The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1536

central heaven continent, the central territory!

Yan Chuan and his party flew in. When they flew, they saw the colorful sacred mountain from a distance.

Sacred mountain all around, with countless powerhouses, is waiting quietly at this moment.

All the people of God World.

On the periphery, there are countless powerhouses watching with different expressions.

"The Central Territory is so lively!" Yan Chuan frowned.

"This time, there will be a major event in God World. We have invited a group of powerhouses from all Great Influences on the central heaven continent to come and watch!" Meng Sansheng said.

"oh?" Yan Chuan was slightly surprised.

For Great Zhen, in addition to good friends, there are usually major events that happen. They don't invite people to watch the ceremony at all, but others come spontaneously. God World is strange this time.

"My six elder brothers are already waiting at the mountain pass, Yan Di, please!" Meng Sansheng pointed to the six people with bottle gourd at the foot of the colorful mountain in the distance.


Stepping, Yan Chuan headed towards the colorful mountain.

At this moment, Yan Chuan and his party came, and all around countless powerhouses looked bright.

"Here, Meng Sansheng is back!"

"It should start!"

"Senior Brother, do you know that this time God World Inviting me to wait, what kind of gift?"

"I don’t know, but since God World has spoken, let’s take a look!"

"Really Strangely, almost all powerhouses in the 36 territories of the central heaven continent have come. In the past, Zi Wei Great Emperor was in charge of the central heaven continent, and there was no such exaggerated gathering!"

"Watch the changes!"




Countless powerhouses in the Quartet are also puzzled , I don’t know why God World called himself to come.

At the same time, countless powerhouses each occupy the peaks, standing on the peaks, looking towards the colorful mountain in the center.

Circle and circle, tens of millions of people stared at the sacred mountain.

There are also countless powerhouses standing in the colorful sacred mountain, all of whom are the people of God World in the past.

As the seals of the seven brothers of God World continue to be unraveled, the strength of these God World people continues to increase.

Kill the emperor and the others standing at the foot of the sacred mountain, knowing that Yan Chuan and his party flew down on the square where everyone was.


All around everyone is silent.

"Brother, I have brought you!" Meng Sansheng said with a smile.

"Welcome to Emperor Yan, come to God World!" The old man in red said with a smile.

"Great Zhen, Yan Chuan, I don't know how you call your Excellency?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

The old man in red is the big brother of everyone? God World Number One Person?

Although the old man in red was polite in his words, Yan Chuan could feel an extremely surging power from him, extremely fierce.

"Under the red cloud! For the longest of all my brothers!" The old man in red said with a smile.

"At the next heaven! In the God World Ranked second!" The orange-clothed old man said with a smile.

Boss, Hongyun!

The second child, Tianma!

Youngest, kill the emperor!

Old Fourth, rogue brand!

Fifth, Huanghuang!

Sixth, Yulin!

Lao Qi, Meng Sansheng.

Yan Chuan nodded: "I have seen you all!"

Hongyun turned to look at Zizi. A glimmer of expectation flashed in his eyes.

Zi Zi frowned and ignored him.

"hehe, in the former sealed world, the old Qihu faced Zizi, I have already punished him!" Hongyun said with a smile.

"Oh!" Zi Zi faintly replied.

"This is Jin Dayu? From Great Thousand World?" Hongyun said with a smile.

Jin Dayu is looking weird towards Killing the Emperor at the moment. Hearing Hongyun talking about himself, he also said strangely: "Your Excellency knows me?"

"It doesn't matter whether I know you or not, It’s enough to know the third child! Isn’t it, the third child?" Hong Yun smiled and looked towards Killing Emperor.

Kill Emperor browse slightly wrinkle. Finally nodded said: "Yes, brother!" A trace of excitement flashed in Jin Dayu's eyes. However, Yan Chuan showed a little doubt about the attitude of Killing Emperor and Hongyun.

"Youngest, let's talk about it!" Hongyun said with empathy for Jin Dayu's eager expression.

"Yes!" Killing the emperor showed a wry smile.

Instead, looked towards Jin Dayu.

"several millions years ago, God World was sealed. I was once distracted by the Great Thousand World. At that time, I was reborn as Golden Crow and became Dao Monarch Lu Ya. Later, I brought some descendants back here. In Heaven and Earth, the descendants were given the surname'Gold' by me. And my distracted body, Lu Ya, also returned to me, and became one with me. Lu Ya is me, and I am not Lu Ya!" Kill the emperor said solemnly.

"No wonder, no wonder you have never admitted to be my ancestor of Lu Pressure!" Jin Dayu suddenly understood.

Lu Ya is just a part of killing the emperor.

"The descendants of future generations, Jin Dayu, pay homage to the ancestors!" Jin Dayu solemnly bowed to the killing emperor.

"oh!" Killing the emperor nodded, he didn't speak any more, it was a default.

Jin Dayu was overjoyed.

Kill Emperor looked towards Yan Chuan again.

"Daqin Heavenly Emperor, Ying? Oh, speaking of which, back then, my distraction did not reincarnate in Great Thousand World with my memory, and was once an official under your hand? Monster God? "The Emperor Shao stared at Yan Chuan.

In the eyes of Emperor Killer, he was very frank, and there was a color of gratitude in it: "Many thanks, Emperor Yan, for taking care of Jin Dayu over the years!"

