The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1534

In the past two months of integration, the three continents of the evil world merged into Great Zhen. For a moment, Great Zhen burst into the sky with light and auspiciousness, rolling World's Essence Qi, making Wubai people look excited.

The two worlds merged, Great Zhen's army quickly fought all over the world, integrating the creatures of the evil world that just merged.

The world once again returned to a brief calm, until Xianyang welcomed two guests.

Meng Sansheng of God World, and Meng Hongying, granddaughter of Meng Sansheng.

Before Xianyang, the two fell on the top of a mountain, looking at the majestic Xianyang in the distance.

"Here again!" Meng Sansheng faintly sighed.

Meng Hongying looked at Xianyang City and was extremely excited for a while, but soon, Meng Hongying frowned.

"Hong Ying, follow me then, don't be alone with Zizi!" Meng Sansheng said indifferently.

"But, grandfather, why don't you tell me, you still have something to hide from me?" Meng Hongying frowned.

"I said, everything is for God World. You and Zizi have a good relationship. Then persuade her to call Yellow Springs Road and follow us back to God World. Don't be surprised!" Meng Sansheng said solemnly.

Meng Hongying was slightly embarrassed, and finally nodded helplessly: "Okay!"

"Go!" Meng Sansheng said.

Speaking, the two flew towards Xianyang City.

Xianyang, go to the study.

Yan Chuan is discussing a major event in the world with some important ministers.


"Reporting to Great Emperor, God World Meng Sansheng and Meng Hongying, please see you!" Zhao Gao entered the study.

"oh?" Yan Chuan eyes slightly narrowed.

Yan Chuan walked out of the study and walked directly to a square, followed by some courtiers.

On the square, Meng Sansheng is waiting for Yan Chuan, but Meng Hongying is with Zizi, and the two sisters are talking with each other.

I saw Yan Chuan coming in the distance.

Zi Zi suddenly smiled and looked. And when Meng Hongying saw Yan Chuan gone, he suddenly stopped talking and laughing, looked towards Yan Chuan, a trace of emotion flashed in his eyes. But Meng Hongying was well hidden, and soon it was restored.

"Congratulations to Emperor Yan, defeating the lotus god, and strengthening the Great Zhen Heaven Realm!" Meng Sansheng said with a smile.

The strength of Yan Chuan makes Meng Sansheng have to take it seriously. After all, even if his seal was unlocked, he might not be able to beat Yan Chuan.

"It's all in vain, Great Zhen is still the same size!" Yan Chuan faintly smiled.

"Emperor Yan is polite, I know that Emperor Yan doesn't like going around, so I'll just say it!" Meng Sansheng said with a solemn expression.

"en!" Yan Chuan nodded.

"In the past, Emperor Yan promised to let Zizi follow me back to God World. When the time comes, I am here to borrow Yellow Springs Road! Please also Yan Emperor to fulfill the promise of the past!" Meng Sansheng said with a smile.

"Yellow Springs Road?" Yan Chuan looked towards purple.

ZiZi is lightly nodded.

God World? Yan Chuan is also very curious about God World. According to limited information, God World was born at the end of the First Age, and nothing else is known.

"I want to go together!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

"That's natural. I agreed last time. As long as Zizi takes Yellow Springs Road, it doesn't matter how many people Yan Di takes!" Meng Sansheng said with a smile.

"en!" Yan Chuan nodded.

"By the way, this is Jin Dayu?" Meng Sansheng looked towards Jin Dayu.

Jin Dayu was taken aback for a moment. How did you call yourself?

"Exactly!" Jin Dayu nodded.

"My three brothers asked me to bring a sentence and let you follow. There may be something to explain to you at that time!" Meng Sansheng said with a smile.

"Brothers?" Jin Dayu was taken aback. Suddenly reacted.

Kill the emperor?

Jin Dayu has always suspected that he is his ancestor. After all, Behead Immortal bottle gourd is the treasure of the ancestor Dao Monarch Lu Ya. Now he is in the hands of Killing Emperor. Killing Emperor has saved him several times. Jin Dayu has to doubt .

Kekiller never admits that he has something to do with him. Jin Dayu has been struggling. Now, are you finally ready for a showdown?

Jin Dayu was agitated first, then looked towards Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan nodded.

"Okay, I will definitely go!" Jin Dayu excitedly said.

Meng Sansheng nodded.

"I need to explain, to take away Yellow Springs Road, Great Zhen will separate Yin and Yang, and leave in three days!" Yan Chuan said.

"Okay!" Meng Sansheng answered.

"Hongying, follow me and wait outside the city!" Meng Sansheng said immediately.

"Yes!" Meng Hongying reluctantly said.

"Three days, let Hongying accompany me!" Zizi opened the mouth and said.

Meng Hongying looked forward to Meng Sansheng with some expectations.

Meng Sansheng shook his head and said: "If you want to talk to Hongying, there will be time in three days. We have other things in these three days!"

Zi Zi frowned . Eventually nodded.

Meng Sansheng left Xianyang City with Meng Hongying.

Yan Chuan looked at Meng Sansheng's back, slightly thoughtful.

"meow!" Meow suddenly jumped over.

"Yan Chuan? Are you going out again? May I be with you?" Meow exclaimed suddenly.

"bang!" Suddenly, the queen of butterflies flew over.

"No, I can't go this time!" Die Empress suddenly shouted.

"Huh?" Miao Miao suddenly wondered.

Yan Chuan also looked towards the butterfly queen curiously.

