The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1543

"My world, you don't understand! I have been reincarnated in Great Thousand World and became Lu Ya. Over the years, I have understood a lot of things I didn't understand before." Said the Emperor with a smile.

"Second brother, please fulfill it!" Said Emperor Shao again.

Tianmu, Minghuang, and Yulin all stared at the killing emperor with frown, as if they could not understand the thought of killing the emperor for a while.

Sacrifice yourself to perfect the descendants? What a joke decision.

Can you really demand to kill the emperor right now?

"Brother, are you crazy?" Yulin exclaimed.

"Brothers, think twice!" Huang Huang also said anxiously.

Ke Killing Emperor stared at the sky.

"Second brother, please fulfill it!" Killing Emperor said seriously.

Tianmou looked at Jin Dayu who was surprised from a distance, and his face was ugly.

Because of his Jin Dayu, is the killing emperor willing to give up his life?

"Second brother, please fulfill it!" Shadi emphasized for the third time.

Yulin and Huanghuang were anxious on the sidelines.

The sky eyes closed, and there was a moment of contemplation.

"Well, you choose the road yourself!" Tianmu finally nodded.

"Second brother?" Minghuang and Yulin exclaimed.

But killing the emperor showed a hint of relief.

"Second brother, I am honest, let you do it, erase my consciousness!" Killing the emperor said with a smile.

With Behead Immortal bottle gourd on his back, he walked to the sky.

The complexion of Tianmu's complexion, finally put his hand on the top of the killing emperor's head.

Turning his head, Killing Emperor looked towards Jin Dayu: "Jin Dayu, remember, live, don't let me down!"

"Ancestor!" Jin Dayu's eyes moistened.

"Golden Great Emperor, have a meeting, this time, many thanks, please send Jin Dayu to Xianyang!" Killing the emperor pleaded.

At this moment, the Golden Great Emperor is also a violent eyelid jump, it is really incomprehensible, bring about one's own destruction?

"Don't worry!" The golden Great Emperor nodded.

The sky pupil suddenly exerted force, the orange light in the palm of the palm shot straight into the mind of the killing emperor.


Killing the emperor has no resistance, letting Tianmu obliterate his consciousness.

Behead Immortal bottle gourd trembled, but after feeling that the Emperor had no resistance, he gradually calmed down.


There was a loud noise, and the eyes of the killing emperor suddenly became hollow.

"Ancestor!" Jin Dayu exclaimed.

Kesha emperor can no longer speak.

"Second brother?" Minghuang and Yulin both showed pain.

At this moment, the consciousness of killing the emperor has disappeared, and the body is controlled by the sky.

"Ai, maybe at first, you shouldn't have consciousness!" Tianmu said indifferently.

The Emperor Ming and Yulin gritted their teeth and suddenly looked towards Jin Dayu together.

"It's you, it's you who killed the three brothers because of your wicked obstacle," Huanghuang coldly said.

The murderous aura of the two rushed directly to Jin Dayu, as if to avenge the killing of the emperor at this moment.

Although the killing emperor begged to die and was destroyed by the sky, the two couldn't help but count their hatred on Jin Dayu.

"Me? No! It was you, you killed my ancestors!" Jin Dayu also roared.

"hmph, you killed my third brother, I want you to bury him!" Huanghuang coldly said.

Jin Dayu is a shivered.

Although Jin Dayu has reached ten 4 Heavenly Layer in strength, he is far behind the two!

"You, you promised my ancestors, do you want to go back and forth?" Jin Dayu asked in surprise.

"Turn back? Huh, the third brother is dead, I just need to avenge him, I don't care about anything else!" Huang Huang said solemnly.

"Golden Great Emperor?" Jin Dayu suddenly looked towards the Golden Great Emperor.

After all, before the killing emperor died, he entrusted himself to the golden Great Emperor.

"Golden Great Emperor, we did not promise the three brothers not to deal with you!" Sovereign's prestige threatened.

The golden Great Emperor looked at the unconscious body of the killing emperor, then looked at the God World Three Great Powerhouses, and then looked at the direction of the central heaven continent, where there is also the great grandeur.

Finally, the golden Great Emperor showed a hint of said with a bitter smile: "Sorry, killing the emperor is here, the favor is here, killing the emperor is destroyed, the relationship is empty!"

"Golden Great Emperor? "Jin Dayu suddenly stared angrily.

The golden Great Emperor wants to stay out of the situation at this moment?

Is the previous promise to kill the emperor false?

"God World's personal affairs, don't bother me!" said the Golden Great Emperor.

Nodded with satisfaction from Huanghuang and Yulin.


The golden Great Emperor suddenly left.


Jin Dayu saw that the Golden Great Emperor was so unrelenting, he suddenly turned into a Golden Crow and flew to the east quickly.

"Go? Where to go?" Huanghuang was coldly snorted.

I didn't even use the bottle gourd. With a sway, Minghuang suddenly appeared above Jin Dayu, probing his palm, and hit Jin Dayu suddenly.

The collapse of the void, the power of a palm, is simply beyond Jin Dayu's ability to contend.

"wa!" Jin Dayu yelled in despair.


Under the huge impact, the void instantly shredded into countless pieces.

The emperor who slapped him also flew upside down.

Jin Dayu is unobstructed, a silhouette appeared in front of Jin Dayu, blocking the blow of Huanghuang.

"Who?" Minghuang exclaimed as he flew upside down.

But the void slowly recovered, revealing the silhouette of Yan Chuan.

"Great Emperor!" Jin Dayu said joyfully in surprise.

Yan Chuan looked at the opposite three coldly: "God World's credibility, really untrustworthy!"

