The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1539

Yan Chuan hugs Zizi and flies east quickly!

Behind him, he chased Hongyun, Meng Luo, and Meng Sansheng.


The void leaves four afterimages. Very fast.

"Purple!" Yan Chuan yelled anxiously.

Zi Zi still closed her eyes in her arms, as if she had lost her soul.

Yan Chuan looks anxious.


"Yan Chuan, stop, and leave my granddaughter!"

"Bold Yan Chuan!"




The three people behind them shouted angrily.

Yan Chuan's eyes flashed with hostility. It was not that Yan Chuan was afraid of the three, but that Zizi seemed to have been caught by a demon at the moment, and he had to find a place for Zizi to recover.

Furthermore, Yan Chuan also guessed the person who broke the seal.

The grandeur of the air will soon be chasing after him. Although I am not afraid, what will Zizi do?

"shameless God World, I and Zizi kindly helped you cut open seal, this is how you repay us?" Yan Chuan scolded angrily.

The faces of the three people behind them were slightly dark, but they were not moved by Yan Chuan's words.

"Yan Chuan, the master chose Meng Zizi as the Reincarnation Body, that is her life, his good fortune!" Hong Yunfei said solemnly in the front.

"Yan Chuan, Zizi is my granddaughter!" Meng Sansheng also called.

"Damn granddaughter, huh, Zizi has nothing to do with you!" Yan Chuan scolded angrily.

"hmph, Yan Chuan, no matter what, Zizi must stay, if you can’t run away, I’ll just chase you first. Soon, the Lord will come!" Shouting loudly .

Yan Chuan complexion sank.

Yan Chuan has a bloody hair. At this moment, his power has been mobilized to the maximum, but it is still difficult to get rid of the three of them. The most important thing is Hongyun.

"Blood God, come out!"

Yan Chuan suddenly shouting loudly.


Three thousand Yan Chuan figures suddenly appeared in the void, each of which moved closer together. The group that formed a two-person team, suddenly burst into all directions in a swarm.

"What?" Meng Sansheng complexion greatly changed.

Suddenly I don't know which one is better.

"Brother, what should I do now?" Meng Sansheng exclaimed.

Hong Yun also stopped suddenly, showing a dazed look, what should I do?

One thousand and five hundred directions, how to chase this?

"It would be great if the second child was there, let's make a move first!" Hongyun said anxiously.

"Please, baby, take it!" Meng Sansheng yelled, and his force rushed toward the blood gods.

"Please baby, go out!" Gang Lao also yelled.

Suddenly, the blockbuster Blood God Child was wiped out.

But there are still many teams running.

The three of them felt helpless. It can only be chased by feeling.


At this moment, a group of abundance of righteous energy chased from the rear, so fast that they caught up with everyone in a blink of an eye.

When Haoran arrived in righteousness, Heaven and Earth was bright, a majestic imposing manner, heading straight for all directions. Like Heaven and Earth Supreme God, overlooking the common people.


Hongyun, Meng Luo, and Meng Sansheng gathered towards the awe-inspiring place.

Where Haoran is righteous, Tai Taizun stands on the misty white lotus, chasing in one direction.

The Hongyun trio lost Yan Chuan, but the grandeur can see through it at a glance.


As soon as Venerable Qiuqi came, countless weak-willed practitioners from all over the world knelt to the ground, adoring Qiuqiu on a tour.

Yan Chuan is flying fast with Zizi in his arms.

Purple in his arms, Yan Chuan still looks hollow. Yan Chuan is anxious.

"What's the matter? Zizi, have your heart and soul been photographed?" Yan Chuan said anxiously.

"hong long long!"

Behind him, Yan Chuan already felt a huge imposing manner coming straight towards him.

Are you here?

Yan Chuan complexion sank.

Yan Chuan has already flown to a sea, continue to fly east?

It’s too late, the Grand Master is about to catch up, how to fly?


