The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1544

The Emperor Killing had to agree to form an alliance, and he had already betrayed the grandeur, and there was no way to look back!

"However, I need a body as a short-term sustenance!" Killing Emperor said seriously.

"This is no problem, the leaders of the evil world group of demons in the past, mostly ten 5 Heavenly Layer powerhouses, can be trusted!" Yan Chuan seriously said.

In the past, after defeating the lotus god, Hades exchanged ** for a batch of evil world peerless powerhouses, which are still in Great Zhen at the moment.

The killer shook his head: "No, I want Jin Dayu!"

"Me?" Jin Dayu frowned.

"Don't worry, I will not take your body. After this battle, I can even regain the original body!" Said solemnly.

"oh?" Yan Chuan asked in confusion.

"My consciousness is pinned on this Behead Immortal flying knife. Speaking of which is for that day, I can regain my body. Jin Dayu is my descendant. I have the same vein. I can handle it to the greatest extent! When I regain my body, Jin Dayu will recover as before." Killing the emperor affirmed.

Yan Chuan stared at the emperor for a while, determined that the emperor had not concealed it, and finally looked towards Jin Dayu.

"Ancestor, I am willing, use my body!" Jin Dayu was definitely nodded.

Jin Dayu understands that if he wanted to kill himself, he would have died a long time ago, and it is impossible to save himself several times.

"Okay!" Kill the emperor nodded.

The illusory shadow figure walked to Jin Dayu's side, when everyone was worried.


Said Emperor immediately invaded Jin Dayu's body.

A strong will radiated from Jin Dayu's body.

“bang! ”

A surge of air suddenly swelled around Jin Dayu, and obviously the cultivation base has been greatly improved.

Jin Dayu closed his eyes and lowered his head. After a while, he slowly raised his head and opened his eyes.


Two fierce gazes shot out from the eyes, the gaze shot out, and the front of the impact was empty.

"Behead Immortal flying knife, really extraordinary!" Gui Guzi exclaimed.

Jin Dayu nodded who kills the emperor incarnate.

"Divine Yan, I don't know how you are preparing, but I want to tell you that when the time comes, the grandiose will have three Great Jue Divine Weapon!" Killing Emperor said seriously.


"The first one is the unity of our seven brothers into a one-piece, peerless Divine Weapon!"

"The second one It is the unity of the seven vines and monsters, turned into a combined peerless Divine Weapon!"

"The third is the colorful sacred mountain, which will turn into a combined peerless Divine Weapon!"

"Each are ten 7 Heavenly Layer Peaks. I think that the grandiose will take all the air luck in the world, and then use air luck to nourish these three peerless Divine Weapons, hoping to let them all hit the 10 8 Heavenly Layer! "Said Emperor.

"Oh? Ten 8 Heavenly Layer?" Yan Chuan's eyes condensed.

"There is still time, Yan Di as soon as possible!" Said the Emperor.

"I see!" Yan Chuan nodded.


The grand atmosphere is born, and the world's air luck is rolling in motion.

Four Great World, all luck is flowing towards the central heaven continent of the first world.

Rolling luck, like a big river rushing forward, the sky above the central heaven continent, there are already countless golden lights, and luck is overwhelming.

The luck of the Heaven Realm in the past is far from here.

The major academies are even more anxious. It was shipped in full weather and was completely lost in a blink of an eye.

The Great Evil World and Great Thousand World are also that's all, the Yang Sector of the Great Thousand World, which is in chaos at this moment, and a large number of emperors are at a loss at this moment.

The only thing that can lock the luck in the world is the Heaven Realm and the Eastern teaching field.

The 20th is coming soon, Yan Chuan looked up at the golden dragon struggling in the sky.

I used to be my loyal companion, but now I want to acknowledge allegiance?

"Great Zhen, people of the world, hold up your right hand and wait for my power!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.


Yan Chuan's voice immediately spread to the world.

At this moment, the people of Great Zhen were extremely convinced by Yan Chuan, and quickly raised their right hand, the rolling force quickly poured out, and went straight to the Golden Dragon of Xianyang.

"hong long long!"

The strength is poured in, while carrying the will of the people of Great Zhen in the world.

Qingyun Golden Dragon has expanded several times.


The painful roar of the Golden Dragon of Qi Luck, wanting to break free from the will of the people in the world and pouring into the central heaven continent, but the will of the people is too strong. Naturally, it controls the golden dragon's luck.


The rolling force came straight at Yan Chuan's body. Yan Chuan's body suddenly swelled.

Step on the two Great Emperor altars, lock the power, looked towards the central heaven continent.

Yin Sector, Daqincheng, zombie Yan Chuan also mobilizes the power of the world, locks the luck, and incorporates it into oneself.

"Yin and Yang, open!" Gui Guzi shouting loudly.


Zombie Yan Chuan was introduced into Yang Sector by Gui Guzi using Feng Shui technique.

Two Yan Chuan carry rolling power.

"Go!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.

“bang! ”

The human bodies Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan instantly walked towards the central heaven continent.

At the same time.

Outer northern continent, Zhong Shan received the power of the world into his body, and walked towards the central heaven continent.

Rim the Northeast Continent, Dongfang Bubai asked the lotus god to swallow full weather and head towards the central heaven continent.

Outer southern continent, Jiang Chen looked at it and walked towards the central heaven continent.

One by one powerhouse, quickly heading towards the central heaven continent.

In the central heaven continent.

The grand air is sitting on a white lotus, probing his hand to direct the endless luck for his own use.

