The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1542

Yin Sector, outer northern continent, Chujiang Diankou.

zombie Yan Chuan stands with his hand in hand, standing in front of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

The two seemed to have talked before, and the ice god behind Netherworld River Old Ancestor showed a surprised look.

Netherworld River brows slightly wrinkle, looking up at the sky.

"Tu Zun Conference?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor eyes slightly narrowed.

"Yan Chuan invites you, Netherworld River Old Ancestor, are you willing to go?" zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor looked at the sky and was silent for a while.

"Did you think about it?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor suddenly looked towards Yan Chuan solemnly.

"Yes!" Yan Chuan was definitely nodded.

"The grandeur is the main force against the life number. If you want to destroy her, you must sharpen a sharper knife to replace her!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.

"The powerhouse of the world, can replace her to meet the fate!" Yan Chuan seriously said.

Slightly smiled, Netherworld River Old Ancestor said: “It’s not that simple. You want to invite the world’s heroes to siege the grandmaster. You can understand that the grandmaster is no better than others. When she is destroyed, it may lead to fate. !"

"Fate?" Yan Chuan was taken aback for a moment.

"Isn't the death of Emperor Bo Bai just appearing once? And Zhong Shan, the lord of the Great Thousand Realm, should have faced it directly!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shook his head.

Yan Chuan nodded, finally said: "I will take the lead this time, the Tu Zun Conference, are you willing to go?"

"Go, why not? I also want to see the fate How on earth!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said with a smile.


Yang Sector, outer northern continent. Great Thousand World.

In a palace, Yan Chuan and Zhong Shan are sitting face to face, each holding a cup of tea.

"Fate?" Zhong Shan browses slightly wrinkle.


"Before the four realms became one, I did fought against fate once, but that should be just a part of the consciousness of fate, very powerful, at that time it was a consciousness The body, the Promise appearing outside of the Great Thousand World, is so vast and majestic that it rushes straight to the Great Thousand World, the huge oppression, the people of the world are all in a coma. All the memories of the people about it have been erased!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.


"He reached his goal and disappeared. It didn't take long for me to fight against it!" Zhong Shan said.

"I see!" Yan Chuan nodded.


A few days later.

Celestial Demon World, in front of Fuxi.

Yan Chuan handed out the original piece of jade talisman and said: "I don't need your Excellency to deal with the grandeur, I only need your Excellency to save my wife Zizi and her undissolved Divine Soul!"


"Zizi's consciousness is still there?" Fuxi said indifferently.

"Yes, because Great Zhen is above the sea of ​​clouds, the Queen's Divine Idol is still there!" Yan Chuan affirmed.

"Okay!" Fuxi nodded.


Ring Southeast Continent.

The top of a huge mountain.

The killing emperor carried the Behead Immortal bottle gourd and stood in front of the golden Great Emperor and Jin Dayu.

Tianmu, Minghuang, and Yulin are encircled and surrounded the three.

"Lao San, don't persist in your own wrong doings!" Tianmou coldly said.

"Third Brother, this is the end of the matter, you have nowhere to run!" Huang Huang persuaded.

Kill the emperor coldly smiled and looked towards Tianmu said: "Brother, I understand that your bottle gourd can let you see anywhere in the world, no one can hide in front of you."

"My descendants, you are almost killed too, and now there is only this single seedling left. Please also be magnanimous!" Said solemnly to kill the emperor.

"No!" Tianmu coldly said.

"Second brother, I waited for seven people, all of them were born on a vine, I don’t want to destroy this affection, but Jin Dayu is my only descendant, I must keep him, I I know the second brother 10 7 Heavenly Layer, but the younger brother I still have to try it!" Shadi coldly said.

While speaking, the killing emperor burst into a fierce air, and went straight to the sky.

There was a cold in Tianmu's eyes.

Yulin and Minghuang both looked towards Tianmu.

"Okay, okay, third child, do you really want to challenge me?" Tianmu coldly said.

"Second brother, please!" Killing the emperor flew to the sky ten zhang, and did not fly high.

Tianmo turned his head to look at Yulin and Minghuang: "Wait for me to come back, hold off the shot!"

"Yes!" the two said.


Kill the emperor, the eyes of the sky soar up, rushing across the starry sky in a blink of an eye, rushing into countless heavenly demon areas.


The two entered the Promise and started fighting.

When the two rushed into Celestial Demon World, Yan Chuan just ended the conversation with Fuxi in the distance, and turned his head to see the two bottle gourd brothers fighting each other.

Kill Emperor Ten 6 Heavenly Layer Peak, but, born to fight in general, extremely fierce.

The Heavenly Layer 7 Heavenly Layer, the strength is naturally much higher than that of Killing Emperor.

The two brothers are fighting fiercely in Promise.

Although there is no sound, you can also feel the power of Tao when you see the strength of the two.


Yulin and Minghuang stared at the Golden Great Emperor and Jin Dayu.

The golden Great Emperor closed his eyes and healed his injuries.

In the past battle with Jianao, the injury has not recovered, so I came forward to help kill the emperor without stopping. At this moment of truce, it is natural to recover.

Jin Dayu is anxious.

Looking at the two bottle gourd brothers in front of him, Jin Dayu's eyes are full of hatred, and he is extremely worried about his ancestors.

The four waited for a day.

Above the starry sky, Killing Emperor and Heavenly Eyes all fell down.

“bang! ”

The two fell, and the ground suddenly broke into pieces.

The killing emperor's face was bloodstained and fierce.

The heavenly eyes discevelled hair, quite embarrassed.

"Okay, okay, what a young man!" Tianmu looked towards Killing Emperor with uncertainty.

"Second brother?" Yulin and Minghuang all gathered around.

Shook the head to kill the emperor: "Second brother, you are Ten 7 Heavenly Layer, I can't beat you, but it is not so easy for you to defeat me!"

"hmph!" The sky is coldly snorted.

The fierce anger on the killer's original face gradually dissipated, revealing a bit of bitterness: "Second brother, I know what you are worried about. I am still at the 10th Heavenly Layer and cannot yet become a feather. I am willing to do it right now. Annihilate consciousness, I only hope that brothers can let Jin Dayu go!"

"Exterminate consciousness?" Yu Lin suddenly exclaimed.

The sky eye also showed a surprised look.

"Ancestor, what do you want to do?" Jin Dayu also exclaimed.

Killing Emperor looked at Jin Dayu, showing a bitter smile, and then seriously said: "Jin Dayu, you must live!"

Speaking, Killing Emperor took out a small ball and passed it To Jin Dayu: "This is what I prepared for you, and I will read the internal information later!"

Turning his head, Killing Emperor looked towards Tianmu again.

"Second brother, I annihilated my consciousness and turned into an unconscious peerless Divine Weapon, so that you brothers can rest assured? Just ask the second brother, let Jin Dayu go!" Killing emperor said seriously.

There was a twitch on Tianmu's face, and finally he said bitterly: "The third child, why are you doing this?"

"Please also the second brother to complete it!" Said the emperor again.

"Three brothers, why? For the descendants of unknown generations, you have to choose to sacrifice yourself? This is not your style, why?" Huang Huang asked inexplicably.

"My world, you don't understand! Reincarnated in Great Thousand World and became Lu Pressure these years, I understand a lot of things I didn't understand before." Said the Emperor with a smile.

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