The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1537

"Okay!" Zi Zi nodded.

"Quiet!" Hongyun suddenly faced the Quartet shouting loudly.


The Quartet fell silent.

"God World dísciple, guard the Quartet, and those who dare to approach, kill!" Hongyun said solemnly.

"Yes!" Numerous dísciples suddenly responded.

At this time, Hong Yun looked towards the giant egg again.

"Go ahead, younger brothers!" Hong Yun called.

"Yes!" everyone responded.

"Jin Dayu!" The emperor suddenly shouted.

"Yes!" Jin Dayu stepped forward immediately.

Red Cloud and the others frowned looked towards Killing Emperor.

"Help me carry the bottle gourd!" Killing Emperor said indifferently.

"Yes!" Jin Dayu immediately responded excitedly.

A group of bottle gourd brothers looked around, but finally didn't say anything.

"grandfather, you will open this egg seal later, shall I help you carry the bottle gourd?" Meng Hongying stepped forward.

Meng Sansheng frowned and looked at Meng Hongying, and then at killing the emperor, and finally nodded: "Also, be careful!"

"Yes!" Meng Hongying immediately said with a smile .

After taking the Hongmeng bottle gourd, Meng Hongying stood beside Meng Sansheng.

Hong Yun and the others took a look, and one subordinate was recruited one after another to carry bottle gourd on their backs.

Seven people, including Hongyun, Tianmu, and Killing Emperor, quickly surrounded the Sanzhang Arena.

Seven people stand beside a chain that connects to the dome.

"Okay, Zizi, let's start!" Hong Yun called.

Purple look at Yan Chuan, Yan Chuan nodded.

"Yellow Springs, now!" Zi Zi a light shout.

A surging Yellow Springs suddenly appeared, coming straight from the top to the dome.

“bang! ”

Yellow Springs Road came out and poured into the dome in an instant. Although the dome has no gaps, Yellow Springs poured into it continuously.

"Yellow Springs, now!" Killing Emperor also suddenly shouting loudly.


Another Yellow Springs suddenly rushed into the dome.

"hong long long!"

Two Yellow Springs Roads connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, as soon as the billowing Yellow Springs breath came out, all around Heaven and Earth suddenly became dark, one Time, there were even some ghosts struggling on Yellow Springs Road.

However, the ghost didn't struggle for long, and was quickly sucked into the dome in pain.

The spectacular scene immediately made countless cultivators stared wide-eyed in all directions. I don’t know what God World people are going to do.

"Peerless power, red!"

"Peerless power, orange!"

"Peerless power, yellow!"

"Peerless power, green!"

"Peerless power, green!"

"Peerless power, blue!"

"Peerless power, blue!"

Power, purple!"

Seven bottle gourd brothers suddenly shouting loudly, each following the chain, gushing out various forces, and heading straight for the dome.

"hong long long!"

With the influx of force, the Colorful Dome suddenly bloomed with billions of brilliance.

The violent rays of light flooded the entire Yang Sector in an instant. The original Innate was empty and the sun was shining, but in an instant, the entire Yang Sector changed into a colorful light.

The powerhouse of the world was alarmed, and they walked out of the great hall and looked towards the rays of light Place of Origin, looking at the central heaven continent.

Zhong Shan, Dongfang Bubai, Wu Zhao, all have doubts on their faces.

"Yellow Springs Road?" Lian Shen stood behind Dongfang Bubai and asked in surprise.

"Yellow Springs Road was used to cut the open seal. Is this seal a fate?" Dongfang Bubai frowned.

"Master, all walks of life have Yellow Springs Road, dísciple has also mastered Yellow Springs Road in the evil world, and has not found any special features?" Lotus said curiously.

"Yellow Springs Road, the Yellow Springs Road in the three realms of Great Thousand, Great Good, and Great Evil, is just a copy of the first world, not the real Yellow Springs Road. Only the first world has Yellow Springs Road! And this world, there are only six in total!" Dongfang Bubai explained.


"One outer southern continent and one outer northern continent, one each for Meng Zizi and one for Killing Emperor, one each in the hands of the nest, but unfortunately with the nest Fallen, the fifth article has disappeared!" Dongfang Bubai said.

"Then, what else is there?"

"The last one is in the hands of Da Shizun, but unfortunately, with the emergence of Da Shizun, fuse together with the world fortune, this is also a Feng Shui master. Borrowing the power of Feng Shui movement, the reason for being able to shuttle the Yin-Yang two sectors!" Dongfang Bubai said.

"Dísciple has been in the outer southern continent for a period of time, and I haven't found the Yellow Springs Road on the outer southern continent to be abnormal?" Lian Shen asked in confusion.

"Yellow Springs came first, and then there are days." Dongfang Bubai said indifferently.

"Huh?" Lian Shen was puzzled, but chewed this sentence in surprise.

Yellow Springs come first, and then there will be days?

"There is only one thing to crack the seal of fate, and that is Yellow Springs Road. This egg was actually sealed by fate?" Dongfang Bubai raised his eyebrows.


Dongfang Bubai no longer explained, but looked at the dome curiously.



Above the dome, there was a sound of chains.

With the efforts of the bottle gourd seven brothers and the two Yellow Springs Roads, the chain pattern on the dome gradually becomes an entity, the sound of crash-bang continues, and the chain pattern on the dome grows more and more. Less.

"Okay, keep working hard!" Hongyun yelled.


