The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1546

"You, how do you know?" Golden Great Emperor said in surprise.

Jin Dayu no longer paid attention to the golden Great Emperor, but once again set his sights on the battle between Vajra and the emperor.

Although the emperor is retreating steadily, naked eye can see its growth and its strength is getting stronger and stronger.

"What kind of perversion is this?" Vajra asked in surprise.

On the other side, Dongfang Bubai stands in front of the golden Great Emperor, and the golden Great Emperor if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off.

"What are you waiting for? What do you care about him? Don't make a move yet?" Fujishin scolded.

The god of vines was shouting loudly, and the Golden Great Emperor suddenly understood that this is not the time to hesitate to take out the seal of great virtue again.

"Golden Great Emperor? Take another step and die!!" Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

"Haha, death? Then you have to ask my seal of great virtue first!" The golden Great Emperor shouting loudly.

“bang! ”

The seal of great virtue suddenly magnified ten thousand times, exuding the light of monstrous merit, and came towards Dongfang Bubai's suppression.

Everyone is looking at it, no one knows the strength of Dongfang Bubai, and everyone’s eyes are full of curiosity.

The eyes widened one by one.

Sure enough, the deterrence of the Seal of Great Virtue is still huge, with eighteen-color rays of light shooting in all directions, and huge formidable power is coming towards Dongfang Bubai's suppression.

At that moment, Dongfang Bubai moved, with a long sword around his waist, and Dongfang Bubai suddenly pulled out.


With a sword cut out, a strong white light burst out suddenly, and the white light turned the darkness into the bright light from all directions.

The dazzling rays of light make people can't help avoiding it.

Wu Zhao suddenly broke into a cold sweat when he closed his eyes.

This rays of light? He couldn't help but close his eyes, if in a fight, this moment is enough for the opponent to kill himself many times.


When Wu Zhao opened his eyes, Dongfang Bubai's long sword was already in its sheath.

The Seal of Great Virtue hangs there, no longer a drop.

The body of the Golden Great Emperor was cut in half vertically from the head, and in a gap, it shot out endless energy.

Golden Great Emperor motionless.

"Was killed?" Wu Zhao complexion changed.

That, that's the golden Great Emperor, ah, one sword, just one sword?

The golden Great Emperor was defeated and cut in half on the spot.

"hong long long!"

The Great Emperor's altar gushes out countless powers, rushing straight into the golden Great Emperor, trying to repair the golden Great Emperor's flesh.


Suddenly, the golden Great Emperor exploded and exploded. From the body of the golden Great Emperor, hundreds of millions of sword qi burst out, and the golden Great Emperor exploded instantly. For countless fragments.

That is Dongfang Bubai's sword qi, sealed in the body of the golden Great Emperor, and suddenly erupted. Let the golden Great Emperor consigned to eternal damnation?

Countless fragments drifted in the Promise, quickly perished by Promise, and gradually disappeared.

The Golden Great Emperor was beheaded by Dongfang Bubai with a single sword?

Wu Zhao's scalp is numb.

Not far away, Fuji God is also complexion changed.

"How is it possible, how is it possible!" Fujishin exclaimed.

Lian Shen is overjoyed, Master is strong, making Lian Shen more fighting spirit.

Jiangchen and Netherworld River Old Ancestor both narrowed their eyes.

"hahaha, really deserves to be the first under the heavens person of the second era!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor exclaimed.

Jiangchen breathes deeply, nodded: "Ten 8 Heavenly Layer? Dongfang Bubai actually reached ten 8 Heavenly Layer?"

The god of the rattan is very anxious at the moment, but fortunately, Dongfang Bubai did not intervene again. .

With a wave of the probing hand, the mark of great virtue left by the golden Great Emperor and the Great Emperor altar fell in front of Dongfang Bubai.

I looked at the two things.

Dongfang Bubai grasped the seal of great virtue and wiped it lightly.


Some of the marks on the seal of great virtue suddenly disappeared. The probing hand grabbed a lotus and imprinted it.


The seal of great virtue suddenly burst into a thousand yellow lights.

"Master?" Lian Shen showed a surprised look in the distance.

"The teacher has already helped you refining, take it and use it!" Dongfang Bubai threw the seal of great virtue to the lotus god.

Tengjin: "………………!"

"Thank you Master!" Lotus god said with great happiness.

Not far away, Wu Zhao showed deep jealousy.

It is also the Master, why is the Master of Lotus God so good to him?

Dongfang Bubai looked at the Great Emperor altar, but suddenly threw it to Jin Dayu not far away.

"This thing is useless to me, count as an exchange of your advice!" Dongfang Bubai said freely.

Wu Zhao: "…………!"

Jin Dayu: "…………!"

No one didn't expect Dongfang Bubai like this Sturdy. So win? Disdainful of the Great Emperor altar?

Not far away, Zhong Shan confronted the mountain god.

"Tian Tiao! Hundred Myriad Layers Wave!" Zhong Shan was shouted.

A sharp blade of rays of light shot out in all directions, and suddenly a huge force slashed on the mountain god's right arm.


The mountain god's right arm was cut down, and the mountain god was in all directions, and a large mountain peak collapsed.


The right arm was cut down, suddenly overflowing with luck.

As soon as the Qi Luck came out, Zhong Shan inhaled his nose, and Bing Qi Luck suddenly inhaled into his abdomen.

"No, it's impossible, how could you defeat me?" The mountain god cried unbelievingly.

"You have already lost!" Zhong Shan coldly said.

Speaking, once again slashed it down, breaking Heaven and Earth with great strength.


With a single stab, thousands of huge mountains collapsed, and the mountain god instantly cut in half, and billowing luck burst out.

"hong long long!"