"Jin Dayu is I am Great Zhen Corps Head. It is not me who took care of him, but he worked hard for today!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

Aside Jin Dayu, there was a burst of joy. Suddenly, Jin Dayu complexion sank.

"Ancestor, you brought me Jin Clan into this Heaven and Earth, and then you disappeared, and my Jin Clan, and then encountered a devastating pursuit, the whole family fled, still being I am the only one left!" Jin Dayu squeezed his fist and said.

Said Emperor's eyes became cold, and then, the trace of hostility that had just condensed disappeared again.

"Dayu once tracked down this incident. As Great Zhen became stronger and stronger, I tracked down more and more. However, the people who destroyed my clan back then could not be found, ancestors, you know Who? Will it be someone sent by Zhong Shan?" Jin Dayu frowned.

"No!" Shadi shook his head.

Next, the killing emperor said with a bitter smile for a while: "I don't know, I will look for it later!"

"Yes!" Jin Dayu nodded.

On the side of the red cloud, he has been smiling slightly, watching the conversation between the two grandparents.

Yan Chuan gradually discovered the unusual atmosphere.

When asked about the enemy, Killing Emperor first vetoed Zhong Shan, and then said that he didn’t know. Since he didn’t know, how could he be sure that it was not Zhong Shan’s?

Does the killing emperor know who the murderer is, but doesn't want to say?

Yan Chuan has a strange look in his eyes. But did not ask. Watch the changes.

Hongyun looked at Jin Dayu, and finally looked towards Zizi.

"Zi Zi girl, I came to you this time, in fact, there is only one purpose. Please help us to break a seal!" Hong Yun said seriously.

"Seal?" Zizi asked in confusion.

Hong Yun clapped his hands gently.

"pa!" "pa!" …………

"hong long long!"

The huge colorful sacred mountain behind him is quickly decomposed It turns into seven giant mountains, each of which has a color corresponding to the color of the seven bottle gourd.

On the periphery, countless powerhouses come to watch the ceremony, all revealing unexpected expressions.

The colorful sacred mountain is the most secret place in God World, has it been exposed now?

"Look, there is a dome in the center!"

"Three zhang high? This is a colorful dome? What is on the dome? Why is there a black chain? Pattern?"

"It's not a pattern, but a seal. Look, in that pattern, there is a real chain extending and hanging in the void!"

"Where is the hanging, and It is through the void to connect to other places!"

"The sealed colorful dome?"


… ……………


Thousands of repairers, naturally, the voice of discussion is huge. Although it is far away, Yan Chuan and his party can hear clearly.

"This is?" Zizi's expression moved slightly.

"It's the seal on this egg. Two Yellow Springs Roads are needed to connect to it at the same time. It's up to me to unblock it!" Hongyun said with a smile.

Meng Sansheng on the side said: "Zizi, we don't ask you much, just help us to unlock its seal, that's it!"

Zizi is looking towards Yan Chuan .

Yan Chuan stared at the dome in front of him, his expression slightly complicated for a while.


"Di Yan, don't worry, you can stand beside Zizi during the undo seal period. There is absolutely no danger. If there is danger, you can stop it yourself!" Hongyun once again said with a smile.

"Zi Zi helped you unlock the seal of this egg, how do you plan to repay Zi Zi?" Yan Chuan tentatively looked towards Hongyun.

"Everything here, as long as you see it, but you can choose one at will!" Hongyun said with a smile.

Whatever you choose?

The more so, Yan Chuan feels more unusual. After all, the Queen Die felt that Zizi was dangerous. Did this danger come from this egg?

Yan Chuan fell into silence for a while.

bottle gourd Seven brothers are also waiting patiently.

After a while, Yan Chuan let out a sigh of relief. Finally looked towards Zizi.

"I listen to you!" Zizi smiled and looked towards Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan was ultimately nodded, and it was better to stop it. Now, the bottle gourd Seven Brother is begging for himself. If he vetoed it blindly, he would probably use force.

I am not afraid, but Zizi lives in danger forever.

"Also, let's choose one!" Yan Chuan nodded.

"Okay!" Hongyun said with a smile.

Yan Chuan looked at the seven sacred mountains in the distance, and then at the bottle gourd on the back of everyone. The red cloud on the side was smiling from beginning to end.

"I want, he!" Yan Chuan suddenly pointed to Killing Emperor.

"Huh?" Everyone was taken aback.

Yan Chuan actually pointed at someone? Kill the emperor?

"Me?" The Emperor said in surprise.

"Yes, after unlocking this egg seal, you will join my Great Zhen as a minister, and you will be under Jin Dayu's command!" Yan Chuan said.

Said Emperor's eyes suddenly became annoyed.

Ke Killing Emperor hasn't spoken yet, but Hong Yun is the first to say: "Okay!"

"Brother?" Killing Emperor looked towards Hong Yun in surprise.

Hong Yun looked towards Killing Emperor, staring in his eyes.

The killing of the emperor was taken aback for a moment, and finally faintly sighed.

"Okay!" Kill the emperor nodded.

At this moment, Yan Chuan is more and more weird.

What is in this egg? Actually make Hongyun willing to give up such a price?

"Well, killing the emperor has agreed, now, we are ready to open this seal!" Hong Yun said seriously.

"How to do it?" Zizi said curiously.

"You and the Emperor Killer each have a Yellow Springs Road. Just two Yellow Springs Roads overlap and fill in this egg. For the rest, my seven brothers can do it!" Hongyun seriously said .

"Okay!" Zi Zi nodded.

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