The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1541

Tianmu and Minghuang stopped the killing emperor.

Yulin chases and kills Jin Dayu. Unexpectedly, a golden Great Emperor came out in the middle, punched Fei Yulin, and quickly left with Jin Dayu.

"Where to go!" Yulin chased and killed anxiously.

On the other side, Killing Emperor looked at the second and fifth brothers, faintly smiled, and didn't care.

"Brothers, that's right, you have to remember clearly, everyone like me is the weapon of the Lord, and the peerless Divine Weapon of the Lord, you cannot have your own independent consciousness. We belong to the Lord!" Huanghuang said seriously.

"I didn't say I would betray the Lord?" Killing Emperor said indifferently.

"Three brothers, your heart has changed a lot since you went to Great Thousand World. You have left your blood roots outside. Hope that one day you can get rid of God World, right?" Huang Huang shook his head Tao.


"Ten 7 Heavenly Layer can realize the way of feathering, brother, second brother, 10 7 Heavenly Layer, and third brother, you are only away from 10 7 Heavenly Layer One step away, as long as Jin Dayu is alive, one of his offspring will give birth to your rebirth sooner or later!" Huang Huang said solemnly.

"Meng Sansheng’s descendants, except for Meng Zizi, everyone else stayed in God World. Only the Lord gave orders, but you were looking for another way back then, so we were very cruel Pursue them. Third brother, realize it!" Huang Huang persuaded.

"Huh?" Tianmu suddenly raised his brows.

"What's wrong with the second brother?"

"Please baby, open!"


Behind Tianmu The orange bottle gourd suddenly spewed out a light curtain, and above the light curtain, the scene of the golden Great Emperor shooting suddenly appeared.

"What? Golden Great Emperor?" The complexion changed.

"The third child, you really count everything!" Tianmu said coldly.

"Brother, you have too much control!" Killing Emperor coldly said.

"Go, catch up with Yulin, and kill Jin Dayu!" Tianmu said solemnly.

"Yes!" Huang Huang soared to the sky.

"Where to go!" Killing emperor suddenly rushed towards Minghuang.


The Eye of Heaven stood in front of the killing emperor.

"The third child, if you persist in your own wrong doings, don't blame your brother for not being affectionate!" Tianmou said coldly.

The killing emperor has a cold face, and his face is fierce.

"Please baby, turn around!"


Behead Immortal bottle gourd, suddenly shoots out the Behead Immortal flying knife, straight towards the sky Rushed away.



The two started fighting. Huang Huang flew in one direction.

"Stop!" Killing the emperor chased after fighting while fighting.

Sky Eye fights to kill the emperor, and also leaves God World in the melee.

The bottle gourd brothers left.

At this moment, Heaven and Earth are roaring, and in the distance, the big air respects Yan Chuan.

After a while, Heaven and Earth became clear again.


The huge breath fell from the sky.

Wei Zun returned with Hongyun, Meng Luo, and Meng Sansheng.


Heavenly Might rushed out.

"Welcome to the Lord!" all directions, countless powerhouses respectfully worship.

Meng Hongying, who previously blocked the grandeur, kneels in front of the grandeur at this moment.

The grandeur of the air stood on a white lotus and looked around.

"My lord, these are the leaders of the Great Influence on the central heaven continent. They come to observe and worship the lord!" Hong Yun respectfully said.

"Set up each position, gather the central heaven continent!" The atmosphere respects the lightly saying.

"Yes!" Ten million Powerhouse respectfully worshiped.

A group of powerhouses, with infinite devotion to the grandeur, quickly returned to various territories. It is foreseeable that the entire central heaven continent will soon almost all worship the grandeur.

Standing on top of the white lotus, the grandiose grandeur looked at the Great Thousand World, and then at the Great Thousand World. Finally, my eyes seemed to be able to penetrate the Yin-Yang two sectors, looking towards Yin Sector Dashan world.

"The three corpses are cut off, and the three corpses are about to fuse?" The grand air frowned.

"The Lord, the Lord has evolved over the years, too many changes have taken place in the world, and it has gone through the Fourth Epoch!" Hong Yun respectfully said.


Next, Hongyun respectfully described some major events that have occurred in the world over the years, and the birth of peerless powerhouses.


During the narration of the red cloud, a vine demon suddenly flew from the west.


The vine demon arrived and respectfully bowed to the atmosphere.

"bang!" "bang!"………………

One by one, the vine monsters return, a total of seven, in a single piece. The Quartet forms a huge sea of ​​rattans.


Ring the Northeast Continent, the Eastern teaching field.

Yan Chuan flew quickly.

From a distance, I saw two forces gathering in the sky above the Eastern Teaching Field.

Benefits and air luck each occupy half of the sky. Merit and air luck each condense a golden dragon.

It's just that the Golden Dragon is incomparably commotion at this moment. It's just trapped by the mobilization of star power one by one.

Standing in the air, Yan Chuan looked for a while, and finally looked towards Dongfang Bubai at the mouth of a great hall.

"Yan Chuan, I have seen Eastern Sect Lord!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

"Please!" Dongfang Bubai opened the mouth and said.


Yan Chuan stepped in front of Dongfang Bubai.

Behind Dongfang Bubai stood the lotus god.

Lian Shen stared at Yan Chuan, a resentment flashed in his eyes, but in the end he could only be faintly sighed.

Yan Chuan glanced at Lian Shen, not too surprised. After all, Yan Chuan had known the news of Lian Shen's whereabouts.

After a glance, he stopped paying attention, but stared at Dongfang Bubai.

"To meet the enemy with great respect this time, many thanks to the help of Eastern Sect Lord!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Regardless of the final result, Dongfang Bubai has always helped himself.

"No effort at all, besides, I also took the lotus god in your hands in the past!" Dongfang Bubai indifferently said.

Yan Chuan nodded, turned to open the mouth and said again: "This time, Yan has something to discuss!"

"oh?" Dongfang Bubai looked towards Yan Chuan.

"Presumably Sect Lord of the East also knows my purpose." Yan Chuan said seriously.

"Let's talk about it!"

"Slay, the grandeur!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Zhu kill?" Dongfang Bubai eyes slightly narrowed staring at Yan Chuan.

"The peerless powerhouse of the First Age has begun to be reborn. The first person to be reborn is the grandeur, respecting life, disrupting the movement of the world, and transforming the world into the air. At this moment, rebirth, the air will definitely return to her. , Presumably Dongfang Sect Lord doesn't want his luck to disappear, right?" Yan Chuan explained.

"Do you want me to help you kill the grandeur?" Dongfang Bubai stared at Yan Chuan.

"The power of the grand grandeur is immense. The previous battle must be known to the world. I only need to regain my wife Zizi, and I will not ask about the other grand grandeur. Please Eastern Sect Lord is just one of them, and I will still Invite other peerless powerhouses in the world to go to the'Tu Zun Conference'." Yan Chuan said seriously.

"Tu Zun Conference?" Dongfang Bubai seemed interested.

"Tu Zun Conference!" Yan Chuan affirmed nodded.

On the side, the lotus god showed a trace of said with a sneer: "Tu Zun Conference? Oh, do you think the powerhouse will accompany you to go crazy?"

"en!" Dongfang Bubai brows Slightly wrinkle, I don’t like the lotus plug.

"Master, forgive me!" Lotus God immediately stopped talking.

"I can tell, I can do it naturally!" Yan Chuan was definitely nodded.

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