The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1540

The Sifang Haoran's righteousness suddenly collapsed and opened, and the grandeur of the air and the white lotus sat down and collapsed!

The power of Star River is immense, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, tore the void.

Heaven and Earth was shaken by a loud noise.

The entire Yang Sector is experiencing a strong shock in the world.

"hong long long!"

Heaven and Earth Shaking.

A crowd of formidable persons stared at it.

Great Zhou Heaven Realm.

"So amazing!" Yuan Tian Gang exclaimed.

"Commander the divine ability of the second era?" Wu Zhao said with his fist clenched.

"In the rumors of the Third Age, Bai Huangduan was so powerful that he actually created such a divine ability?" Shangguan Wan'er exclaimed.

Jiang Chen Heaven Realm.

Jiangchen stood at Yellow Springs Road in the outer southern continent, his eyes slightly narrowed.

Staring at Yan Chuan, Jiang Chen's eyes became brighter.

"Yan Chuan, you can't be too weak!" Jiang Chen said seriously.

Oriental teaching field.

Lian Shen stared at this scene with wide eyes. The blow just now, even if you might not be able to block it?

Dongfang Bubai let out a long sigh, and slowly removed the star in his hand.

Dongfang Bubai withdrew his hand, Yan Chuan in the distance suddenly felt that the nearly 1,000 superstars he had just contacted had lost contact again.

Yan Chuan turned his head and looked towards the eastern teaching field.

Just saw Dongfang Bubai withdraw his hand.

"Sure enough!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

The sky is full of stars, except for grandfather and himself, the person who can mobilize them is the first under the heavens man who planned the three thousand superstars at the beginning, and can only be Dongfang Bubai.






Some people were surprised and some were worried, but the grand grandeur was wiped out in a blink of an eye. The three bottle gourd brothers suddenly screamed.

The grandeur is not only their master, but also their faith. Has the faith collapsed?

"No, the Lord will not die, the luck is immortal, and the Lord will not die." Hong Yun suddenly shouted.

Hongyun yelled, and everyone immediately expressed and moved.

Indeed, the first emperor of the air was incarnate in the world's air luck. As long as the luck is still there, the great grandeur will be impossible to die.

Turning his head, everyone looked at it, and the world's fortunes still had a turbulent fortune.

Take Xianyang as an example.

In the old days, Qi Yun gathered together, and later on the basis of Qi Yun, the merits, fortune, and path were taken, and they were combined into Qi. The aura is endless, and Xianyang is endless.

Are you still lucky? That grand grandeur is impossible to be destroyed.

Yan Chuan also suddenly complexion changed, and suddenly there is a feeling of have one's hair stand on end in his heart.

Jumped his head.

Not far away, Zizi wrapped in a sea of ​​blood, his eyes suddenly became enlightened.

In the purple eyes, two rays of light with eighteen colors burst out.

There are not many rays of light, but they are very dazzling.

A surging weather wave suddenly burst out from Zi Zi's side.


The endless awe-inspiring righteousness exploded in an instant.

A sea of ​​blood bursts.

Yan Chuan was the first to bear the brunt, and under this tremendous force, the impact flew upside down.

"Lord of the air?" Yan Chuan who flew upside down suddenly roared.


The billowing awe-inspiring righteousness once again gathers in the purple place.

Purple feet float on a white lotus flower.

A more powerful imposing manner than before, suddenly came out.

“bang! ”

It is as if Heavenly Might is coming, oppressing the entire Yang Sector world.

Central heaven continent, the common people of thirty-six territories, were immediately oppressed and bowed down.

The same is true on all continents. All mortals bow down, and all the cultivators are terrified.

"en?" Wu Zhao complexion sank.

Probing his hand with a wave.


Above the sea of ​​luck, the Golden Dragon roared, trying to resist this great oppression.

But, just now roaring, the Golden Dragon suddenly rebelled with luck.

"What?" Wu Zhao complexion changed.

Qiyun Golden Dragon suddenly adored the great grandeur in the distance.

"Not good!" Wu Zhao complexion changed.

“bang! ”

The endless merits, fortune, and fortune, crashing into the golden dragon of luck.

Suddenly, the Golden Dragon of Qi Luck was overwhelmed.

The same is true in Xianyang.

Qiyun Golden Dragon originally resisted the oppression of the imposing manner from the grandeur, but instantly turned against each other.


Above the sea of ​​clouds, merit, fortune, and fortune are each transformed into a merit Golden Dragon, fortune Golden Dragon, Luck to Golden Dragon.

The three dragons simultaneously suppressed the Golden Dragon of Qi Luck, and its merit, fortune, and path instantly drowned the Qi Luck.

The major Heaven Realm is okay, but some small countries are miserable.

Central heaven continent, a small Heavenly Dynasty, holy court, suddenly Qiyun all worshiped the grandeur, and even their respective kings ignored them.

The world's luck will worship, and come straight to the atmosphere.

The luck of the major academies has also come to worship.

Even in the Eastern Church, countless Qiyun must worship the grandeur.

"en?" Dongfang Bubai complexion sank, he waved his probing hand.


Suddenly rolling stars appeared in the sky, linking Power of Stars, and trapping all the luck of the Eastern teaching field.

Dongfang Bubai coldly looked at the great grandeur in the distance.

Grand grandeur, possessed purple body.


"Congratulations, lord!"

"Congratulations, lord!"

Hongyun, Mengluo, Meng Sansheng was overjoyed immediately.

The atmosphere is standing in the void, surrounded by abundance of righteousness, commanding the luck of the world. Right now, he was staring at Yan Chuan on the opposite side.

