The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1535

The entrance of the Golden Palace.

Jian Ao invites the Golden Great Emperor to fight.

Golden Great Emperor eyes slightly narrowed, naturally recognizing who the person in front of him is. In the past, Jianao challenged the Heavenspan Cult Lord, but at that time the Heavenspan Cult Lord who moved the world broke through to ten six. Heavenly Layer, but even so, Heavenspan still lost.

Now, Jianao actually challenges himself?

"Why choose Zhen?" Golden Great Emperor said solemnly.

"Sword Mou is now ten 5 Heavenly Layer, in the world, who can help Jian Mou hit the ten 6 Heavenly Layer, only the golden Great Emperor is you!" Jian Ao seriously said.

The face of the Golden Great Emperor is black: "Why?"

"Because you are the Golden Great Emperor, extraordinary natural talent, the main golden beast is the second Divine Beast in the world, and you have the Great Emperor. The altar helps, and the seal of the First Ji Dade is close to the body, which can block the sword's full strength, but is unable to cut the sword's ability!" Jianao said seriously.

Golden Great Emperor's complexion darkened, co-authoring for a long time, is he a sparring partner? At any rate, he is also the powerhouse of the god of retreating lotus. In your eyes, it is just a training partner?

"Ten 5 Heavenly Layer? You are too arrogant!" Golden Great Emperor coldly said.

Jian Ao's eyes gradually pierced.

"So, Jian Mou uses a sword to prove that my words are true!" Jian Ao said seriously.

While speaking, Jianao explorer takes out Qingfeng long sword.

“bang! ”

A sword pierced out, the sky shook, and the world screamed. For a time, the 36 territories around the Southeast Continent, the long sword of countless sword cultivators was exhausted. All tremble.

An azure sword gang headed straight towards the golden Great Emperor.

There is not much sword qi, just a sword qi, a sword qi like a hot knife through butter, in a blink of an eye, it came to the golden Great Emperor.

Jian Gang's momentum is unstoppable, and a momentum to destroy everything comes straight forward.

The Golden Great Emperor complexion changed.

With a probing punch, he slammed into Jian Gang.

Golden Great Emperor right hand, with golden color, punched out, and the rolling force gathered.


Swords and fists collided.

The power was so huge that the Golden Great Emperor slammed on it.


The ground below, centered on the golden Great Emperor, suddenly cracked numerous cracks, like spider web cracks, radiating toward all directions.

“bang! ”

Absolutely inside, the earth is full of cracks and trenches, destroying all the buildings in the Quartet.

"Ah!" The four directions were anxious, and many practitioners fell into the ditch.

The golden Great Emperor Zhou Che, is full of smoke and dust, and the void trembles.

A sword collided, and the sword and fist suddenly separated.

The Golden Great Emperor looked at Jianao in front of him with a shock.

Ten 5 Heavenly Layer? This product is only ten 5 Heavenly Layer?

The Heavenly Layer powerhouse, the 5 Heavenly Layer powerhouse, in front of it, isn't it letting it go?

There is a sword mark on the fist of the Golden Great Emperor, but the Golden Great Emperor is 10 Heavenly Layer. Moreover, the Golden Beast is known for its strong fleshy body.

"Golden Great Emperor, how strong is my sword? Is it qualified to ask you to fight?" Jian Ao said seriously.

Jian Ao's eyes are extremely determined, as if forcing the Golden Great Emperor to make a move.

However, the golden Great Emperor is not afraid. As Jianao said, the golden Great Emperor also has the Great Emperor altar and the seal of the great virtue.

"Well, since you come to fight, then come!" Golden Great Emperor coldly said.

Jianao look at the Quartet, said solemnly: "God has the virtue of good living, and the battle between you and me will destroy great loss of life. If you enter the Promise, how about a battle?"

"Wu Ji?" The golden Great Emperor was another eccentric.