Before the billowing luck dissipated in the Promise, it was forcibly taken by Zhong Shan.

Mountain god, die!

As soon as the mountain god died, other fighting powerhouses looked more and more ugly.

The lotus god with the seal of great virtue has become more fierce in battle, but the god of vine is losing streak, and when he retreats, a lot of luck overflows from his body.

Dongfang Bubai explored beckoned.


Blowing gas and luck hit Dongfang Bubai's palm.

"bang!" "bang!"…………

With the assistance of Dongfang Bubai, the lotus god is getting stronger and stronger. Finally, after three days, a huge The Seal of Great Virtue crashed down under pressure.

“bang! ”

The god of vine collapsed, and his luck was instantly picked up by Dongfang Bubai.

With Dongfang Bubai sitting in town and defeating the god of vines, as expected, no one else paid any more attention. Everyone only remembered Dongfang Bubai's previous amazing sword.

The emperor played against Vajra. Although at first was completely suppressed, at this moment, the emperor was getting stronger and stronger, and gradually evenly matched.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise on the emperor, and a wave of air rushed out. The emperor broke through.

"You, did you break through? Ten 7 Heavenly Layer?" Vajra complexion sank.

"Thanks to your suppression, I have reached ten 6 Heavenly Layer!" Huang said indifferently.

Vajra's face turned black in an instant.

"Impossible, did you just treat me with ten 5 Heavenly Layer? You impossible to do it!" Vajra exclaimed.

The emperor gave Vajra a cold look. But the probing hand slashed.


After the piercing blade glow, Vajra was cut back suddenly.

Offensive and defensive, Vajra is already about to lose.

At this moment, the emperor’s strength is only 10 Heavenly Layer.

Vajra is somewhat unable to accept this fact. I'm the Ten 7 Heavenly Layer Peak, I was defeated by the Ten 6 Heavenly Layer? Are you kidding me?

Gradually, Vajra's face became more and more ferocious. The golden bottle gourd in his hand suddenly tossed.

"Baby, please!" Vajra yelled.

Among the golden bottle gourd, a large swath of golden light suddenly appeared, directly on the emperor.


The emperor held a long sword in his hand and instantly settled in the Promise, only his eyes were able to stare at Vajra.

"hahahaha, even if your innate talent is soaring into the sky, so what, I am the first under the heavens bottle gourd, fixed light bottle gourd, unless I can beat me, no one can escape!" Vajra The face was grim.

"ka ka ka ka!"

The emperor's all around, uttered a sound of ka ka, breaking the power of fixed light with a brutal force. The emperor's body was shaking slightly.

The golden light shook, as if it could break away at any time.

Vajra complexion stiffened.

"Take it to death!" Vajra lost one's head out of fear screamed, and grabbed a claw toward the emperor's head.

"Cut!" Jin Dayu suddenly shouting loudly.


The whole person rushed towards Vajra, turning into a blade, rushing straight towards Vajra, unstoppable.

"hmph, small evil creature, overestimate one's capabilities!" Vajra yelled in disdain.

Vajra palm force turned and struck towards Jin Dayu.


Jin Dayu's blade also turned abruptly, and went straight to the bottle gourd of Dingguang.



In an instant, Jin Dayu's blade rushed into the fixed light bottle gourd.

Vajra was taken aback, isn't this courting death? This bottle gourd is the unity of seven bottle gourds of the past. Naturally, they have the formidable power of each bottle gourd. Install it by yourself, and you are not afraid to melt into one essence?

But, the facts did not go as Vajra wanted. The golden bottle gourd trembled suddenly and no longer spewed golden light.

In an instant, the emperor was relieved instantly.



A fierce blade shot out, and immediately slashed on the Diamond Body. A bloodstain on the Diamond Body flew backwards in an instant Out.

"Baby, please!"

Vajra shouted, but at the moment the bottle gourd trembled and didn't listen at all.


The emperor's knife was cut again.


Vajra was seriously injured in an instant.

"Impossible, why doesn't the fixed light bottle gourd work?" Vajra was anxious.

But bottle gourd didn't listen at all, and the emperor pursued it.

After a while of suppression, the Diamond Body was suddenly scarred all over the body.

"Why?" Vajra growled sadly.

"Come!" Dingguang bottle gourd suddenly issued a loud roar.

A rush of suction rushed to Vajra who was seriously injured.

At this moment, Vajra didn't have much resistance, and was instantly sucked into the mouth of the bottle gourd.

"Kill the emperor? Is it the voice of the killer?" Vajra suddenly exclaimed when he was sucked into the bottle gourd.

"hong long long!"

The fixed light bottle gourd was shaking rapidly.

The emperor stood aside and stopped making moves. Staring at the bottle gourd tightly.

An hour has passed.


Jin Dayu and Vajra flew out suddenly.

"en?" The emperor's eyes were cold.

"Don't shoot, he is not Vajra, he is my ancestor to kill the emperor!" Jin Dayu excitedly said.

"oh?" The emperor said solemnly.

Sure enough, the expression in Vajra's eyes at this moment was no longer the same as before, but became extremely deep and piercing.

"Kill the emperor?" The emperor frowned.

"many thanks!" Killing Emperor said seriously.

At this moment, the killing emperor has not only regained his body, but also the combined body of the seven bottle gourd brothers. Strength soared.

"Ancestor, has my cultivation base been improved by you?" Jin Dayu suddenly looked at himself joyfully and said.

Kill the emperor nodded.

Mountain gods, vine gods, and Vajra have all been destroyed, and the majestic and majestic Divine Weapon have all become others' wedding clothes.

Now there is only one place left on the battlefield, Yan Chuan is fighting against the grandmaster.

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