"Why? I have protected Zizi, how can you still keep Zizi in your body?" Yan Chuan's face was extremely ugly.

Is it really unavoidable that the purple catastrophe mentioned by the queen of butterflies?

Zizi's temperament has now completely changed, an imposing manner of Tyrant Absolute in the Whole World is emitted, endless luck and worship, an oppression of the lord of the world comes out.

"No one can stop me from recovering!" Said solemnly.

Yan Chuan now has a roar in his mind. Full of purple memories.


"Don't come over, don't come over!"

"You, you, can you still laugh?"

"No, you don't understand, this is destiny, there is no escape, no one can escape!"

"Yan Chuan, my evil door, Jiu Jiansheng, they should have told you about it. I didn’t force you to write a letter of resignation for the marriage made by your parents. !"

"I like to be alone, so quiet!"




"I listen to you!"

------------------------ -

When Zizi's laughter and trust were in his mind, Yan Chuan's heart suddenly felt like a knife twisted.

In the end, all the memories are frozen in the phrase'I listen to you'.

I listen to you!

I listen to you!




Zi Zi trusts herself, so she can do it herself The one who made all the decisions, in the end, was actually possessed by the grand respect?

"Give me back purple!" Yan Chuan exclaimed again angrily.

Explore his hands, and once again recruit blood.

"hmph!" The atmosphere is coldly snorted.

This time, the grandeur of the air took the lead.

Between the hands, a palm hit Yan Chuan suddenly, the void shattered into countless numbers, and the endless awe-inspiring righteousness gathered, a palm ten times more than the previous one, instantly arrived in front of Yan Chuan.

"Broken!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.

However, the power gap is too great.

To mobilize the power of the world's air transport, the grandeur of the air was unstoppable, and instantly shattered Yan Chuan's palm to the front door of Yan Chuan.


The sea of ​​blood and Yan Chuan exploded in an instant.

Too fast, too strong.

Yan Chuan was shot out in an instant?

The formidable person in the world is shivered. Is this the first era power?

The grand grandeur of the first era?

That Yan Chuan, who moves the world, is just an enemy in front of the grandeur? Just a palm?

Countless powerhouses who saw this battle were suddenly shivered.

And in Xianyangkou.

"Father!" Fu Su exclaimed.

"Yan Chuan!" Mo Yuxi also exclaimed.

This battle is already turbulent, and Xianyangkou naturally pays much attention to peerless powerhouses.

Seeing Yan Chuan being slapped to pieces by the grandeur, everyone screamed in horror.

The grand grandeur smashed Yan Chuan with one palm.

"The Lord is divine might!" Hongyun and the others said joyfully.

It’s too strong, but Yan Chuan, smashed in one palm?

The first era, this is the strength of the first era.

"Go back!!" Dawei Zun said indifferently.

Stepping on the white lotus, the grand air is heading towards God World.


The three bottle gourd brothers followed and left quickly.

The countless voids left behind are slowly recovering.

The void slowly recovered, but the eyes of Powerhouse in the world were still staring here.


Yan Chuan is really dead?

Many powerhouses took a look at Xianyang, and the sky above Xianyang, is there still luck, merit, fortune, and luck?

All eyes gathered again.

But I saw that a piece of emptiness, at this moment, there are things gathering towards the center in all directions.

That is pieces of minced meat. Yan Chuan's minced meat.

A large amount of minced meat quickly gathered to the center, gradually condensing into one body.

"hong long long!"

The minced meat is deformed and it returns to the appearance of Yan Chuan again.

"Restored?" Lotus expression moved.

"Blast the beast, explode and restore the divine ability!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

Step on the Great Emperor altar. Yan Chuan squeezed his fist and stared at the grandmaster who was leaving in the distance. The Great Emperor altar restored Yan Chuan's body.

"The grandeur? No one can take away my queen, the First Age, so what? hmph!" Yan Chuan is coldly snorted.

Turning around, Yan Chuan fired quickly towards the Northeast Continent.

In that instant, Yan Chuan almost crushed the jade talisman of the human and snake clan, but Yan Chuan still endured it. After all, the promise of the human-snake clan is only to help as much as possible.

But now that Fuxi faces the grand grandeur, perhaps he has surpassed his ability. It may not be able to achieve the effect in your mind.

The first era? The First Age was too strong, and he couldn't resist it at all for a while.

Yan Chuan goal, the teaching field of the East.

At the same time, the world formidable persons saw Yan Chuan's resurrection and exhaled one by one.

I am not worried about Yan Chuan, but worried about the abilities of the grandeur. If it is as strong as Yan Chuan, it will be destroyed without any defense. This world is completely in the First Age. The world is gone.

It’s okay now, Yan Chuan is still alive after all, which shows that the grandeur may not be able to dominating the world.

But at Xianyangkou, Mo Yuxi and the others burst into tears with joy.

As long as Yan Chuan is okay, it's fine.

Yan Chuan headed straight for the eastern teaching field.

Dongfang Bubai and Lian Shen also saw Yan Chuan coming.

"Master, Yan Chuan seems to come to you?" Lian Shen frowned.

"en!" Dongfang Bubai nodded.

"What is he doing here? The grandeur is so powerful, does he still want to ask Master to avenge him?" Lian Shen frowned.

"Just now, Yan Chuan was wiped out by the Grand Master, it was Yan Chuan deliberately, otherwise it would be impossible so easily. He wanted to get rid of the Grand Master first, and then join forces to kill the Grand Master!" Dongfang Bubai nodded.

"Does he really want to exterminate the grand grandeur now?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

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