You must know that the ordinary Ten 5 Heavenly Layer enters the Promise, it is completely courting death, even the Ten 6 Heavenly Layer enters, and it is extremely difficult. But now, Jianao actually invites Wuji to fight?

"How?" Jian Ao said again.

"You are not afraid, what am I afraid of, let's go!" The Golden Great Emperor replied.

“bang! ”

Two Great Powerhouses soared into the sky and went straight to the stars, before disappearing before everyone.

The previous collision of swords and fists also attracted curious eyes from countless powerhouses in the world.

Yan Chuan and his party just flew to the southeast continent, so naturally they stopped immediately.

The top of a mountain.

"Di Yan, shall we continue on the road?" Meng Sansheng frowned.

"Don't worry the past few days, wait, I want to know the result!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

Jianao? Golden Great Emperor?

The golden Great Emperor nowadays, it is equivalent to the strength of the Zi Wei Great Emperor in the past, plus the seal of great virtue, it is almost the same.

Sword Ao Shi 5 Heavenly Layer, can you challenge the golden Great Emperor?

central heaven continent.

Standing on the top of a mountain, Killing Emperor also saw the scenery around the Southeastern Continent. Behind him stood three people: Meng Luo, Minghuang, and Yulin.

The Emperor Killing saw the golden Great Emperor fighting and didn't feel it, but when he saw Yan Chuan and his party, he suddenly narrowed his eyes.

"Three people? Jin Dayu is here too?" The Emperor said with a gloomy face.

"Lao Qi called in the name of the third brother!" Minghuang said.

"What?" Killing Emperor suddenly looked towards Minghuang.

The emperor Ming's expression was slightly stiff: "Before the old Qi left, the elder brother personally explained that when he arrived in Xianyang, he asked the old Qi to tell Jin Dayu that the third brother wants to see him!"

"I want to see Jin Dayu?" The killing emperor complexion sank, coldly looked towards Minghuang.

"Yes!" Huanghuang complexion stiffened said.

Kill the emperor and look at Mengluo and Yulin, looking at ice-cold saying: "So, you all know, but you are only hiding it from me?"

Luo and Yulin lowered their heads in shame.

"hahahaha, okay, really my good brother! Cooperating with me to lie to me?" The Emperor's eyes widened and he was angry.

"Big brother said, don't let us tell the third brother, brother also said, everything should be based on my God World!" Huang Huang said with a bitter smile.

"hmph!" Killing the emperor flicked his sleeve, coldly snorted.

Turning his head, the killer looked directly at Jin Dayu in the distance.

Looking at Jin Dayu following Yan Chuan and his party, there was a sense of complexity flashing in the eyes of the emperor.

The three younger brothers on the side did not speak for a while and stepped aside.


Three days later.


The starry sky was shaking, and then, two figures went straight down.

However, Jianao and the Golden Great Emperor are back again.

"hong long long!"

The sword is arrogant and thorough, surrounded by a large number of sword qi, which will skyrocket and decrease. Between throughput, there is a strong desire for the impact of sword dao Out.

On the other side, the Golden Great Emperor's face was gloomy. Although there were no scars, the corners of the long sleeves had been cut off.

"Sword Ao? A good method?" The Golden Great Emperor said coldly in his tone.

"Many thanks, the Golden Great Emperor is complete!" Jian Ao said slightly excitedly.


Did Jianao break through? All around is full of surprised eyes!

The golden Great Emperor looked towards Jianao with cold eyes.

Jian Ao looked at the Golden Great Emperor, and finally said: "Sword Mou borrowed the pressure of the Golden Great Emperor, and finally broke the ban, and will soon be promoted to the Ten 6 Heavenly Layer. Finally, the sword A piece of advice for the Golden Great Emperor!"


"The most important factor for the sword's arrogance to defeat the Golden Great Emperor is the Great Emperor's altar and the great virtue. Seal, conflict with each other, be cautious!" Jianao said seriously.