"Yan Chuan?" Yulin and Minghuang complexion sank said.

"Emperor Ming, Yulin, come back!" Tianmou cried.

"Second brother!" The two flew to the front.

Tianmu looked towards Yan Chuan: "It turned out to be Emperor Yan!"

"In the scene just now, I saw all of them. Why, it's all that outsiders speak without faith. To his brother is so unbelievable?" Yan Chuan said coldly.

Tianshou's eyes were cold, he looked at Jin Dayu for a while, then looked at the body of the killing emperor that was shaped like a puppet.

"Also, the consciousness of killing the emperor is gone, this little evil creature, let him live!" Tianmu said indifferently.

"Second brother?" Minghuang and Yulin were still a little unwilling.

Yan Chuan reluctantly said: "The consciousness of killing the emperor is gone. The God World promises in the past, I wonder if it can still be fulfilled?"

"en?" Tianmu raised his brows .

"Unlock the seal of the dome and let me choose any item in God World. I chose to kill the emperor. Everyone, do you still want to stay?" Yan Chuan asked again.

"hahahaha!" Huang Huang suddenly laughed.

"Although my third brother's consciousness is extinguished, he is still a peerless Divine Weapon. How can it be for you?" Yulin said with a sneer.

"God World has decided to break his promise?" Yan Chuan said solemnly again.

"How are you doing?" Tianmu coldly said.

"hmph, twenty days later, I will personally go to God World to seek justice!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

"Go to God World in person? hahahaha!" Huang Huang laughed disdainfully.

There is a grandeur who sits in town. Isn't Yan Chuan coming? What is courting death?

The Emperor Ming was disdainful, and Tianmu and Yulin were also disdainful.

"Jin Dayu, let's go!" Yan Chuan ignored everyone.

The two turned around and headed east.

The sky eyes coldly watched Yan Chuan and his party leave, and finally did not choose to continue chasing them.

"Let's go!"

Tianmu flew towards the central heaven continent God World with two people and a corpse.


In a few days. Xianyang, inside a great hall.

Standing Yan Chuan, Gui Guzi, Pluto, Fu Su, Mo Yuxi and the others.

Everyone looked towards Jin Dayu.

"Great Emperor, the ancestors left this thing! Tell me to read it later!" Jin Dayu took out the small fairway.

"Kill the emperor? His character is strong and strong, he is not the kind of person who takes death at will!" Gui Guzi shook his head.

"How is the Formation isolation outside?" Yan Chuan asked.

"The Great Emperor can rest assured that everything in this hall has been cut off. No one can snoop into the inside, even deductions can't be done!" Gui Guzi said seriously.

Yan Chuan nodded.

"Open it, Jin Dayu!" Yan Chuan said.

Jin Dayu nodded, gently pinch the small ball in his hand.


A crack appeared on the ball.


In the cracks, a sudden burst of murderous aura burst into the sky, and the murderous aura instantly filled the great hall.


A blade glow flew out suddenly, and the speed was so fast that everyone in the hall was complexion changed.

"Behead Immortal flying knife?" Gui Guzi complexion changed.

But a golden long knife flew out and floated in the air. The long knife had eyebrows and eyes, and a fierce aura shot out. Isn't this knife the Behead Immortal flying knife in Behead Immortal bottle gourd?

The Behead Immortal flying knife flew in the great hall for a while, and gradually its shape changed.


Behead Immortal throws a knife into a transparent human form.

"Kill the emperor?" Hades asked in surprise.

"Ancestor?" Jin Dayu said joyfully in surprise.

Human appearance is exactly the original form of killing the emperor.


Kill the emperor illusory shadow deeply exhaled, revealing the color of lingering heart. Then he laughed.

"hahahaha!" Killing the emperor illusory shadow burst into laughter.

Everyone waited quietly for a while, the Emperor Slayer vented his excitement, and turned to look around the crowd.

"Many thanks Yan Di help!" Killing Emperor said with a smile.

"Are you killing the emperor? The consciousness of killing the emperor?" Yan Chuan frowned.

"Yes, I am Killing Emperor, but there is only a period of consciousness left, but I finally escaped!" Killing Emperor consciousness said with a smile.

"Oh? The consciousness that the sky eye destroyed before is...?"

"That is the consciousness of Behead Immortal Flying Knife. Over the years, I have used Behead Immortal Flying Knife. My consciousness is refining into my distraction. Before my own consciousness entered this Behead Immortal flying knife, I was able to escape!" The killing emperor consciousness said solemnly.

"Ancestor, you are fine, you are very good!" Jin Dayu said excitedly.

Kill the emperor nodded.

"Escape?" Yan Chuan looked towards Killing the Emperor.

"Yes, the peerless Divine Weapon, hehe, we are all masters, no, we are all refining from the grandeur, but weapons, everything does not belong to ourselves, it is not the last, because we seven A brother stays for a day, and will merge into one, turning into a truly peerless Divine Weapon. At that time, everyone's consciousness will be one, and no one will be who!" Said the Emperor said solemnly.


"Maybe I have fallen, I just don’t want the current consciousness to die, I am me, since I was born, I should live forever in the world, It's not someone's tool!" Shadi said with a gloomy expression.

"A free life, this is what I want most. Sooner or later, my consciousness will be destroyed. I would rather fight hard." Killing the emperor said seriously.

In the great hall, everyone looked at each other, and their faces showed a hint of joy.

"Kill the emperor, I Yan Chuan, I sincerely invite you to join the Tu Zun Conference, and punish the Qi Zun!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Slay the grandeur?"

The first complexion changed to kill the emperor, and then the expression in his eyes gradually became firmer.


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