The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1547

The sea of ​​blood is rolling, wrapping two Yan Chuan and the grand grandeur!

Jiangchen, Dongfang Bubai, Netherworld River Old Ancestor, Zhongshan, Wu Zhao, Killing Emperor, Jin Dayu, Huang, all staring at the giant blood cell that is constantly twisting.

The blood cell twisted for a while, then calmed down.

Everyone waited quietly, only the generals, and suddenly the complexion changed.

The minister stood behind the crowd, in his eyes, a beam of light of nineteen colors suddenly flowed out, and his body trembled slightly.

But everyone was staring at the sea of ​​blood, and didn't notice the change of the generals for a while.

In a sea of ​​blood.

The grandeur of the air mobilizes abundance of righteousness. However, the power of each of the Netherworld River Avenue, the original blood sea, and the sky full of star power is extremely fierce.

The two Yan Chuan are even closer to each other. The zombie Yan Chuan puts his hands on the back of Yan Chuan, as if he has brought out his own power, and at the same time is fighting against the grandmaster.

A torrent of eighteen colors swayed from the grand air, but for a time, there was nothing to do with these three peerless powers.

They were in a stalemate, and suddenly, the eyes of the grand grandeur became cold.


The two will suddenly collide. The will of Yan Chuan and the great grandeur seemed to have entered a sea of ​​Consciousness Space in an instant.

"It was I who underestimated your juniors, they are amazing!" The grandeur's will seriously said.

"The heroes of the First Age failed to stop the fate that year. Although you were strong, you were defeated in the end. Do you want to suffer defeat once again?" Yan Chuan shouted with will.


The two wills collided.

"hmph, although the fate was not equal to the fate of the year, but the fate is not something you can contend with!" said the grand will.

"If you are defeated, don't hold the hope of the common people in your hands again. Luck, you are not suitable for using Luck anymore, leave it to us later!" Yan Chuan rushed.

"hmph!" The atmosphere is naturally not allowed.

Two wills are entangled.

In the entire blood sea giant ball, there are two confronting forces. One is Haoran Righteousness and Eighteen Color Streamer, and the other is Star Power and Netherworld River Avenue. The entanglement of the two forces seems to form a Yin-Yang The appearance of the Fish, rotating in the blood cell, Yan Chuan and the grand grandeur are standing in the eye of the Yin-Yang Fish, motionless, will impact.

"In the outside world, you still have Netherworld River Avenue, Yuanshi Blood Sea, Mantian star power, but you can care about the Sea of ​​Consciousness, what else can you have, break!" The will of the grand grandeur increased his strength again Coming from suppression.

"I admit that your cultivation base is peerless, but I will not admit defeat, will? My will is full of hope, hope for the common people, this is my strongest strength!"


Yan Chuan's meaning of Sea of ​​Consciousness, suddenly condensed into the bronze coffin of the town, and crashed against the will of the grand lotus.

“bang! ”

In terms of will, Yan Chuan has also experienced countless times, so naturally he does not lose his respect.

The two are in a stalemate, as if they are waiting for the other party's defeat.

In this sealed blood cell, no one from outside can enter.

At this moment, I slowly reappears a silhouette inside.

A man in a Chinese robe, there is a circle of Golden Diagram of the Eight Trigrams of the Earlier Heaven on the back of the man's head.

It is Fuxi.


Netherworld River Old Ancestor and Dongfang Bubai's eyes suddenly brightened.

The two were looking thoughtful, Netherworld River Old Ancestor showed a meaningful smile, while Dongfang Bubai looked slightly condensed.

Fuxi appeared in the center of the battlefield, and suddenly saw the two people colliding with each other, and then stared at the grandeur.

The grand grandeur steps on the white lotus, motionless.

Fuxi shook her head, faintly sighed.

Probing his hand with a wave.


Eight golden runes rushed away, and the Diagram of the Eight Trigrams of the Earlier Heaven instantly wrapped the body of the grand grandeur.

all around Haoran's righteousness seems to have discovered it, and automatically resists it, but the Diagram of the Eight Trigrams of the Earlier Heaven is invisible and can't be touched at all.

Fuxi waved his hand gently.

“weng! ”

Diagram of the Eight Trigrams of the Earlier Heaven instantly flooded into the body of the grand prince.

The grandeur that collided with Yan Chuan's will suddenly complexion changed.



Diagram of the Eight Trigrams of the Earlier Heaven instantly burst into the body of the big elder, a breath of awe Righteousness was shocked instantly.

The consciousness of the grand grandeur is separated from the body of Zizi.


Suddenly, Netherworld River Avenue and the sky full of star power wrapped the majestic illusory shadow.

"ZiZi!" Yan Chuan was overjoyed, and quickly rushed up and hugged the unconscious ZiZi.

"Who are you? Fuxi?" The grandeur of the air suddenly shouted angrily.

Forcing yourself out of your body while you are unprepared?

"At the end of the First Age, Fuxi, I have seen the grandeur of the air!" Fuxi said seriously.

"ZiZi!" Yan Chuan called ZiZi.

Zi Zi Wei trembles slightly, and gradually wakes up. But there was still a void in his eyes.

"Zizi's soul is still with you?" Yan Chuan complexion sank stared at the illusory shadow.

At the moment, the grandeur of the air is frowning at Yan Chuan and Fuxi.

"Unexpectedly, I never thought that I was fooled by you, the younger generations of the ages, you made me admire me!" Grand Majesty said seriously.

"Grand Master, no matter what, you are defeated after all. Please release Zizi's heart and let her return!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

The sea of ​​blood envelops the four directions, and the grand grandeur is forced out of his body, and everything is almost over.