Seven powerful forces poured in again, manipulating Yellow Springs Road to quickly act on the seal.


More and more chains were loosened, and the dome gradually became clearer.

Until the last lap, in the excitement of everyone, the chain kept opening.


The last seven chains burst apart suddenly, leaving the giant hall, and the moment they left the dome, they were sucked into the void and disappeared.

The seal of fate has disappeared.

Many powerhouses stopped their hands, one by one was extremely excited.

Slaying the emperor and Zizi all stopped, and Yellow Springs Road stopped.

The colorful rays of light of the dome was captured and immediately incorporated into the interior.

The color of the dome has gradually become white.

The milky white giant egg slowly emits a soft halo.


Above the dome, there was a shell cracking sound, and everyone suddenly stared wide-eyed, not wanting to miss a single bit.

"ka ka ka ka ka ka!"

The crack splits, instantly like a spider web, all over the dome.


The dome suddenly made a loud noise from Heavenspan, and an endless white wave burst out from the dome.


The vast white air wave rushed out, like a tsunami, soaring into the sky.

In an instant, the sky in the central territory was suddenly shrouded in endless white light, covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

Smashed the entire central territory in an instant.


For a time, countless people in the world who practice reading, their whole bodies are so upright that they seem to cater to the white light of the central heaven continent.

"weng!" "weng!" "weng!"………………

In an instant under the world, endless awe-inspiring wandering righteously, white light soaring to the sky, dazzling.

From the central territory, a monstrous imposing manner radiated straight into the world.

Across a large number of territories, one peerless powerhouse, all complexion changed.

outer western continent, Great Zhou Heaven Realm, in front of Tai Chi Hall.

"Very powerful?" Wu Zhao exclaimed.

Di Renjie complexion changed: "Great Emperor, it’s not good, my whole body is full of righteousness, as if there is a force, which is motivating my heart and making me worship!"

" oh?" Wu Zhao complexion sank.

Probing his hand with a wave.

"ang !"

The force of good luck rushed straight to Di Renjie to help Di Renjie resist this magical obstacle in his heart.

Not only Di Renjie, but also all those who study school.

There are countless small academies in the world, and countless great scholars suddenly bowed down and worshipped the central territory.

outer northern continent. immortality in front of the temple.

Zhong Shan is also a complexion sank, and countless merits and auras poured into the body of the civil servants to prevent the inner commotion of the officials.

Ring the Northeast Continent.

Dongfang Bubai is also a complexion sank.

"Master, this, this is the awe-inspiring righteousness, so awe-inspiring that has submerged the entire central territory?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"Master, this is..., this won't be...!" Lian Shen suddenly complexion changed.

"The powerhouse of the first era, the grandeur!" Dongfang Bubai said with a gloomy face.

"The air god?" The lotus god sucks in a cold breath of air.

Not long ago, my strongest magic weapon, the lotus of the atmosphere, was rumored to be the magic weapon of the god of the atmosphere, and I was detached by the lotus of the atmosphere.

Only its magic weapon can help others to transcend, how strong is the strength of this grand respect?

But now, the grand grandeur appeared?

It really appeared?

Lian Shen stared at the central frontier, unwilling to miss a single trace.

"The grandeur of the air?" Dongfang Bubai muttered the name in a low voice.


Central territory.

The dome broke open, and it was so upright that it swept the world.

For a while, the entire Yang Sector world was illuminated by awe-inspiring righteousness.

The countless cultivators standing nearby bear the brunt.

Yan Chuan stared at the dome, and at the moment the dome broke open, the righteous spirit gushed out. Yan Chuan saw that, in it, a white lotus rose slowly, like a lotus In the form of smoke, on top of the white mist lotus, sits an extremely beautiful white clothed woman.

The body of the white clothed woman also looks like smoke, swaying and swaying with the wind.

"pu pass!" "pu pass!"………………

"Peerless Divine Weapon, Hongyun, see the Lord!"

" Peerless Divine Weapon, the eyes of heaven, see the Lord!"

"Peerless Divine Weapon, kill the emperor, and see the Lord!"

"Peerless Divine Weapon, gangbang, see the Lord!"


"Peerless Divine Weapon, Emperor Huang, see the Lord!"

"Peerless Divine Weapon, Yulin, see the Lord!"

"Peerless Divine Weapon, Yulin Divine Weapon, Meng Sansheng, see the Lord!"

Seven bottle gourd brothers knelt down and worshipped the smokey woman.

"pu Tong!"

Behind Yan Chuan, a God World dísciple, looking at the misty woman, suddenly, his eyes became hollow, as if the soul of the whole person It was the same as being sucked away by the woman.

"See the Lord!" The God World dísciple respectfully bowed down.

Next, one by one God World dísciple, the eyes gradually hollowed out, looking at the white clothed woman, as if they were willing to dedicate their souls, one by one kneeling, one by one worship Up.

Not only God World dísciple.

The outside world, the tens of millions of powerhouses who were invited to observe the ceremony, gradually became sluggish, and bowed down one by one, worshipping the smoke woman.

Thousands of people worshipped devoutly, and the scene was spectacular!

Everyone seems to have lost their souls.

The smoky woman seems to have a kind of magical power, which makes people can't help but worship.

At this moment, everyone is suddenly muddleheaded, and even Yan Chuan is suddenly lost at this moment, let alone purple.

The only people who are awake, there are only seven people, seven people holding bottle gourd, are awake at this moment. Looked at the surprise scene in front of him in astonishment.

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