The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1538

In the central territory, covering the heavens, shielding the sun, and the Sifang powerhouse can’t see exactly what’s going on inside.

Great Zhou Heaven Realm.

"Is there news from the Central Territory?" Wu Zhao solemnly asked.

"No, all of our spies inside seem to have lost contact!" Shangguan Wan'er frowned.

"Contact again!" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

"Yes!" Shangguan Wan'er immediately retreated.

outer northern continent.

Zhong Shan stands with his hands behind him, and a group of subordinates stand behind him.

"Lord, Central Territory, it seems that a peerless powerhouse was born? All of us in Central Territory have lost contact." An official frowned.

"Well, the peerless powerhouse was born, so it commanded the world with great righteousness. There is only one person, the grandeur of the first era." Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"The grandeur? The peerless powerhouse of the first era has begun to appear?"

"For me, Great Thousand World, the most important thing now is to integrate the Yin Sector outer northern continent. I have seen the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, and I will integrate the Yin Sector outer northern continent immediately!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.


Ring Northeast Continent. Eastern teaching field!

Dongfang Bubai and Lian Shen are looking at the central territory.

"Ah, Sect Lord, it's not good!" Not far away, there was a sudden scream.

Dongfang Bubai and Lian Shen turned their heads and looked. But I saw Meng Lingtian.

Meng Lingtian, the ancestors of Meng Rongrong and Meng Wenruo, the immortal of the former Julu Academy, left the Sealed Realm and went to the Eastern Church to follow Dongfang Bubai. In the past, I got the same vine demon like Pluto.


Meng Lingtian all around, surrounded by giant vines, forming a huge sea of ​​vines in a blink of an eye.

In the sea of ​​vines, a human-shaped rattan monster, open his mouth and roar, and countless rattans all over his body connect to the sea of ​​vines.

Meng Lingtian was submerged in a blink of an eye.

"Sect Lord, the vine demon is leaving me!" Meng Lingtian exclaimed.

"Peerless Divine Weapon of the vine demon? The sixth?" Lotus expression moved.

"Let it go!" Dongfang Bubai indifferently said.

"Yes!" Meng Lingtian said unwillingly.


The vine demon skyrocketed and flew quickly toward the central territory.

At the same time. Yin Sector.

Pluto is patrolling a territory.

Suddenly, the vine demon that had been well controlled came out.


The vine demon turns into a vast sea of ​​vines.


The vine demon skyrocketed.

"Stop! Vine Demon, what's the matter with you?" Hades exclaimed.

However, the Pluto couldn't stop it at this moment, and the vine demon even penetrated the void and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"What's the matter?" Pluto complexion sank. Turn around and head towards the Great Qin City, to report to Yan Chuan immediately.


Central territory.

On top of a misty white lotus, sits a very beautiful woman.

all around countless powerhouses, with empty eyes, like a beautiful woman in the center of worship like a lost soul.

At this moment, Zi Zi's expression was empty, and even Yan Chuan was lost.

The woman is also in the form of aerosol and has no substance, but it seems to have such a Great Demon power.

In addition to the seven brothers who were kneeling on the bottle gourd, there are seven people holding the bottle gourd sober.

Jin Dayu and Meng Hongying all stared at this scene in amazement.

Above the misty white lotus, the woman closed her eyes and sat upright. Gradually, the woman opened her eyes.

As soon as the eyes opened, a greater magical power came out.

Zi Ziqing couldn't help but want to bow down. This magical power exerted an influence on Yan Chuan, and she wanted Yan Chuan to bow down.


At the feet of Yan Chuan, two Great Emperor altars suddenly appeared.

The appearance of the Great Emperor's altar instinctively contradicts this sudden magical power.

Yan Chuan suddenly shivered and woke up.

At this moment, the mist woman looked towards Zizi.

The mist woman suddenly swooped down towards Zizi before Yan Chuan could react.

The speed was so fast that she was in front of Zizi in a blink of an eye, and along with the movement of the mist woman, a wave of righteousness rushed out.


The violent air wave, Yan Chuan, was also suddenly knocked out.

"Really strong!" Yan Chuan said in surprise.

But this is not Yan Chuan's horror. Yan Chuan saw with horror that the misty woman came in front of Zizi.

Zi Zi's eyes are hollow, without resistance, and even sincerely waiting for the mist woman.

The mist woman probed her hand and passed through Zi Zi's body. Zi Zi's body trembled suddenly.

"Fusion? Seize the body? Come back from feathering?" Yan Chuan exclaimed suddenly.

Yan Chuan remembered, the body of Kong Aotian captured by the rebirth of Kong Huangtian in the past, the body of Miao Rulai captured by the rebirth of the Vermilion Bird Great Emperor, the rebirth of the minister, the captured flesh.

Now that the misty woman in front of her is reborn, she also needs body possession? body possession purple?

In an instant, Yan Chuan burst into tears and was about to rush away.

But I was just knocked away, and everything was too late.

"no!" Yan Chuan roared in surprise.

Seen, Zizi is about to be occupied.

At this moment, a red silhouette suddenly appeared.


The red silhouette stood in front of Zizi.

"hong long long!"

The mist woman rushed directly into the red silhouette.

At that moment, Yan Chuan saw his face clearly.

Meng Hongying!

It was the moment when Meng Hongying was body possession of Zizi, he saved Zizi and, at the same time, replaced Zi with his body.

Are the sisters deep in love?

It doesn't seem to be. The moment Meng Hongying rescued Zizi did not see Zizi, but Yan Chuan who was not far away.

With long hair flying, time seems to slow down.