Yan Chuan has a hideous face, stepping, steady in the air, turning his head, looking towards the fighting intent looking towards the grandeur of the air coming straight in the distance .

"Immeasurable Sea Of Blood!"


In the vast sea, Yan Chuan stepped on the waves of blood, coldly waiting for the grandeur arrival.

Above the sea of ​​blood, Heavenspan cypress trees are linked to the sky full of stars. For a time, all the stars in the world shined brightly.

“bang! ”

The grandeur of the air arrived in an instant, and the billowing waves of air rushed out. The awe-inspiring righteousness formed Wang Yangzheng Qi Sea, and Heaven and Earth was surrounded by endless awe-inspiring righteousness.

The surging aura of righteousness, in a blink of an eye, surrounded the entire sea of ​​blood.

Majestic and righteous, unmatched.

In the Qi Sea, the body of the grand prince is still like smoke, swinging, stepping on the misty white lotus, looks very dignified and magnificent.


The Hongyun trio followed them, approaching the front, standing behind the grandeur of the air.

On the other side, Yan Chuan has a hideous look on his face.

"Grand Master, I and my wife, kindly undo seal for you, did you repay us like this?" Yan Chuan Shen shouted.

On the other side, the grandeur looked towards Yan Chuan: "Are you...?"

"The Quaternary, Lord of Great Zhen Heaven Realm, Yan Chuan!" Yan Chuan solemnly Said.

"Ten 6 Heavenly Layer? It's not enough!" Dawei said indifferently.

"Regardless of whether it’s enough or not, those of us who came later are constantly working hard to do our part for the world. Don’t say I’m waiting for persistence, at least, you came out of Zi Zi undo seal, Zi Zi Zi is kind to you, but you want to take her body?" Yan Chuan asked.

The Grand Master looked at Zizi.

"She was created by me! She undoubtedly seals for me, as it should be!" Dawei said indifferently.

"Huh? You created it?" Yan Chuan didn't believe it.

Not far away, Hongyun opened the mouth and said: "Yan Chuan, my God World was created by the Lord, and our seven brothers are also the peerless Divine Weapon created by the Lord, refined by the Lord Weapon, Zizi’s parents were both born of Meng Sansheng, and Zizi was born because of me. She was made by the Lord!" Yan Chuan's eyelids jumped wildly.

Are all created by the grandeur?

Speaking of which, Zizi really can't get rid of the relationship of grandeur.

"Grand Master, there are countless Divine Race powerhouses, why do you just look at my wife?" Yan Chuan frowned.

"Her body fits my will best, and only she can restore me to everything I used to be!" Grand Master also said seriously.

Not unreasonable, but there is an unquestionable dominance.

"hmph, I don't care what you are, Zizi is my wife, no one wants to touch her!" Yan Chuan shouted.

"She has dedicated her heart to me, and you can't take her away! She only believes in me, even if you take it away, she will come back by herself." Daqing said indifferently.

"Mind?" Yan Chuan stared in his eyes.

Zizi's eyes are hollow. Is the soul lost?

Yan Chuan's eyes became cold, and he looked towards the grandeur of the air again.

"The grandeur? You have just awakened, and you have no body. You are not the strongest you now!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"oh?" The grand atmosphere looked towards Yan Chuan.

"The cypress trees are overwhelming, and the sky is full of star power!" Yan Chuan suddenly shouting loudly.

"hong long long!"

The cypress slowly spins up, and the rolling force rushes to Yan Chuan's palm, the sea of ​​blood roars, and the rolling force rushes straight to Yan Chuan. The Great Emperor's altar also gushes out infinite power.

"The Great Void Sky Arcane!"

Yan Chuan, the Taoist hand, slammed and smashed towards the grand air.

"hong long long!"

The rolling Star River headed straight for the grand grandeur.

"Bold!" Hong Yun and the others exclaimed.