Not far away, the colorful sacred mountain is divided into seven parts, and there is a rapid loud noise.


The colorful mountains collided, and the billowing luck from above was taken down, and endless power gathered.

"Mountain god, wake up!" Qiqizun faintly opened the mouth and said.

"hong long long!" The colorful sacred mountain roared.


A loud roar rushed to Heaven and Earth, and the entire Yang Sector was stunned.

Rolling luck, suddenly a small part of it was included.

Gradually, a dark-faced, hair grey-white old man appeared. Although the old man had an old face, his physique was extremely strong, his figure condensed, and he exuded a monstrous ferocious aura.

As soon as the monstrous ferocity came out, there were countless God World dísciples in all directions, all knelt down.

The mountain god stepped on it.

"hong long long!"

The entire central territory suddenly skyrocketed with countless stone mountains. It's like being born to manipulate the mountains under heaven.

"Peerless Divine Weapon mountain god, worship the Lord!" The mountain god respectfully said.

The atmosphere is nodded.

With a wave of the probe's hand, the same luck immediately rushed to the seven vine demons.

"hong long long!"

Seven vine monsters quickly merged, surrounded by blistering luck.

"hong long long!"

Seven vines and monsters unite, gradually turning into a delicate and pretty man.

The man exudes the same ferocity as the mountain god.

When the man waved his hand, countless rattans rose into the sky in the central territory, and the entire central territory instantly turned green.

"Peerless Divine Weapon, the god of vines, worship the Lord!" The god of vines respectfully said.

The atmosphere is nodded. Quite satisfied.

Red Clouds, Sky Eyes and the others stand respectfully in front of the Grand Master.

"Hey, I have already smelled the breath of fate!" Grand Majesty said seriously.

"The fate is about to appear?" Meng Sansheng complexion changed.

However, soon, except for the numb body of the killing emperor, the other six people immediately said respectfully: "Yes!"

The seven people gathered together.

“bang! ”

Once again, the fortunes rushed down, all of them poured into the bodies of the seven.

"hong long long!"

Endless rays of light bloom on everyone.

Under the strong tremor, the rays of light are dazzling, making it difficult to see the inner part.


Endless luck grabs. Once the internal scene was exposed again, the seven had disappeared and turned into a golden clothed youth.

The young man has blonde hair and a golden bottle gourd on his back.

"Vajra of Peerless Divine Weapon, see the Lord!" The golden clothed youth paid respectfully.

Mountain gods, vine gods, and Vajra stand respectfully in front of the grandmaster.

"There are a few people in the world who seize a lot of luck. This is also the reason why you failed to qualify for the perfect ten 8 Heavenly Layer. Kill them and seize luck, you will be able to achieve the 10 8 Heavenly Layer. That's it!" Grand Majesty said seriously.

"Yes!" the three of them responded.

"However, even if this is the case, ten 7 Heavenly Layer, you are also the perfection peak state, coupled with the special physique, it can compete with the ten 8 Heavenly Layer!" The grand grandeur said with satisfaction.

"Thank the Lord for refining!" the three of them respectfully said.

"The subordinates will live up to the expectations of the Lord, kill those who are trapped in luck as soon as possible, and strengthen themselves!" The mountain god said seriously.

"No, they have already come!" The grandeur smiled faintly.

After that, Dongfang two figures arrived first.

But it was Great Zhen two Yan Chuan, stepping on the Great Emperor's altar and instantly stopped in front of the Grand Emperor.

“bang! ”

The billowing wind blows through, all around, there is a wave of righteousness.

In this life, although the grand prince gifted Qi Luck to three peerless Divine Weapons, there are still endless awe-inspiring righteousness for his own use.

"Yan Chuan? Do you dare to come?" Vajra with a golden bottle gourd on his back said coldly.

all around God World Countless powerhouses want to come in, but the imposing manner that Yan Chuan distributes is too grand, except for the Divine Weapon in the Great Jue World, no one can approach it.

Yan Chuan took a look at the Divine Weapon of the Third Great Jue World. Finally looked towards the grand grandeur.

Although it is the grandeur, but that is Zizi's body, Yan Chuan's eyes flashed a pain.

"The grandeur!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

"But you weren't dead? It really is a variable!" Dawei said indifferently.

The top ten Divine Beasts are all variables, and their divine ability is naturally also a variable category.

"I want many thanks to the grandeur who dismissed it last time, but this time, there is no chance!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"oh?" The atmosphere respects indifferently said.

"The First Age? Oh, the powerhouse of the First Age transformed into the world's cultivators. It was originally respected by the world, just like you are majestic and reborn in this life. Except for me, you are originally respected by the world. It's a pity that you want to take back all the luck in the world, destroy the foundation of the Great Influence in the world, and admire will become a deadly enemy!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

"The world's luck is mine!" Grand Majesty said seriously.

"I know, it’s a pity that you have already dispersed, how can you get it back? Like a mortal rich man who has distributed his money to the Zhou people, but now they want to take it back, don’t you be taken back by the Zhou people? Regarded as an enemy?" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

while speaking. all directions, one after another, the beam came straight.

"bang!" "bang!"………………

Dongfang Bubai, Lotus God, Zhongshan, Wu Zhao, Jiang Chen, Golden Great Emperor, Jin Dayu, Huang , Netherworld River Old Ancestor, one after another stepped on.

Zhu Xiong arrived, blowing up violent winds. A solemn killing aura gathers in the central territory.

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