Meng Hongying was impacted by the mist woman, maybe the next moment consciousness is about to die out, but at this moment, looking towards Yan Chuan, he showed a poignant smile.

That smile is filled with satisfaction and regret.

Seeing Yan Chuan's anxious face, Meng Hongying smiled. While smiling, Meng Hongying felt his consciousness sink suddenly.

The consciousness gradually faded. When the consciousness faded, Meng Hongying instinctively pushed Zizi towards Yan Chuan.


Zi Zi pushes towards Yan Chuan.

"Go!" Meng Hongying said hoarsely.

“bang! ”

All the mist women suddenly entered Meng Hongying's body.

Yan Chuan hugged Zizi and looked at Meng Hongying's last desperate and contented expression. For a while, his heart was like a knife twisted.


Meng Hongying's body fell to the ground.

But, soon, one after another white mist appeared in Meng Hongying's body. The misty woman slowly emerged from Meng Hongying's body.

"The Lord, please forgive me, Meng Sansheng is a capital sin, and I didn't think this girl is optimistic!" Meng Sansheng knelt down immediately anxiously.

Yan Chuan didn't hesitate, soaring to the sky holding Zizi.


Yan Chuan flew to the east quickly. During the flight, he turned his head and looked at Meng Hongying who was lying on the ground with a complicated expression.

Zi Zi is delirious and must leave here as soon as possible. This misty woman is too weird and too powerful.

"Where to go!"

Hong Yun, Meng Sansheng, and Gang Lao loudly shouted, grabbed their respective bottle gourds and rushed to the sky, and flew away quickly.

"hong long long!"

The mist woman slowly emerged from Meng Hongying's body.

"The Fleshy body that the deity is fond of, also want to take it away?" The mist woman a light shout.


Stepping on the billowing awe-inspiring righteousness, the misty woman soared up into the sky, chasing after Yan Chuan.

Haoran's righteousness is like a big river, chasing and killing Yan Chuan.

In the Central Territory, countless devout worshippers still have empty eyes and lost their souls, kneeling and waiting for the return of the grandmaster.

Jin Dayu saw that the situation was not right, and immediately stepped into the sky.

"Boy, where to go?" Yulin immediately stood in front of Jin Dayu.

"What do you want to do?" Jin Dayu asked in surprise.

Is this person the younger brother of the ancestor? How could you stop yourself?

"Three brothers? Tell me, what should I do now?" Yulin looked towards Killing Emperor.

"Ancestor?" Jin Dayu asked in surprise.

"Yulin, you let go!" Said the Emperor Killing solemnly.

"en?" Tianmu, Minghuang, and Yulin are all complexion sank.

"Brothers, have you forgotten our mission?" Minghuang called out immediately.

A cold looking towards Emperor Ming in the eyes of the Emperor: "Fifth, I need you to teach me?"

"Brother, what do you mean?"


"What do I mean? Humph, you chased my descendants, thinking I didn't know? You kept hiding from me, really think I'm a fool?" The emperor's eyes were cold.

"Brother, we were afraid that you couldn't bear it, so we helped you. How can you do this?" Yu Lin frowned.

"Three brothers, you have changed!" Huang Huang also shouted.

Jin Dayu, who was holding Behead Immortal bottle gourd by his side, understood in an instant.

The people who chased Jin Clan, turned out to be the people of God World? So it's a group of people in front of you?

Killing the emperor didn't know it, but at first knew that, it turned out that the killing of the emperor refused to recognize himself in order to protect himself.

These people all want to kill themselves?

"Jin Dayu, hurry up!" the emperor yelled.

"Yes!" Jin Dayu is a shivered. Suddenly turned into a Golden Crow soaring into the sky.

"Stop, where to go!" Huang Huang suddenly shouted angrily.


The Emperor Ming held the ice toad bottle gourd into the sky.


The Killing Emperor grabbed the Behead Immortal bottle gourd and instantly stood in front of the Emperor Ming.

"Fifth!" Killing Emperor coldly said.

"Brothers, you can't make mistakes again and again!" Huang Huang cried angrily.

"Let him go!" Killing the emperor insisted.


The eyes of the sky rose to the sky, and instantly came to the killing emperor.

"Second brother!" Kill the emperor complexion sank.

"Yulin, you go after Jin Dayu, here are me and Emperor Ming!" Tianmo said solemnly.


The sixth old Yulin shot up into the sky, chasing and killing Jin Dayu.

The killing emperor did not stop each other, only blocking the two of Tianmu and Minghuang.

"The third child, are you unruly?" Tianmu said solemnly.

"Second brother, let me be impudent for a while. The other descendants have been beheaded by you, leave Jin Dayu!" Killing the emperor pleaded.

Jin Dayu was so fast that he flew far away in a blink of an eye.

But Yulin was faster, and soon he caught up with Jin Dayu.

"hahaha, want to escape?" Yulin rushed towards Jin Dayu instantly.

"wa!" Golden Crow yelled, trying to escape, but Yulin was about to catch himself, Golden Crow screamed.

At this moment.

A golden fist suddenly appeared.


A heavy blow hit Yulin's body, and the huge power made Yulin fly upside down in an instant.

"Golden Great Emperor?" The complexion changed the moment Yulin was beaten up.

"Let's go!"

With a roll of gold Great Emperor sleeves, he suddenly disappeared with Jin Dayu.

"Stop!" Yulin surprised and angry said.

The other side.

Wei Zun, Hongyun, Meng Lao, and Meng Sansheng swiftly chased and killed Yan Chuan.


Yan Chuan has long blood-red hair, stepped on the Great Emperor altar, and shot away at a very fast speed holding the purple purple.

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