"For some reason, I suddenly felt danger!" Butterfly Queen opened the mouth and said.

"Meow, I didn't want you to go, what kind of danger do you feel?" Meow was puzzled.

After the butterfly looked towards Yan Chuan.

"I was in Yin Sector with my elder sister just now, but suddenly my heart jumped wildly. The elder sister said that she also sensed something. I want to see you right away. The elder sister came first. I was on the road. Frightened, a feeling that a big threat has dropped!" Diehou explained.

"Meow, what induction, I didn't!" Meow shook her head suddenly.

"Meow?" Yan Chuan frowned and looked at Meow.

Miaomiao said with a grievance: "Well, it's a little bit, but it's not as exaggerated as Fluttershy said!"

"In the past, elder sister was lucky Goddess, I am Goddess of doom, I am extremely sensitive to doom, I will not feel wrong. Especially after my father died, he gave us inheritance, our feelings are getting more and more sensitive!" said the butterfly queen.

"Meow, little liar, you said it hard to tell, every time I want to tell Yan Chuan, you always say that Dad has an explanation, you can't disclose it, but now you have revealed it yourself!" Meow suddenly looked on. The unwholesome looked towards the queen of butterflies.

Diehou’s face stiffened: "I, I said I missed my mouth!"

Meow: "...!"

Yan Chuan is weird Look at the second woman.

"Well, let's just leave it, Yan Chuan, do you remember that when my dad was alive, he used a part of the area to increase the cultivation base of me and my younger sister?" Meow said.


"At the time, my dad also sent some things to our sisters, but, my dad said, "If you don’t have to be as a last resort, don’t say it, but also It is said that our two sisters will have great good fortune in the future!" Meow said.

"Sister, Dad won't let you talk about those!" Die Empress exclaimed anxiously.

"Yes, you said it, I believe Yan Chuan!" Meow shouted suddenly.

"I was not good just now, but I didn't say the point!" Diehou shouted.

"Forget it, meow, since the nest does not let you say it, it is of ulterior motives. In the future, if I encounter a problem with what you know, let's talk about it!" Yan Chuan was considerate Shook his head.

"Meow, okay!" Meow helplessly said.

"Yan Chuan, I can feel bad luck. Your trip will be catastrophic, so don't go!" Diehou said again.

"Catastrophe?" Yan Chuan frowned.

Purple opened the mouth and said: "Who should the catastrophe be on?"

"It's your body, as for Yan Chuan, it doesn't seem to be a big problem!" Then frowned.

"Me?" Purple complexion sank.

"Zi Zi? What else can you feel?" Yan Chuan suddenly became serious.

"I don't know, I only feel that this catastrophe, Zizi cannot avoid!" Diehou shook his head.

"What is inevitable?" Yan Chuan asked.

"I don't know, but I feel that, in the dark, Zizi will have a great danger, a catastrophe, and lingering, and your leaving Xianyang is obviously related to this trip!" Said the butterfly queen.

"Then, if I stay in Xianyang, will I hide in it?" Zi Zi asked.

The Queen of Butterfly thought for a while, and finally shook the head: "Actually, speaking of which, during this period of time, after I discovered that I had the ability to predict bad luck, I did many attempts and found many mortals to try. See Some people have a catastrophe, and I do my best to protect them, but I can only delay the arrival of this catastrophe for a while, and it cannot be completely eliminated!"

"That is, it is unavoidable?" Zi Zi Frowned.

"It seems to be, because at least I have not succeeded!" Diehou faintly sighed said.

Zi Zi looked at Yan Chuan, and his expression was slightly complicated: "Let's set off in three days!"

"en!" Yan Chuan nodded.

Since it cannot be avoided, Yan Chuan is naturally prepared to deal with it. Blocking is worse than sparse. Yan Chuan doesn't believe this fate. But he will be careful in his heart.

"Meow, I have a lucky ring, let me go with you!" Meow said suddenly.

"No, this time, no one else is allowed to go except me, Zizi, and Jin Dayu!" Yan Chuan said affirmatively.

"Huh?" everyone was surprised.

"As far as the three of us, others are staying in Xianyang, ready to be called at any time, my orders will come at any time!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes!" Qunchen responded.

"meow!" Meow was depressed for a while.

"After Meow and Die, you stay in Xianyang. I hope you will mature this ability as soon as possible. I will let A'Fang study with you. She is also a Usurping Fate Technique!" Yan Chuan seriously said.

"Okay!" Meow nodded.


Three days later.

Yan Chuan handled all matters in Xianyang and made arrangements. Meet again with Meng Sansheng and Meng Hongying.

"Get up!" Zizi shouting loudly.

"hong long long!"

Yellow Springs Road trembled abruptly, and then, amidst the violent shaking, it gradually disappeared and was taken away by Zizi.

"You, just three people?" Meng Sansheng looked towards Yan Chuan and his party slightly puzzled.

"Only three people!" Yan Chuan nodded.

"So, then let's go!" Meng Sansheng smiled slightly, not caring.

“bang! ”

The five people stepped forward towards the central heaven continent.

At the same time. Central Southeast Continent.

At this moment, a man with clothes whiter than snow came in front of the Golden Palace.

"Sword Ao?" The golden Great Emperor complexion sank looked towards this uninvited guest.

"Great Thousand World Jianao, please fight with the golden Great Emperor!" Jianao said seriously.

Please fight?

"Do you want to challenge me?" Golden Great Emperor said in surprise.

"Yes, please also the Golden Great Emperor to complete!" Jian Ao said seriously.

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