power was withdrawn.


The weak god of lotus fell in front of Dongfang Bubai.

Dongfang Bubai looked at the weak Lian Shen with a gloomy expression.

Lian Shen suddenly saw Dongfang Bubai, instantly shivered, as if he was extremely frightened. An instinctive terror. But, soon, the horror recovered. There was a deep sense of bitterness.

"Unfilial dísciple, thank Master for the grace to save again!" Lotus God bowed down to Dongfang Bubai.

Dongfang Bubai stared at the lotus god.

Lian Shen showed a bitter expression: "dísciple is wrong. In the second era, you shouldn’t have stolen the Master’s “Lotus of Atmosphere” and flee to the evil world. dísciple knows it is wrong, and asks the Master to punish you. !"

Lian Shen knelt in front of Dongfang Bubai. A color of deep confession.

Dongfang Bubai stared at Lian Shen for a while, as if thinking about what to do.

After a while, Dongfang Bubai said indifferently: "that's all, outer southern continent, since you have lost, then stay in the eastern teaching ground and teach you those Junior Brothers !"

"Yes, thank you Master, thank you Master!" Lian Shen quickly knocked his head.

Dongfang Bubai waved his sleeve gently. Lian Shen immediately stood up and stood respectfully behind Dongfang Bubai.

Not far from Dongfang Bubai, a group of Dongfang Bubai's disciples are standing at the moment, including Meng Wenruo and Meng Lingtian, an ancestor of Meng Rongrong.

A crowd of Dongfang Bubai's dísciple are stunned. All heads were empty.

What's the situation?

This is the Lotus God? Is the world master of the evil world?

World Lord, Lotus God, is his Senior Brother?

"Junior Brother, try to slap me, am I dreaming?"


"Ouch, you really did ?"

"Is it true, not dreaming?"

"Lian Shen, is it my Senior Brother?"



A group of oriental teaching dísciples all showed ecstasy.

In the past, the lotus god was arrogant and domineering, and everyone looked upset, but now he has become his own, naturally everyone is extremely happy, no more jealous.

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