Speaking, Jianao stepped towards the north.


During the flight, Jianao turned into a long sword, instantly flying across a territory and continuing to the north.

Leaving the golden Great Emperor standing in place, his face is extremely gloomy.

Great Emperor altar, seal of great virtue, conflict?

Jian Ao left. Flying fast.


Suddenly, Jian Ao seemed to feel something, and stopped slightly.


Jian Ao instantly stopped in front of Yan Chuan and his party.

Standing in the void, full of Heavenly Sword will explode. Billowing sword qi came straight to everyone.

Meng Sansheng complexion changed and was about to make a move, but the sword intent came and went fast, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Jian Ao is staring at Yan Chuan.

"Yan Chuan!" Jian Ao called out suddenly.

"Jianao used to grow up like this, congratulations!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

Jian Ao slightly smiled: "In the Great Thousand World of the past, Jian Ao never changed things. With a mortal body, he challenged your ancestor's fairyland and overestimate one's capabilities. After the defeat of that battle, Jian Ao has always been quoted. It is like driving force. After millions of years, Jianao’s cultivation base is not much different from yours. Once I have a firm foundation, I must go to Xianyang to fight against Emperor Yan!"


One sentence, please fight, all around sword qi tears and bursts.

"I am in Xianyang, waiting!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

Jianao faced Yan Chuan nodded: "many thanks!"

Then stepped on.


Jianao once again turned into a long sword, heading north, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

Meng Sansheng looked at Jianao who was leaving with cold eyes.

Because Jian Ao actually ignored him from the beginning to the end just now, only Yan Chuan was in his eyes?

"hmph!" Meng Sansheng hummed slightly.

"Let's go, continue on the road!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"en!" Meng Sansheng nodded.

"bang!" A group of people once again went to the central heaven continent.

Jianao's challenge to the golden Great Emperor seems to be just an episode.

The entrance of the golden palace.

Sword Ao left, on top of the right hand of the golden Great Emperor, a trace of blood overflowed.

"sword cultivator? What a sword cultivator!" The golden Great Emperor's eyes were cold.

"Report!" A subordinate came.

"What's the matter?" The Golden Great Emperor said solemnly.

Just after the defeat, the Golden Great Emperor was still upset and his tone was not friendly.

"Given the Great Emperor, kill the emperor through the fate card!" The subordinate said seriously.


"Kill the emperor, please Great Emperor, go to the central heaven continent God World, have important business matters, and at the same time, try to avoid other people in God World!" The subordinate said again.

"Avoid the others in God World?" The Golden Great Emperor was taken aback for a moment.


"Got it!" The Golden Great Emperor waved his hand and swept the subordinate back.

Turning his head, the Golden Great Emperor looked towards the central heaven continent. Soon, the Golden Great Emperor saw a great hall mouth killing emperor.

The killing emperor looked towards the Golden Great Emperor, gently nodded, with solemn eyes.

"You wait to stay at the Golden Palace, I have something to go out!" The Golden Great Emperor shouted.

"Yes!" all around the subordinates responded.

The golden Great Emperor stepped forward towards the central heaven continent.

A few days later, Yan Chuan and his party arrived in the central heaven continent, God World area.

There are countless auspicious clouds in the sky above God World, and countless Divine Beasts surround the four places, the extremely beautiful Human World Immortal Realm.

Under the colorful sacred mountain in the distance.

Six silhouettes are standing at the moment. Each carries a big bottle gourd.

It is the sixth of God World's seven brothers.

Far away, Yan Chuan's eyes are condensed.

The boss and second child of the seven brothers have also come out?

The two elderly men, one carrying a red bottle gourd and the other carrying an orange bottle gourd, have a look of expectation in their faces. There was an unstoppable prestige in his eyes.

"Brothers, they have been waiting, Emperor Yan, please!" Meng Sansheng said with a smile immediately.

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