"Ten 6 Heavenly Layer? Can you wield the power of 10 7 Heavenly Layer? Not bad!" Said with a smile.

Suddenly, the grand grandeur launched it with one palm.

"hong long long!"

The huge white palms of Heavenspan condensed with great righteousness and slammed into Yan Chuan's Star River.


The two forces collided.

The huge explosion instantly tore the void of the Quartet, but it was quickly filled with countless awe-inspiring righteousness.

In a huge collision, Yan Chuan almost used all his strength.

Shallow star layer, all stars shine.

In the deep star layer, more than two thousand superstars also shone out, rolling in strength.

Yan Chuan is fierce and urges all his strength.

On the opposite side, the grandeur who is facing Yan Chuan has eyes slightly narrowed. Haoran's righteousness increased again.

"hong long long!"

Hao Ran slowly pushed Star River back with a righteous palm.

Yan Chuan's blow, how can I help you?

Yan Chuan VS the conscious body of the grand grandeur.

Many powerhouses in the world are watching.

Zhong Shan, Wu Zhao, and Jiang Chen all showed a gloomy look.

The power of the grandeur is too strong.

This is just a consciousness!

Yan Chuan is so powerful that it absolutely reaches the power of ten 7 Heavenly Layer, but it is slowly blocked by the grandeur.

In the Star River, the stars exploded, and Yan Chuan's Arcane was gradually falling into the wind.

Yan Chuan's face is gloomy.

This grandeur is too powerful.

On the other hand, Yan Chuan squeezed out a jade talisman, which was given to Yan Chuan by the humans and snakes in the past, and can be crushed to help Yan Chuan resolve a crisis.

Yes, can Fuxi stop the grandeur?

Blocking is not the most important thing. The most important thing is Zizi's mind. You have to get Zizi's mind back.


Yan Chuan used his hands again.

However, the face of the grand grandeur is getting more and more serious, and his strength is getting stronger. Yan Chuan's Star River is gradually losing.

Isn’t it enough to command the second-generation divine ability?

Yan Chuan is about to crush jade talisman.

Suddenly, Yan Chuan suddenly felt his Star River power increase.

Deep star layer, three thousand superstars, Yan Chuan can mobilize more than two thousand star power.

However, there are nearly a thousand superstar powers that cannot be mobilized.

But at this moment, the nearly thousand giant stars suddenly lit up, and one after another star power quickly poured into the cypress. Mobilized by Yan Chuan.

"Huh?" Yan Chuan was taken aback for a moment. How did his strength suddenly increase?

However, this is not the point, the point is to destroy the grandeur and regain the Zizi soul!


Yan Chuan shouting loudly, all the power of the stars, once again gathered into the Star Condensation River.

This is the real Power of Stars, vast and surging.

Ring the Northeast Continent, the teaching field of the East.

Dongfang Bubai's palm suddenly surrounds countless star points, connecting three thousand superstars, allowing the three thousand superstars to gather their power in Yan Chuan.

"Master, are you helping Yan Chuan?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

Dongfang Bubai nodded, did not speak. Just staring at the distance with extreme dignity.

Dongfang Bubai helped Yan Chuan fully mobilize the power of three thousand stars for the first time.

"hong long long!"

The force of horror, tearing through the endless awe-inspiring righteousness, went straight to the atmosphere.

"oh?" The grand atmosphere complexion changed.

"break for me!" Yan Chuan yelled.


Crumbled countless righteous qi, the power of Star River was unstoppable, straight out, all righteous qi broke apart suddenly.

It was the consciousness body of the grand grandeur, and it was suddenly hit by a super heavy blow.


The consciousness body of the grandiose grandiose exploded and broke apart completely.


Meng Sansheng and Meng Lao were knocked upside down and flew out, only Hong Yun barely stood firm.

"Master?" Hong Yun exclaimed.

The consciousness of the Lord has collapsed?

"no!" Hong Yun exclaimed.

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