However, the grandeur of the air shook his head: "It's not over yet. I'm here, it's not over. She's here, then it's not over!"

"en?" Yan Chuan complexion sank.

"My three peerless Divine Weapons were actually defeated, hehe, I didn't expect, but as long as there is this girl, I will be able to come back to life again!" The grand grandeur said seriously.

"Venerable Qiqi, why are you, now the four realms are gradually uniting, and your blocking will only make me more passive!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"no!" A trace of hostility flashed in the eyes of the grand grandeur.

"I will definitely be able to count the fate of the battle, even if it is destroyed, I can only be wiped out on the road of the fate of the battle, not your younger generations!" The grandmaster of the air said coldly in the eyes.

The big air is unwilling to release Zizi's mind. Yan Chuan also looked extremely ugly at the moment.

Fuxi smiled slightly, and then said to Yan Chuan: "Di Yan, I have done what I did. From then on, Great Zhen and the human and snake clan have nothing to do with each other!"

"Many thanks!" Yan Chuan nodded.

Fuxi smiled slightly, stepping, and disappearing in front of the two of them.

Fuxi came for a while and helped Yan Chuan to force the consciousness of grand grandeur, and everything was over.

At this moment, with Yan Chuan's power, it is not too difficult to deal with the consciousness of grand grandeur.

zombie Yan Chuan specializes in guarding Zizi, and Yan Chuan's body confronts the consciousness of the grandeur.

things have reached a dead end!

The grandeur of the air is a little disbelief. He has fallen asleep from the First Age, and wakes up again. In just a few dozen days, he is exhausted?

The grandeur is not reconciled.

On the occasion of the confrontation between the two.


Suddenly a huge force came from the outside world, and the huge force rushed into Yuanshi's blood.

The vast sea of ​​blood shattered and opened in an instant, spreading towards all directions.

The powerful impact made the Yan Chuan and the large-scale consciousness within the body complexion changed, and the impacted body shook suddenly.

While protecting Zizi, Yan Chuan saw a palm print slowly pressing down.


The sea of ​​blood burst into pieces, and everyone was instantly exposed to others.

And everyone saw the palm that was shot earlier.

General minister!

It was the hand that brought the minister out, and a palm smashed the isolation of Yuanshi's blood sea.

all around, Wu Zhao, Emperor, Jin Dayu, Killing Emperor, Lotus God, all showed a surprised look.

Not only power, but also surprised at why the general suddenly shot.

"hong long long!"

The whole body of the minister exudes a breathtaking breath. When the breath comes out, everyone feels a great tremor, a kind of innate The fear is general.

Jiangchen's eyes glowed with nineteen colors. Stepping on the Great Emperor's altar, at this moment, his eyes are cold looking towards the Consciousness Body of the Air.

"The Great Emperor?" Yan Chuan frowned.

The grandeur of the air was shivered suddenly.

"Fate, fate number! Is that you?" Grand Master suddenly exclaimed.


In an instant, almost everyone is complexion changed.

I just left and returned to Fuxi in Celestial Demon World, suddenly complexion changed and looked towards Promise again.

In front of Yan Chuan. General Great Emperor.


General the Great Emperor a loud roar, the golden keel and giant wings spread.

The billowing Corpse Qi broke out, and his whole body trembled, as if he wanted to get rid of something.

"Why? Why me again?" Jiang Chen cried out in pain.

At the foot of the Great Emperor's altar, a beam of light of nineteen colors suddenly appeared, rushing towards the body of the general.


Jiangchen's figure was instantly certain, and he stopped shaking.

Although Jiang Chen's face was extremely painful at the moment, but when the nineteen-color rays of light enveloped him, his face gradually calmed down.

Corpse Qi grabbed it, and once again returned to the previous fearful aura.

"Fate, possessed generals?" Not far from Zhongshan Complexion Sank.

This aura, Zhong Shan has experienced in the past, yes, it is the breath of fate. It was an invincible breath. Peerless breath that affects people's temperament.

Nowadays, the formidable persons of the whole world have gathered, and the fate has been revived through the body of the minister?

"This is the fate?" Yan Chuan was horrified.

Feeling this aura, Yan Chuan felt that his heartbeat had stopped, an irresistible suppression.

The fate has appeared, staring at the grand grandeur!

At this moment, the fate of light seemed to be a little sluggish, and I looked for the grandeur.

"This is only part of the will of fate, not all fate!" Dongfang Bubai narrowed his eyes.

"The fate came out? Actually the host was the general? No wonder the body of the minister reached the ten Nine Layers Heaven standard?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor narrowed his eyes.

"Qi!" Ming Shu suddenly opened the mouth and said.

The grandeur of the air stared suspiciously at the fate.

"The past is gone, why is it reborn? Abominable parasite!" The voice of Fate was a little stiff.

"hahahahaha, many thanks. Fate still remembers me. Back then, I waited for the heroes to rebel against you. Although I was the weakest, it might be my honor to let you remember. I am back. This time, I also want to Against your fate!" Majestic exclaimed stubbornly.

"Exit!" Ming Shu opened the mouth and said lightly.

The white lotus at the feet of the grandiose grandeur exploded and exploded. The huge explosion hit the grandeur's body directly.


The monstrous explosion exploded from the body of the big air statue. In an instant, the big sky statue was blown up all split up and in pieces, and it turned into a pile of fragments in a flash.

Everyone around, complexion sank.

Is this fate? a single thought, detonate the atmosphere? Even though it is just a consciousness of the grandeur, the formidable power is not great, but the fate is too terrifying.

In front of the fate, the grandiose grandeur has absolutely no power to parry, even just a single thought will be destroyed?

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